I had to have her!


Her name is Angela “R no last name” I have worked with her for three years and each days my desire grows.
I have been marred for over twenty years. It is a good marriage but we are separated by several hundred miles because of work. I need a real woman not one of these tweets. Angela is 35 and divorced. She has a 6 year old daughter. She has confided in me several times how her love life is always failing. She is very beautiful but refuses to accept the truth. She is a co-worker and a friend and I will not get a divorce, loss my job or go to prison because of forcing my self on her.
So I decided to become two people her Friend and Raper/Lover. I started by making a plan. I found out her home address. Then I needed to be prepared to go all the way.   A four day weekend was approaching so that is when I planned my taking of my Angel-a.
On Thursday I called in sick and went to her house. After parking some distance from her place I walked and cased the area.

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   At 2pm I made my move, I walked down the ally and jump the fence to her back yard. I moved fast and picked the lock and in I went. I waited by the door and listened for the sounds of her environment, no dog no alarm. I was sick to my stomach thanking what I was going to do. She would be home some time after 5pm. After casing the house, I found no guns, and hid the major knifes. I was wearing surgical gloves and cared a small pack this needed items. After disabling her phones I went to her bedroom and tied ropes on the four posts of the bed and placed two long ropes under her bed making sure they completely rapped around the bed then I hid the ends.
  In my pack was a rag with chloroform on it, of course I keep it a sealed container. I was ready but still sick to my stomach. I waited and almost fell asleep until I heard the key in the door. As she entered the room I grabbed her from behind and used the rag to anaesthetize her it only took a few seconds then she was out. Then I thought where is her daughter? She was not with her, I could only hope she was with her ass whole dad.
I closed and locked the door and took Angela to her bed room. There I stripped her clothes off, tied her up and gagged and blind folded her.

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   Once I was sure she was secure, I went to the bath room and through up. I cleaned up any evidence I was in the house and went back to Angela. I placed a planked over her and checked her breathing. Then I stripped my self.
I then joined Angela in bed exploring her wonderful and magnificent body. I kissed her then worked my way to her large breasts. As I laid on her taking her nipples in my mouth feeling her heart beat. I started getting hard. I am not one of those 18 inch monsters but a nice 7 inch satisfier. She started to wake up then in a flash she realized the situation. A little screaming a full pulls on the ropes. The I whispered in her ear, you are mind for as long as I want, do you understand? Then I gave her the threat “ If you do not cooperate your daughter will suffer, see I know where you live” do you understand. I pulled the gag out to hear her answer. Please do not hurt me or my daughter. I asked are you going to be a good lover or do you need a lessen in pain? She must have been so depressed or down on her self because she said I will be what ever you want.

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I told her I was going to fuck her and she was going to suck my cock, if she fought me I would rape her ass and beat her. She started crying but agreed to my desires. I started kissing her mouth at first she did not respond but I pulled her head to me and forced my tongue in her mouth she started slowly kissing back. I was telling her how beautiful she was and the most desirable woman I have ever seen. As I kissed her neck she said you do not have to lie I said I would let you have me. She made me mad, Angela you are very beautiful and you will never said any thing negative about you self again do you understand!! I said this with sternness, she only said yes sir. I then went back to her breast and loved each of them as I did this she started to moan and tried to feed me more tit. Then I slide a hand down to her clitoris, she was getting hot, she was wet and started fucking my fingers, I loved it. Do you like that? Oh yes more so I moved my face down on her and took her clit with my mouth and slid two fingers deep into her womanhood. She was saying OH GOD Oh GOD what are you doing. I laughed and said making my lover cum. She tried to fight it but to no avail she was a woman with a man that loved her and she wanted more satisfaction. She must have had her first orgasm because she did not know what to do she was scared of what her body was experiencing and the lack of control he had. She said OH GOD STOP I can not take it. I told her, she was doing just fine let it go baby and see ware it takes you.

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   No you are raping me I all I can thank is I want more, please don’t make me cummmmmmm. To late lover! I thought the ropes would brake from her jumping around. I started sucking her clit harder and then she cam all over my face.
I moved back up to kiss her she was breathing deep and slow as I positioned my self for my next trick. As I kissed her, she tasted her cum she asked what was on my face, I said you love juices and she tried to turn away, say no she must have been ashamed of her response to me going down on her. I told her this is what happens when a woman cum’s, she cried and said I have never cam before. I held her head with both hands kissed her and said then you have never been with a man that loves you before. She could only shack her head you are the first!!!
She said you can untie me now I want to please you and a woman. I will not tell any body. I almost did then I said maybe next time or the time after that. She froze and said you mean you will be back? Yes if you want me too, oh yes I want you to come back. I have never experienced the love you are giving me now. I will always love you and respect you but you can not know who I am, do you understand. She was crying and I asked what I can not help it I want to be with you to know you. We started kissing and necking.

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   I was having fun playing with her exceptional body.
I was the hardest I had ever been I was holding her so close when she said my GOD I can not take this please FUCK ME!! I wanted her too, I placed my cock over her swollen pussy lips and rubbed my cock head up and down the slit. She was trying to force me in her by moving her hips. I was teasing her and she knew it. OH PLEASE TAKE ME I NEED to feel a real man in me. So I toke her slowly at first only a inch at a time, in I drove she keep saying yes take me, more after five inches then pull out then back in I slid more in then she said oh god how big are you? Then I slid all seven inches in and held her I did not move while she regained her breath. She said I have never had a large cock like mine in her before and said please go slow until I am ready ok. I did as she asked in and out kissing her caressing her when she was ready she started saying faster oh yes faster that’s it oh please harder fuck me harder even though she was tied up she started a rhythm I followed. As it got more instances I started REALY FUCKING her. She was moaning yes on YES. We had been fucking for over thirty minuets she must have cum four times. I had to cum I could no longer hold it I told her I was going to cum, she said yes my secret lover cum as I started to pull out she said oh GOD no please CUM IN ME. So I did. Wave after wave I filled her, she went limp with a smile on her face. So I untied her so I could wash the DNA out of her as I untied her feet she rapped then around me then I freed her hands and she grabbed my neck and lifted her self up and and with a gasp impaled her self on my cock.

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   I on my knees and her rapped around me kissing me. I got hard again and she knew it all to well because I was barred deep in her.   She took a breath and said oh yea lover fuck me again with your studly tool. Again what ever my lady wants she gets!!
We fell on to the bed exhausted; I was barely able to lead her to the bath room for the clean up. As I washed her in the shower I could see the evidence drain down the pipes. As I turned off the shower we kissed and held each other. She was now so close, so soft in my arms. I did not want to leave but I had to, when I told her I would be leaving soon she pulled me closer to her and said please stay she said she would be here four days by her self. I said I do not know to which she smiled and said let me persuade you. She slid down to her knees and said I still owe you this lover. She took my simi-limp cock in her mouth and grabbed my ass cheeks and commenced to give me the best blow-job I have ever had. I said I am going to cum she only sucked harder, when I blew she stopped gagged a little then swallowed my seed.
Well guess what, I left four days later and a lot taller. On Tuesday at work Angela walked over to my cube and whispered “HA LOVER I fixed my phone and here is my number!! I was speech less as she laughed winked and walked away saying see you later.



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