I had to have her... (younger sister)


My younger sister. . . . She's 14yrs old and so fricken pretty. She has blond hair, toned body, and great tits. She's always wearing here swimsuit and I think anyone would get the idea's in there head that I did. it's the way the bottom part wraps around her skinny little hips and outlines between her legs. Oh just to sink my cock in her, I knew it would feel like heaven and one way or another I was going to do it.

I'm 18. . . Normal guy. I hang out with friends chase girls stuff like that. I have to work at my parents business all the time so I don't have as much free time as my little sister does.

One afternoon about 2pm she had just woken up and was all ready for a day of running around at the lake and was waiting for a friends and their mom to pick her up since we lived outside of town about 10miles.

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   That about when my parents called and told her she had to stay home and mow and didn't want her gone all the time when they were on vacation. She seems a little pissed about it but got over it pretty quickly. . . . It was just me and her for a couple days.

She went to take a nap. . so I grabbed her cell phone and took the battery from it and hid it, also I took the land phone and hid them.

She was just laying on the big leather couch in the living room sleeping, she had her little swimsuit on and when she laid on her side you could see right down into it her stomach was so flat. . . I am alot bigger height and strenght wise so taking her wouldn't be a problem it thought.

As she layed there sleeping I slowly started to pull the bottoms of her swimsuit off, I got them about down to her knees when she woke up.

"What the fuck are you doing?!?!" she yelled.

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   I told her I was sorry but I needed to do this.

"Do what? Why would you need to take off my. . . " She realized what I was going to do "Please no, don't do this I'm your sister, you can't do this to me" She started crying. . . . .

I pulled the bottoms the rest of the way off holding her down on the couch as she did her best to fight back. I reached around and pulled the knot loose on her top and now she was completely naked. . . . I had to get my cloths off but I needed my hands.

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   I told her to stay sitting on the couch a but of course as soon as I let go of her and started undressing she bolted to her room.

No matter, I finished undressing and ran after her to her room. She had the door locked but the door nob gave under pressure of my hand turning it. She was in there messing with her phone realizing she wasn't going to be able to use it to call for help she started crying and begging me to stop as I walked into her room. . . . . There she stood on her bed backed into the corner. . . . naked, young, and so beautiful. . .

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   Her breast where so solid and perky. She had no hair on her pussy. . . . her long tan legs and tan lines where her swim suite had been. I calmly walked up to her, my cock was 7inches and just rock hard. . . I told her to come to the end of the bed where I was and sit in front of me. . . she complied still sobbing. I said that I only wanted to touch her and that if she let me and sucked my cock I would leave her alone. She started crying again, she said she'd never done that and didn't want to.

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  . . I told she would do it or she would spend the next few days tied up and getting fucked hard and painfully every chance I got. This really upset her and she cryed even more.

I told her I would make this as enjoyable as I could for her. I place my hand on her shoulder and and the other down on her pussy and slowly worked my finger into it and got her juices going. . . she felt it and just kept crying. . i push her shoulders back so she would lay down and spread her legs as they hung off the front the bed. . . She didn't fight and more just accepted what was about to happen. I fingered her tight little pussy until she was good and wet, she smelled so good.

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   I licked her cunt up and down. . . . pushing my tongue deep inside her. She was squirming around telling me to stop but definitely enjoying the new feeling she was having. After about 10mins of playing with her and going down on her. . . through her tearing and protest she came. . . Hard too. This was her first orgasm induced by another person. .

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  . Her brother.

I stood up. . . she looked at me not really crying anymore and ask "What happens now?"

I told her it was her turn and to place my cock into her mouth and suck on it. . . . She said she didn't want to. So I forcefully push her back down to a laying positon holding here with my hand on her breast, I lined my cock up to her pussy and prepared to enter her. . . She started baling again and said she would suck it. Just not to take her like that.

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  . .

Sitting back up she opened her mouth and I placed my dick in. . . she took about 4 inches in and started sucking. . . I moved it back and fourth. God it felt so good. . . I got a little deeper into her throat she gags a little but I didn't care as long as she kept sucking. I hadn't came in like two days so I knew I was going to launch a huge load into her mouth. I told her I was getting close and to keep sucking even after I come.

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  . . . . she looked up at me not understanding what I mean't and then bam. . . . I came so hard she choked and tried to pull back but I pull her face on to my cock. . and finish cumming by face fucking her. . . . .

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   i finally let go and she gasp for air. . . .

violated, tired, and totally naked she looked at me and asked if I was done with her now. I told her yes. . . I think so. I asked her if she was going to tell anyone and she said "no", but to leave her alone she wanted to sleep. . .

She crawled up into her big bed and faced the wall away from me and laid there. I crawled into bed and wrapped my arms around her naked body. .


  . she didn't protest just adjusted and made herself comfortable and we went to sleep. . . .