I Guess My Mum Was Right


We walked along chatting, and one girl was going on about a dance tomorrow night (Saturday) that was on in a new place the other side of town, she reckoned there would be lots of blokes there. “We’ll get in easy if we get dressed up so that we look over eighteen”. We were all still at school, I was fourteen, the eldest of us was nearly fifteen. This dance was for eighteen and over. We had our night at the pictures, nothing eventful, just the usual boys our own age trying for a quick feel. On the way home we were all talking about what would happen at tomorrow nights dance, and we planned to meet at 7:00 tomorrow night. Saturday night had arrived, it was 6:30 and I was once again ready for a night out, (well almost), “Bye mum, don’t forget I’m sleeping round Valerie’s house tonight”, I said as I went through the back door. “Ok have a good time. Don’t get into any trouble”, said mum as I shut the door and left. I hurried down the garden path to the shed, and was soon inside stripping off the sensible clothes that mum liked so much. I then proceeded to dress to kill, skimpiest panties that I could find, a tight skirt, which ended 6 inches above the knees, it was that tight I could hardly walk. There were buttons up one side from the hem to the waist. The hem line was just long enough to cover the dark tops of my nylon stockings. My blouse just covered my nipples, and was buttoned down the front. I had a half cup bra that didn’t cover my nipples, so when they were erect, they showed quite clearly against the thin white cotton blouse. A quick look out of the shed door to check the coast was clear, and I was waddling down the garden path as fast as I could go, to avoid getting spotted from the house.

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   If mum had seen me dressed like this she’d have killed me. Getting into the dance was easy, we were all dressed and made up like we were over eighteen, and the bouncers on the door never questioned us at all. Once inside, we danced with different blokes one after another, and because the dance hall was so massive we all got split up, only catching the odd sight each other as we danced around. This was the best evening that I could ever remember; I’d never had so much attention. Most of the dances were non contact, and I was regularly dancing with groups of men, me in the middle, showing off, with a circle of up six men around me. When I say men, what I mean is compared with us girls all under fifteen, these blokes were probably no more than twenty-five, but to us, that made them men, not lads. Every now and then there would be a slow dance, and there would be fierce jostling between the men to get that dance. It was probably a waltz, but I couldn’t dance, and neither could any of the men who danced with me, it was just a slow shuffle around the floor, with them having the excuse to wrap their arms around you, pull you close, and try to feel your bum. I followed the lead of other girls on the floor, and every time a hand slid down across my bum, I’d pull the offending arm back up and make a loud comment. This didn’t stop them, but at least you felt that you’d kept them under control. Towards the end of the evening, I’d almost been claimed by a group of three blokes, they were all big men, and every time anyone approached me for a dance, they’d intercept, and the other man would back off. I didn’t mind, they were all so good looking. Their names were Bill, Roger and Brad, and we danced the rest of the evening together. Each slow dance they would take it in turns to shuffle me round the floor, continually trying for a feel. It was getting late, and I excused myself to go to the ladies, I met three of the other girls there, we all agreed, that if any of us got the chance we’d let the blokes we were with give us a lift home.

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   Any girls that were unlucky, would meet outside, and go home together on the bus. Almost as soon as I was back on the dance floor, they announced the last waltz, and the three blokes closed in around me and we all shuffled around together. Keeping their hands under control was impossible; they were easing the hem of my skirt up my legs from all sides at once. There fingers were trying to gain access in between my legs above the top of my stockings. I was glad when the dance ended, but as the music stopped, the lights came up, the blokes moved away and I was stood there struggling to pull my skirt hem back down. I consoled myself with the fact that at least I had managed to prevent any of them getting to my crotch, but it had been a close thing, and I’m sure given much longer they’d have made contact. This experience should have been enough to warn me to go home with the girls, but going home without a man was like being a loser, and I felt like winning. So when I was asked if I wanted a lift home, I said “Yes”, immediately. We were soon making our way across the dimly lit car park, I was being walked along with Bill on one side, and Roger the other, each had one arm around my waist, using their other hand on the inside of my bra to feel my tits. Brad who was the driver, walked behind trying to get his hand up the inside of my legs, but my skirt was so tight, that it restricted how high he could reach. We arrived at their car, Brad got in, leaned back and opened the back door, Bill got in, I was helped in next, and Roger squeezed in beside me and shut the door. The car wasn’t very big and I asked “Why don’t one us sit in the front passenger seat, there’ll be more room then?”“It’s cosier here in the back together” said Roger, who lifted me onto his knee as he was speaking. He wrapped his arms around me, pulled me to his chest, started kissing my lips, and slid his hand into my bra cupping one of my tits. As the car moved off and I felt the buttons on the side of my skirt being undone, in vain I struggled, Roger was strong, and he held me tight. I tried kicking my legs, but Bill had his feet on top of mine and was wedging them under the back of the front seat.

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   The buttons on my skirt kept popping undone, one after another, until he reached my waist. He now had access to the top of my panties, and there was nothing stopping my legs from being pulled apart. This was what I was expecting next, as my only previous experience of this sort of situation had been with boys of my own age, and they would always try to get your legs wide open to get there hands around your crotch. But these were all men with experience, Bill grabbed my panties by the waist band on both sides, with one sudden yank brought them sliding down and off my legs before I realised what he was doing. Roger, who had been cuddling and kissing me, now pushed me down across his lap, with my head against the car door. Bill kept one of my feet wedged on the floor under the back of the front seat, while he pulled the other ankle high above his head, and dropped it behind him leaning back to stop me from moving it, this left his hands free. I was now spread wide, without any knickers, the overhead light was turned on, and both men started helping themselves to my virgin cunt. When I say virgin, I mean that it had never been fucked, but I had lost the occasional tussle in the picture house with boys my own age, and it had had the odd one or two fingers up it. But these men didn’t go strait for a poke up my dry cunt, they were stroking, and gently rubbing, and what’s more they knew where to rub. They hadn’t been playing with me for very long before, I realised my cunt was already wet, as Bill’s finger slid effortlessly up my hole. I was also lifting with each stroke as Roger’s fingers slid up front of my slot and stroked what I now realise is my clit. Anyway I lay back helpless, while he stroked, and Bill fingered me, now using two at a time, but they still slid up effortlessly, and not painful in any way. The car slowed down and pulled into a lay-by (a temporary stopping place on the side of the road) and stopped. Brad, the driver turned in his seat, “Come on, get her legs over here. I want a lick at that cunt”.

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   The two men didn’t answer, but instantly started manhandling me around until they got my legs either side of the front passenger seat, I was facing the back of the car leaning over the back of the front seat (they didn’t have head restraints on seats in them days), the men in the back were holding me down by my arms, and sucking my tits. Brad was leaning across the front of the car licking at my cunt, we were in this position for about two or three minutes, when I could see headlights in the distance, as they got closer, they slowed down and pulled into the lay-by, and as they rolled ever closer, Brad said “Keep your heads down. If we get caught with a kid of this age we’ll get put away”. They all stopped, as the lorry (Truck) pulled to a standstill almost touching the back of their car, with its headlights blazing light in through the back window. The occupants of the lorry must have been able to see my tits hanging down, and that I was spread over the seats, they had obviously rolled as close as possible to have a bit of voyeuristic entertainment watching some luck bastard get his end away. But because the men in the car stopped, it must have aroused the lorry driver’s suspicion, and we heard the lorry doors open. At this Brad fired up his engine, and I took the opportunity of surprise, yanked myself free, and burst out of the passenger door, sprawling on the ground. The car sped away leaving me there on the floor, on my back, legs up, no knickers, and in the blazing light of the lorry’s headlights. The men from the lorry rushed across and helped me to my feet, “Are you alright dear? Have we just saved you from being raped?” said the lorry driver. “Yes I’ll be alright. Thanks. I think they were getting a bit out of hand”, I said. “By the look of you, I’d say they’d got you well and truly in their hands”, said the drivers mate. I was attempting to fasten my bra, and straighten my blouse; the driver came across and took hold of my bra, and fastened it for me, and then started buttoning my blouse. Most of the buttons were pulled off, so it still didn’t look very tidy.

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   My skirt hung down from my waist covering most of my legs, but it was still unbuttoned up to the waist, so the side of my leg was fully exposed. To button it, I would usually rotate my skirt so the line of buttons was at the front, that way could get at them, rotating them back to the side when they were all done up. If rotated my skirt now, I would expose myself up to my waist, and I wasn’t wearing any panties. I struggled to fasten the first button on my hip, but the skirt was tight, and it was too awkward to reach, being at my side. The driver spoke “Come on dear, we’ll give you a lift home. Don’t bother with that yet, cos you’ll need to be able to get your legs open to climb into the cab. We can help you with that later”. I looked at the lorry; it was as tall as a house. How on earth do they climb into that? They walked me to the passenger side, the door was open, even the bottom of the door was that high that I couldn’t have reached it with my arms held high. The drivers mate reached up to a handle high on the side of the truck, lifted one foot up to the top of the wheel, and in one swift movement, he was in the cab. I looked in amazement; the driver said “ok let’s see if you can do that”. “Well for a start, I can’t reach the handle”, I said. “Ok put you arms around my neck, and hold tight. Now lift you leg and put your foot in this foot hold here”, the driver said. I lifted my leg, it was facing straight up skywards, and my cunt was stretched wide and on full view, but my foot was nowhere near reaching the foot hold.

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   The one good thing was that although I was spread wide and uncovered, the driver was stood alongside me, and his mate was above in the cab, so neither of them could see my cunt. “I can’t reach it” I said putting my leg down. The driver said, “Ok I’ll try and lift you”, he put his hands on my waist, and lifted me high above his head, tipping me back to almost a horizontal position, “Right put your right foot over there”. The mate shone a torch from his position high in the cab, and illuminated the foot hold; I managed to get my right foot firmly located. The driver spoke again, “that’s right, now get your left foot in that one”, the mate now illuminated the other foot hold, it was at least four feet across from the first, I stretched my legs wide open, and got my foot firmly in position. “Right, now reach for the grab handle and pull your self in”, said the driver as he pushed me high as he could reach. I stretched forward, but my hands were miles away from reaching the grab handles, there was no way I could get to them. But now I was leaning forward, I could see the mate was using his torch to illuminate my exposed cunt, and from his vantage position, his view was unobstructed. I said, “I can’t reach. Can you lift me higher?” He already had me above his head, so why I asked I don’t know. “Sorry darling, this is as high as I can get you”, he said. “Ok can you put me down now”, I said feeling uncomfortable about the mate with his torch. “Hang a second darling. Jim. See if you can reach her hand and pull her in”, said the driver.

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  Jim (the drivers mate) reached down with one hand, and took hold of one of my wrists; he pulled me towards him about a foot, and said “I don’t think I can get you any closer. Just relax for a second luv; I’ll take your weight while Tom gets another breath. Then he can try again”. He held my wrist; Tom (the driver) released his grip on my waist. I was suspended hanging from one arm, with legs wide open, Jim was using his torch and Tom had moved underneath me with his back to the lorry. His face was so close I could feel his breath on my cunt. “Please try again, my arms going to fall off soon”, I pleaded. Tom stopped where he was stood in front, facing me, he grabbed my waist, and lifted, but I didn’t get ant nearer. “No good darling, I’ll have to let you down”, said Tom. Jim let go, and next second I was stood back on the floor. “Is there no way you can get me in?” I was almost begging. “If you had a pair of jeans on, I could”, he said. “Jeans? What difference would jeans make?”“I could get my hand under your crotch, and we’d get another foot of lift”, was his reply. What else could I do? They’d already seen it, and I’d already been fingered by the previous men, so what difference would it make if he had a feel? I parted my legs, “Ok. Please be careful though”.

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  “Are you sure?”, said Tom, “I know you haven’t got any knickers on. You want me to put my hand around your little fanny? ”“Yes. I know you’ve been looking at it. But if that’s the only way I’m gon’a get lift home, you might as well get on with it”. “Hang on a minute” said Jim’s voice from the cab “I’ll come down and give you a hand. It’ll be easer with two of us lifting”. “That’s a good idea. Stand aside a minute darling while he gets down”. Jim climbed out so easy; I wondered why I was struggling so much. They both stood behind me and manoeuvred me to where they said I would be able to reach better. “Ok darling part your legs, and squat down a little, so we can both get our hands around you”, said the driver. I parted my legs, and was about to stoop down, “No darling, get them open wider than that”, said Jim, I opened more, “Bit more”, I did as instructed, “Is that the widest you can get?”“You don’t need them any wider do you?” I asked. “Well if that her attitude, we might as well leave her stranded out here”, said Jim, brushing past me and starting to climb back into the cab. “No please!” I pleaded, “I’ll open wider, its just couldn’t understand why you needed them that wide, that’s all. I’m sorry, please come back down”.

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   I stretched my legs as wide as I could, “is this wide enough?”“Come on back down”, said Tom, “She’s going to be a good little girl and do as she’s told now, aren’t you dear?”“Yes” I replied. Jim jumped back out, got behind me and put his hand under my cunt. “Ok. Stoop a bit”, he said. I stooped and his finger poked into my hole. Tom put has hands on my waist and held me still. Jim poked in and out of my still slimy wet hole. “What’s she like?” asked Tom. “Wet and tight, come on have a go”. I pleaded, “Please don’t do this to me, not out here like this”. “Ok if we lift you in can we have a feel?” said Jim. “Please just lift me in” I pleaded. “And the feel?” This time it was Tom asking. “Ok. Just get me in I want to go home”, I said almost in despair.

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  “So was that a yes? We both good old feel of it?” Tom asked again. “Yes you can both have feel. Please help me in now”, I pleaded. I couldn’t believe it; Jim turned me around to face him, bent down, tipped me over his shoulder, and climbed straight up into the cab. It was effortless, with in two seconds I was laid on my back across the large passenger seats. Tom climbed into the driviers side of the cab, and took hold of my ankles, that Jim had lifted above my head. He held me wide, and Jim removed his trousers, climbed onto the seat, he lowered himself into position. It was all so sudden; I kept saying “No please don’t. Please. Please” but it fell on deaf ears. He slid his stiff prick up my cunt right to his balls in one stroke, my cunt was slimy and wet, and it stretched to accommodate his large member. It was tight, but all those stories I’d heard about the pain of being ripped open didn’t happen to me. Once I’d got used to the fact that there was nothing I could do about it, I relaxed, and was soon getting into the spirit of the event, so much so Tom let go of my legs, and I was able to lift my cunt for this ramming prick. “You’re not a virgin then?” said the driver. “I… I.


   Wa… Was. ti… Tilll He g. . Got st. . Stuck up me”, I was having difficulty talking as he rammed away getting quicker all the time. I had no idea how long this should take, but the more he fucked, the more I liked it. I said that the evening at the dance was the best I’d ever had, I’d really like all the attention I had been getting, but this was something else. I lay back thinking, ‘this must be like being in heaven, I hope Tom wants to fuck me’. How long we had been at it, I’m not sure, but he had now got to his rapid short strokes which suddenly changed to solid jerky thrusts, ramming his balls against my cunt, and each ram shot a load of warm spunk deep up my hole. As soon as he’d stopped shooting he pulled out and started dressing, but to my delight, Tom had anticipated his mates climax. He had climbed in the passenger door, removed his pants, and was ready for immediate action. Jim was probably about 25 – 40 years old and I thought his prick was enormous. But when I felt Tom (who was about 50, that’s older than my dad!) push his member up my cunt, I realised that pricks are not all the same size, boy was this tight, I’m glad Jim went first, he at least gave my cunt an idea what to expect. But it wasn’t just the thickness of Tom’s prick, it was the length, it seemed to keep on going up without stopping.

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   How long could this thing be, “Ah! Oh god. That’s gooood. Oh I like that, go on fuck me”, I said out loud as he reached the top of my cunt, I’m sure he was poking my cervix with his knob end. I had just thought those words, but they came out aloud, I couldn’t believe my ears. “You like that do you?” said Tom“Oh yes give it to me. Fuck my brains out”, why was I saying this?“Ok darling. Daddy will fuck his little girl”, said Tom with a weird look coming over his face. He must have had some kind of fantasy going on in his head, but I didn’t care, so long as his prick was shafting my pussy. His technique was different to Jim’s, these were slow long strokes reaching deep into my little school girl belly. I had never even frigged myself, and didn’t know what an orgasm was, but that would soon change. My whole (or do I mean hole) body was tingling, in anticipation, for what, I didn’t know. “Is daddies little angel ready for the juices?” Tom said in a sort of trance. I went along “Yes daddy, shoot it up me”. He sat up, “lift your legs then” he said. I lifted my legs high, he took hold of one of my ankles and pushed my leg back to my shoulder, I did my best to get the other leg to the same position by the other shoulder.

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  “That’s a good girl for daddy”, he pulled his prick out, “do you want daddies spunk?”“Yes daddy”“Say please daddy spunk me up”“Please daddy spunk me up”“OH! GOD Arrrg. JESUS. NO. PLEASE NO. ” I was screaming at the top of my voice. He had pushed his prick up my arse as far as he could get it in one go, probably only about three or four inches, but he was thrusting for all he was worth, and the hot spunk was lubricating my anal passage, allowing every stroke to penetrate deeper. After about a dozen strokes he had emptied his balls, and he ceased thrusting, leaving his prick buried deep up my arse. The instant he stopped, I started my orgasm, uncontrollably pumping a stick fluid from my cunt. Each pumping thrust of my pelvic muscles eased his prick ever deeper up my arse, he just kept a steady pressure on to help it on it’s way up. The pain was comparable to childbirth, and since then I have had my own children, I am in a position to judge, and the comparison is that none of my three children hurt me that much. But now the prick was in, and when I’d stopped writhing about, I lay still and the pain subsided. When after a few minutes the prick shrank and melted away, it slipped out, and I felt like never before. Tom leaned over towards my head, and said “I’m sorry I hurt you. But the last thing daddy wants is to get his little girl pregnant”. He suddenly came out of his trance, and they both hurried to get me dressed and cleaned up, we were soon on our way, me sitting in the middle seat.

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   Jim was talking endlessly about how good a fuck I’d been, and eventually he got around to asking where I lived, I told him “Coventry”. I was more interested in getting the conversation around to their marital status, I want to know about Tom. Gradually I found out he had three daughters, aged 8, 10, and 12. I wondered whether I had been a fantasy, or re-living an actuality, and the shooting up the arse was that living out a dream, or a habit, but I’ll never know the answer to that. The lorry slowed, and we turned into the gateway of a large lorry park. “Where are we going?” I asked. “This is the end of the road. We’ve finished our shift now, once we park the lorry we can go home to bed”, said Jim. “You’re going to take me home first?” I asked. “Don’t worry there always half a dozen of the lads playing cards in the changing rooms. If you let them have a bit of that little cunt of yours, I’m sure one of them will give you a lift home”, Jim replied. “You mean you’re not going to give me a lift, even after what I let you do to me?” I said. We’d stopped by now Tom was climbing out, and Jim said “Come then girl if you promise to let me have another fuck when we get in, I’ll lift you out”. There was no way I could climb down without breaking my neck, and his fuck didn’t hurt, so I said “Alright, but you promise to take me home?”“Sorry luv I live in the opposite direction and with all this fucking I’m going to be late home anyway. Besides you’ve already been told you’ll get plenty of lifts offered, once you get that little cunt working.

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   Now do you want a hand to out, or are you stopping there?”“I suppose I’ve got no choice, how do you want to lift me?”“I’ll bend forward, you lean over my shoulder. But first, this is what you’ve got to do when we get in there. Wait till I give you the nod, then I want you to ask in a loud voice ‘Will any of you big strong men give me a lift back to Coventry’, then I want you to slowly undo your skirt, turn round with your back to them, holding your skirt over your bottom, bend down, and drop your skirt to the ground”. “Do I have to?”“It’s your choice. Do you want to get home tonight?”“Ok, lets get it over with”, I gasped is despair. I was over his shoulder and out on the floor, and he walked me towards the door to a large wooden shed. Inside the shed were five men sitting on wooden benches either side of a table, they had playing cards either in their hands or on the table in front of them, but the game appeared to have been disrupted. They all had their gaze fixed across to one side of the room where a woman was standing in full view of them taking her overalls (coveralls) off, she was stood in front of a row of locker that lined one wall. She was oblivious to the men, as she stripped down to her flimsy little panties and bra.
    The men at the table had seen us come in, but had returned their attention to strip show, especially when the lady bent down to pick up the overalls she’d just removed, showing her crotch, that was hardly covered by the narrow gusset of her flimsy knickers. Now she was dressing again, and all eyes turned towards me. “Come on them Big Tom, who’s this, you’ve brought in, one of your daughters for us to fuck” said one of the men at the table to Tom who was standing at my side (Big Tom, Tom was his name, but was the Big referring to his prick?). “Shut you mouth before I shut it for you”, turning to his mate he said “I’m off home I’ll see you tomorrow”, he then looked at me, gently stroked my cheek with the palm of his hand, “take care little angel, you were the best fuck I’ve ever had, I really hope I didn’t hurt you too much?”, he whispered into my ear, so quietly that the others couldn’t hear him. I whispered back “its alright, I’m ok now, and it was good for me as well”. He turned and was gone.

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      Now Jim leaned over and whispered in my ear “come on then, a nice loud voice, ask if anyone will give you a lift”. Before I had chance to speak, “come then. Now Toms gone, pack all that whispering, what’s she doing here?” the man from the table, who I later found out was named Dave (he could have been Big Dave, but the Big would have been the size of his mouth). “The little girls got something to ask you all. So shut up a minute and let her have her say”, replied Jim. I started speaking, quietly at first, but once I’d got started my confidence grew and so did my voice “I. . I was wondering if any one would give me a lift back to Coventry”, it was just like a game, they were hanging on my every word, I undid my belt and slid it out of the loops in my skirt hem, and dropped it to the floor. Their attention was broken by the woman who was now dressed, “Right if you lot are going to busy with little miss tight twat, I might as well go home, see you all tomorrow” she said, and as she passed me “good luck luv. Hope you’re not too sore tomorrow” and she was gone. “Off. Off. Off. Off” there was a chanting chorus from the entire table. I had now got their undivided attention again, and it felt great.

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       I edged my skirt slowly around till the buttons were at the front, and started undoing them one by one slowly showing more flesh with each button. As I undid the last button on the waist, I turned to face the door. There was a load jeer of disapproval from the table, I spread my legs as far as I could, bent over still holding the skirt, and then whipped it away. The cheer must have been audible for miles away. I was immediately surrounded, pick up and carried to the table, where the hands went wild, in seconds my nylons, suspender belt, blouse and bra were all removed. It wasn’t very comfortable on the hard table, but that didn’t worry any of the men. The fingers and tongues with exploring every orifice of my body, I even had a tongue in my ear! After about ten or fifteen minutes, prodding poking licking etc. I was lifted off the table and lowered face down wards, legs astride, onto an erect prick of a man laid along one of the benches at the side of table. He slid up my cunt without any problem, my feet were on the floor, and I was told “come girl lets see you fuck”. Leaned forward, and started pulling him in and out by standing and stooping. This wasn’t an ideal way to get a rhythm going, it was very erratic, and a man commented “is that the best you can do?”I surprised myself, I stood up and looked him strait in the face “its not easy to fuck in this position. Put some blankets on the floor and then I’ll show you”. “Where do expect us to get blankets?” he replied. “Use your blood head”; said another man going to his locker, “we’ve all got towels”. They all collected towels from their lockers, and lined the floor two deep.

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       My first fuck laid himself down on his back on the towels and I climbed on board, this was now easy, and I was soon forgetting the audience and fucking for all I was worth. The rhythm was building, my stallion was lifting with me, and I was starting to drift off in my mind. Suddenly I felt my arse twitch, and I realised I was being fingered; someone was using my cunt juices to wet their finger and then pushing it up my arse. But this time, unlike Tom, because they were doing it gradually, and using lubrication, it felt good, so I didn’t protest or struggle, but kept on with my task in hand (or do I mean cunt). There was now a bigger object than a fingers pushing at the entrance to my arse, I knew it must be a prick, so I held still while he got it started, and let him slide it up deep into my back passage. I turned my head slightly round the to look at man who’s prick was now buried deep in my butt, “Ok?” I asked. “Go for it girl” was the answer, and we were off and running, the man in my cunt was spunking in seconds. The man got off my back, I got up and stood there while the next man got down on the floor, I then climbed back on waited for my rider to mount, as soon as his prick was up, he said “Come on girl show use what you can do”. We carried on like this with the men changing places till all of them were fucked out, I was still game for being fucked, but I was getting very weak to do the fucking, so I was glad when they said I could get dressed. Two men who shared a car, said they lived in Coventry and would give me a lift. When I told them my address, one man nearly choked. He said he lived four doors away from me, I realised he must be the man that always complained when the kids played in the street, because he was a shift worker, but until now I’d never seen him. They took me home, and on the way I explained that I was supposed to be sleeping at a friend’s house, so with the time now at 3:00 am, I could hardly knock any one up at this hour, so I’d have to sleep in my back garden shed. The neighbour said I could sleep at his house; he lived alone, so no one would know. When we got to his house he put his arm around my waist, and escorted me up the stairs to his bed.

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       He had no sooner pulled the prick out of my arse, before I felt the spunk shooting in my throat. I had to use my hands and force with all my might to get his prick from my throat before I choked. The two men were the ones, who’d given me a lift home, and it was 8:00 in the morning, they went down stairs, and left me to get dressed, I then went down and joined them. “Well we know you can fuck. But can you cook?” said one man. “Cook what?” I asked. “Bacon and eggs on toast will do me” he replied, “Can you do that?”“Yes, corse I can, where do you keep the food?”I cooked their breakfast, and joined them sitting at the table, when we’d finished, I was told to wash the dishes, dry up and put them all away. I don’t know why but I did as instructed. “Ok, all done I’ll go home now”, I said. “Come on then give us a goodbye kiss”, said the neighbour, I walked across, as I leaned over to kiss him he leaned his shoulder under my tummy, and stood up, carrying like the lorry drivers mate Jim had done the night before. “Come on darling, I want to try fucking your throat before you home”, he said carrying me back up stairs. He tipped me back onto the bed, pulled my head over the side of the bed, and dropped his trousers. His mate was undoing the buttons on my skirt, and I was playing with and sucking the other man’s limp prick and balls. My skirt was now off, I was laid face down across the not very wide bed, legs dangling to the floor on one side, a mans balls in my mouth, he was stood at the other side. The man behind me was already hard, and entering my cunt, each thrust rocking my head and pulling at this mans balls.


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