I got my wife raped (part 2)


It was four nights after my wife was gang raped and for all four nights she didn't want anything to do with me. . She said she is uncomfortable around me right now and feels ashamed. .
I suggested she see a dr and she said no she will be fine she just has to get past it on her own. . And she seemed to be spending alot of time in her room. I could hear the bed moving and I don't think she realized I could hear her moaning. When I asked her about it she said it was just her crying.   I didn't believe her so I figured she was up to something. . When she went shopping I decided to do a few things  I set up a camera in the corner of the dvd rack near her bed. . It was aimed  towards the direction of her bed and computer desk. And I went into her MSN messenger and clicked save conversations. I knew it was off because she asked me to turn it off when I installed it.

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 Around 18 pm when she said she was going to bed I hot the on button on the camera. . Within minutes she was in her bed and playing on her laptop On the camera I could see her on msn and thought to myself I would read them in the morning when she went to work. . But suddenly she took her top off.   And I could see she had started a webcam with the person she was talking to. . I got instant hard and pissed at the same time. . How dare she do that to someone on msn. .    Oh wait I forgot I have been taking picks of her naked and sharing them for a while now. .   But hey this is different.

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Soon after her top was off she got on her knees and proceeded to pull her thong down. . That was another thing. She swore to me she hates anything other then bikini panties and would refuse to wear the thongs for me. .  
After she lowered the thong she  spread her legs apart and I could see she was rubbing herself for whoever was on the other side of the computer.   She was blowing kisses and rubbing herself faster and faster.   I decided to put a stop to this and went upstairs. She must have heard me coming as I tripped over one of the kids toys and she was laying in her bed with the laptop. I sat on the bed and asked her if everything was ok and why she was under the covers when it was so hot in the house. . She said she is feeling warm and wanted to go to bed. When I tried to lift the covers. She stopped me and said
"NO Im not ready yet"  
I said yea ok whatever and slammed the door as I left.

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  . The camera showed nothing else happen that night so when she went to work in the morning I went to see what was written.
It was a conversation with someone called Big billy.
The conversation was right to the point right away.

karen:  Are you there its me
Billy: Yea I'm here
karen: I haven't stopped thinking about the other night OMFG I have never enjoyed myself in bed ever.
Billy: I had a great time but I want you for myself no one else around I want to fuck your brains out and make you cum till you pass out.

karen: I want you to but the orgy was awesome I have never cum like that in my life. I want that again.
Billy: What has your husband said about the other night?
karen: Nothing I keep telling him I don't want to talk about it. I don't care anyway he started all this by sending my pictures to you and if he ever finds out I will tell him its his own fucking fault.
Billy: You looked so fucking hot in those picks but even better in person. So when can we meet alone.
karen: Thursday night I know my husband cant get out of work on Fridays he can so Thursday he will be there till midnight. What time can you get here?
Billy whenever you want me there babe.
karen: Be here at 18 pm I will put the kids to bed early.

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    I cant wait I'm  so horny right now wanna see?
Billy: Of course I would love to:
karen" accept webcam.
Billy : accepted
Billy OMG your so fucking hot.  
Yea that's it show me your tits baby god their perfect.
Show me your pussy baby you have a great pussy and I cant wait to eat it again.
I'm jacking off looking at your pussy. Put a finger in there and show me if your wet.
karen: Oh i'm wet I can feel it already. I cant wait for your cock.
Billy I will see you Thursday night for sure. Do you want me alone or bring some friends.
karen: That is up to you babe I want you to make me your bitch I want you to use me any way you want to I wont say no to anything. I cant believe how amazing it was the other night. My husband tried for years to get me to open up. Who knew I would open up and its because of his sneaking around to. but fuck him he started it and what he doesnt know wont hurt.

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Billy: I'm going to cum soon I want you to make you my bitch I'm going to fuck the hell out of you till you worship my cock and have you begging for more. .
That's it put another finger in your pussy and let me see how wet you are.
Karen: OMG I'm going to cum Billy I'm going to cum
Webcam disconnected.
Offline messages
Billy  Are ya there babe?
Are you there Karen? Everything ok?
Karen. Yea sorry my fucking husband came up last night so I had to close it fast I'm sorry and I will see you Thursday night.

That was the conversation I was watching via my webcam. .   So the bitch is likening this and wants no part of me. . Well that's fine she wants to fuck I will make sure everyone knows she wants to fuck. I will put her out there for there world to see. So I picked up a few more spy cams and set them up in her room and set my computer up so I could use it from my phone. I took the Thursday off and hangout around the corner.
I emailed Billy and asked him what he has been up to and if he wanted to do coffee tonight after work and his reply was quick and simple.

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"Hey man sorry I haven't been around. . You have a hot wife and would love to see more cant do coffee tonight I am busy but maybe another night"

I thought yea whatever you fucking asshole  you want  to see more alright you will tonight.
Now a normal guy would put his foot down and end this bullshit before it even started and for sure before tonight but I am not normal. . Im a pervert I want to watch,. I would love to be there to see it actually.

It was now Thursday night and I did my routine before work. Then kissed my wife goodbye and she seemed 1000 miles away. I said Love you babe and she said uh huh. . and I left. It was weird I was so mad about what was going on but so horny I wanted it to happen but I wanted to be the one in control not her. .
I had set up the cameras onto a wireless network so I parked at the river and waited till about 9:30 before I pulled up and parked on the next street.

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   I set up my laptop and proceeded to start recording. . It wasnt long before I seen her in her room. She put some sexy lingery on and right away I got mad again. . She never wore anything for me. . It was swets or flanal pjs and here she is in her little red outfit I bought her over three years ago and refused to wear. .  

I watched as she laid on her bed and started to rub her pussy. But within a couple minutes she got up out of the bed and left the room. .
When she came back into the the room she was in the arms of Billy who was guiding her to the bed. Laying her down he towered over her. His hands started to caress her when he asked her if she ment what she said that she wanted him to make her his bitch.

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   When she started knodding her head he told her he wanted to hear it. . So she said it once but that wasnt loud enough for Billy who then grabbed her hair and said listen here you little bitch. You need to answer when spoken to. . You need to speak up or I will punnish you every time you dont. . Got it? My wife with Billy still holding her head helped her as she knodded her head.   Thats a good girl now take out my cock and suck it bitch.
She looked at him like WHAT?  What are you waiting for you bitch your not listening to well as he smacked her in the face she sat up and started to undo his pants. .

Thats better baby  I want to treat you good but you got to listen to me from now on.
With that she started to suck his cock.   And I started to undo my pants.  

Yea thats it baby get it hard then I will eat your pussy till you cum all over the place.

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   As she was sucking his cock I could see he was about the same size as mine a little thinner but 2 inches longer and she didnt like the length of mine to begin with saying it was to long. . . I thought oh yea why are you begging for his? 

Within five minutes he just picked her up and spun her around so he could eat her pussy standing up. He is alot stronger then I am so he had no problem doing this. . Her legs spread in the air as I watched him bury his face in my wifes pussy. She continued to suck his cock when he pulled her off and told her to lay on the bed and spred her legs. . He continued to eat her pussy till I seen her grab his head and clench. . I could hear her scream she was cumming then covered her mouth so not to wake the kids. .

Billy asked her if she was ok and she said she isnt use to cumming like that that fast. .

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  He asked if her husband was lacking and she said she just isnt into it with me as she is with Billy. . She told him he wanted me to do things to him and I was like ewwww, im not sticking a finger in his ass.  

Billy laughed as he pulled  my wife to him again. .

Now its time to fuck. She told him to just put it in half way and he laughed. . When he shoved it in all the way she screamed in pain. . Stop stop stop she said. . There was no way he was stopping. . He was pumping his cock in her as fast and as deep as he could before he pulled his cock out and told her to get on all fours.


    He started to fuck her from behind when he made the comment she needs something to keep her mouth busy.  

Billy went over to her drawer and asked where her vibrator was. . She said she wasnt going to use it in front of him and he told her Yes she was. . And then he pulled out a camera out of his pocket and gave her the vibrator and said here use it. .

She told him she cant use it with him taking pictures. With that he clicked away and told her. "Listen here you stupid bitch. How are you going to explain these picks to your husband ? You all slutty with me in your room? I will tell him you begged me for it. . ,Hell I even have it on my msn what you said. . I will show that to him to.

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  . So you see your right Im going to make you my bitch. And your going to do as your told.    Now start fucking yourself. LOL"

While Karen started to work the vibrator in and out of her pussy she had her sucking his cock. . And it wasnt long before he shot his load all over her face. click click click click thats it baby lick my cock  click click . . Keep fucking yourself till you cum baby I want to see it. . I want to know your mine. . Cum for me baby cum now. .

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   With that he put his face on her pussy and started to suck her clit. . . She pulled it out of her and screamed as her orgasm took over her body. . He was licking it all up as her body shook. .

She told him OMFG I havent ever cum like that. . What did you do to me. . You dont have to take pictures Im your bitch I told you I will do whatever you want me to. .

He told her he knows but he wants something to watch when he isnt there. .

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He was putting his pants on when he said get a bbsitter for Friday they were going out. When she said she didnt know if she could he said then make your husband stay home so I can go fuck his wife. .

When I looked down at my pants I had realized I had cum all over myself a long time ago. . I just didnt realize it. . I cum again and cleaned my mess. . I was both pissed and horny as hell but I didnt want to blow my cover and go home to soon. . I went down to the river and watched some of the tape I took. . I didnt know how to take what I just seen. It will take a couple days to sink in first.

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to be continued