I Got Her ...The Hard Way


Im 21 and my brother is 17Me and my younger brother share an apartment in dowtown detroithe has a very sexy girlfriend who is also 17 (long blond hair slim body perfectly rounded ass and 32 c tits) that is constantly at our house. one night my brother and her went out and got shit facedthey came home around 11 and went to his room.

i heard noises at about midnight so i decided to go check on them. he was tottaly passed out and she was naked finger fucking herself on his bedi walked into the room and ripped her off of the bed onto the floor i held her arms down and started licking her pussy she screamed so i back handed her  i got up on top of her and i shoved my entire 9 ' cock into her mouth chokeing her and making her gag. once i came i through her up against the wall and then rolled her onto her stomach and stuck my semi-hard cock into her tight ass hole i fucked her hole for about 5 minutes and i came once more . . . then i took the plunge into her prickley haired pussy i fucked her and made her bleed it was amazing i came into her pussy and hit her again i put her back onto his bed and walked outta the room. when i woke up the next morning she was standing in my door way with just a bra and thong she ran to my bed and dived at me slamming me into my head board she kissed me and said. . . . . . . all you had to do was ask.

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     Her and my brother broke up  and my brother moved out now she lives with me and we fuck every day.