I didn't know what to do,


I was washing cars at home, to make a dollar or two, next up, a 1968 Mustang.    I got it vacuumed and washed and collected my 2 dollars, and he said, I have another car at home, do you want to wash that one too?   Greedy as I was, I said sure.   Tom said, you will have to wash it there, it's not legal to drive yet.   This didn't even phase me.   I was going to make a few more bucks.    In his car I went and off we go.    When we got to his home, there it was, a huge Cadillac.   No matter, I get the bucket and soap and get to washing.    When I was done, Tom came out and paid me five dollars.   Nice. . even more then I expected.   I pocketed the money and was ready to go home.   Tom wanted to take the Caddy, and told me to jump in.   "I thought it wasn't legal to drive it", I said.   "Yeah, but that's ok, I won't get caught".

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     So in I climb
 Now, this car is huge.   The seats are all leather, the car had air conditioning.   I had never been in a car with air conditioning.   This was quite the treat.    So down the road we go, and next thing I know, Tom turns off the road and down a dirt path almost, like a fire road, and into the woods.   I asked where we were going, and he said he wanted to make a stop on the way.   I was getting a little nervous but, it all sounded on the up and up, so off we go.   We must have gone miles into the woods, I didn't know the town forrest went that far.   
We got to a clearing, nothing but trees, some grass, a bunch of empty beer bottles and cans, but nothing else.   Tom stopped the car, and turned the engine off.   He got out of the car and went over behind some trees, I figure so he could take a leak or something.   He came back, and leaned against the side of the car and lit a cigarette.   He motioned to me, inviting me out and asked me if I wanted a smoke.   Well, I was like 18 years old, and although I had take one or two from my mother, I never really smoked so I declined.   
 As we stood there, Tom started talking about things that I didn't understand.

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    He asked me if I had ever come before.   Little did I know, he meant CUM, so of course I said sure, I have come alot.   Show me, he says.   What do you mean?
 At that Tom reached over and just put his hand over my crotch. As nervous as I was, I started feeling a little something going on, I was getting a bit of what I know now, to be a hard on.   Nervous, not really, I was actually scared at this point.   Here is someone doing something, and I'm not sure what to do.   So, I stood there.  
His hand started stroking a bit, as he felt my prick getting a little harder.   Before I knew it, I had a full hard on, and I liked what I was feeling.   My breathing got all messed up, and I just stood there.  
Tom asked me if he could take it out, and of course, at this point, I wanted more of it, so I said yes.   He undid my shorts, took them off me, and put them on the car.   He just stood there now, rolling my prick in his fingers, and it really really felt good.   He turned me and had me facing away from him while he gently stroked me, asking how it felt.

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    It felt great and I told him so.   This went on for what felt like eternity, and he was trying all he could to get me to cum, but it just wasn't happening.   Of course he questioned me about me telling him I had come before, so I told him that I hadn't come like 'this' before.
He kept this going for a while and he must have been getting tired, and asked me if I wanted him to suck me off.   Well, not knowing about that too. . I broke free and turned to him. I must have looked awefully scared which made him laugh.   He reassured me that it wasn't a bad thing, and he wasnt' going to hurt me, so I nervously let him.
He had me sit in the car, with my legs out the door and spread.   He got on his knees and took me into his mouth.   I have never in my life even thought about anything like this, and it felt incredible.   He used his mouth and slid up and down on me, I could feel his tongue licking the bottom of my prick.   It was unbelievable.   He put one hand on my balls and started to massage them.

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    His hand was warm, and he was gentle.   His othe hand was behind me, keeping me from sliding away, until I felt his hand on my butt. He was sliding his hand under me, and used it to help pump me in and out of his mouth, it was extacy.   My brain was realing.   I was lost for thought, I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, all I could do is let this happen to me, and happen it did.
All of a sudden I feel my balls tighten up.   His hand is working frantically, while I feel the suction from his mouth, then something I never expected.   I felt something go into my ass.   It was his finger, and he just put it in a little.   He kept it there and was like pulling my butt hole, closer to him, like his finger was hooked in my ass.
      He pulled a little and released, and did it again, and again.   My balls are so tight, they are like numb, my cock didn't know what to do, and my ass, had something in it, and shit, I liked it.
    Tom kept taking me in and out of his mouth, his hands working me so well, I had my first orgasm ever.   I shot it right into his mouth and he didn't stop.   I didn't know what was happening, it felt like nothing I had ever felt before.

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        I didn't know it was shooting in his mouth, I didn't care at that point.  
    After a few more minutes, he took his mouth off me and took his finger out of my ass.   He got sat back a little and licked his finger and grinned.   I just sat there in amazement.   I hadn't figured out what happened yet.   My hands were shaking, my prick was shrinking and I couldn't talk yet.
    Tom handed my my underpants and shorts and told me I might want to put them on, he can't take me home like this.   I put my clothes back on and got into the front seat.   Tom got in and laughed.   "How was that?" he asked me.   I can't even remember how I responded.   He reached into the back seat and grabbed a beer out of his cooler.   He reached back again and got me a coke.    We sat there, he drank his beer, I drank my coke and we left. We didn't talk too much for the rest of the ride home, and when we got there, I got out of the car, and he drove off.

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    My friend Bill saw me get out of the Caddy and he came over.   He asked what that was about and I told him, I had to go to his house to wash the car.  
    A few weeks went by and now Billy and I are out washing the cars.   We had just finished washing my mom's and Tom pulled up in the mustang again.   This time Billy and I both washed the mustang, and Tom gave us both the opportunity to wash the caddy again.    Of course, I was game, and with that, so was Billy.