i didnt know what to do part 2


josh struted across the room and before he exited he said in a hard voice "i will be back in half an hour be prepared your little tight wet pussy is going to fucked like you have never believed possible" i whimpered in responce through the ball gag in my mouth and tried to struggle through the metal bonds that secured my to a cold metal table but all i succeded in doin was cutting my wrists and moving my boobs which cracked the slow drying blood on the cuts that i had received on my breasts.
half an hour later i heard the door open and heard footsteps coming acroos the room i looked up and saw josh standing next to me naked his 9 inch cock slightly hard "i want you to give me a hand job and do it well or else you WILL suffer the consequences" he said this while picking up a long whip used for hore riding. i nodded in response to this.
 then he placed his thick cock into my palms and i gently started pulling and stroking his penis feeling it grow in my hands and watch precum spill out his piss hole. i started pulling his fore skin back and forth making him moan in pleasure.  i wasnt getting any enjoyment out of this. suddenly josh pulled away from my hands and moved towards my legs spread them apart and rammed his now 18 inch, thick, veiney cock into my dry pussy making me scream out in pain.

josh picked up the whip and cracked it against the top of my neatly waxed triangle making tears spill out of my eyes "its ok my pet dont cry its only going to get worse haha" then josh finished jamming his penis into my love canal. for a moment i couldnt breathe i felt so uncomfortable.
 then josh pulled out and kept ramming it back inand out eventually it started to feel good and i let out a small moan of ectasy and felt myself get slightly wet. josh slammed the whip down against my stomach as hard as he could "you little hoe your enjoying this. " josh rapidly pulled out of me leaving me want to keep going and have an orgasm but he walked out of the room.
 1 minute later he walked back in with a giant dog. it looked like a great dane or something. it leaped up with its front paws on the table and sniffed my pussy then he completly jumped up on the table and it was only then i saw his immense penis it was huge. quickly the dog started to hump my tryng to find an entry to me but narowly missing each time then with a slight slurp from my juices it slid in and quickly the dog started thrusting in and out i sarted moaning and whimpering in the pleasure of this giant dog cock inside of me.

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   i could feel it growing still and all of a sudden it banged against a wallinside me. its was the entrance to my cervixand with one sweep he cleared the barrier
thats all for tonight but i have more cuming soon if you want to find out what happens to serena so look out for i didnt know wat to do part 3- PLEASE comment!!!! this is my 1st story so i need feedback of where to improve it
thanks for reading