Husband sat Laughing


Topic: Husband sat LaughingI walked into our living room with two cups of coffee for my husband Mark and his friend Michael. As I put the cups down on the coffee table I was shocked to hear him say to Michael this is my dirty slut Sally who loves black cock.
I looked at him with horror in my eyes. He went on to say how when he was away working last month I had fucked the black security guard I my office. I wondered how he had found out, I asked him how he knew and he replied he had been to my office last week and heard the guard bragging how he had fucked the slut in room 329.
I sat with my head in my hands wondering why he had told his friend Michael this had happened. I looked up to see Michael walking towards me. He grabbed me by the arms pulling me to my feet. Looking towards Mark he sat back smiling as I felt Michael slap my face very hard.
My face was stinging like mad and my eyes were filling with tears from the hard slap. I again looked at Mark but he just continued smiling. Michael grabbed me by my hair pulling me towards him, he looked into my eyes saying I was a fucking dirty slut who needed teaching a hard lesson.
I begun shaking as I didn’t know what he was going to do next. Michael pulled my head upwards by my hair and once more slapped my other cheek even harder than the first slap. My face was now stinging like mad and both my cheeks were now bright red.
Michael pushed me to my knees still holding me by my hair and slowly undid his trousers with the other hand.

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   I shook my head calling out NOOOO. Slowly he pulled out his large black cock and eased back his foreskin. Open your fucking mouth slut he ordered which I did.
He started to rub his cock letting the tip touch my lips before forcing it deeply into my mouth. I heard Mark saying that’s it fuck her dirty slut mouth. Michael forced all 9 inches of his black cock right to the back of my throat. I begun gagging as he fucked my mouth.
I could now hear Mark saying yes do the dirty bitch fuck that mouth deeply as I felt Michaels cock now fully hard and erect inside my mouth. He pulled back and pulled me to my feet by my hair. He then ordered me to strip to my underwear. I looked at Mark but all I could see was him smiling.
Michael slapped my face hard saying look at me bitch not him. I looked at Michael slowly removing my blouse and skirt. I stood in front of him in just my underwear. He grabbed me once more by my hair pulling me towards the living room door.

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   He looked at Mark saying not here I want her in your bed. Be my guest came Mark’s reply.
I was pulled up the stairs and pushed into our bedroom. Mark followed us in closing the door behind him. Michael pushed me onto the bed and removed his clothes. I was frozen to the bed as he joined me. He forced my legs open kneeing between them. He gripped my bra pulling it from me. He pulled it free throwing it to the floor.
Mark moved to the side of the bed. I looked up to him saying please stop this. Mark laughed saying you’re a dirty slut and this is what happens to slut’s like you. Michael slapped my face saying did you ask me if you could talk. My eyes were now full of tears that slowly started running down my face. I shook my head as Michael grabbed my small white panties.

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   He pulled them from me giving them to Mark.
Mark told Michael they were wet and I must be enjoying it. I looked up at him pleading please stop him. Michael pushed a finger hard into my pussy which made me scream out as his finger was very thick. He pushed it back and forth with Mark cheering him on. I was now shaking my head from side to side pleading please stop no more.
Michael then pushed a second finger into my pussy and really started to finger fuck me very hard. He asked if I was enjoying his fingers as he pulled his other hand back. I looked at him saying NOOOO with that I felt his hand across my cheek sending my head side ways. He asked again this time I said yes. He looked at Mark saying she is a dirty slut you were right.
I was ordered to move my hips which I did as Michael pushed his fingers back and forth into my pussy. Mark told Michael to stick his cock hard into me. Michael took his large black cock into his hand and rubbed the tip against the opening of my pussy. I again looked up to Mark pleading PLEASE STOP THIS.

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   Mark just laughed out loud saying shut your mouth, you’re a dirty fucking slut.
I felt Michael push his hard thick cock deeply into my pussy. Michael gripped my hips as he pumped his cock back and forth starting to fuck me very hard. He ordered me to spread my legs wide which I did. The tears were now running down my face as I moved my head from side to side saying NOOOO stop please stop. This just made Mark laugh even more.
Michael was squeezing my tits very hard as he continued to rape my pussy very hard. Mark was now calling out yes rape my dirty slut wife hurt that pussy. Michael pulled out ordering me to turn over. I saw Mark walking towards my bedside cabinet. He open the top draw and pulled out my large black vibrator passing it to Michael. Dam she is a black cock lover she even likes a black dildo in her pussy Michael said laughing.
Michael pulled my waist upwards so my ass was level with his cock. NOOO not my ass I pleaded but it was no good as I felt the tip of my black dildo against my tight hole to my ass. Michael pushed the dildo into my ass I scream out NOOOOOO from the burning pain in my ass.


   Mark told Michael to fuck my ass with it.
After what seemed a age he pulled the dildo from my ass. He slapped the cheek of my ass very hard calling me a dirty black meat slut. He told me to stand up which I did and saw him lay on the bed. He ordered me to ride his black cock like a dirty whore that I was. I moved over him placing a leg either side of him. He held his cock upright as I was told to lower my slut hole down on it.
I eased myself down until I felt hi fully inside me. Mark was now standing behind me. I felt a hard slap on my ass once more as Mark said, ride that black cock you dirty black cock loving slut. I started moving up and down on his cock as Michael squeezed my tits hard pulling me down telling me to kiss him. Mark slapped my ass very hard saying kiss him slut push your tongue in his mouth. We kissed as I rocked on his cock hoping he would cum soon and this would be over.
Michael asked for the dildo once more which Mark passed to him. Michael told me to lay still as I felt the dildo once more touching my hole to my ass.

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   He pushed it back into my ass and ordered me to rock on his cock once more. My pussy and ass were hurting and the pain was killing me as he rocked his cock back and forth in the same timing as he pushed the dildo to and from my ass.
Mark slapped my ass asking it I was enjoying my fuck and saying how much of a slut I looked with a black cock in my pussy and dildo up my ass. Mark moved round the bed pulling my head up by my hair he looked into my eyes asking if I was enjoying being treated like a whore. He drew his hand back and slapped my face very hard.
Michael was squeezing my tits as I felt my face stinging from the slap. Michael pulled the dildo from my ass telling me to fuck his cock harder. I sat up and bounced on his cock my tits bouncing as I did. Mark called out fuck him you whore fuck him hard your dirty little slut.
My pussy was starting to get sore and I was preying to myself that he would just cum and end that. Michael pushed me off forcing me on to my back. Michael moved between my legs ramming his cock hard back into my pussy. Mark ordered hold him kiss him your fucking whore. I placed my arms round Michaels neck and kissed him pushing my tongue deeply into his mouth.
I moved my hips to the timing of his fuck.

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   Mark called out what a fucking whore she’s enjoying being raped. Michael was now banging his cock hard and fast into me as I bucked under him trying even harder to make him cum so this could be over.
Michael sat up, he slapped my face telling me to tell him how good his cock was. I told him his was good very large and thick so much bigger than Mark ever felt inside me. I told him he was the best fuck I had ever had and pleaded with him to give me his cum deep inside my pussy.
I called out YES fuck me fuck me harder faster give me your cum. Michael looked at Mark saying I’m going to fill your whore with cum as I felt his cock starting to twitch inside. His balls were slapping my ass as he begun to thrust hard until I felt him explode inside my pussy. Jet after jet of cum shooting deeply inside me filling my pussy.
I laid there until I felt him empty his load inside me thinking thank god this is over. Michael pulled out and knelt between my legs. He parted the outer lips of my pussy letting Mark see his cum slowly leaking from me. Mark laughed saying what a dirty whore I looked.
I was crying as I pulled my legs up trying to cover my pussy. Mark told me he was going to sleep in the spare room and Michael was going to spend the night with me.

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   He looked at Michael saying use her as you see fit.
Michael raped me twice more during the night forcing me to do everything he wanted. In the morning Mark came into the bedroom saying you sure had a good night didn’t you slut I heard you fucking and the way your were calling out you sure sounded like you enjoyed it.
Michael and Mark left the house leaving me to think about what had happened and regretting fucking the guard from work.