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My sister Kay was 18 and just blossomed. She now had big breasts and a tight ass. This unsual but I had a craving for her. So one day she was tanning on the deck our parents were at work it was summer. I got my trunks on and grabbed the peices of rope and duct tape I had bought. She was on her stomach. So I quietly snuck up then I grabbed her from behind and flipped her on her her back and then sat on her.
"Steven what are you doing?" she shouted. I put the duct tape across her mouth. I turned her back on her stomach tying her wrists and elbows behind her. Then I tyed her ankles. I picked her up and carried her inside. I set her on the couch. I said " Listen you are one hot babe if you say a word to mom or dad i will come in your room and slit your neck. I took her top off cutting it since her wrists were tyed. My cock was about to burst.

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   I played with her tits. I sucked on one and with my other hand massaged the other one. When I twisted it whe sqealed. I took off her bottoms staring at her wet pussy. I started at her neck all the way down. I didn't know what to do next so I turned on a pron movie to give me ideas. I cradled her in my arms while watching. Kissing her neck. I turned it off. I untied her feet. "I'm gonna take the gag off scream and i'll hurt you. " She nodded. I took the gag. " Why are you doing this to me?" she asked. I said "Because your one hot bitch and i wanna have the first piece.

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I put her on her knees. Took my trunks off and said"suck" while i realaxed. She pretty good for her first time. After 5 minutes i dragged her up by her hair. She whimpered. I layed her on her on top off and took off her restraints she wasn't gonna do   anything now.  " Ready to be fucked. I guided my cock to her tight pussy. Instead of doing it slowly i put my whole cock in she screamed. She tried pushing me away but i held her hands back fucking her hardcore.  She  was going to cum. A second later it happened her cum shot on my cock. I took out my cock and had her lick off her own cum. Then I put my cock back in her pussy. I held her hands back again going as fast as i could i fucked her until she bled.

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   then i took out my cock and got dressed. I cradled her in my arms playing with her breast she asked" ARe you going to do it again i mean rape me?" " Yes but it'll be another day and my friends will join to!" he answered she struggled.
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