Housewife and nerd


Topic: Helga and the Nerd 
  On this fine day Helga is having computer problems at home and so she starts to look for help. So she remembers that her paperboy had mentioned a few times how he was into computers. So Helga asked him the next time he came over to deliver the newspaper to help her with the problem. So the boy decides to help Helga out. To the boy she seems nice and never really saw her much more than a brief thanks or hi behind a door. So Helga makes arrangements for the boy to come over Saturday morning around 10:00 am, she figures it will be a good time because she has housework to do and laundry and he can fix her computer and not be bothered. On Saturday promptly at 10:00 am the boy knocks and Helga opens the door in sweat pants and a t-shirt she says “hi, come on in the computers upstairs in my bedroom” The boy says “OK” comes in and follows Helga upstairs to her bedroom and shows him where the computer is and says “if you need anything just let me know, did you want something to drink?” and the boy replies back “no thank you” So Helga goes back down stairs to finish what she was doing. The boy starts to work on the computer figures out what the problem is and fixes it and decides to clean up her computer and give it a tune up. But in doing so stumbles upon this folder marked “H”. He opens it up to see what it is so he can decide what to do with it, when he opens it up and his eyes practically jump out of their eye sockets and his mouth drops to the floor. He quickly closes it but then starts to think about it and the more he thinks about it the more he wants to look at it more closely, but he knows it none of his business on one hand and he has never seen anything like it before. So he decides to open it up again but double checks where Mrs. Smith is before opening it. He takes his mouse clicks on the folder marked “H” and all these pics start appearing. He can’t believe it, there must hundreds of pics here maybe thousands. All pics are of Helga nude, sexy clothes and everything and stuff he has never seen before.

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   The boy is 18 years old and never seen anything like that and wants to see every picture so he develops a plan; he burns all the pics to a CD so he can view them at home when he has more time. He gets up when he is done goes down stairs and says to Helga “I am done for now but I have to come back next week to finish up if that’s OK?” Helga says “sure next Saturday same time? The boy answers “yes, see you then”.   The boy takes home the CD and over the next week looks at every pic. Helga is in almost every position and in all kinds of clothing and there are close ups of her privates. The boy can’t believe it “wow Mrs. Smith is hot” so now the boy starts to think how he can see more and comes up with a fool proof plan. So next Saturday rolls around the boy shows up with a folder and Helga opens the door and this time is wearing a short black mini skirt and black lacey thigh highs, high heels and a black lacey see through top but has a jacket over it. The boy is a little taken back at the site of Helga but enters anyway just then Helga says” you know where the computer is” and points up stairs and says she sorry but she forgot about him coming over and made plans to run some errands and I am going to leave you and be back. The boy says “that’s OK but if you have a minute I need to show you something before you go. ” Helga says, “Ok, I will be up in a minute”. So the boy goes upstairs and Helga does some last minute things. When the boy gets upstairs and in an instant and a couple of clicks and deletes all the pictures of Helga on her computer. Helga comes up stairs and enters the bedroom doorway and says “what do you want to show me?” The boy turns around and says “this” and holds up a nude picture of Helga. Helga says, “Where did you get that?” “I found it on your computer” the boy says “and I have all of them now” Helga says “what? How can I get all my pics back?” The boy says “this is what is going to happen, you are going to do everything I say and if you don’t, I will send these pics to your neighbors, friends, your work, post them on the internet” “I removed them from your computer so no evidence and for some reason you say you won’t do it and I will scream you touched me and you will go to jail” “lots of people saw me go into your house so it won’t be hard for them to believe me, a little nerdy boy” Helga had nothing to say and then said “Ok”
The boy says “first, you are not going anywhere now! Come closer to me” so Helga walks over to the boy. Helga now is standing right in front of the boy in her black short mini skirt, black thigh high stockings, black lacey see through top with a jacket over it.

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   Underneath she has on a black lacey pushup bra and black sheer thong with black high-heeled shoes (called fuck me shoes). With Helga looking totally hot the boy proceeds to check Helga out from head to toe, slowly staring at every inch of her body but dwelling on her tits and her legs. After a few minutes of just looking at Helga, the boy tells her to turn around, so she does and stays that way for a bit before turning forward again. The boy says, “Nice real nice, you’re hot! I bet you have a nice body underneath those clothes. What a set of tits you have” Helga gets a little embarrassed but continues to stand there and not say anything. The boys says “before we go any farther this is what’s going to happen I will come over every Saturday and maybe sometimes during the week a few times. You will let me do anything I want and you will do anything I ask regardless what it is until I feel enough is enough and I will give you back all your pictures. ” So with that the boy says “Helga lift your skirt” so Helga does to reveal her beautiful long legs in stockings and a black sheer thong and seeing a hint of her pussy through them. Helga holds it up for awhile; while the boy checks her out and says “ok turn around” as she does the boy says “what a nice ass, wow! Am I going to have fun with that. ” At that remark Helga realizes what’s going to happen now and takes a deep breath and goes with the flow and accepts it. So as Helga continues to stand with her back toward the boy, the boy walks over and gives her ass a nice slap and says “real nice”. The boy at this time sits back down but now it’s a little harder because his dick is rock hard. The boys turns some music and asks Helga to dance a bit, so she does and boy likes it and says “I am hungry now, make me lunch”. So they both go down stairs and as they do he lifts her skirt to view her ass on the way down and says “dam that’s a nice ass” when the boy gets down to the bottom of the stairs he slaps her ass as they move to the kitchen to eat. The boy says “Helga remove your jacket; let me see you with your jacket off”.

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   The boy is in total amazement at Helga’s black lacey top revealing partial parts of her tits. After lunch and the boy has eaten, Helga says “I have to go to the bathroom” the boys says “ok but, you have to leave the door open so I can watch and hear you go” The boy watched as Helga goes pee and hears her pee and sees her wipe herself and stand up and pull up her black thong. The boy says “ok let’s go upstairs” so they go up the stairs the boy tries to get a look up her skirt. The boy gets to the top and says “Go to your bedroom!” So they do and the boy closes the door behind him. He starts to think all kinds of things to do with Helga. The boy says “show me your panty drawer” So she goes over to her dresser and open the drawer and the boy walks over and looks at all of them and runs his hands through all of them and gets turned on by their softness and sexiness. He then asks about her sex toys if she has any and wants to see them and explain to him how it works and what she does with it. She says “I have three” and goes and gets them, one is a black dick looking vibrator, the second is a flesh colored dildo and her third one is a small short thing that almost looks like a mini flashlight but has a rubber thing on the end with real small finger things. Helga explains the first two item and the boys gets a little excited hearing her talking about it and when she gets to the third item and stops and says “I can’t talk about this one“ the boys says “ I guess you didn’t hear me, you have no choices here what so ever. I said whatever I want I mean whatever I want with no exceptions. Helga begins to explain this vibrator and what it does and how great it makes her feel when using it. She closes the drawer and boy starts walking over to her bed “Come over here, stand right next me” as he sits on the edge of the bed. When Helga walks over to the boy he lifts her skirt and says “I bet you have a nice looking pussy, turn around so I can see your ass now”. So she does and the boy says “man you have a nice ass” just then he slaps it and proceeds to massage it. The boy says “ok turn around face and remove my shirt and pants” so she does notices the little bulge in his underwear.

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   So now he is standing there in his underwear and says “now remove my underwear and smell them where my dick was” Helga does it and notices his dick and balls has no hair what so ever and she gets a little turned on by it, she has never sucked anybody with no hair before. He tells Helga “I have to pee now. Follow me” so she does and he goes into the bathroom steps up the toilet and says “come here and hold my dick for me while I pee” so she does and he finishes she takes some tissues and wipes his dick for him. They walk back into the bedroom and he says “remove your skirt” and she does and Helga is standing there in her black lacey top, black thigh highs, black thong and high heel shoes. He says “Hmmm, nice, remove your top” and she does to expose her black pushup bra with her tits bulging out. Tells Helga to turn around and bend over, she does and the boys real likes what he sees and says “man I am going to sample some of that” “ok turn around and remove your bra”. Helga does and her tits come out and the boy’s eyes light up. He says “nice tits Helga. What nipples, can you get them erect for me?” so she takes her fingers and plays with them and they get rock hard. He says “holy shit, nice all day suckers. Come over closer I want to feel them” so with his little hands begins to massage and squeeze her tits and play with her nipples. The boy says “man these are nice, they feel great wait till my buddies feel them” with that Helga says “what buddies?” The boys says “my buddies that you are going to suck and fuck on a regular basis when I say without question” Helga says “ok but, how often is this going to happen?” The boy says “umm about maybe 3-5 times a week depends on me. You will have to work your errands and stuff around my schedule” Helga sighs and says “ok”. Next the boys says “now remove your panties and give them to me” So Helga does and they are a little stained and gives them back to her and says “lick the crotch” so she does and the boy asks “ tastes good?” Helga replies back yes. Gives them back to him and he smells them and throws them over by his clothes.

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   The boy now says “Ok Helga stick your finger in your pussy and let me suck on it” So Helga takes her finger and sticks it in and she gets real wet and the boy watches Helga stick it in and he gets kind of excited about it. Helga removes her finger and lets the boy suck on her finger. Her finger is soaking wet with her juices and sticks in his mouth and the boy proceeds to suck on her finger and says “wow this tastes great”. He continues to suck on her finger and tried to get every last drop and Helga is kind of turned on watching him suck her finger thinking of what it would be like sucking him. Then they boy says “First I want you to get the vibrator with the fingers on it and lay on the bed and I will be right back” The boy runs back to the computer room and goes and gets a video camera out of his duffle bag and brings it back to the bedroom. Helga is on the bed and sees that the boy has a video camera and says “what is that for?” “I want this to remember this for a long time. ” The boy says. The boy sets up the camera and then the boy says “ok Helga lets go, play with yourself” so Helga begins lying on the bed with the vibrator on her clit and the boy can’t take his eyes off of Helga rubbing it on her pussy. Helga notices his dick is erect. After 5 minutes Helga starts to moan and shake and really get into it and seems to forget that the boy is in the room and keeps it rubbing on her clit after 18 minutes moans really loud and after a few minutes more she lets out a scream and a moan and squirts out juices all over, the boy is totally dumbfounded and has nothing to say and when Helga doesn’t stop and continues the boy starts to think what a babe, this year is going to be great. Helga cums again was moaning even louder than before but this time she cums so much that she is wiggling around the bed and moving all around the bed moaning. Just then Helga let out a scream and pee comes shooting out of her pussy and moans “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the boy is in love now with Helga. The boy asks what that stuff was that came out of her pussy? Helga said, “That was pee”. The boys asks “next time can I lick you clean? Is it ok to do that?” Helga says, “Yes it is if you want. ” The boy says “just one more thing for today and I will go for the day.

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  ” “Every time I come over you will pull down my pants and suck right away before we start are fun, and I mean every time no exceptions and so you can start but sucking me now. ” So Helga is about to clean herself up and the boy says, “what are you doing?” Helga says “cleanup before sucking you?” the boy says “I didn’t say to do that, come over here just like you are start sucking or the pictures will go out today” Helga says “No, no, no please anything I will do anything” and starts to suck on his hairless 4” dick. In which she can suck his dick and balls at the same time down to his asshole. He cums after about 2minutes and Helga is surprised how much cum came out down her throat. He pulled up his pants grabbed his camera and duffle bag and left.
        Only two days later the boy shows up again but only this time with 5 of his buddies. Helga opens the door and sees who it is and lets them in without question, closes the door and right there pulls down the boys pants and begins to suck him. His buddies are saying “Holy shit, she sucking your dick. Wow can she suck me too? So one at a time right there sucks every boy’s dick and none of them have any hair around their dick. They all cum and she swallows every ones cum. They all pull up their pants and they say thanks and all walk out and the boy says thanks and will be back soon. The boys talk on the way home how great it was and how great it felt and they boys did this once a week. On Saturday again the boy shows up promptly at 10:00am. He walks in the door she pulls down his pants and sucks him till he cums like she is told too. He says, “let’s go up to your bedroom I have some additional rules for you to follow.

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  ” The boy sits on the bed and says “you follow these rules also without question” “1. As soon as I walk into the house you strip naked and remain naked the entire time I am here” “2.   You will suck who ever I bring over and I am the only one you will be fucking, nobody else ever until I say so. ” “3. Once a week you will play with yourself for me and whoever I decide to have watch you. ” “And there may be more rules to come as this goes on. ” So Helga strips right there and notices her pussy with all the hair on it and says “oh yea by the way I want your pussy shaved by tomorrow, I mean no hair anywhere”. The boy has Helga masturbate again and sucks him and then goes. Helga finds it strange he still hasn’t fucked her yet. So once again the boys show up on Tuesday and get their dicks sucked again. In two days the boy shows up walks in and she strips and gets his dick sucked and tell her to stand up for inspection and so she does and he says”Nice keep it this way from now on” The boy walks up the stairs to the bedroom and by this time the boy’s dick is hard again and Helga is amazed. The boy says, “Lie down on the bed face down and your ass up in the air”. The climbs on the bed inspects her ass up close and puts a little lotion he brought and puts it on his dick and then moves up to here ass and sticks his dick in her ass. Helga can’t believe it nobody has ever fucked her in her ass before and she loves it. The boy can’t believe it and has never felt anything like this ever in his life.

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   Helga moans and says, “Oh, this feels great. Fuck me little boy” the boy gets a little mad and proceeds to fuck her as hard as he can and Helga is in total heaven. He fucks her for 20 minutes and Helga can’t believe it, nobody has ever lasted that long with her. Pretty soon he cums in her ass and fills it up and pulls it out with cum coming out of her ass. Things go on for a while like this for a few weeks then one Saturday the boy doesn’t come over at 10:00am like he always does. So Helga thinks maybe today she is getting a break today, so goes about her business and gets ready to go out and run some errands wearing a skirt a tight t-shirt and a pair of flip flops with no bra and purple panties when a knock on the door at about 1:00pm and she opens it up and sees the boy standing there with about nine boys all from his baseball team. Helga says under her breath “oh shit” but her pussy is starting to get a little tingle in it starting to think about all those dicks. The boys come in and before Helga can do anything, the boy lifts up her skirt to show the boys her panties and then ask her to turn around to show them her ass at which the boys start to comment and laugh and point. When Helga turns around she notices quite a few bulges now, she starts to get a little horny thinking about all those hairless dicks. They close the door and Helga goes over the boy just like she has been told and starts to pull down his pants and begins to suck him right there in front of all those boys. The boys are in amazement and start saying can she suck me. He sucks him till he cums down her throat and then pulls his pants up and they all go upstairs to her bedroom where they begin to go through all her panties, bras, and sex toys, dirty panties, pantyhose. The boy tells Helga to lie on the bed and remove all her clothes. So she does and the all the boys stare right at her pussy. The boy tells Helga to spread open her pussy for the boys to see.

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   The boys say” she’s hot, look at that pussy wow!” They ask, “Are we going to fuck her?” The boy thinks about it and says “Sure lets fuck her and guys few things, you can cum anywhere you want on her and I want you to feel her up every single part of her body and I mean every part” So boy thinks about and says” before we start Helga I want you to move around the bed and spread and spread your legs, pussy and ass apart for the boys. So she does and boys get excited. Then the boy says “Ok Helga get up off the bed and remove every boys pants and when you do say hi to them by grabbing them by their dick for a brief moment. ” So Helga starts and does every boy and every boy has no hair and reaches a boy that’s seems to look a little older than the others and removes his pants and he has hair and notices the size of his dick. Her eyes seem to light up at the site of it. So she finishes and the boy says “Ok Helga climb on the bed and get ready for some fun” The boy climbs on the bed and Helga is laying on her back and inserts his dick in her pussy which is soaking wet and goes in with ease. And the boy begins to fuck her like crazy and the stops briefly and says “what are you guys waiting for, let’s go” at that point the all the boys get on the bed and start to grab, touch, insert their fingers in her mouth, in her ass feel her tits, grab her nipples touching her everywhere.   As they touch her she gets more horny more they touch her and seems like all of a sudden as she is being fucked by the boy she starts to scream his name and says “fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder” The boy begins to ram his dick as deep as he can into her and cums after about 18 minutes. The boy climbs off and says “ok whose next come lets go” so the next boy climbs on and proceeds to fuck her and she says the same thing again “fuck me harder”. So nine of the boys fuck Helga and get to the last boy, who is the older boy with hair and he climbs on Helga begins to fuck her sticking his big dick really deep inside her. She moans on each thrust in her. After being fucked by him for over 20 minutes the boys are amazed at him and finally cums but before he cums pulls out just in time to cum all over her face and it is completely covered in his cum. So the main boy has an idea and says” If any guy can cum again, how about we all masturbate and cum on her whole body everywhere. ” The boys say, “Yeah, yeah great idea, come on lets go”. So they all whip out their dicks and begin to stroke Helga picks up her head and watches all the boys stroke their dicks and she really gets horny again and as they close to cumming she gets up and begins to suck them one by one.


   The boys are ecstatic and can’t wait to be sucked by Helga after what they saw at the beginning. She begins to suck all ten boys and proceeds to swallow every boy’s cum. As they cum in her mouth sucks them so hard like a vacuum the boys moan loud and shoot deep in her throat and licks their dicks clean all the way to the tip and they’re cum hole. The boys can’t believe it, what a feeling. With Helga finishing the last boy and cum dripping from her mouth, all the boys put their clothes back on and get ready to leave when the main boy says, “be sure and take a pair of Mrs. Smith’s panties before leaving. ” So they do and all walk out of the bedroom and say, “thanks Mrs. Smith”. Helga just smiles and says “bye”. The boys leave and never forget this day for the rest of their lives and none of the boys will ever have their dick sucked like that again by anybody.
This goes for like this for years, off and on Helga getting fucked and sucked and the boy bringing buddies over from time to time. Finally at the age of 18 the boy decides he has had enough and has a girl friend now, gives back Helga her CD of her pics and the video he made of her. When he comes over to her house he knocks on the door and hands her the stuff back she says come on in and asks him if she can suck him one more time. The boy says “sure why not”. Helga sucks him to completion and He closes the door behind him and says “Good bye”.


   And she never seems him again. Saturday rolls around and she starts to think about the boy when it gets close to 10:00am and just then a knock at the door and Helga opens it and sees, the boys little brother with a smile on his face and a CD in his hand and Helga says “ Here we go THE END



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