Hot Night with Stepdaughter


It was late. As many times before my wife, who I had pretty much been estranged from for years, had fallen asleep early, which I had come to not mind. As I did most every night now, I started to fantasize about her daughter, my stepdaughter, who had just turned 15, and had been supermodel sexy for quite some time. From time to time I would look in her room when the house was quiet, just to see if I could glimpse a nipple slip or a nice view up the leg of the short shorts she slept in- and most times just looking at her was enough to get me hard, at which point, I would jack off and quietly go to sleep.
I had been thinking about more, though. . . and that night as I lay awake, something told me the time was right!

I crept into Sabrina's room and quietly shut and locked the door behind me. She lay there, uncovered in those tiny red shorts that I'd dreamed of getting inside for such a long time, one leg creeping up and just tight enough I could see her camel toe by the light of the moon creeping in. She looked so sexy- one of her tits had half fallen out of the frail tank top she was wearing and it took nothing to move the cloth to the side to expose her nipple. I softly leaned down and licked it and immediately needed more! Making sure she was still asleep, I carefully but swiftly pulled her shorts and panties off, making her stir, but still she slept!
She lay there now- half naked, pussy exposed, ripe for the taking! I had come this far, and now I had to have more of her! I quietly took off my shorts and shirt, and being careful to not wake her, I spread her legs so that I could see her pussy open up in front of me!  I gently got between her legs and softly started to lick her pussy.

As I tickled her clit with my tongue, she moaned softly in her sleep, but still didn't wake up!

I ate her pussy until I had to have more of her- and seeing how wet she was, I slowly slid a finger into her. She again purred and moaned softly in her sleep, and the more I finger fucked her, the more she purred- I knew she would wake up soon, so I had to go for the prize now! I climbed up her body, positioned between her legs and as I got my cock started into the opening of her pussy, I pinned her hands above her head.
She woke just as I slid my cock into her delicious pussy. . .

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   as I started to screw her, she had a mix of surprise and shock on her face that made my cock even harder! I slid in further with every stroke, and as her breathing increased, she tried to make sense of what was going on.
    . .
    "Wha. . . unghhhh!! What arrr. . . mmmmph. . . you. . .

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       aaaa. . . ow! Wha??" I fucked her harder and held her hands tight above her head. She instinctively tried to move and pull away, but I had her pinned down, my cock already sliding in and out of her, and there was nothing she could do!
    "What are you doing?????" She asked, between breaths.
    "I'm fucking you, the way I've wanted to for a long time. . . and I'm going to keep fucking you until I pump your pussy full of the cum that would usually go into your panties that I grab from the laundry. . . "
    "Oh, god!!" She moaned, not sure what to think. . . "P.

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      . P. . Please stop. . please. . . I won't tell anyone. . . I promise. . . I p.

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      . pp. . . "
    As she panted this, I fucked her even harder-- her words made me hard as granite, and I pounded into her pussy like a freight train! I knew I would cum soon- and I told her so-
    "MMMMm. . . you're such a little tease. . . now I'm going to give  you what you've needed for a long time baby. . . mmmmm. .

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      . yes!! God, you're making stepdaddy cum!!"
    My cock exploded inside her, filling her pussy to overflowing, and kept pumping her until I'd drained every drop into her!

    I relaxed the tension I had on her hands and whispered to her, "That wasn't so bad, was it?"
    "I can't believe my own stepdaddy just raped me. " she panted. "And, what's more, I can't believe I liked it!"
    I couldn't believe it! My dream come true! "In that case, you won't mind if I do this EVERY night, then, will you, sweetie?".



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