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Mom and Dad had won a trip for two to Cancun and were gone for a week. I was staying alone for the first time in my life. there was two weeks left before school would close for the summer. Next year would be my senior year and Then off to college. Mom had decided to leave me at home instead of going to my grandma's for the week my parents were on vacation.
I got off the schoolbus at Grandma's house to see if she needed any help with anything. I stopped there every evening to check on her. Her house was located next to ours and it was only about twenty minutes' walk between the two. I spent a few minutes with Grandma and went out to the back yard to feed her dog. I then started walking for home.  I was barely out of sight of Grandma's when I saw the police car coming down the road. The car pulled to a stop near me and the officer asked if I knew the Johnson Family. I told them that they were new in the area and I hadn't met them but they lived about a mile beyond our house. It was quite warm and the officer saw me sweating and offered to give me a ride to my house. He added that I would have to ride the back seat because all his police stuff was taking up the passenger front seat. We chatted about my school on the way to my house.

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   He told me he had graduated from there many years ago. He brought the car to a halt by my mailbox and told me to check the mail and then he would give me a lift up to my house. I started to reach for the door handle and he said that he would have to open the door from the outside. I grabbed the mail and got back into the coolness of the air conditioned cruiser. The officer pulled onto our private dirt road and headed up to the house. As we chatted, he asked my parents' names. I told him and he said he had gone to school with both of them and looked forward to meeting them. I explained that they were gone for the weekend and the whole next week and that they were on a cruise. He seemed very disappointed that he would not get to see them. As we pulled into the yard, the officer looked around and could see that there was no one else there. He got out and opened my door, letting me out of the back seat. As I walked past him, he reached out and grabbed me and that was the last thing I remembered.
I woke up and realized I was tied up and a rope had me tightly secured to a tree. I looked around and recognized this as the old Wilson Farm which had been abandoned for years. It was all grown up and weeds and bushes almost hid the house from view.

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   The policeman stood leering at me as I struggled to get free. I had been tied spread eagled and it soon became clear that escape was going to be impossible. The cop reached out and grabbed the front of my white button up blouse. He tore it open then tore my front opening bra open. I felt my 34B breasts fall free and then he reached out and cupped one, pinching the nipple and making it stand out. He bent down and kissed my breasts, pausing to suck each tender nipple. I was petrified with fear, yet his fondling and kissing my breasts felt good toe. I didn't want to let  him think I was becoming aroused by his hands. I had been fondled by clumsy schoolboys but this man was being extremely gentle and erotic with his touch. Just as my fears had begun to lessen, he pulled away from me and looked down at my miniskirt. He then grabbed my zipper and tore it open, letting the short red skirt fall to the ground. I was now standing in only a pair of lacey light blue bikini panties. He grabbed the waistband of the panties and ripped. I then stood naked and felt his eyes burning into my skin. His gaze became fixed on my triangle and the soft red hair that covered it.

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   I screamed and he just laughed, telling me there was no one to hear me. I knew this to be true and gave up crying out for help.
The cop told me that if I promised not to try to run, he would cut me down from the trees that held me prisoner. He told me that if I tried to escape, he would shoot me. I agreed to do as he said and was soon standing and rubbing my wrists where the ropes had rubbed me raw. He motioned for me to walk towards the old house. I meekly did as he ordered, stepping carefully up onto the rotting porch. He opened the door, which had been kicked open sometime prior to our arrival. We stepped into the living room and he told me to go to the back of the house to a bedroom. Fear once again took over my body as we approached the big old brass bed and the bare mattress. He growled at me to lay on the bed. As I lay on my back on the old bed, he retied my hands and feet, securing them to the bedposts. He turned and walked out of the room and soon I heard his car stop. I watched out the window as he pulled his cruiser inside the old barn and closed the doors, hiding the fact that we were there. I saw him come back into the house and heard him opening the bedroom door.

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   I felt totally helpless as he started to remove his clothes. Soon he was standing at he side of the bed totally naked and fully erect. He grinned evily as he reached down and rand his finger along my thigh and began feeling for my slit. I felt his finger entering me and his thumb was rubbing my clit. I lay there wide eyed in fear as he held his erection close to my face. He climbed on the bed and straddled me with his cock inches from my face and told me to suck him off. As he pushed his cock into my mouth, he told me that to try to bite him would be a fatal mistake. I began to suck his cock as he ordered while he began to slowly fuck my mouth. His thrusts became faster and harder until he grabbed my head and held it still while he rammed his erection down my throat. I had only deepthroated a boy once in my life and this was no boy. His enormous cock pushed deep into my throat and I could feel the tip swelling. He suddenly groaned and shot a load of salty sperm deep in my throat, causing me to swallow to keep from choking. After a few minutes, he withdrew his shaft and crawled backwards until he was directly over my pussy. He started up around my navel and began to lick and kiss me, working his way towards my pussy, which was getting wet as he neared it. His tongue lashed me all around my pussy and along my lips until he located my clit and began to suck lightly.

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   My teenaged body was reacting to his advances without my wanting it to. as I fought my  sexual feelings, I felt my orgasm beginning. My hips were rocking with such force the cop could hardly hang on to me. As much as I hated my abductor, I was so overwhelmed by the intensity of my orgasm, I secretly wished he would do it again. This was indeed no clumsy high school boy that had brought me to an earthshaking orgasm like no other one before that.
I will continue with this story in another installment soon