Her first time part 2


I was rubbing her breasts while Kevin was playing with her pussy, every time she would think he was about to shove that huge cock in. . He would start toying with her in some other way. I think she was just as ready as we were for him to fuck her. Her anticipation was sky high and her frail, tiny body was trembling with fear. The whole room now smelled of fragrant sex. You could almost feel the tension in the air. Oh how I enjoyed watching the man I love doing such horrific things. It only made me love him that much more. . We both new how sick we were but we could have cared less. All we cared about at that very moment was how much this slut was going to hurt, how much pain we could make her feel. . I kept watching him stroke and rub that beautiful pink slit of hers. Oh how it turned me on. .

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   I got up and opened one of the bags we had brought along and pulling out a leather crop. I turned back around and smacked it on my hands a few times just to get her blood and fear pumping a little more. I moved a little closer, licking my lips at her. . I stood still for a few mometns and then I brought it down hard on her left breast. Almost immediately a bright red whelp appeared. If that gag hadn't been in her mouth, her cry would have been heard for miles and miles. That only made me do it again. . Even with the gag in you could still hear how bad she was hurting, how loud her little heart was beating. . She was crying now. . Her muffled cries and the sound of our laughter was the only thing to be heard. I brought the crop down again, even harder this time in the exact same spot.

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   Tears were now pouring out of her red, swollen eyes. I took the crop and traced her little pink nipples a few times. Every time they would get hard, I would hit them with the crop. Kevin was just watching, almost as if he was in awe. . Watching me torture our little play toy. I then moved a little lower, to her virgin fuck hole. I stroked her glistening, pouty lips a few times before I hit her pussy as hard as I could with the crop. Her cry echoed in the room. I asked her if she couldn't take a simple hit, how was she going to take his cock? How was she going to handle getting fucked for hours? How was she going to take getting fucked like the little cum dumpster she was?!! She was silent, she didn't even blink. I don't think it has registered in her head yet of how much pain she was going to be put through on this very night. How much she would wish she could just die instead of enduring one more minute of being fucked. . Well, she would find out soon enough. To be continued.

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[Sorry that this chapter is so short, I wrote this and got busy with work and school. I promise, the last part will be coming very soon! Once again. . Comments are welcomed!]