Helping Mrs. Lane Get Pregnant Pt 6 of Random Seductions


I enjoyed all the sex I needed from Mr. Lane and Mr and Ms. Williams but I knew that Mrs. Lane had not really wanted to continue the free sex I had as a condition of my silence but I did not care. ONe day after making her eat my pussy she had confessed that she had just finished her period and was glad she had not gotten pregnant since she and Mr. Lane had been trying to have a baby and she was not on birth control pills. I was getting dressed when she told me that she wished I would stop blackmailing them all. "So you just finished your period?" I said and she said "Yes. " "Good, then sex is good for you again. I will be back when I am ready. " I said. "Oh, by the way, don't expect any cock from hubby for a while. " I said and walked out.
The next day I showed film of all of us in the heat of sex to Ms. Williams and Mr. Lane.

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   Then I fucked him like crazy making him cum three times and eating Ms. Williams all I liked which was a lot. As we dressed and I left I turned, Mr. Lane. " I said. "Yes Dearest Tess. " he said. "No fucking the wife until I say so, understand?" "But we. . "he began. "If I find that you do I have copies of the film. "Okay he said. " And I told him I would be back every day to drain him to make sure he did not touch his wife.
Well, right about ovulation time I came to see Mrs. Lane.

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   "What are you doing here?!" she demanded. She did not know I had two black friends from the near by college coming over later. "Well, just coming to relieve that sexual tensions that has to be building up. " I said. "Yes, my husband told me what you have been doing, you really are a little bitch. " she said. "Good, then he also told you of the films I guess. " I said. "Now go undress. " She walked to the bed room and I heard her take off her clothes and then James and Ronald drove up. They came up the walk and I let them in and kissed them and told them to undress. They did and I did also and their huge cocks were standing up. I went to the bedroom and told Mrs. Lane to lay on the bed and began tying her arms and legs apart with silk scarves. "What are yuo doing?" she said panicing.

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  . . "Well, Mrs. Lane, you said you wanted to have a baby Hun, and, well, I decided to help arrange it. " I began eating her pussy and soon had her wet and then got up, "James, Ronald, come and get it guys. " I said and she began crying when she saw the two well hung black guys come into the room.
"Oh No, PLease, no, I can't have sex with them, I have never been with anyone but my husband, Oh please, I might get pregnant. . I might. . . " she stopped when she saw the smile on my face. "Oh please, Tess, please no, I will do anything but please no. " James, you first" I sad and guided him into her pussy making her cry out. "Be gentle dear, this white lady has never had real cock before.

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  " and we all laughed. He slipped into her and his skin was against her and she began crying. "Oh please no, Tess no, don't do this please. " she kept crying over and over again. He pushed deeper into her tight pussy and she cried out as he streached her. "Oh Tess, it hurts, oh please make him stop, oh please no. . " she was crying just as James rammed her hard and filled her with his cock. Her mouth was open but no sound came out as he began pumping her first slow then faster. After a while he humped her deep and sayed in her and grunted as he filled her pussy with his cum. "Oh yeh Baby, gotta be a little black baby in that load. " he laughed. "Ronald, bring in the big meat" I said and she saw his cock that was bigger get to her pussy and I guided it in. "Oh please, Tess, let me clean out, please. " she begged me.

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   "No, you are going to get knocked up Mrs. Lane, that is al there is to it. " I said and kissed her. Ronald, do her nice and deep and long, take you time Baby. " I said kissing him.
He slowly slipped in and out of her pussy and she did not ever seem to enjoy it at all. She cried all the time and he kept on pumping in and out. Finally he sped up and filled her pussy with hot cum. "Oh please, Tess, let me go clean out, please, I can't get pregnant, not like this, please no. " she begged me. "My Dear Mrs. Lane, you are not going to clean out, you are going to have your legs up and that sweet little ass of yours in the air so that as much cum as possible will swim up in there and find that little white egg.
    " I sad and the guys sat back resting. "Oh, and by the way, Mr. Lane is staying over at the Williams tonight, so he will not be here to interupt the night I have planned for you.

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      " I said and she began crying again. Jay and Trey got there about midnight and came in, James and Ronald left and they took their places fucking Mrs. Lane. At times she had so much cum plopping out of her pussy that, to get the guys hot, I ate her cunt and licked it out of the overflow but they kept filling her up over and over again. For 3 days and nights I stayed, opening the door for guys to join us and others to leave. After I was certain her cycle had peeked I left her crying and numb on the bed that was soaked in cum and walked two guys out. I went back in and she was so weak she could not walk to the bathroom to clean herself out. Mr. Lane had called during the time and I had told him all was well.
    The day came again and I went to school again and directly to his office, "Remember, no cock for the Mrs. " and kissed him and left. He left early and the next day would not speak to me and for a week could not even get a hard cock until I really played with him. Sure enough when it came time for her period Mrs. Lane was late. The Lane's were going to play it up and she was going to go away for a while to her mother's home but I spread the rumor that she had gotten knocked up fucking black guys and was ashamed she had gotten caught.

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       Well, In Alabama that pretty much ends your career as a Principal even if it is a rumor. They both left soon after it was out that she was pregnant. Mr. and Ms. Williams continued to enjoy playing and even came over to meet my aunt and uncle. I found later tha the baby had been put up for adoption up north where they had moved. BUt she never sould have refused to do as I asked her.