Helen Has a Bad Week



            Helen White sat at her desk in the empty classroom mildly irritated with herself for not grading the papers in front of her earlier in the week. Here she sat on a Friday evening, the only one left in the school, trying to get them graded so her weekend would be free for the trip to her parents she had planned. It was already after eight o’clock and she probably had another hour of work to do. As she finished grading Ian’s paper she thought she heard a noise in the hallway. Remembering she was alone, Helen felt a bit nervous but pushed the thought out of her head as she started to read Emma’s work.

            Suddenly she was interrupted as three boys rushed into the room and stood before her. She recognized them immediately as three of her former students, Daniel, Ethan, and Oliver. They had been poor students and frequently in trouble before they had dropped out of school at 18 Helen felt some alarm at the sight of the boys and before she could say anything Daniel, who appeared to be the leader of the group, spoke up, “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Working late tonight Miss White?”

            Helen took a breath and, trying to appear calm, replied, “I’m just grading some papers. You boys shouldn’t be in here. Is there something you need?”

            Daniel looked at his mates and let out a laugh before saying, “Oh, there’s something we need all right. We happened to be passing by, saw you in the window, and thought you might want some company. ”

            Despite the panic she felt, Helen tried to maintain control of the situation. She could smell that the boys had been drinking and wasn’t sure what they wanted but was confident she could talk her way out of this. In the calmest voice she could muster she said, “Believe me, I am perfectly fine. Before you boys do anything you will regret later let’s just stop right here. I think you should leave, immediately.

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            Again there was some laughter from the boys before Ethan spoke, “Oh Miss White you are more than fine and I am sure none of us will regret this. ”

            Daniel had moved closer to her and before she could back away he grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the door. She tried to resist but he was stronger. Pushing her through the door of the classroom he said, “I think we will have a little more privacy in the teachers’ lounge. ”

            The walk down the hallway to the lounge was a blur as Helen tried to think of a way out of her dilemma. Her heart was racing and she felt real fear knowing what these boys wanted. She thought about fighting but knew she was no match for the three of them. When they reached the lounge, Daniel turned on the lights and pushed her inside. The room had no windows and with the building empty there was little chance of anyone interrupting them. Helen turned to face them and said in a quiet voice, “What do you want?”

            The boys looked at one another and Daniel said, “Miss White, you know we had to spend a whole school year in your classroom looking at you and always wondering what you looked like under the skirts and blouses you always wore. I told Oliver here as we saw you through the window that I thought you probably had a great body. So, I think it is time we got a look. ”

            The other two boys were nodding in agreement as Helen looked from one to the other. Her mind racing, she said, “If I give you a look will you leave me alone?”

            More chuckles from the boys before Daniel said, “Sure, Miss White, now why don’t you do a little strip for us?”

            Realizing she had no choice Helen slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She paused and then reached back to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

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   Standing in her underwear and feeling their eyes upon her she said, “How is this?”

            Oliver ran his hand up and down the crotch of his jeans and said, “You’ve got one hot body there Miss White but I think you need to take it all off. ”

            Daniel added, “Oliver is right, we want to see it all. ”

            Looking down and taking a deep breath Helen reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She slipped it off and felt the cool air on her nipples knowing her breasts were in full view. Hooking her fingers into the sides of her knickers she slid them down and off to reveal her neatly trimmed bush. Unable to look at them she stood silently wondering what would happen next.

            Finally she heard Ethan’s voice say, “Wow, nice tits. Turn around, let’s see your bum. ”

            Helen did as she was told and turned away. Daniel said, “Look at that awesome ass. How I would love to do that. Bend over, give us a good look. ”

            Mortified, Helen followed orders and bent over knowing her pussy and bum would be visible. Not realizing Ethan had moved closer she jumped as his hand touched her bare bum. He told her not to move as his fingers slipped between her legs and he fondled the lips of her pussy.

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   She was saying, “No, please, no”, as he pushed a finger inside her.

            Ethan fingered her and said, “Oh god, nice cunt. I really want to fuck it. ”

            Daniel said, “Hey, we’re all going to get a piece. How do we want to do this?”

            They left Helen alone for a minute as they talked. She felt totally humiliated and scared. As long as they don’t hurt me she thought as the boys agreed on a plan. Daniel told her to look at them. She turned and he said, “Ok, you know you have to do as we say. We’re giving Oliver the first shot and he says he wants you to suck him. ”

            Oliver took his jeans and underwear off. He had a long, thin cock that was fully erect. He sat on one of the couches and told Helen to kneel in front of him. Knowing what was expected of her she reached out and wrapped her hand around the hard shaft of his cock. He said, “Good, now let’s see you suck it.

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            This was not something Helen had a lot of experience with but she took the head of his penis into her mouth and sucked. Oliver moaned and then pulled her head towards him telling her to take more. Helen almost choked but took as much of his cock as she could while the other two boys looked on. Oliver did his best to move himself in and out of her mouth and then she heard him say, “I’m going to cum!”

            Spurt after spurt of his semen filled her mouth as he held her head on his cock. Oliver was saying, “Swallow it bitch” and she did her best to avoid gagging as the thick cum slid down her throat.

            Still on her knees and trying to catch her breath she felt Daniel behind her. He pulled her onto her feet and positioned her over the arm of the sofa. He spit on his fingers and rubbed the saliva up and down her pussy. He put some on his cock and then pushed himself inside her in one swift thrust. Helen cried out as his cock penetrated her and then felt his hands on her hips as he pumped into her with a hard steady rhythm.    

            As he moved in and out of her he was saying, “Take my cock. Take all of it. I know you wanted it. ”

            His movements increased and then he was climaxing, filling her pussy with his hot cum. He continued to pump into her until he finished and then said to Ethan, “She’s yours.

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   You get the sloppy seconds. ”

            Ethan laughed and told Helen to lie down on the couch. His cock was not long but thicker than the other two boys. He spread her legs and rubbed the head up and down her slit before pushing it deep inside her. Helen just closed her eyes as he said, “What a great fuck. Oh god, what a great fuck. ”

            He gave it to her slow and steady trying to make it last but before long his excitement began to grow and he knew he was close to cumming. He pulled out of her and moved up until he had one knee on either side of her. He stroked his cock and said to the others, “Watch this. ”

            Helen opened her eyes to see him straddling her and rubbing his hand up and down his cock. She could see his body tense and then he came, shooting his load of semen onto her face, neck, and breasts. When he finished he put his cock to her lips and told her to lick the last drop off.

            Daniel said, “I guess our work here is done. ”

            The boys dressed and left Helen, naked and alone in the lounge.



            Helen never told anyone about the attack.

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   She wanted to call the police but the embarrassment and shame of having to tell other people what was done to her was just more than she could handle. She cancelled the planned trip to visit her parents, claiming she was sick, and spent the weekend at home. The memory of the experience seemed to preoccupy her thoughts and she found it hard to concentrate on other things. Helen realized she needed help but how could she talk about it. She figured since she had not really fought them and had pretty much let them do what they wanted to her most people would think it was probably her fault. So she remained silent.

            It took awhile for her to fall asleep on Saturday night and she woke on Sunday still feeling tired with the thought of Friday evening running through her head. She could feel herself being bent over the couch with Daniel slamming himself into her from behind. It was a humiliating image yet she felt a familiar warmth between her thighs and before long her hand moved down into her panties and she caressed herself. For the next several minutes the whole evening replayed itself in her mind as her fingers played and teased her pussy and clit until her body shook and quivered with orgasm.

            The following Monday when she returned to school she found an envelope in her mailbox in the office. Opening it in her classroom she found a typewritten letter that read:


            I know what happened in the teacher’s lounge on Friday. If you do not do as I say I will inform the Headmaster that you had a sex orgy with some underage boys in the school. I have proof so don’t mess with me. Your teaching career will be over unless you agree to my demands.

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   Meet me at the Windsor Pub at 6 PM.


            A deep sense of dread came over her as she read and re-read the note. Who could have been in the school? What would they want from her? She was ready to panic when her first students of the day began to enter the classroom. It provided a distraction and she was able to put the thoughts out of her head as she concentrated on the day’s work.

            Helen spent some time after classes trying to prepare for the next day but the letter was all she could think about. She hated that someone knew what had happened to her and worse that they were trying to use it against her. Knowing she had no choice she left the school and made her way to the pub. It was about half full when she entered and she looked around quickly trying to find a familiar face. Before she could complete the search she heard a voice behind her say, “Helen, so glad you could make it. Why don’t you join me?

            Turning around she found herself facing the new science teacher from her school, a man named Colin Cooper. Helen did not know a lot about him other than this was his first teaching assignment. He was kind of nerdy looking and she had only spoken with him a couple of times. She ignored his question and asked, “What do you want?”

            He raised his hands to stop her, “I assure you that we’ll get to that. Let’s sit down and not make a scene here. What would you like to drink?”

            Helen needed to calm herself and asked for some white wine.

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   She sat at a table and he joined her in a minute with the wine and a pint for himself. After quickly drinking half of the wine she said, “What do you want Colin?”

            Colin took a sip and replied, “I had to come back to school on Friday evening to get some papers I forgot. I heard some noise coming from the lounge and just imagine what I saw when I took a look in. ”

            Feeling both embarrassed and a bit angry Helen said, “Those boys took advantage of me. I was all alone in the school and they forced me to do those things. You should have helped me. ”

            He laughed and held up his mobile, “Oh, it did not look like you were forced at all and I have some pictures the headmaster would surely be interested in. ”

            Helen felt some panic. She wanted to put that evening behind her and now she had to deal with this. The thought of someone seeing her in that situation was too much so she quietly repeated her earlier question, “What do you want Colin?”

            “I see I now have your full attention. We are going to finish our drinks and then you will accompany me to my flat. I think there are some things you could do for me too. ”

            Colin lived only a short distance from the pub and the two of them walked in silence after leaving the pub. Helen felt nervous but not scared. She did not think he would hurt her and probably just wanted sex.

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   Feeling trapped, she decided to do what he wanted and see if she could talk her way out of it. What choice did she have?

            When they arrived Colin unlocked the door and led her into a small flat.

There was a living area with a couch and a TV, a table, and a kitchen area. To the rear was a single bedroom and a bathroom. He turned on some lights as Helen stood, wondering what would be next. She said, “You don’t have to do this. Can’t you just let me go home?”

            Seeing his eyes as he turned to face her she felt a little fear. He replied, “Helen, we are going to do this. Make no mistake about that. ”

            With a little tremble in her voice she asked, “What do I have to do?”

            Colin pulled one of the chairs out from the table, sat down, and said, “Why don’t you entertain me by stripping off your clothes?”

            Helen took a deep breath and started to unbutton her blouse. She could feel his eyes on her as she slipped it off and then followed with her skirt. She paused and asked, “Do I have to take everything off?”

            Chuckling, he said, “For what I have planned I’m afraid that will be required. Let’s get on with it. ”

            Glancing at Colin she could see he was rubbing a good sized bulge in the front of his pants as he watched her. She looked down and quickly removed her underwear and stood uneasily before him.

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            A few seconds passed before he said, “Play with your tits. ”

            Not being exactly sure what to do she asked, “Play with them?”

            “You know, rub them, pinch your nipples. Entertain me. ”

            Feeling very self conscience Helen started running her hands over her bare breasts. Her nipples had hardened in the cool air and she took them between her fingers as Colon watched. She felt some arousal as she touched her sensitive nipples and squeezed her breasts. ”

            Colin let this go on for a few minutes before interrupting her, “Nice, now touch your pussy for me. ”

            She moved her hand down between her legs and started to rub her pussy. Helen could see he was taking his cock out as he watched her and he started to stroke the length of it as she played with herself. He was bigger than she expected and she found herself glancing over as the two of them masturbated together.

            Her thoughts were interrupted as he said, “Sit on the couch and spread your legs. ”

            As she did as he instructed she observed him removing his clothes and kneeling down in front of her. She felt totally vulnerable as he moved his head between her legs. He ran a finger up and down her slit and said, “You have no idea how much I wanted to do this. ”

            The next thing she felt was his tongue on her and she jumped as it ran over her clit.


   He proceeded to lick and tease her pussy and despite her efforts she began to respond to his tongue. He would push it inside her and then move up to suck on her clit. Her breathing was increasing and she could not deny it felt good.

Helen was feeling a weird mix of emotions as he moved back and stood before her, his erection in front of her face. She hated the position he had put her in and she still felt vulnerable and humiliated but there was undeniably an excitement too. Colin had them switch places and then pulled her onto the couch straddling him. Following his directions she lowered herself onto him and took the full length of his cock inside her very wet pussy.

His hands found her breasts as she balanced herself against the back of the couch and started to move up and down on him. Colin was grunting as he tried to move with her and she felt some pain as he pinched her nipples. Helen knew this was the biggest cock she had taken and her excitement built as they fucked. When Colin cried out and she felt him begin to shoot his cum inside her it triggered her own orgasm and she almost collapsed as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

After catching her breath Helen pulled her clothes on and got ready to leave.

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   She asked Colin, “Is this it? Did I give you what you wanted?

He smiled and said, “It’s a good start. ”



            Things were quiet for the next two days as Helen tried not to think of what she had been through. After the boys on Friday and then Colin on Monday what would be next? She felt trapped and had nowhere to turn. As the students left her last class on Thursday afternoon she thought about relaxing at home for the rest of the day. At least she had the dance on Saturday to look forward to. Lost in her thoughts she did not notice Colin at the door. As she looked up he said, “I need you to come to my classroom. Meet me there at five. ”

            Helen’s heart sank and he was gone before she could ask a question. She knew that the school would be mostly empty by then. The time dragged as she tried to do some lesson preparation prior to the meeting. Finally the time arrived and she made her way nervously to his room. He was seated at his desk as she entered and he told her to shut the door and come in. “What do you want Colin?” she asked as she stood inside the door.

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            He pointed to one of the desks in the front row of the classroom and said, “Take a seat. ”

            Helen sat in the desk saying, “I thought I gave you what you wanted on Monday. ”

            “Oh you did, but we are by no means done. That is, unless you would like me to share my pictures with the headmaster. ”

            Although she hated the power he had over her, she hated the thought of anyone else knowing about the Friday evening attack even more so she said, “Please don’t do that. ”

            “I thought that you would feel that way. So, here is what you can do for me now. I want you to sit in that desk with your legs spread. ”

            Embarrassed by the thought of the display she would be giving him but realizing he had seen much more of her Helen did as she was told. With the skirt she was wearing she knew her knickers would be clearly visible to him. She asked, “Like this?”

            “Yes, that is very nice and I do like the view. Helen, do you know a student named Lucy Graham?”

            Helen had had Lucy in one of her classes and she nodded, “Yes, I know her. ”

            “That young girl sits in that very chair during my last class of the day. You may remember that Lucy likes to wear skirts to school. What you may not know is that Lucy sits much like you are now much of the time showing off her pretty knickers to me.

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   She is such a little tease. ”

            Helen had to smile and she said, “Are you complaining?”

            “No, I rather enjoy the show. Now I want you to take your panties off and sit back down just as you are. ”

            Helen was about to protest but seeing the look on Colin’s face she decided to comply. She slid her knickers down her legs and off before returning to the seat and once again spreading her legs for him. She knew her pussy would be in full view.

            Colin looked at her and said, “That is lovely Helen, truly lovely. Now that happens to be the same view that young Lucy gave me not two hours ago. Yes, the little tart came to class with no underwear and put herself on display for me. She knows I could never do anything about it. ”

            Helen was growing more self conscience about the position she was in and asked, “This is all very interesting but what does it have to do with me?”

            Colin smiled and stood up. Helen could see a bulge in his trousers and knew he had an erection. He said, “To be honest I got a little excited seeing the more intimate parts of Lucy earlier and I knew that I could use some relief. So, realizing you are so readily available here in the school I invited you down. ”

            He walked slowly around the corner of the desk and locked the door.

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   When he turned to face her he started to undo his pants and said, “I also didn’t give you the opportunity to suck my cock the other night. ”

            Helen nervously took a deep breath as she watched him take his cock out and lightly stroke it with his hand. He moved in front of her and said, “Let’s see what you can do. ”

            She reached out and placed her hand on the shaft of his cock and leaned forward to take him into her mouth. When the head was in her mouth and she began to lick and suck it Colin moved his hips and forced more into her mouth. It almost choked her but Helen did her best as he moved his manhood in and out of her mouth.  

            This went on for a few minutes until Colin pulled his cock out and told her to lick it. Helen slowly ran her tongue up the underside of the shaft, over the head, and then into pee hole at the tip. Colin moaned and pushed it back into her mouth. Helen could sense he was close to climaxing so she stroked his shaft with her hand while she sucked on the head. He moaned again and then his cock exploded shooting spurts of cum into her mouth. It was more than she could take and some dribbled out of her mouth and spilled onto her blouse.

            When he was done he took his cock out and rubbed the saliva and cum onto her face before putting back into his pants. As he adjusted his clothes he said, “Not bad, I may have to have you down her more often. You can leave but keep your knickers off and leave that stain on your blouse as it is.

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            Embarrassed but glad to be leaving his classroom Helen unlocked the door and started walking back to her classroom. When she turned the corner near the main office she was surprised to see the headmaster, Mr. Worth, approaching her. She was sure he was staring at the stain on her blouse as he said hello, passed her, and left the building.   What would he think if he knew she wasn’t wearing underwear?



            Helen was excited on Saturday as she got ready for the leavers ball. It was a once a year event and a rare occasion to get dressed up. She had bought a new black gown along with a black bra and some fancy knickers a few weeks before and went out to have her hair done in the afternoon. After showering, she had gotten dressed and now stood in front of the mirror seeing how it all came together.

            Turning one way and then another, Helen was pleased with how she looked. The gown showed off her slender figure and was just cut low enough to show the top of her breasts. She thought the new bra made her look a little bigger and the gown even her bum looked good.  Trying to put all the recent unpleasantness behind her she was looking forward to a fun evening of food, music, and dancing.

            The hall was already full of teachers and students when she arrived and Helen made her way around to say hello and see who was there. There were several compliments on her dress and she felt good. After sampling some of the food and dancing a couple of dances with some other teachers she saw three boys from one of her classes, Nathan, Tyler, and Aiden approaching her.

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   They were all football players and so-so students but she liked them. Nathan was holding a cup of punch and held it out to her as they reached her, “Miss White, we saw you dancing and thought you might need something to drink. ”

            Helen was actually thirsty and thanked them as she took a drink from the cup. The punch was fruity and sweet and tasted good, much better than the previous year. Unknown to her, the boys had snuck some vodka into the dance and had spiked her punch. They had a bet about how much they could get her to drink. When she finishing the drink Aiden asked her to dance and they made their way to the dance floor.

            He put his arm around her waist and started to lead her around the floor. She felt a little light-headed but thought it was just the excitement of the evening. Aiden was actually a pretty good dancer and although she felt a bit uncomfortable dancing with a student she was enjoying herself. At one point his hand seemed to move down to touch her bum but she just ignored it. When the song ended they went back to join the other two boys and she drank a second cup of punch. As they stood there Tyler said, “You look nice Miss White. I like the dress. ”

            Blushing a little, Helen thanked him.

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   She had caught him glancing at her breasts and it made her feel kind of sexy. She was glad she had bought the new bra. He was the next to dance with her and again she felt a little woozy as he moved her around the floor. They were off to the side where the lighting was kind of dim and just as with Aiden she felt a hand on her bum as they danced. Since she was having a good time she decided to let it go. When the song ended the band took a short break and Helen drank another cup of punch as she talked to the boys.

            Realizing she had to pee Helen excused herself and made her way to the loo. In the stall she lifted the gown, pulled her knickers down and sat to relieve herself. She really did not feel right and sat for a minute with her eyes closed to see if it would help. Feeling a little better after a rest she wiped herself, put her dress in order and went back to the dance. She was thinking about getting some food but the three boys greeted her with yet another cup of punch and she drank it down before joining Nathan for a dance.

            Things were getting really foggy as Nathan led her around. This time his hand seemed to be not just on her bum but she was pretty sure his fingers had slipped between her cheeks and touched her bum hole. When the song ended he put his hand around her waist to escort her back to the others and then reached up to cup her breast as they walked. Helen knew it was wrong but then wasn’t sure if she had just imagined it.

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            The next couple of dances were just a blur as the boys each took a turn with her. They kept her off to the side in the shadows as much as possible and she realized she had lost control. During a slow dance Aiden kept his hands on her butt as he pulled her crotch against what was obviously his erection and then Tyler actually lifted the back of her gown and felt her knickers. When she said she needed to sit down the boys nodded and led her down the hall to a side room. There were several chairs in the room and Helen sat in one as Tyler closed the door.

            Dizzy and confused Helen said, “I’m not sure why I feel like this. I think I should have eaten more. ”

            The boys were chuckling and Nathan said, “Maybe you just got too warm. Let’s help you with your dress. ”

            Helen thought she should stop them but couldn’t get the words out as they stood her up, unzipped the gown and let it fall to the floor. When Aiden said, “Nice underwear Miss White”, she felt embarrassed but said thanks.

            She heard someone say, “Let’s get her naked”, and then Nathan was behind her unhooking her bra and reaching around to take both of her breasts in his hands. He squeezed then and took her nipples between his fingers. Through the haze in her head she thought it had to be wrong but it did feel good to have her sensitive nipples touched.

            As Nathan continued to play with her tits, Aiden knelt in front of her and pulled her knickers down her legs.

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   Without thinking she lifted each foot and let him take them all the way off. Still on his knees and saying “Watch this” he pushed his face into her neatly trimmed brown bush and kissed the lips of her pussy. Helen jumped a little but was unable to move with Nathan behind her and then she felt Aiden trying to push his tongue inside her.

            Tyler was watching and after a minute he pulled his hard cock out, stroked it, and said, “I want her to suck on this. ”

            “Not yet. ” Aiden said and then continued to lick her, this time finding her clit. Nathan had also pulled his cock out and was rubbing it between the cheeks of Helen’s bum as he fondled her breasts. Helen was very drunk by this point but her body was responding to the stimulations of the tongue, cock, and fingers. She was breathing fast when Nathan erupted and shot his load on her bottom. This was enough to push her over the edge and she felt her legs almost buckle as the first waves of her own orgasm rushed through her. Aiden sucked her clit until she couldn’t stand it any longer and she sat down on the floor, naked and breathing hard.

            Tyler gave her a minute to rest and then got her on his knees in front of him and positioned his erection in front of her mouth. Despite being almost totally out of it she sucked on his long thin cock as Aiden got behind her, rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit before pushing it in. Helen bobbed her head up and down on Tyler as Aiden fucked her from behind. Neither boy lasted long and soon Tyler was filling her mouth with his cum as Aiden pumped his into her pussy.

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            Not wanting to be caught, the boys got Helen dressed and quietly took her out to her car. They propped her in the driver's seat and figured she would sleep it of.  That accomplished they returned to the dance.



            Helen awoke the morning after the dance in her own bed very disoriented. She was naked, her head ached, her mouth was dry, and she really had no idea how she had gotten there. As she tried to figure out what had happened the night before she realized the television was on in the next room and this only further confused her. She made the way to the bathroom and after peeing and washing her face she pulled a robe on and made her way into the living room.

            To Helen’s surprise she saw two of her students, Hannah and Lydia, sitting in front of the television drinking tea and eating some of her biscuits. She did not know the girls all that well but she was aware that they were close friends and kind of hung out by themselves. Hannah was medium height, slender, with short dark hair. Lydia was short, a little heavy, and had shoulder length light brown hair. Both girls had multiple piercings in their ears, a couple of visible tattoos, and were dressed in what might be described as a Goth style. They turned as she entered the room and Hannah said with a bit of a sarcastic tone, “Look, the slut is finally awake. Did you have a rough night Miss White?”

            The tone that Hannah used made her a bit concerned about the presence of the girls but Helen answered as calmly as she could, “I guess I did. But I have to ask why are you two here?”

            The girls looked at one another and Lydia said, “How do you think you got home? Maybe we should have left you there in your car.



            “I was in my car? Some things from last night are still a little foggy. ”

            Both girls laughed and Hannah said, “Why don’t you should sit down and we will get you up to speed here. ”

            Helen sat and watched as the girls whispered a few things to each other. She was nervous about the girls but also curious about what had happened the night before. Finally Hannah spoke, “To answer your question, we found you passed out in your car outside the dance last night. We drove you home in your car. ”

            Some of the previous night was beginning to come back to Helen and she said, “That explains why I feel the way I do. Those boys must have put something into my drinks. I guess I need to thank you for making sure I got home. ”

            Lydia responded, “Oh, I think you do owe us something. So you don’t know what happened with the boys last night?”

            Trying to think, all Helen could recall was dancing with the boys. She did remember that they had their hands on her while they danced but she was not going to mention that to these girls. She said, “I know I danced with them. Is there something else?”

            The girls once again looked at one another and chuckled. Hannah said, “You really were out of it.

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   Miss White, those boys got you drunk and totally took advantage of you. From what I got out of Tyler, at one point you were giving him a blow job while Aiden did you from behind. I think Nathan even took some pictures. ”

            Helen’s face flushed as she took this in and despite her difficulty in remembering the dance she knew what they said was true. An image of the side room the boys had taken her to and her dress coming off came into her head. When she looked up at the girls she could see them smiling and she said in a soft voice, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about this. Maybe I could pay you for getting me home. ”

            Lydia answered, “You are going to pay. No doubt about that. You definitely owe us something to keep quiet. ”

            Helen felt that sinking feeling as she reluctantly asked, “What do you want?”

            “Why don’t you take a shower and we will discuss it. You look like shit right now. And don’t bother dressing. ” Hannah said.

            As the warm water ran over her in the shower Helen tried to think about what she could do.

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   Here she was trapped in her own apartment. She wondered what the girls wanted from her. After rinsing off in the shower she dried off and again pulled on her robe. When she entered the bedroom she saw the two girls waiting for her. Helen asked, “What do you want from me?”

            Lydia said, “Take the robe off and lie on the bed. ”

            Reluctantly Helen untied the robe and slipped it off. She felt very self-conscience and vulnerable being naked in front of the girls. It was clear they were in control and she would have to do as they said. The girls watched as she made her way to the bed and lay down on her back. They then took the belt from her robe and another belt from the closet and started to tie Helen’s hands to the headboard. Helen tried to fight them and said, “What are you doing?”

            Together the girls easily held her and got her secured to the headboard. Lydia said, “Just making sure you don’t go anywhere. ”

            Helen watched nervously as the girls started to undress. Hannah remarked, “Our slut here has a pretty nice body. I think we’ll have some fun with it.

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   Should we tell her about the surprise?”

            Lydia laughed and answered, “Let’s not spoil the fun. ”

            When they were undressed the two girls got onto the bed and Helen felt their hands on her. Lydia was feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples as Hannah ran her hand over her pussy. It felt strange to be touched by girls and Helen was thankful that, for now, they were not hurting her. As she played with her breasts Lydia asked, “Have you ever been with another girl?”

            Helen shook her head. There had been some innocent play with some girls during a couple of sleepovers when she was younger but this was definitely something new to her. She jumped a little as she felt Hannah’s finger enter her. Hannah said, “How do you like that Miss White?”

            Before Helen could answer Lydia got on top of her, scooted up and straddled her so her pussy was just inches from Helen’s face. She saw her pubic hair was trimmed short and the lips were slightly parted. Helen had never seen another woman this close before and she breathed in the musky scent not knowing what she should do. Lydia moved further forward and said to Helen, “Lick it for me. ”

            She stuck her tongue out and she felt the tip touch Lydia’s labia. Thinking about what felt good to herself she tentatively ran her tongue up and down the girl’s lips before finding her clit and teasing it. Lydia let out a breath and said, “That’s it. Oh yes, like that.

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   Lick me. ”

            At the same time Hannah had moved between Helen’s legs and started to lick her pussy. Despite having Lydia on top of her she could feel herself respond to the girl’s tongue and began to move her hips.

            Lydia was moving forward and pushing her pussy into Helen’s face. When Helen’s tongue pushed inside her pussy Lydia let out a loud “Yes” and reached down to rub her clit as Helen moved her tongue in and out as best she could. Before long she could feel Lydia tense and then she climaxed, her body moving on top of her.

            Lydia rolled off of Helen and she could feel her face was covered with the wetness from Lydia and with her hands tied there was little she could do about it. Hannah had stopped licking her and when she looked down she saw that the girl had a slender vibrator in her hand. It was hers and the girls must have found it in the bedside table. Hannah looked at Helen and asked, “Ready for this Miss White?”

            Without waiting for an answer Hannah turned it on and began rubbing up and down the lips of Helen’s pussy. She felt trapped and vulnerable but her body responded to the vibrator and she felt her hips move. Seeing the movement Hannah said to Lydia, “Hey, watch me fuck the teacher. ”

            Lydia laughed as Hannah pushed the toy into Helen’s pussy and began to slowly move it in and out. Helen found herself involuntarily moving to meet the thrusts and her sexual excitement grew. Sensing this Hannah pulled the vibrator out and said, “I think we need to try one more thing here.

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            Helen did not know what she meant but wanted the girl to give her the release she needed now. To her surprise she felt the tip of the vibrator move down between the cheeks of her bottom and then begin to push against her tight bum hole. Other than a finger Helen had never been penetrated anally and she felt some panic as the vibrator pushed past her sphincter and then inside her bum. It was uncomfortable for a minute and then better as Hannah again moved it in and out of her. As she felt her excitement once again grow Hannah move down and ran her tongue over her clit. She closed her eyes and felt the waves of her orgasm begin.

            Minutes later and a bit out of breath she opened her eyes and was surprised to see someone had joined them. It was a Pakistani male student named Gurdeep and again she felt a sense a panic. He was a bit of an intimidating young man and she wasn’t sure what he was capable of. As she watched the boy slowly undressed and said, “I really owe you girls a lot for this. I can’t tell you how much I wanted this. ”

            Helen saw the boy was already partially erect by the time he had his clothes off and he said to Lydia as he pointed to his cock, “Can you get me ready?”

            Lydia sat on the bed and took his cock into her mouth. Gurdeep guided her and Helen heard him say, “Oh yes, that’s it. ”

            When he was fully erect he moved to the bed and positioned himself between Helen’s legs. She felt his cock against her and then he pushed it inside her with one swift movement.

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   The girls gave him encouragement as pumped his cock into her. Helen pulled on the restraints but there was little she could do and he pushed himself into her at a rapidly increasing pace. Her eyes were closed but she could sense he was about to cum and then she felt the boys cock pulse and fill her with his load of semen.

            The students dressed and untied Helen before leaving warning her not to tell anyone about the “little fun” they had. Helen heard the door to the apartment shut, turned on her side and fell asleep.




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