Held Hostage


I lay on the sofa waiting with my feet bound and my hands tied behind my back.   I was grateful that my restraints were not hurting me and had been quite loosely knotted.  
Just before my captives slipped a blindfold over my eyes they gave me a choice “Don’t try and escape or we will tighten the ropes.   You can’t see us, so you don’t know if we are watching. ”
They had turned my TV on and a local news channel was giving an update on the weather and the traffic report.
“I see her car, yes she is parking it.   She’s getting out and approaching the building. ”  One of my kidnappers said.   “Get ready. ”
“Roger that. ”  Crackled a walkie talkie.
I heard the creak of my apartment door opening and then the sounds of a scuffle before the door slammed shut.
A woman’s muffled voice was protesting and I guessed that they had successfully seized my neighbor and brought her into my apartment.
The sofa bounced, she must have been deposited next to me.
“Sit next to her Carla, don’t scream, don’t fight.   Just sit still, do as we say and you will not get hurt.

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“What do you want?”  I heard her ask.   “Please do not hurt me. ”
That whiny voice of hers really grated on my nerves.   Since I moved in three months ago she had been snobbish and unfriendly.   I don’t know where she came from but she spoke with a South American accent.
“Very simply, we want the combination of your safe in your office. ”
“Why do you want that?”
“Because we want to open it. ”
I had to smile to myself.
“What do you want from my safe? I have no money in there. ”
“We want the package labeled “Roberts Industries”, the one your business partner took before Roberts mysteriously disappeared.   It represents three years of hard work and we do not want to see it sold to the competition.   Give us the combination of the safe. ”
“No, I will not give you it; I do not care what you do to me. ”
“Do you know what we will do to you?  Give her a taster Andy. ”
My feet were unbound and I was dragged to my feet.

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    The guy who was called Andy stood close behind me; I could feel his body touching mine.
“Please don’t hurt me. ”  I begged.
“That all depends on Carla, your neighbor, my dear. ”
“Carla, give them what they want. ”  I leaned forward trying to guess where she was.   The silence from her indicated she wasn’t going to give in that easy.
“Remove her blindfold; I want her to look into Carla’s eyes.   I want Carla to see what her stubbornness will get her after we get through with Jill here. ”
I blinked at the sudden light.   Carla was sat on my sofa, her hands and feet bound.   A total of three men were in my apartment, one watching through the window, one standing behind Carla, leaning on the back of the sofa, and the guy called Andy behind me.
“Carla!  They are going to get that combination in the end.   Give it to them now. ”

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  ”  She spat back.
“Proceed Andy. ”
Andy reached around me, grasped my white shirt and ripped it open.   Buttons clattered onto the wood floor as he ripped the thin material, exposing my yellow lacy bra.
“Noooo.   Don’t do this to me. ”  I cried.
I saw a flash of a knife as Andy cut away the remains of my shirt he was unable to rip off my shoulders.
“You can stop this at anytime Carla.   Save this poor girl’s suffering and then yours. ”
Carla’s silence prompted Andy to ask.   “More Bob?”
“Yes more. ”  He rubbed the back of his hand against Carla’s cheek and she flinched away.
Andy’s fingers fumbled with my skirt fastener until in frustration he slipped his knife into the waistband and cut.   My skirt dropped to the floor.

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    I wriggled but Andy held my bound hands tightly.
“Umm nice matching bra and panties.  That’s very sexy Jilly. ”  Bob forced Carla to look at my partially exposed body.   “Are you wearing lacy lingerie Carla?”
Andy’s fingers traced the edge of my boy short panties, working from my hips to my tummy and then down to where the V of semi-transparent lace barely covered my pubic mons.   I could tell he was aroused; his manhood pushed against my buttocks.
Carla stared into my eyes, but I didn’t even see sympathy.   “The selfish bitch. ”  I thought.
Bob nodded.   Andy withdrew his fingers from his exploration of my hips and slid them up my back to unfasten my bra.   He produced his knife again and cut through the shoulder straps.   My ruined bra joined my ruined skirt and shirt on the floor.
I tried to hunch over in modesty but Andy grasped my long blond hair and pulled me backwards.  I involuntarily arched my back, thrusting out my firm 34B cup breasts.


    Even the guy watching out of the window turned around and rubbed his crotch.
“Wow Carla.   What do you think?  I’m looking forward to your turn on the stage.   The combination?”
Bob slid his left hand down, cupped Carla’s ample boob and gave it a squeeze.   Carla just wriggled saying nothing.
Andy had cupped both my breasts and was fingering each of my nipples, teasing them into dark pink points.   I started to shout and cry for help, but at Bob’s command the guy from the window came over, took my blindfold and made it into a gag.
“Muuuurrrggg. ” I said as he helped himself to a grope, squeezing my titties together.
“I want a piece of both their asses. ”  He announced.   “Her first though. ”  He nodded towards me.
“Get back to the window Chas. ”  Bob ordered and Chas reluctantly went back to keep a lookout.

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“Panties?”  Andy asked.
“What do you think Carla, shall we remove those little yellow lacy panties and see what she has to offer?  Your choice. ”
“I don’t care what you do to her. ”  She snipped, “My boyfriend will be home soon. ”
“Ahh really?”  Bob replied.   “Last time we checked you don’t have any friends. ”
This was the first time I saw a little fear in her expression.
Bob moved from behind the sofa and knelt down in front of me.   He hooked his fingers into my panties and hesitated for a moment.
“I’m going to enjoy this. ”
“Nooooooo. ”  I uttered as he slowly inched my panties down, the first wisps of my blond pubic hair showing.
“Ooooh a true blond. ”
I tried to break free but Andy was holding my wrists too tightly behind my back.   Excited now, Bob snapped the side pieces with two tugs of his strong hands and tossed the ripped piece of lace at Carla.

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He leant forward, pulled apart my legs and ran his tongue up one side of my pussy lips and down the otherside.
In spite of my uncompromising position a spark of electricity made my body jolt as he flicked his tongue over my exposed clit.
“No please. ”  I begged; my voice distorted through the gag.
“Tie her to the coffee table. ”  Bob ordered.
My hands were briefly untied while Andy laid me face up on the table and bound my wrists to the table legs.   Standing above my head he reached forward, put his hands behind my knees and pulled them up either side of my chest so I was nearly bent double.   My secret parts were now exposed to everyone in the room.
Chas whistled from the window.   “Save some for me. ”
Bob looked at him.   “Take a quick walk around the block and check on the SUV.   Call up Zak and see if he is making any progress on the safe.   You can be first with that bitch Carla.

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Chas muttered and left the apartment.
I looked over at Carla as I tried to struggle and said “Don’t let them rape me, please!”
She just looked shocked and shook her head.
Bob buried his face between my thighs; I could feel his tongue enter my vagina and I laid my head back on the table top feeling powerless.  I could feel his saliva dribbling down towards my ass.   He sucked my clit in between his lips and inserted a finger into my cunt.   I wriggled, not trying to escape but at the feeling of pleasure.   I know I should have been trying to fight, but that pleasure was building.
A second finger joined the first, sliding in and out, my body was betraying me.   Fortunately the gag in my mouth masked my noises and I realized that it probably sounded like I was objecting or crying out in pain.
“She’s wet enough. ”  With that he slipped off his jeans and boxers and rubbed his cock until he was completely hard.   I craned my head to see, but he eagerly pulled my hips towards him and started to force the bulbous head of his dick into me.
“Urg, urg, urrgg. ”  He grunted as he thrust in deeper with each stroke.   “She’s tight.

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    We’ll loosen her up. ”  I wasn’t completely ready and I could feel his steel like rod pushing apart my internal flesh before he almost touched my cervix.
“There. ”  He announced and paused, his member fully inside of me.   He then began roughly fucking me with long strokes, his pubic bone hammering into my pussy lips on each cycle.   “Oh she is one good fuck. ”
I started to orgasm and they took my thrashing as protest.   “Yeah baby, you can try and struggle but you won’t get free, oh you’re so good. ”
I bucked against his thrusts and moaned.
“Carla watch carefully now, this will be you next.   We’ll fuck you like the whore you are, fuck you for the rest of the day and into the night.   You will be so sore you will not be able to walk. ”
His dirty talk and the pulses of my orgasm drove him to his climax and he cried out, his hot cum squirting deep inside of me.
“I’m next. ”  Andy announced and started to remove his clothes.


“You don’t really care about anyone but yourself do you Carla?”  Bob asked her as he sat down besides her, his cock still erect, wet with my juices and his semen.   “What’s it going to take?”
“I don’t care about her, look at the way she lives, a few pieces of cheap furniture.   You’ll never get away with this. ”  She looked across at me as Andy positioned himself between my thighs.
Andy entered me quite easily, lubricated by Bob’s cum.   “Sloppy seconds. ”  He was thicker than Bob and I could feel him stretching me internally.   Having a second guy inside of me in such short of a time made my orgasm start again.   I cried out and Andy thought I was in pain.
“Yeah bitch, my thick cock ripping you up?”  He pounded away, the slap of his hips against my butt drowning any noises I could utter past the gag.
He squeezed my butt cheeks together intensifying my feelings and making me appear even tighter to him.   His hands left my hips and grabbed my breasts, squeezing and twisting my nipples.
“These are nice titties, so firm, so smooth. ”
My body was on fire, extenuated by the animal lust of my kidnappers but also by being watched by another woman.   I had never had sex with people watching before; it was stimulating in some debasing way.


    Although there was nothing I could do, I felt like a slut allowing them to use me as they wanted.
Andy stiffened and he emptied his load deep inside of me in five long thrusts before collapsing on top of me.
Bob moved over to the window.   “What the fuck?”  He announced as he opened the door to Chas.   Andy got off me to take a look.
“I found him in the alley, I named him Rocky. ”  Chas said.   “Here boy. ”  I lifted my head up to see Chas had brought a medium size dog into the apartment.   He brought him over to the table where I was lying.   The dog could smell the sex in the air and was evidently getting excited.
For the first time I got really worried and I strained against the ropes as Chas allowed Rocky to get closer to me.   I had heard stories about sex with dogs and it was something I did not want to experience.
“Keep it away from me. ”  I gurgled.

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Clara glared at me.   “You’re a slut, you deserve it. ”
“Get her off the table. ”  Bob ordered and to my relief I was untied and dropped onto the sofa.
“Lay Carla on the table, face down. ”  Her arms were tied to the table with her legs off the edge, her butt up in the air.
“Let’s let Rocky have a play with Carla. ”  Bob said.   “Andy, remove her panties. ”
Andy grabbed the hem of her dress and ripped it all the way to her bra strap, he paused for a minute at her black thong before roughly tugging at it.   The side pieces snapped and he tossed it at the dog.
Carla started to curse in Spanish as the dog sniffed between her legs.
“22, 43, 17, 6. ”
“22 right, 43 left, 18 right, 6 left. ”
“You get that Chas?  Call it through.

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  ”  Chas pulled the dog back and tied it to the front door handle, before repeating the numbers into the walkie talkie.
A few tense minutes past before the walkie talkie crackled.   “That’s it, we have the documents. ”
Quickly the guys gathered their stuff up and left the apartment leaving me, Carla and the dog alone.
“Untie me. ”  Carla ordered in that whiny voice.
I walked over to the table and to her surprise gagged her.   I then went over to the dog and undid his leash rope.   He trotted towards Carla.
Her eyes went wide and she strained hard against the ropes.   “Ummmm, ummm. ”
I ignored her and went into the bathroom for a pee and shower.   I had the hot water nearly scalding, it felt so good.   I could barely hear Carla’s protests.
I dried myself off and dressed in tight jeans and T shirt, put my stuff in my backpack, grabbed my duffle bag and walked back into the main room.

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The dog had finished fucking her and was now standing there panting, facing away from her, his knot still embedded in her pussy.   Carla’s face was a mess of tears and make up.
I undid the ropes.   “I heard that it is best not to force a dog’s knot, allow it shrink on its own and come out naturally. ”
I tossed the apartment keys onto the floor.   “Stay as long as you want, I’m leaving town. ”
I couldn’t resist one more comment, and with a backwards glance as I went out the door I said.   “Who’s the slut now, dog fucker?”
I left the apartment complex and approached a white SUV waiting at the entrance.   The passenger door opened, Bob got out, took my bags and put them in the back.  “Is everything okay?”
I climbed in on the front bench seat next to Andy.   Bob slid in next to me.
I laughed.   “Rocky’s happy. ”
“You didn’t?”
“I did.   I know we were just supposed psychologically scare her, but she just pissed me off.

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    It’s still just her word against ours and I don’t think she’s going to want it public knowledge about the dog sex. ”
“Ms Roberts you are a bad, bad girl. ”  Bob leant over and gave me a kiss.
I looked behind me at the other team members as Andy put the SUV in gear and pulled out into the traffic.
“Thanks guys. I couldn’t have pulled this off without you; you’re a great group of friends.   I’ll make it up to the rest of you later. ”
Chas brightened up.   “Is that a promise?”
“It’s a promise!”
“Can I tie you up?”
“Don’t push your luck. ”  I laughed
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