Happy Birthday, Jack


       Eva lived in the apartment across from mine, so we came in contact with one another pretty often. She was a pretty 18 year old girl with long light brown hair and huge blue eyes. Her tits were on the smaller side, probably a B cup, but they were perky and nice and she wore tight clothes that accentuated them as well as her large sexy ass. She always had a smile and a greeting for me, and would sometimes even come into my apartment to talk.  I thought about fucking her constantly.
        One day in October, two days before my 54th birthday, she was entering her apartment with a girl named Jen from the floor below us just as I was leaving for work. Jen was a cute blonde, kind of chubby but with huge tits. I wouldn't really have minded fucking her either.
        "Hi there girls"
         "Oh, hi Jack!" Eva said, giving me a big smile.
         "You know, Eva, Wednesday is my birthday. Are you going to come visit me?"
         "Of course I will, anything for my favorite neighbor. " she giggled. Jesus, she was cute.
          After Eva shut the door behind them I heard Jen say something and couldn't resist getting closer to listen.
          "-seriously, Eva, he's  so creepy. I mean, not only is he old as shit, he's really creepy looking, he's so pale and his eyes are, like, see-through.

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           "They are not, they're just really light blue. "
            "Whatever, his voice sounds like he always has strep throat or some shit. "
           "Actually Jen, I think his voice is sort of sexy, and he's kind of adorable. You know, in a dirty old man way. " Eva giggled again.
            I couldn't help but think that Jen was a dumb fucking bitch. I had to admit though, I liked what Eva said to her.  I could be a dirty old man if that's what she likes.  I'd noticed in the past that she flirted with me, touched my arm when we talked, bent over in front of me so I got a view of some cleavage or her ass. I had to go back inside to rub one out before work. I came as I thought about Eva's pouty lips on my cock and her big eyes looking up at me.
            On Wednesday I heard a knock on my door at 3:00. It was Eva, just as she'd promised. "Happy Birthday, Jack!" she said and stood on her toes to give me a kiss on the cheek. She was wearing a short black skirt and a low-cut red shirt.

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   She looked sexier than usual and I wondered if she'd dressed up for me. I smiled and said I just started watching a movie, would she like to watch it with me. She agreed so I led her to the couch.
           "I was getting another beer, do you want one?"
            "Sure, thanks"
            "You're sure your mommy won't mind?"
            "Don't tease me, Jack!" she protested. Me tease her, that was funny.  "Besides, my mom's out of town for a week, didn't you notice she's been gone?"
            I had, which was why I'd asked. I wanted to know how much time I had with Eva. i had the feeling this would be a birthday I'd never forget.
            I brought back two beers, which led to two more, and soon Eva was pretty tipsy. Moving closer I put my arm around Eva's shoulder and stroked her hair.
           "You know, Eva, you're a very pretty girl. "
           "Why thank you Jack, you're very pretty yourself. " she giggled.
            "Eva, when you say things like that it can give an old man ideas. " I said, stroking her cheek now.

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             "Oh really? What kind of ideas?" she said, badly feigning innocence.
              I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and the kiss got deeper and deeper. I put my hand up her shirt and undid her bra. I played with her tits for a few minutes and I could tell she was really into it, so I decided she was ready for the next step. I started to put my other hand up her skirt but she pushed it away and stopped kissing me.
            "What's wrong, Eva?"
          "I don't think this is a good idea. "
          "You don't? What happened to 'anything for your favorite neighbor'?" I asked and slid my hand back up her skirt. I could feel her lacy panties and it got me even harder than I had been.
            "Really, Jack, stop, I don't want to do this. "
            "Well that's too bad, sweetie, because I do, and it's my birthday. "
             She started to fight me and I liked it. I had her pinned down quickly and pulled her panties off with no problem. As I unzipped my pants she got halfway off the couch but I soon had her flat on her back again. By this time she was crying and squirming but not enough to fight me off.

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   I jammed my hard cock into her and she felt so good. I knew she wasn't a virgin and hadn't expected her to be so tight. The squirming that had started to piss me off before was now about to make me come, but I managed to keep thrusting for fifteen minutes. I never wanted it to end but I couldn't hold off any longer. I came inside her so hard it felt like an explosion. She had stopped fighting awhile ago, but I hadn't realized it at the time. She was just crying now. She looked so beautiful. "Shh" I said, gently stroking her face with the back of my hand. "Oh God, you were so good. That was the best birthday present I ever got. " I laughed, she didn't. "Oh Eva, You used to like my jokes. Come on, not one little smile?"
        She pushed her face against the back of the couch and sobbed. I pulled her up and got her into the shower to wash away the evidence.

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   I washed her, dried her, and re-dressed her without her moving. She'd stopped crying too, which I thought was good. Afterwards, I walked her to her door and tried to give her a good night kiss but she pulled away.
       Apparently Eva never told anyone about my birthday party, since no cops came by and her mother still waves to me in the hall. Unfortunately Eva doesn't smile at me anymore, but I don't mind because everytime I see her I remember .


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