Hand in the Darkness


            Jenna woke up in complete darkness. She knew she was awake because of the terrible ache in her shoulders and the strange sounds around her. It was cold here, where ever here was. She shivered and felt her body sway, her shoulders aching even more, a sharp pain stabbing through her wrists. She lifted her head and tried to look up where she thought her hands were but she couldn’t see anything. God, it’s so dark in here, she thought. Slowly, as she completely awakened she realized the darkness was because something was fastened over her eyes.
            She listened intently for some sign of where she might be. The only sounds were that of water dripping somewhere in the background and some kind of music in the distance. Her arms ached so she tried to move them to a different position and found they were tied above her head, hopelessly locked in the position they were in. She moved her feet, trying to take the pressure off her arms but felt nothing except air. A whimper escaped her lips as full comprehension of her predicament started to dawn.
            Her head jerked around at the sound of footsteps. She listened intently, trying to discern where they were. Are they coming this way? she wondered. If so, would that be good? Maybe they could help her.

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   Or maybe they were the ones who’d put her here. She whimpered again, this time in indecision. An eerie squeak sounded high and painful against her ears. The footsteps grew nearer.
            “Hey, baby, you awake yet?” someone whispered to her.
            She was terrified of what was about to happen and kept her silence. Then she felt the hands. Hands slid over her waist then up her body. She was shaking convulsively. A whimper escaped her again.
            “Yeah, I thought so,” he whispered, his breath hot against her cool skin. “It’s time!” he called.
            More footsteps shuffled into the room around her. How many? She couldn’t tell. Suddenly, hands roamed all over her body.

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   There were so many hands, everywhere at once it seemed.
            “Please,” she whimpered.
            “Please, what, baby? You want us to do more?” he asked.
            “No, please. Stop. Please,” she begged.
            “But we’re just getting started, baby.
            She heard him laugh then the others – God, how many were there? – joined in.
They all laughed at her as their hands roamed over her. She squirmed around trying to get away from them but the rope she hung from only allowed her to twist and sway. Their groping hands always found her. Tears sprang from her eyes and flowed down her cheeks, still the hands ran over her body.
            She whimpered again when she felt the first one kiss her neck. It wasn’t long until they all became bold and their lips were all over her just like their hands. She jerked away from one only to bump into another.

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   Her tears were flowing freely now as she sobbed openly. She tried to kick out at them but she couldn’t see to aim her kicks properly so they easily avoided her.
            “Are you ready for us, baby?” the same one asked.
            She felt hands grab her legs and hold her fast. A scream erupted from her throat when she felt hands opening her jeans. He laughed as he slid his hands under her shirt.
            “We like screamers, baby. That makes it even more fun. ”
            When she tried to jerk away the ones holding her legs tightened their grip. She was trapped. His hands found their way to her face and slid down to her throat.
            “No. No, please, no,” she moaned.
            He gripped the sides of her shirt and gave a hard jerk down, ripping open her shirt and causing buttons to fly around the room. She screamed and jerked again when she felt the cold air hit her exposed skin.

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   He laughed as he slid his hands up and down her bare sides.
            “I guess it’s a good thing I have a sharp knife with me, isn’t it?” he whispered to her.
            She felt cold metal against her skin as he slit the arms of her shirt then let the ruined garment fall from her body. The others whooped and hollered while she screamed. The metal tip of his blade was against her skin again.
            “No, I think the jeans first,” he announced, pulling the knife away.
            The ones holding her legs released their grip and she felt her jeans start a slow slide down her legs until she felt them slip off her bare feet.
    Her screams filled the air again. The hands were all over her exposed skin, running all over her body again. She shivered but she didn’t know if it was from the cold air or from the hands on her skin. She struggled to pull away from them but they were everywhere.
                “Yeah, you’re a hot one, baby. ”
                She felt the cold metal of his blade on her belly. The hands retreated into the darkness. The blade slowly traveled up her body, stopping as it reached the cleft between her breasts.

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       He lifted it over the impediment then continued to slide it over her skin. She felt it slide up to her right shoulder and rest against the strap of her bra there.
                “I don’t think you need this anymore, baby,” he whispered into her ear just before she felt the knife slit the strap.
                She whimpered. The knife slowly slid across her chest to her left shoulder and slit the strap resting there. His fingers crawled up her back to the clasp and quickly undid it. Her bra fell to the floor. The crowd around her cheered loudly.
                His knife slid down her belly and slowly moved to her left leg. She felt it slide under the leg of her panties. He flipped the blade and slit the thing material of her underwear. Within seconds, he slit the remaining side and let the ruined panties fall to the ground amid cheers, leaving her hanging completely naked before them. The hands quickly covered her body again.
                “We’ve got all kinds of things planned for you, baby,” he whispered into her ear as his hands slid over her nakedness.
                Jenna sobbed into the darkness.

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       They all ignored her cries and pleas, their hands roaming freely over her – grabbing, pulling, pinching. .



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