Grandma gummed me


I went to my grandmas house to clean her kitchen my parents sent me there so I went after school and I washed her dishes then she asked me to cut her yard and that she would pay me so I said sure, I cut the front and went to the back yard it was very hot out side so I took off my shirt and started cutting the back and I edged up the yard pretty nice I was tired I turned around to pick up my shirt off her lawn chair and I looked up at the window my grandma was holding her breast in her hand, so I turned my face from her quickly so she wouldn’t know I seen that I was thinking why was she doing that and that was gross my 77 year old grandma touching her self to me, it was a weird feeling. I went into the house she made me a ice cold glass of tea and asked me about school so we talked for a few minutes so I decided to leave she told me that my parents called and told her that I was going to spend a night here. I felt weird staying over because i never slept over her house before so I thought it would be funny or boring any was I stayed.
The day went on we watched the evening news then she asked me to rub her feet with baby oil, I was lost for word but I couldn’t be mean and say no so I went head and rubbed them her feet were nice looking for a old lady. My grandma started making a moaning sound it was kind of low but it was enough to make me stop. I looked at her face she had a big smile on it and her eye’s were closed so I figured I’ll go on to bed so I walked up the stairs and got in bed.

I woke up around in the middle of the night and I was thirsty, so I went down stairs for a drink. I walked bye my grandmas lazy boy were I rubbed her feet there was a wet spot in the chair, I turned on the lights and it was a big wet spot, it was like she spilled something but in the back of my head I was thinking she had a orgasm while I rubbed her feet so I just about got sick to my stomach. I got a glass of water and went back up to bed.
I was having a wet dream this cheerleader from my school was blowing me, so I giggled, it felt real I awoken to the moon light shining threw the room from the window. I then felt a worm hot thing wrapped around my dick, my penis begin throbbing, I reached for the light switch and touched a hard like object it had a weird fell to it so I brought it closer to my face to see it was my grandmas teeth I thought no, no it can’t be not my grandma.
I lifted the sheet up and there she was my grandma sucking my dick, her gums rubbing on the neck of my dick as the head of my penis was in her throat it felt so good I couldn’t pull her off of me I was in shock, she then licked my balls then slide her tongue up the neck of my cock all the way up to the penis hole she then stuck the tip of her tongue in my pee hole and licked it. My body started jerking back for more pleasure; I asked her “what are you doing grandma?, she kept sucking my dick, there was slobber dripping off my dick onto my balls each time she took my 7inch dick in her mouth I moaned I never had head like this before I been with only two chicks in my life and I never had head like this.
    Me being 18 and she being 77 and my grandma this has to be a dream. I grabbed the back of her head as she deep throated my cock pushing it down each time she lifted her head. I can fell the gums sliding up and down each blow she gave me.

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       Then she grabbed my balls with a tight grip and left the neck of my cock out her mouth, and sucked on the head part, I can feel her tongue dancing around on my pee hole as spit pored out her mouth. I watched her as she jerked my dick with her right hand and my body moved with the same motion. Then she told me that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I said no grandma, I thought it would just be fucking weird but this happing now is fucking weird.
    She deep throated my dick, I stared moaning louder and louder my butt moving up in down in the bed as she wrapped her mouth around my cock, and I grabbed the sheet’s with my hands tightly as I laid there like a doll. There was a loud smacking sound as she sucked and licked my dick, slobber poring out all over my penis on my balls and on the sheets. I felt the head of my dick touch the back of her throat I was breathing fast I was about to cum so I pulled my dick out her mouth, it flopped out her mouth and wiggled around in a jerking motion. I started to squirt she jumped back on my dick with her mouth and took my load of cum, I held her head as my body realest my sperm in her mouth, she was sucking it all out of my dick I just laid there satisfied. My dick went limp, my grandma got up and looked at me with cum strings hanging out her mouth on her chin, and then she burped. I laughed and said grandma that was good. She told me sorry and that she had to do that because she hasn’t done that in years. Then she asked me did I like the gum job. I told her it was the best ever I forgave her for forcing her self on me and she asked if I was going to be mad, I said no long as we can do it again, she smiled and told me it’s been a long time since she had eaten some cum she left my room and I laid there in the dark wonder did this really happen.