Gang Party - One Way To Hell


Brenda couldn’t believe her eyes. She and Jason had broken up only a week ago and while she had stayed home crying he had apparently been busy.
She had only come to the party because Kylie her best friend had convinced her to.   And now there he was with some slut kissing. She backed away and left the house running.
Jason had told her she was too much of a “prude” and that he didn’t want such a serious relationship right now. He wanted to have fun while he was young. They were both 20 and had been dating for a whole year. She really felt he was the one. Suddenly he just dumped her and worst of all for that bitch!
She took a big breath and let the night air fill her lungs.
After a while Kylie came out of the house looking for her.
“What’s wrong honey?
“He’s there… with that slut. Didn’t you see?”
“So what? Baby you need to let him go and start living life again. Fuck him. If you’re going to let him get to you then he wins. ”
“I’m just so sad.

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“Brenda what you need is to have a big hunk of a man fuck your brains out. ”
They both laughed.
“Now come back inside and have fun. There’s some amazing guys in there. ”
Brenda wiped her tears and followed Kylie back in. Her friend introduced her to Kevin who was giving the party. This was his parents’ house.
They started dancing and drinking and after a while Brenda just let go and they started kissing and feeling each other.
She was wearing a short pink skirt with boots that went up to the knees and net stockings. A white blouse that left her stomach free completed her outfit.
Tall and beautiful Brenda had never explored the power she had over men. With long black curly hair hazel eyes and soft white skin along with a pair of thin lips she was a sight for sour eyes. She had medium sized breasts that filled a hand but were not enormous. They were firm and with pink nipples that got huge when sucked. She had an innocent look and that only made her more attractive.

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Kevin took her to his room. She was a little dizzy with all the alcohol she had in her system. She had refused to drink but Kevin had insisted so she had obeyed. He laid her down on the bed and started kissing her neck. He took a hand to her right breast and squeezed. She moaned. His tongue went deep into her mouth as he kissed her softly. She sucked it and then got her tongue inside his mouth too as he did the same.
That moment someone opened the door but Brenda had her eyes closed as Kevin was kissing her neck and going down into her breasts. She didn’t notice someone was there until she heard Kevin talk.
“You mind if my friend joins us?”
She looked at the guy at the door. He was tall like Kevin but less hot. Kevin was blonde with blue crystal eyes. This guy was bald and seemed a little high.
Before she could answer he closed the door behind him and kneeled beside the bed.

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   Kevin lifted her blouse and both guys started sucking her tits.
She was a little drunk, sad and very excited and she decided to let things happen.
Both her tits were getting sucked slowly. Their tongues kept playing with her nipples.
Kevin took her blouse off and the bald guy took her hand and put it on his crotch. She could see that he had a huge cock.
Although Brenda had never been with more than a man the thought had been in her mind more than once.
She had her nipples shining with saliva from the guys. Kevin was kissing and sucking her neck while the other guy kept going at her tits. He pulled her nipples to him hurting her but also pleasuring her. She moaned with the pain but didn’t protest. While Kevin took his clothes off to reveal a fit body and a bigger than average cock the bald guy lifted her skirt and ripped her net stockings to reveal her black panties. He pushed them aside and spit on his finger. Then he rubbed it on her clit while she breathed heavily. Kevin also fondled her pussy once he was naked.

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She had two guys feeling her wet cunt and her tits. Four hands on her body. While Kevin got two fingers in and out of her the bald guy was rubbing her clit. Then both guys fingered her. Each put a finger inside her at the same time while squeezing her tits.
Kevin then got to her face and pushed his cock into her mouth. The other guy opened her legs wide and started sucking her clit keeping two fingers inside her.
She started jerking Kevin while doing her best to suck him as far as she could. He pushed more than half his cock inside her mouth and she struggled for air. Then he got a knee to the other side. He was now right in front of her face. Her arms were between his legs and she held his ass as he started fucking her mouth holding her face up by the hair.
She still had her boots on and the ripped net stockings. Getting her mouth fucked while someone went down on her was the best thing she had ever felt. She had never been so excited.

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   When Kevin got out of bed she saw the bald guy naked. He had a huge monster cock.
“Brenda is a nice little slut isn’t she Lewis?”
“Oh yeah. Sweet pussy. ”
Lewis pushed her to the floor in front of them. They took turns fucking her mouth while she jerked the other one. Side by side they kept fucking her lips again and again.
Lewis pushed her face against his balls and rubbed them on her. Then he made her suck them one at a time.
“Suck those babies bitch. ”
Before she knew it there were three cocks beside her.
Three more guys had come inside the room while she had her back to the door. They were naked and hard. Before she could say anything they rounded her. She was kneeling down surrounded by all sides with five guys with hard cocks and they were all big.

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She was really scared now but had little time to think.
Cock was coming of all directions into her mouth. The guys were laughing and she saw that some were drinking bear. Kevin kept holding her head and turning her from cock to cock.
Outside Brenda could hear the music and people talking and laughing. No one knew what was happening to her.
One guy pushed his whole cock into her mouth making her gag. She fought for air as he began fucking her mouth as rough as possible, She was drooling and her eyes were watering.
She was jerking two guys with both hands while the third one held her hair and pushed himself completely into her throat.
After a while after she had sucked all five cocks without a moment of rest they held her to her feet. Then they picked her up and carried her away. They were holding her as a piece of meat. The four men, two holding her arms and two her legs went through the main room where the party was going on. She was half naked and with lipstick smeared all over her face. Her pussy was free and wet and her tits bouncing side to side.

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   Her skirt was gone and all that was left were the ripped stockings and the sexy boots.
“This is where the real party is. ”
Everybody applauded Kevin. As they took her to what she guessed was Kevin’s parent’s room the guests followed. It was late and everyone was either drunk or high or both. Brenda watched Kylie amazed at what was happening.
She screamed for help but Kylie just turned her back and left disgusted. Most women also left the party calling Brenda a whore as the guys lined up for the fuck fest that was to follow.
This room was bigger and with a larger bed and space for all.
“Look I don’t want to do this. ”
“Shut up bitch. You were asking for it with these slut clothes. ”
They threw her to the bed and opened her legs wide. Lewis the bald guy got on top of her and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. Everybody cheered and applauded him.

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   Guys were encouraging him and laughing out lout.
Brenda had no idea how things had gotten so out of hand. There were about 25 to 30 guys watching her getting fucked by five men.
“I knew you were a little bitch since I saw you. You were crying out for cock. Well your going to get it. ”
So Kevin had gotten her drunk for this. He had this planned all along.
Everybody was shouting abuse at her from fuck puppet to dirty ho.
Each guy was holding one of her legs as Lewis kept pounding her pussy with all his strength. Two other guys were sucking her tits. Her pussy was on fire. Lewis screamed as he filled her with hot cum. He pushed himself in a few more times and finally took his cock out.
“I’m next.

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Kevin said he wanted to fuck her doggie-style. The other guys got her in position and Kevin pushed his cock in. He fucked her rough smacking her ass and with two fingers up her second hole.
Two guys got in front of her and made her suck them. Another guy grabbed her hand and ordered her to jerk him.
Pretty soon guys from the “audience” started taking their clothes off.
Suddenly she had a cock on her pussy, two fingers on her ass, a cock in the mouth and a cock in each hand while two other guys squeezed her tits and Kevin kept smacking her again and again making her skin red to the point of bleeding.
Everybody was out of their minds now.
Brenda felt like a toy. Those guys were fucking her like animals. They were screaming and getting their cocks out to jerk off.
One guy held her face up by her long hair and spit twice right in her face. Another guy opened her mouth and dropped a huge ball of saliva into her. She had to swallow it when his cock followed to fuck her mouth brutally.
She felt Kevin cum inside her but another guy took his place.

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She had no idea how much time had passed and how many guys were fucking her. She felt hands all over her body and cock never left her mouth or hands for more than a second.
Everybody took turns fucking her from behind and in her mouth.
The pain of guys squeezing her nipples and tits was so much tears were rolling down her face. That only turned them on more.
Everybody knew this was out of hand but nobody cared.
Slipknot was playing so loud she could barely hear what the guys were saying.
They were cuming inside her pussy again and again and soon in her mouth too,
In ten minutes five guys filled her mouth with hot cum and two others her pussy. They made her swallow it of course.
After what seemed an eternity they again picked her up. They held her way up as twenty or more guys followed her to the living room. They laid her on the big dinner table and surrounded her.   They passed her around after they had cummed. They fucked her pussy again and again. A guy poured beer on her face and beautiful hair to wake her after she had almost lost conscience.


They laughed as they saw her face soaked with beer.
Some guys started cumming on her face. There were guys that had cummed twice and were coming back for more and others that were jerking off watching the show and then cummed on her face or tits.
Her pussy was swollen and red. She had bruises all over her body.   Her face was covered in cum. She couldn’t open her eyes.
Suddenly she heard someone speaking in her ear. It was Jason.
“I always knew you were a little spoiled bitch. You never wanted to fuck. Now look at you. I’m going to make you pay. ”
She couldn’t believe he was there. The man she loved.

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   They rolled her around and without preparation Jason pushed his cock into her dry ass. She screamed of pain but a cock was soon inside her mouth. Someone grabbed her hair and fucked her savagely while Jason was destroying her asshole. While one guy fucked her mouth someone cummed on her hair.
The pain was too much. Jason was slapping her already bleeding skin while fucking her without mercy.
As Jason cummed another guy took his place.
Again men cummed again and again inside her this time on her ass.
Feeling sick she threw up on the floor. The guys cheered as some of the cum she had swallowed was expelled from her body.
Finally she lost conscience for good. Some guys slapped her face around but nothing brought her back.
She woke up a few hours later.
She was on the street in an alley. Naked only wearing her boots.

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   She was lying inside a huge garbage can. There were all sorts of filth besides her. It smelled awful.
She tried to move. It took her ten minutes to climb out to the sidewalk.
The guys must have thought she was dead so they dropped her there like trash. She walked naked, bruised with dry cum all over her, bleeding from her ass and pussy. She smelled of urine as some guys had also pissed on her while she was out.
A car stopped and she begged the driver to take her home.
The woman offered to get her to the hospital but she refused.
She never went to the police. She couldn’t bear the shame.
Kylie never spoke to her again. Everybody knew what had happened. She was the constant target of humiliation and jokes.

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Brenda ended up moving to another city to start over but she never forgot that night.

The End




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