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One of the research assitants that Dr. York had taken on was a young college student named Kate Norton. A habitual jogger, she was trim and toned with firm breasts. And Kate, the doctor noticed, made no attempt to hide her physical wonders. She frequently wore low-cut tops and skirts short enough to catch a glimpse of ass cheek if she bent over enough. He spent many lonely nights with a box of Kleenex and his fantasies of her. Unfortunately for Dr. York, his dreams of getting his hands on Kate's warm, smooth body were dashed by the fact that she preferred her men to be athletic and Dr. York was, well, Dr. York. Besides, she had a live-in boyfriend whom she always talked about. But York was a genius, and he put that power to work by devising a plan that would change his considerable disadvantage with Kate. His plan kicked into high-gear when over the course of a long holiday weekend he had arranged the schedule so that no one besides he and Kate would be at the Institute. "I've just about perfected the new hardware, Kate," the doctor told the young woman. "Pretty soon we'll be able to use this technology for the betterment of all humanity. " He smiled, but only because he knew how true that was going to be.

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  . . if only for him. "This is great, Dr. York," Kate replied. "I'm so glad to be a part of this team. ""Well, a moment like this deserves a toast," the doctor suggested and brought a couple of Snapples to the table in the break room where Kate sat. "To all your hard work, Doc," Kate proposed. "No, no," York shied away. "To all of your contributions. ""I really didn't do much, doctor," she said. "Hmmm," mused the doctor, "you will. "Kate thought that a strange sentiment, but drank her Snapple anyway. Almost immediately the room began to spin. "I must be tired from working these long hours," she thought to herself.

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   Kate stood up to try and make it to the couch on the other side of the room, but failed and collapsed on the cold hard floor. Dr. York smiled and finished his Snapple. "Made from the best stuff on earth," he read the label, and laughed out loud. -----Waking slowly from the haze, Kate fluttered her eyes open. She noticed she was still at the institute, but lying in a bed in the medical ward. As she tried to sit up, she noticed a pain at the back of her skull and reached her hand up to feel the source of the pain. "Stitches?" she thought. "What? How? When?""Hey there, sleepy-head," came the voice of Dr. York. "Yeah, you hit your head when you fell. Opened up a pretty nasty cut, too. ""I don't remember. . .

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  ", croaked Kate, her throat dry from sleeping so long. "What happened?"Dr. York came over to the bed and explained, "You slipped on a wet patch of the floor in the break room and smashed your head on the ground. You slipped into a coma for a few days, but you're finally back. You gave us quite a scare. "Kate tried flexing all her joints and limbs, and to her relief everything seemed to be in working order. She felt almost in top shape, except for the lump on the back of her head. "I should be getting home now," she told Dr. York. "My boyfriend must be worried sick. Do you think I can get out of this hospital gown and get out of here?""Sure," replied York, "I don't see why not. Your clothes are on the chair in the corner. I'll get out of your way. If you need some help, I'll be right outside. ""Thanks," said Kate.

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  With that, Dr. York left the room and Kate made her way to the chair. Gingerly she removed her gown and placed it on the back of the chair. She carried her clothes to the bed and sat down. Completely naked now, her nipples felt the bite of the air conditioning and began to harden. Kate rubbed them for warmth, then bent to put on her panties. Suddenly, she could not move. Panic set in as she struggled to move, yet nothing happened. She willed her arms to work, her legs, anything, but remained sitting on the bed bent in half. She even tried to call for help, but her vocal cords would not work. Seconds felt like hours as Kate remained stuck, helpless and naked. "How are we doing in there?", asked Dr. York from outside. "Is everything okay?""Shit!", she thought. "I can't have him see me like this.

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  " But to her dismay the door began to slowly open. York walked in with a spring in his step, much to Kate's embarassment. She was even too preoccupied with her current situation to notice the strange glove that Dr. York wore on his left hand. It was dark neoprene, a little bulkier than a normal glove, with some electronic-type buttons on the outside. "Ah, I see you can't move," chuckled Dr. York. He pressed a button on the glove and Kate's head lifted up to look at him. This stunned Kate, as she had not wanted to move her head but was somehow compelled to. The motion was smooth and fluid, as if she wasn't fighting it at all. Her eyes pleaded with the doctor for help, to somehow rescue her from her strange condition. "Well," the doctor began to ask, "aren't you going to say something? No?" He walked closer to Kate. "You look so helpless there, naked and stuck. "Kate began to worry as the tone of Dr. York's voice was changing from concern to mockery, it seemed.

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   She wondered why he was just standing there looking at her. The doctor pushed more buttons on the glove and Kate felt her hands release the panties around her ankle, but once again had no control over her motions. Her every fiber was trying to run for the door, but instead she knelt on the floor in front of the doctor. "That's a good girl, Kate," Dr. York assured his new toy. "Now what do you say you thank me for saving your life?" With that he undid his belt and lowered his trousers and boxers. His hard cock sprang out in front of Kate's face. More buttons were pressed and soon Kate found herself holding his cock with her left hand and licking the top of it. She began to notice that though her thoughts could not control her actions, every time the doctor pressed some buttons on the glove, she would do these repulsive things. Then it hit her: she didn't split her head open on the ground. That bastard must have drugged her coffee and while she was out, inserted one of those microchips into her skull. "Yeah, suck it bitch," York sneered, "you're such a good fucking cocksucker. " He stepped out of his pants and kicked them aside. "You see, Kate, normally I like having my balls played with while I get head," he continued, pressing another button. "And look, there you go.

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   How thoughful of you. "York grabbed the back of Kate's head and began fucking deeper into her face. "I guess you've figured it out by now," he said. "And yes, I did install the hardware in your head. I've hijacked your motor skills. "On the next thrust, his cock had pushed too far into her throat. Kate felt herself gag and spit up thick saliva on his invading manhood but continued to suck him off, working the base with one hand and rolling his balls with the other hand. "And as you can see," the doctor explained, "you still have control over involuntary, reflex actions like breathing, heart beat and, obviously, gagging. But I control everything else. "Kate could feel his balls tightening, and was mortified that she would have to swallow this strange man's cum. But just then the doctor pushed a series of buttons and Kate felt herself stop and stand up. She was relieved at first, but to her horror, York climbed on the bed on all fours. She felt herself following him and getting behind him on her hands and knees. Now she was facing his buttcrack and knew what she would be doing next. Tears welled up in her eyes as she was helpless to prevent herself from spreading his cheeks apart and slathering his puckered asshole up and down with her tongue.

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   "Ohhhh, yes, Kate," York encouraged her, "lick my ass. Lick it! Oh fuck yeah. "She began stabbing her tongue in and out of his foul crevice, powerless to stop, but unable to avoid tasting his salty, earthy ass. Reaching one hand up and underneath the doctor, she began to jerk on his engorged cock. "Yeah! Yeah!", the doctor moaned, getting closer to his orgasm. A few more presses of the buttons, and Kate was probing his anus with a finger, while sucking on his balls and jerking him to fulfillment. "Ughhh!" York grunted as he released spurt after spurt of his cum onto her hand and the sheet below. "Fuck that's good. "He got off the bed and stood up, his prick still twitching. Then he pointed at the pools of cum on the bed and told her, "Now be a good doggie and clean that mess up. " Which she did, of course, after a couple more buttons were pressed. Kate's seeming willingness to suck up the doctor's semen from the sheet was betrayed by the tears falling from her eyes. She was now his fuck puppet, and there was nothing she could do about it. She shuddered on the inside when she realized that his was just the beginning. -----After making her lie down in the bed again, Dr.

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   York attached restraints to Kate's legs and arms. She thought this to be strange since she had no control over her own movements anyway. But at the push of a button, she suddenly gained all control over her own body. "Let me out of here you sick fuck," she screamed at her captor. Kate thrashed about on the bed, but to no avail. The restraints held her down. "What have you done to me?""It's easy," York said. "I can turn you off and on like a TV. With this remote, I can control you and make you do what I want or I can give you control. " He tapped the glove on his left hand proudly. "But you won't get away with this," Kate threatened. "My boyfriend will come looking for me, and he will kick your scrawny ass. ""Oh, will he?" the doctor asked Kate. "Well what if you just happen to tell him that it's over between the two of you, and you've found a brilliant scientist to fuck?""Yeah, like you could get me to s--"With a push of a button, York was able to shut Kate up. York then began scrolling through menus on a tiny screen on the glove.

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   "Sorry, Danny. It's over between the two of us, and I've found a brilliant scientist to fuck," Kate said, much to her surprise. "Wow, you like me," York said condescendingly, "you really like me!" He then undid her restraints and pushed more buttons. "But if you really like me, you'd show me what a hot little pussy you have for me. "Kate sat up in the bed and began working her clitoris slowly with one hand, running the other hand over her tits. She could feel her cunt beginning to drip and was confused by her body's betrayal. Noticing her love juices gathering, the doctor reminded her, "See that? Another reflex action. . . I might not make your pussy wet. But you can. How does that taste, Kate?"Her left index and middle fingers dipped deeply into her smoldering fuck hole, coating themselves with a generous helping of her own arousal. They withdrew and moved close to her mouth. She fought with all her being to keep them away from her waiting tongue. She had never tasted her own juices and didn't want to start now.


   But in her mouth they went, her tongue swabbing them clean. "I love the taste of my slutty fuck hole," Kate heard herself say. This was outrageous, there she was violating her own self and gloating about it. She then placed her slick fingers at the edge of her asshole. "No," she cried in her head, "not this! Anything but this. " But the digits worked themselves into her previously virgin ass. Slowly they wriggled in, then out again. Over and over. "I'll bet your ass tastes just as good, Kate," the doctor said. "You might even like it more. Who knows? Go on, give it a try. "She tried to imagine she was somewhere else, that she wasn't under the control of some madman. But her attempts of emotional escape were thwarted when she tasted her own ass. The very idea was repulsive to her, playing with her clit with one hand and sucking the pussy- and ass-soaked fingers of the other, but she began to shake with her own orgasm. "Urnggh!", she instinctively moaned as her body quivered with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

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   But the doctor had not commanded her to stop sucking her fingers and playing with her clit. She began to feel the second orgasm beginning. Again her body convulsed, her pussy spurting cum from its innards. But still her hands, her evil, evil hands continued their work. She thought she might pass out with exhaustion after the fourth one, her abused clitoris throbbing almost painfully. That's when Dr. York's cock became fully aroused again, raising itself to its full, turgid, veiny 6 inches. "You see what you're doing to us?" he asked Kate. She did not hear him, as she was almost incapable of receiving any other outside stimulus that the intense explosions of pleasure that were coming non-stop, radiating from her huge red clit to her curled toes. But she did notice when Dr. York climbed between her legs and slammed his hard dick into her wildly undulating cunt. Kate lost count of how many times she'd cum, but having a cock in her sent her over the edge of a monster orgasm. It was as if she had fallen out of an airplane and was hurtling at terminal velocity towards pure bliss. For Dr. York, although he had just crammed his dick into her, it was all he could take.

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   Her uncontrollable writhing and her pussy's powerful clenching made it seem as if his cock was stuck in a milking machine set on high. He let loose with spurt after spurt of hot cum, her pulsating cunt greedily sucking it all in. After pulling out, he finally gave her a break and punched in the command for her to rest. "Damn," he told Kate, "that was the most unbelievable thing ever. I thought your pussy was going to eat my dick!" Disappointed that he didn't last long, he comforted himself in the fact that he was going to get another chance. As many chances as he wanted, in fact. .



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