Freebie (Part Two)


All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.

I left you at the end of part one, where I’d just left the hotel after having a sex session with two men. One was the boss of my husband Gerry, a Mr Spencer (Graham), and the other, a business friend of his, a Mr Harris (Peter), who handled the advertising for a sexy lingerie firm. Oh, and my name is Mary. And because of Gerry’s stupidity at work, his boss now had evidence that could result in him going to gaol. So to prevent his boss taking the evidence to the police, Gerry had begged me to go with these men, knowing they'd want me to have sex with them. But now instead of taking me straight home, we were on our way to some kind of club.

So we left the hotel, and climbed into the back of the big limo. As we were being driven to the club, Graham began to explain what kind of club it was.
“I’m sure you’ll like this place. ”
“Why? What kind of club is it?”
“You could say it’s a kind of cross between a lap dancing club and a karaoke. ”
“You what? How on earth can those two go together?”
“Well you see the kind of man who frequents this club must obviously like seeing women dancing provocatively, and he also has to be wealthy enough to back this up. But the club doesn’t have any paid dancers or strippers. So the ladies who come to the club are girls who like to show off their assets, so to speak; and as the men always show their appreciation with cash, they also leave a little richer than when they arrive.

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I guess my face showed the apprehension I felt knowing this was obviously the fate they expected me to endure. He continued,
“Don’t look so worried. I’m sure you won't have any problems paying for your enrolment. ”
“Enrolment? I don’t understand. ”
“Well; men join by paying for membership at a cost of one hundred pounds. But ladies can enter free, and providing their first performance generates in excess of the one hundred pounds membership fee; that not only entitles them to membership, they also get to keep fifty-percent of what ever they’ve made. But it also entitles them to free admission in the future, where they can keep fifty-percent of what ever they pull when they’re on stage. ”

If this was his way of reassuring me it wasn’t working, it was beginning to sound more and more scary with every word. Then I guess Peter picked up on my anxiety, and he said,
“Don’t let him worry you my dear. All you’ll need to do is model a few of my costumes, and they’ll be eating out of your hand. ”
“Eating from her snatch you mean. ”
This was Graham’s sneering retort.

I looked at Peter,
“Do you mean I’ll be expected to get up on stage, and then parade around in those skimpy panties you make?”
“Yes. But that won't be a problem. Will it?”
“I I don’t think I’ll have the nerve to pose in front of a room full of strangers.

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“Don’t you kid yourself. The way you lapped up the attention you got in the hotel, I have no doubt in your ability. As soon as you see the reaction your posing causes, I think you’ll be displaying not only my lingerie to its best advantage, but also offering the punters a view of your intimate treasures. ”

I blushed, and even though I knew he was trying to pay me a compliment, it still didn’t make me feel any easier. Then without warning, the car came to a halt, and the drivers voice came through the speakers,
“Bitches. ”
Graham opened his door and even before I climbed out, I could see the small neon sign ‘Bitches’. We climbed from the car, and I could then see we were in a dimly lit back street. The only evidence to indicate the presence of anything as sophisticated as a club was that illuminated sign. I followed Graham as he descended down the dark stairway. He’d only turned into the staircase, and taken one step, when the staircase lit-up. It was illuminated by rows of tiny spotlights sunk into the walls inches from step height, and even some lights in the actual steps shining directly upwards.

So as I followed Graham, with Peter behind me, we descended down below ground level. As we neared the bottom few steps, the door at the bottom of the staircase opened, and a big muscle-bound doorman appeared. From his vantage point, and with the direction of the light beams, he would obviously be getting a clear view up into my crotch area. And again I was conscious of the skimpiness of the thong I was wearing.

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   Graham was instantly recognised by the doorman,
“Good evening Mr Spencer. Is the young lady a member?”
“No Terry, I’m afraid she’s not. ”
“So will she be paying for membership or performing?”

Graham looked across to me,
“Do you have a hundred quid (£100) on you?”
It was obvious I didn’t, but I shook my head all the same.
“Well Terry, it looks like the little lady will be taking to the stage. ”
Peter again seeing my look of fear tried to offer words of comfort,
“Don’t worry Mary. You’ll see. Once you’re inside and you get into the swing of things, it’ll be easy. ”

We walked in and were seated at a table alongside the stage. To be more accurate, the stage was actually a large circle, maybe twenty feet across. And all the tables were positioned around its edge. There was a narrow open walkway, similar to a catwalk, which led from the stage to a pair of heavy curtains; behind which I supposed were the dressing rooms for stage performers. The stage and catwalk were only around eighteen inches high, and the stage had little sets of stairs leading up to it from in between each pair of tables. It was well lit with lights from all around its edge, and even before we’d arrived at our table I could see the girl who was currently giving her performance. Well far from Peter’s words of comfort, now I was inside the club and could see what was happening on stage, I was even more worried. The girl was on her back in the middle of the stage area on a big cushion, which must have had some kind of revolving support under it.

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   Her legs were high in the air, and a big black man was fucking her in a very leisurely and cavalier manner. As he fucked, his legs would give the occasional push, turning them both, so that all the audience got an unrestricted view. He was obviously used to this kind of performance, and liked the attention of his audience.

As we all sat around the table, a waiter came to take the drinks order, but Peter again advised me to steer clear of alcohol. By the time my coke arrived, the big black man was asking the audience where they wanted him to shoot his cum. He’d point to her face and men would throw money onto the stage. Then he’d point to her breasts, and again a shower of money would fall on the stage like confetti. He indicated various parts of the girl’s body, obviously including her pussy. But the one which brought the largest shower of money was when he lifted her legs high, and pointed his cock at her bottom. This was obviously going to be the winning option, and after spitting out a mouthful of disgusting spittle onto his fingers, he proceeded to work it into her bottom. He then took great delight in forcing his shaft deep up inside her, and in only a few moments, his movements indicated he was delivering his cum. This was completed to a rousing accompaniment of applause and another shower of money.

Meanwhile, although subconsciously this sexual display was sowing the seeds for an arousal, consciously, I became all the more nervous; knowing my turn on stage was getting all the closer. As the couple on stage took their bows, and gathered up the money they’d attracted, the stage lights dropped to a subdued glow, and a spotlight picked-up a man appearing from the curtains, and making his way out to the stage.
“Well let’s have a big round of applause for a wonderful display there by our little Helen, and ably assisted by the big boy Dirk.


Some of the audience responded, but most of the audience took their opportunity to resume normal conversation and the like. (Visiting the toilets, ordering drinks etc. ) During the time it took for the stage to be cleared of the large cushion, contraption under it and the evidence of sticky liquids, the man on stage (who was obviously a comedian/announcer), went into a stream of jokes, which almost nobody appeared to be listening to. Peter caught my attention, and pointed up into the ceiling above the centre of the stage.

“Can you see that curtain?”
Hanging high in the air was a light weight curtain, made in a circular fashion.
“Yes. What is that for?”
“Once the stage is cleared, they’ll bring out a rack with costumes on it. And the curtain will give you an enclosure to get changed in. Each hanger will be numbered, so just put on each costume in order. Once you come out on stage, it’s up to you to display the costume to get the best reaction from the men watching. ”
“Do I have to dance or what?”
“It’s up to you, what ever you feel comfortable with. If you want to dance and there is any particular music you want?”
“No, I don’t think I could. I’m not even sure I’ll find the courage to get up on the stage, let alone come out wearing a skimpy costume. ”
“You will. You forget you took my little magic tablet.

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   By now, you’ll find once you get the slightest sign of arousal, you’ll let go without even knowing you’re doing it. ”
“If you say so. But I don’t feel very aroused right now. ”
As he had said, while the lights were still dimmed, the stage hands had wheeled out a rack, but in the dim lighting, it was difficult to distinguish what clothes were on it. Then as they left the stage the circular curtain descended from the ceiling, and enclosed an area around the rack, about five feet across. It was at this point the announcer announced,
“Gentlemen. Can I have your attention? The act is nothing new; in fact I think I can go as far as to say it’s an old favourite here at Bitches. But the girl modelling for us tonight is a fresh face, and I’m assured a fresh little pussy to match. So lets all give an encouraging welcome to Mary; who is about to present the latest creations from the Erotic Nights collection. ”
Peter and Graham both gave me the nod, and Graham said,
“Ok girl, its time for you to show them what you can do. ”
I slowly rose to my feet, and as soon as I was standing, the spotlight moved from the announcer who was exiting the stage, and picked me out. With that, suddenly every eye in the room was focused my way. As I began my slow climb up the three small steps up to the stage, it was as if someone else had taken over my senses. I could feel myself swaying my hips in an exaggerated manner. And instead of just making my way directly to the curtains, I was walking the perimeter of the stage.

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   But not just walking aimlessly, as I passed each table I’d turn and stoop. Not spreading my legs wantonly, or crudely displaying my all; no, just teasing, and wetting the appetites of the open mouthed onlookers.

Where this performance came from I can't imagine, but it was having an effect, even before I started to model the skimpy costumes. Every flash and enticement would bring forth a shower of notes; and even though I didn't stop to pick them up, I could see they were mostly £20 notes! By the time I’d entered the curtain enclosure, the perimeter of the stage was strewn with money. As I disappeared into my enclosure, the audience began to chant, and I knew I couldn’t waste any time getting changed into the first costume. But something else was also obvious now, the curtains were made of an almost see-through material, so although the audiences view might have been obscured slightly, I certainly hadn’t got total privacy. But for some reason this didn’t faze me at all, and I stripped naked; then put on the first of the costumes.

I was soon out on stage, and posing from table to table, and if the money that was landing on the stage was any indication, then the audience liked what they saw. I won't go into detail about each and every costume, as even in my mind they all merged from one to the next. But I started with what you might call a simple one piece swimming costume, and progressed via ten different ones until the last one was the smallest of thongs imaginable. But even this last one which didn’t even have a top to cover my breasts, and in truth, the bottom half didn’t cover my pussy completely; I displayed with a brashness I still can't explain. As I took what I thought were my final bows walking around the edge of the stage, I heard the announcer’s voice over the speaker system.

“Right gentlemen. Once you’ve finished showing your appreciation for the new girl Mary, I'm thinking maybe there are a few of you virile young bucks out there who would like to come on stage and offer your services to help our newcomer to cash in on what looks like being a profitable night out. ”
At this point various men began to leave their tables and make their way up onto the stage.

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   The announcer lined them up across the centre of the stage. By now of course, the stage hands had removed the rack of costumes, and the curtain was back to its position high in the ceiling. But more ominously, the stage hands had also brought out a big round cushion similar to the one the girl before me have been having sex on; at this point they left it at the end of the walkway out of the way of things happening centre stage. They were now busy collecting all the money from around the stage.

I tentatively made my way to the edge of the stage with the intention of going back to my table, when the announcer called,
“Hey Mary, don’t you want your dress?”
I turned and could see he was holding my little red dress as he stood centre stage in the spotlight. I walked back and took it from him, and began to step into it.
“I don’t know about you men out there. But even though I can see as much of the little lady as she puts her dress on, as I could when she was busy taking it off; it somehow doesn’t seem as enticing this way around. ”

I ignored his remark, and completed fastening the buttons on my dress. But it seems he wasn’t finished with me yet. Again as I turned and was about to walk off stage, he took hold of my hand and turned me back towards him.
“Don’t go just yet sweetie. Look at these virile young studs we have lined-up for you. ”
I turned and looked at the eight men all lined-up across the widest part of the stage.
“Wouldn’t you like to try one of these men for size?”
I didn’t answer, but just dropped my head low and shook it.

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“Well lads, looks like she isn’t over enthusiastic about your company. Maybe if you were all to show her what you’re offering. ”

With that, all eight men began to strip, and in less than a couple of minutes, all eight of them were stood there with just the skimpiest of posing pouches covering, but not hiding the size and shape of there cocks.
“Well Mary my dear, has that tempted you to change your mind?”
I did look back, and for some unknown reason, I couldn’t stop myself from scanning from one to the next until I’d assessed them all. Then he snapped me out of my trance,
“Well? Seen anything you fancy?”
I turned back, and again dropped my head as I shook it to indicate I wasn’t interested.

He kept hold of my hand as he again spoke to the audience,
“Ok gentlemen. I’ll bring each of these lads to centre stage one at a time, and if you give me a show of hands, we'll pick out a partner for young Mary here. ”
So that was what he did, as each of the men came to the front centre stage, the audience voted with a show of hands, and in no time they’d selected a big muscle-bound white guy. He stood at least six-foot six tall, with big broad shoulders. But if his body was big, his dick was if anything proportionally even bigger. It hung in its soft silk pouch, and every step he took it swung from side to side. And unless he’d actually got something else in there to enhance its looks, his drooping soft dick must have been a good ten or more inches long. I can only imagine what it could look like when he got aroused! He’d rival a fucking horse!

As I stood there gazing in total amazement the announcer said (via his microphone, so everyone else could also hear),
“Well Mary, it looks like we’ve got your interest at last. Now they’ve selected a suitable stud to match your delicate charms, how do you feel about giving us a little show?”
As I realised I’d been staring down at this guy's pouch, I coloured up bright red, hung my head low and shook it again as I tried to pull my way free from his grip.
“Hold up there my dear.

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   We can all tell you’re interested. And from your performance just now, we can see you’ve got what it takes. So why are you being so shy?”
I tried to whisper into his ear, but unknown to me he moved his mic, and it picked up my answer,
“Please, I just want to go back to the table. ”

“But you haven’t even found out how much money you made with your last little show. ”
At this point one of the stage hands brought over the money they'd picked up from the stage and told him the total.
“It appears your cut is one thousand one hundred and sixty pounds; not a bad little earner. But as she seems a little reluctant to take on our stud here, how about letting her know what she’s turning down. Come on gents, let’s see your pledges. ”
With that the audience began to place money on their tables, and one of the stagehand went around counting it, but then putting it back on the table it came from. When he’d counted the money on all the tables he came and again whispered into the announcer’s ear.

“Well gentlemen; its plain to see you all want Mary here to perform with Olaf. And just for the record, that is the highest amount we’ve ever had for a newcomer. Just over two and a half grand. So little lady, are you going to turn that down? Two thousand six hundred, lovely pound notes. ”
I got a lump in my throat when I realised just how much money I would be turning down.


   With the money I’d already been given for displaying those costumes; that would be two months wages for my husband. But turn it down I had to, I couldn’t willingly do something like that in front of an audience, unless it was absolutely necessary.

I looked up to his smiling face, and shook my head. Again he spoke into the mic so the whole club could hear, but his question was aimed at me,
“You can't mean that? You’re turning down over two grand for just one little ten minute romp?”
I dropped my head.
“Ok, back to your table, but if you leave the stage, and decide to come back again later, we can't guaranteed the pledge you've just been given. "
With that he loosed my hand and as I turned to walk off the stage a ripple of dissenting voices began to build. It gradually turned into a chant,
“Mary. Mary. WE want Mary. Mary. Mary. WE want Mary. ”

As I sat myself down at our table the announcer came across and knelt at the edge of the stage, and held his outstretched arm towards where I sat, beckoning or almost begging me to return to the stage,
“Come Mary. Surely you haven’t the heart to disappoint all these eager gentlemen?”
Graham lent across and whispered in my ear,
“What are you waiting for; I’m sure your Gerry wouldn’t want to miss out on two and a half grand. Especially earned so easily.

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I shook my still lowered head. Then Graham whispered something in the announcer’s ear.

The announcer then stood back up to face his audience,
“Well gentlemen, it looks like this little newbie needs to get her husbands blessing. And I’ve been told that his attention is liable to be influenced by the sound of money. So before our go-between seeks his approval, is there anyone who wants to up the ante?”
There was a general murmuring from all around the room, and as I looked around, extra cash was being placed on tables. Again, one of the stagehands went around counting the money, and again he whispered into the announcer’s ear. He then looked across to our table as he announced through his mic,
“Right sir; tell her husband she’s on for fifty quid short of three and a half grand. And that’s a record for anyone, newbie or otherwise. ”

Graham got to his feet and walked out into the entrance lobby, and with that the announcer asked who wanted to be next up on stage. Within a minute there was another girl up on stage, and as she began her erotic dance, a gleaming chrome pole descended down from the ceiling centre stage.

Once it had completed its descent, she then proceeded to perform a strip and pole dance. After removing each and every item of clothing, she would circle the stage perimeter, displaying her charms, and enticing the audience, to solicit what rewards she could from them.

Graham returned, and told me Gerry was on the phone in the lobby, and he wanted to talk to me. I went out, and a bouncer in the lobby handed me the phone.

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   Gerry; are you there?”
“Yes. Is that you Mary? Are you alright?”
“Yes it’s me, and I’m ok. Graham said you wanted to talk to me. ”
“Well he’s just told me what’s going on. He says you’re with some of his friends, and they’re willing to pay you four and a half grand if you let one of them have sex with you. ”
“It’s not quite like that. ”
“What do you mean?”
“Well I’m in a private club, and yes they will pay me if I have sex with a guy, but not that much. ”

Just then Graham pressed the privacy button on the phone, I hadn’t realised he’d followed me out and had been standing right behind me. Then whilst holding the button so Gerry couldn’t hear us, he said,
“It's over four and a half grand if you include the money you got for modelling those costumes. And if you don’t fuck, you'll loose that money. After all it was Peter's stuff you were modelling, so he should be the one who gets that. So get back on the phone and tell that snivelling creep of a husband it’s actually four thousand five-hundred and sixty pounds riding on just one fuck!”
He then released the mute button.
“Mary, are you there?”
“Yes. Sorry, someone was talking to me. ”
“I thought we’d been cut-off.

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“No I’m here. ”

“You were just saying, they aren’t offering that much. Well how much are the offering?”
“Does it matter? Didn’t you hear what I said, it isn’t just some of his friends; we’re in a club. And if I do it, they’ll all be watching. ”
“Well yes. But if they’re paying real big sums of money, it has to be worth thinking about. ”
I couldn’t believe my ears. I’d just told him the offer was for me to be fucked in public, and he still wanted to know how much money they were offering.
“The man who they want me to have sex with is hung like a horse. Is that what you want me to do, perform like a whore to earn you some money?”

I listened, but the phone was silent. Then Graham again held the mute button,
“You silly little cow. Do you realise, if you leave here now, you’ll go home with nothing?”
“At least I’ll have a little of my pride. Maybe I have prostituted myself with you and Peter, but that was to keep Gerry out of jail. But I won't sink that low for the sake of money. ”
Graham took the receiver from my hand and as he released the mute button,
“Hi Gerry lad.

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   I’ve been thinking. I know you’ve been after doing a part-ex with that old heap of yours for some time now. And I know you’ve been trying to buy Tony’s BMW. Well here’s my offer, my BM is only three years old, and it’s got to be worth nine grand of anybodies money. I’ll take your old Audi, and the money your little lady makes tonight, and you can have my Beemer. ”

There was a pause, and Graham again spoke,
“What’s up, cat got your tongue?”
“I I don’t know Mr Spencer. I can see I’d be stupid to turn you down, but its Mary, she don’t seem keen. ”
“Come on my boy. It’s time for you to grow up. Believe me lad; she’s got more cunt there than you can satisfy. And never you mind what she’s been telling you; I can show you a video that will prove, once she gets her legs up, she's not bothered who's on top, she fucks like its going out of fashion. Come on all she needs if your consent. You’ll regret it if you miss this chance. Ok I’ll put the little lady back on. ”
Then as he passed me the phone,
"Here, I think he wants another word.



“Yes. ”
“Did you hear what he said?”
“Yes. ”
“And what?
“Well I was just wondering. Is it right?”
“Is what right? Me giving a fucking show on stage with a man called horse, to earn you a new car. What do you think?”
“No Mary. Don’t be like that. I mean is it right that once you actually start having sex, it doesn't really matter who's doing it to you?”
Now what could I say to this, if I denied it, I knew that Graham would take great delight in showing all the video and still shots he’d taken of me. And I was also aware, my facial expressions during some of this video would substantiate Graham’s claim.

“I can't help what happens once we’ve started the actual sex. It’s just something my body does. But it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like I love them or anything. ”
“I know that, but if once you’ve started it feels ok, then it has to be worth thinking about. After all, my car isn’t worth much over four grand, so if I get Mr Spencer’s Beemer; that means your one little sex session will be worth over five grand. Do the maths, that’s a grand a minute.

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Sarcastically I said,
“It might be if he's finished as quickly as you. But I’ve seen one of these men performing on stage with a girl. And if this monster is anything like the one I watched, he’ll be pounding that giant cock of his into me for a good thirty minutes.   Ramming it in and out at least once every second, that’s one thousand eighteen hundred times I’ll take his length. It’s my guess this guy’s cock is at least fourteen inches long. You do the maths. That's not even twenty pence an inch!” (Mental arithmetic always was my strong suit. )
“Oh come on Mary. Please. He can't be that big. And anyway, if it’s too big it won't go in. You can only take what your pussy is made to take. ”
“So you want me to go out on stage and let this stranger split me wide open with the whole club watching?”
“Don’t say it like that. Just tell Mr Spencer you’ll do it, I’m sure he’ll make sure you’re ok. ”

I slammed the receiver back down that hard it’s a wonder it didn’t break.

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   I turned and stomped back into the club, with Graham following me. As I sat down I saw Peter giving Graham an inquisitive look, but as there was now another girl on stage writhing around with a lighted candle in each hand, neither of them spoke, but Graham answered with a big grin. Peter obviously understood, as he leant back in his chair, and took a big draw on his cigar, a satisfied smile beamed from his face. Within seconds of us returning to the table, the announcer had made his way around the floor, not on stage, and was sidling up to Graham, who whispered in his ear. Then his face turned to a smile, and off he disappeared into the shadows.

I sat back in a trance waiting for this girl to finish her act, and my inevitable downfall to commence. Suddenly I was aware of someone placing their hand on my shoulder, and as I turned to see who it was the announcer whispered,
“Come with me. ”
I looked at Peter; as if asking ‘should I go with him?’ He just nodded and gave me a smile. I rose to my feet and followed him out to the lobby, and then into a side office where he handed me a very legal looking document. As I tried to make sense of the legally worded jargon, he said,
“It’s just our standard consent form. If you read it all, and can understand what it means, you’ll be the first one who has. It’s just covering us in case you suddenly go to the police tomorrow, and cry rape. It basically says you’re willingly taking part in a fucking session, with an audience. ”

“Why do you need that; surely every man out there is a witness to me getting on stage voluntarily?”

“It doesn’t really apply in your case, but its club policy, no waiver form, no performance. And that means no money.

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   It’s really to cover girls who are roll playing; pretending to be for instance, a night nurse making her rounds on her own, and several patients take hold of her and she gets gang raped. See to be in character, she’ll be saying no, and even crying out, ‘RAPE! RAPE!’. ”
“Oh, I see. But I still can't see why I need to sign one. ”
“Like I said, club policy, no waiver form, no performance; and that means no money. ”
I scrawled my signature and handed him the form. He slipped it into the desk draw and said,
“Ok, let’s get you ready. ”

As he left the office, I followed but instead of leading me back into the club to where Peter and Graham were I assumed still waiting; he turned the opposite way down the lobby, and led me into a different room. This was obviously a dressing room, as it had five stools, each with its own mirror in front of it, bordered with strip lights. The whole of the rest of the room was crammed with racks of costumes. I say costumes, not like the beachwear ones I’d modelled, these were clothes, but more like fancy dress or theatrical. From what I could see you could dress up as any kind of character you could dream of.

“Why do I need to come in here?”
He didn’t answer immediately, but he was busy sorting along a rack. It only took him half a minute to find and pull out a nun’s habit. He turned and held it out with his face supporting a big beaming smile.

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“There you are. Sister Mary. What could be more perfect? You can go out on stage fully clothed, and kneel down to say your prayers. I’ll get Olaf and a few others to dress as soldiers. That way you can fight and struggle as much as you want. The one thing that can screw-up an operation like ours is if a girl like you says she will one minute. And then the next minute, gets cold feet, and backs out when she sees it's for real. This way, we don’t have that problem, you’ve signed to take a fucking, and any cries for help are just acting out the part. ”

With that he handed me the complete outfit and left the room. At first I was horrified, but the more I thought about my situation the more I felt at ease with it. I didn’t have to be a whore, or submit willingly. I could fight like a cat, and Gerry would still get his money, cos I’d get fucked no matter what. I stripped and started to put on all the heavy coarse underwear that came with the nun’s costume.

I’d just put the vest/bodice over my head and was busy getting it straight when the door opened and in trouped six men. One of them dashed across and slipped his hand in between my naked legs.

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   I dropped my hands to reach behind me and took hold of his wrist. But another pair of men had joined in, and one each side began to pull my ankles slowly apart. My hands on the intruders wrist were pointless as now my legs were opening, he just slipped his fingers under and up into my pussy.

I pleaded,
“Please don’t. ”
Of course I never expected them to listen, but the big man who I knew was called Olaf, barked out,
“You heard her. ”
“Fuck you. She’s ours for the taking. ”
The words had hardly left his lips before I heard a frightening,
And then seconds later,
Olaf had struck the man with a blow to the head and he’d dropped like a stone hitting his head on the floor as he landed. Just at that second the announcer came in,
“What the fucks going on?”
“That pig needed some wax clearing from his ears. When he comes around, tell him not to come anywhere near this little girl. ”
“You big oaf. She’s here to be fucked. ”
“I know that, and I’m the one who's going to do it. But that doesn’t mean she has to put up with dickheads like him until we get on stage. She told him to leave-off.


“I sometimes wonder if it's worth putting up with your fucking attitude. I’ve told you before, once they've signed, they fuck. It’s that simple. "
He then turned and addressed the rest of the men,
"Now all of you get fucking ready, or they’ll be a riot out there as well. ”

As the announcer left the room I turned to Olaf and said,
“Thank you. But I didn’t want to get you into trouble. ”
“No trouble. Are you ok? You do want to fuck with me?”
I know I didn’t, but I had to say yes, otherwise my Gerry would be so disappointed.
“Yes. I’m ok. ”
“But I could see you were dead-set against it earlier; and that was when you would only have been fucked by me. How come you’re now saying yes to a gang rape?”

“Gang rape? Nobody mentioned anything about gang rape. ”
“Well why do you think this lot are getting all dressed-up?”
“I was told they would be holding me, so it would look like you were raping me. ”
“You’ve signed a waiver form and once you appear on stage, not only this lot will follow me, but anyone from the audience. Mark my words, you’ve created a stir out there, they’ll be queuing-up.

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   It’s my bet you’ll take at least thirty men before you go home. ”
I was obviously horror struck,
“Oh my god! What can I do?”

“So I can take it from your reaction, you don’t want any fucking?”
“Well my husband wants me to bring back the money they pledged, but that was supposed to be for having sex with one man; you. ”
“That won't happen now. You should have said yes on stage. You won't get a penny now unless you roll-play, and that will be a free-for-all. ”
“How can I get out now? He’s got my signature. What ever I do or say, they can claim they thought it was playacting. ”
“It won't be easy, but if you trust me, and do exactly what I say, I’ll try to get you out. ”

I looked up at this giant of a man, now in an army uniform, complete with those black markings that you sometimes see on the faces of battle ready soldiers. He looked every inch like a fierce and ungodly animal. My first thoughts were, if I agree to do as he tells me, he’s bound to make sure he gets his fuck no matter whether he helps me out of this mess or not. But then I reasoned, if I don’t follow him, I’m doomed anyway. So even though I didn’t trust him to have my best interests at heart, I reasoned he was my best or only option.

“Please help me; I’ll do what ever you tell me. ”
“Ok, you walk out now, and I’ll be right behind you.

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   But what ever you do don’t try to make a run for freedom unless I tell you. And if I tell you ‘up’, as I bend down towards you, you leap up onto my shoulder and hang onto me for dear life. Now let’s go. ”
I got up from the stool I’d been sitting on and began to walk towards the door at the far end of the dressing room, the one I now knew led to the stage. As I glanced back, I saw him pick up a big stout baton, about the size of a baseball bat, and then he marched right up close following my every footstep.
As we reached the curtains, we could hear there was another act already performing on stage, and by parting them slightly, we could both get a glimpse to see how near she was to her finale. As it was, the girl on stage was performing various poses, or moves, with a wand to which was attached a long ribbon which curled and twirled as she went head over heals around the stage. This was the kind of thing I’d associate with a rhythmic gymnast, but as she wasn't wearing any panties, it kind of threw a new meaning on every stretch and tumble. I guess we’d been waiting no more than two minutes before she had completed her act and was taking her bows, and then collecting her money.

Just at that moment, the announcer appeared at our side and asked Olaf,
“Are you ready?”
“We are. ”
And with that he grabbed the mic from the announcer, and pushed me through the curtains; he continued with,
“But I’ll do the introductions. ”
And as he shoved me out onto the stage and followed closely behind me,
“Go on, but stick close. ”

I was catapulted out into the spotlight, and as I stumbled past the girl who was returning to the dressing room, I could hear Olaf over the speaker system.
“Right gentlemen. I’m sorry to announce a change to the show.

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   As you are I’m sure aware, little Mary is new to this game, and she isn’t yet confident enough to perform. I know you were told different. ”
At this point the announcer was also out on stage and trying to take hold of the mic. Olaf lifted up his baton, and the announcer seeing he meant business, backed off.
“I know you’re all disappointed, and believe me, so am I. But even though she might have signed a consent form, she's changed her mind now. I’m telling all of you; anyone who touches her will be guilty of rape. ”

By now there were big doormen climbing up onto the stage from all around us, and Olaf was circling around with me tucked in front of him, his free hand high in the air threatening anyone who came close with the big baton.
“Ok, make a way clear, we’re leaving the stage. ”
Slowly the circle of doormen parted, and we gradually made our way to the steps leading back to the floor area. As we slowly made our way forwards, the angry men closed up behind us, and the ones in front begrudgingly parted to allow us through. I never thought we’d reach the exit, but reach it we did, and we were soon outside in the cool night air.

As the door closed behind us, it was obvious we had left via a different door to the one I arrived at, and we were now in a basement car park. I’d expected us to be followed out, but not one head appeared from the door. I looked up at this giant of a man and asked,
“Won’t they follow us?”
“Not now you’re outside, the form you signed doesn’t cover any activity out here.

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“Where are we?”
“This is a multi-storey car park. We can use those stairs to get back up to ground level. ”

With that he walked me across to a stairway, and up we climbed. As we appeared out in the street, the big limo arrived and pulled up alongside us and the door opened. Peter and Graham were in the back, and Graham lent out from the door and began a slow hand-clap,
“Some performance. A costly one; but a good performance never-the-less.

Well are you getting in?”
“I I don’t know, what are you going to do to me if I get in?”
“Take you home, what else. ”
I looked past Graham and my question was directed at Peter,
“Can I trust you to take me straight home?”

Olaf put his hand on my shoulder, and before anyone in the car answered, he’d pulled me aside, and stepped in himself. He then lent out to me and gave me his hand to usher me in. As my head appeared in the car, Olaf said,
“You can now. ”
As I’d said before this was a big stretched limo, and Olaf and me sat with our backs to the driver, facing Peter and Graham. So although face to face there was a good five or more feet between us.
As we dropped back into the seats, Graham looked at Olaf, and said sarcastically,
“Come in, make yourself at home. ”
Then he added,
"I wanted to have a word with you anyway"

Olaf was not a man to be intimidated, and instead of letting Graham take control of the conversation, he moved forwards to the edge of his seat, and pointed that big baton directly at Graham’s head,
“You pig! Men like you make me sick. You bring nice young girl to a shit hole like that, and then force her to behave like an animal.


Graham looked scared, but he did try to regain the situation,
“Now hang on a minute. She came with us of her own free will. We weren’t forcing her to do anything. And anyway, who are you to criticise. You would have been the one fucking her guts out. ”

I guess there wasn't any real force behind the blow, but Olaf had just prodded his baton into Graham’s forehead, and the crack was audible. And judging by the way Graham grabbed his head and dropped it momentarily into his lap, I guess it hurt plenty.
“I fuck only girls who want to be fucked. And I wouldn’t be doing that if I had money like you. You might be able to buy trash like me to get your kicks, but there are depths even I won't stoop to. Now listen to me. ”

At this point he shook his baton towards both Peter and then back to Graham who had now lifted his head back up. Incidentally, by now a big lump had already appeared on his forehead.
“I’m going to make it my business to talk to this little girl tomorrow, and if either of you have done anything to her, or arranged for anyone else to do anything to her that she isn’t happy with. Then you had better disappear from the face of the planet.

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   I’ll hunt you down and rip your guts out. Now stop this fucking car. ”

Graham and Peter both looked ashen faced, as Graham lent across pressed the button and spoke into the little grill by his side.
“Ok Jimmy. You can pull up here. ”
The voice came back through the speakers,
“But sir, we’re miles from anywhere, and on a motorway. ”
Graham looked across at Olaf, as if asking if he still wanted to have the car stopped. Olaf used his baton and pushed Graham in the chest forcing him along the seat towards Peter. He then lent across and spoke into the grill.
“Find the nearest town and stop somewhere I can get a taxi. ”

Graham might have been scared, and that would of course be understandable, but give him his due, he slowly moved the end of the baton from his chest and as he leant back towards the grill he pressed the little button by the side of it,
“Carry on Jimmy; I’ll get back you in a minute. ”
Then he looked at Olaf,
“He didn’t hear your instruction, so don’t go bashing him on the head. And if you tell us where you want to go, we can take you. There’s no need for a taxi. ”
Olaf looked more than a little agitated,
“Don’t get fucking clever with me.

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   I’m still the one holding the stick. ”
“I’m not getting clever my boy. And I don’t know why you’re so up tight. Surely we can all be friends?”

Then he looked at me,
“Come Mary; think about your Gerry’s future. Surely you can reassure Olaf here that we are all good friends. ”
I knew he was hinting about the trouble my Gerry could get into, or to be more accurate, the trouble he could cause for my Gerry. Somewhere along the way, I’d forgotten he still held the trump card. I turned and looked up at Olaf,
“He’s right. I know I was scared back there in the club. But I didn’t realise what I was getting myself into. And I’m more than just grateful for your help. Without you, I don’t know what would have happened. ”

Graham said softly,
“We do. ”
As I looked across he was sitting there with a big beaming smile. I lifted myself up and planted a soft kiss on Olaf cheek.

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“See lad, she might be a bit on the shy side, but once she gets to know you, she’s like any other bitch on heat. ”
Olaf face turned from the soft mellow smile I’d managed to bring about, into a fierce snarl as he growled,
“You are rude and disgusting man. ”

“No Olaf. You don’t know the little girl. Come on Mary, tell him. ”
“Tell him what?”
“You just said you were grateful for his help. I’m sure you want to show him how grateful. ”
It was obvious what he had on his mind, but knowing the bottom line was playing along or Gerry going to prison, I asked him anyway,
“By doing what?”
“Invite him back to your house with us. Maybe Gerry would like to see the man who saved his wife’s honour. ”

“It’s late; Olaf has probably got things to do, or needs to be somewhere. ”
“Ask him. ”
“Would you like to meet my husband?”
“I don’t know. Do you want me to?”
“I guess he will want to thank you. ”
“That is not necessary. ”
“But I want to thank you.

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“You already have, that kiss was thanks enough. ”

Graham piped up in a sarcastic tone,
“How sweet. It’s like a medieval maiden who’s been saved by a knight in shining armour. Come on Mary cut the crap. Invite him back to fuck you. ”
Again Olaf scowled, but he said nothing.
“Don’t look so angry. Slip your hand up her habit (I was of course still dressed in the nun’s habit), and you’ll find her snatch is dripping wet. She wants your dick like a dog wants a bone. ”

I could see Graham’s eyes burning into me, urging me to offer myself to Olaf. I plucked up the courage, and looked up at his still scowling face,
“Please Olaf, he is telling the truth. I do want to show you my gratitude. Come back with us, and we can make love. ”
“Your husband! What will he say?”
Graham chipped in,
“He’ll be a good little boy, and sit quietly watching. ”
Olaf looked concerned as he asked,
“Are you sure you want me to come to your house?”

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   I need to repay your kindness. ”

“That’s settled then, we should be arriving at your place any minute, and then once our Olaf here has done the business, we’ll give him a lift to where ever he calls home. ”
We sat in silence for a few minutes, but both Graham and Peter had smiles on their faces like two excited school boys. Olaf and I kept exchanging glances, and as I began to think of what would soon be taking place between us, I could feel my tummy getting to a boiling point. I’m not sure how much my eagerness showed in my face, but as we exchanged glances, I saw Olaf’s face change from one of concern and pity, to gradually a look of desire.

As the drivers voice announced our arrival at my house, Graham looked at me and said,
“Ok, let me do the talking. And remember, what will happen if you screw-up this time. ”
It was obvious Olaf heard Graham’s threat, but either he didn’t understand its relevance, or he was so far down the path to our imminent union that nothing now mattered; but what ever the case, the remark didn’t even show in a change of facial expression.

So as I opened the front door graham called up the stairs,
“Hey Gerry lad, we’ve brought your little lady home. ”
I guess Gerry hadn’t been asleep, as his reply was almost immediate,
“Ok I’ll be down in a second. ”
We all went into the front room and were sitting down as Gerry walked in. He looked more than a little surprised to see so many people; I guess he’d thought it would be just me and Graham.
“Come in lad. That’s it sit yourself down. This is Mr Harris, the advertising man from the knickers firm.


   And this is the hero of the night, Olaf. ”

You could see the look of curiosity on Gerry face, and Graham continued,
“Yes, I know last we spoke your little lady was about to win you a new car, but things didn’t pan out that way. You see being as she didn’t get up on stage and accept the money they were offering, the club got a bit nervous about her. And once they can't be sure of a girl’s intentions, they have to cover themselves; insurance so to speak. ”
“I I don’t understand. ”
“Well the upshot was, if she wanted to earn that wedge for you, she had to sign a waiver form, and agree to a bit of group sex. ”
“Group? But it was supposed to be just one guy?”
“I’ve told you, she just wasn’t reliable, so it was group or nothing. ”

Gerry looked very worried, and Graham continued,
“Well she put a brave face on it, and signed the form, and then got dress-up ready to playact a rape scene. But somewhere in between signing and going out on stage, she got cold feet, or dry snatch, one or the other. But now her problem was how to get out of there. ”
“Why couldn’t she just tell them she had changed her mind?”
“Because they had a signed form, which meant they could actually rape her, and claim she’d agreed. So in steps our hero. He wielded his big baseball bat and fought her way out to freedom. ”

Gerry dashed across to me, and hugged me,
“You weren’t hurt?”
“No. Nobody touched me.

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   Thanks to Olaf. ”
And at that point I turned and gave Olaf an admiring look. Gerry let go of me and turned to look at Olaf, who was still the most terrifying sight, and as he took hold of his hand with both of his own, he shook it saying,
“I don’t know how I can thank you enough, but if there’s ever anything I can do for you, just say. ”
Before Olaf could reply, Graham was ready with his planned intervention,
“Well Gerry lad, now you mention it. There is something Olaf was looking forward to. And helping your little lady meant he sacrificed his own desires. And my boy, it’s something that’s within your powers to give him. ”
“What? If there’s anything he wants that I’ve got, it’s his for the asking. ”

“I was kind of hoping you feel that way. You see this is the man who was about to perform with your little lady on stage, and if he hadn’t rescued her, he’d have been the first one to have his pleasure. ”
I could see the meaning was now gelling in Gerry head, and as he turned and looked at Graham he asked,
“He wants to fuck her?”
“Of course he does my boy, doesn’t every man that sees her. But more than just wanting to fuck her, I think you have to agree, he’s earned the right. ”
Gerry looked at me next,
“And you, what do you think?”

Well as we all know it’s wasn’t a matter of what I thought or felt, as this was Graham's wish, if I didn’t agree, I would be sending Gerry to prison.
“He did save me from being raped, and if he hadn’t, I’d still be back in that club being abused by one man after another. He should be rewarded.

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“Ok. I guess you and him might as well go upstairs and use our bedroom, we'll stay down here until he’s finished. ”
“That’s my boy, but now you’ve seen sense, try putting a bit more meaning into your offer. Go on tell Olaf you’d be pleased if he’d accept sex with your wife as a reward, and as a gesture of how much you appreciate his help. ”

Gerry now seemed to accept this with a lot more ease than I’d imagined, and he turned back to Olaf, again taking his hand with both of his own,
“Thank you for making sure my wife wasn’t hurt. And I’d like, no I’d be please if you’d have sex with my Mary. She is dear to me, but I can see she likes you, and I feel I can trust you not to hurt her. ”
Graham got to his feet,
“Be back in a jiffy with my camera, Gerry lad, nip upstairs and grab a quilt off the bed and a few sheets, so we can spread them out across the floor. Peter can you get Olaf to help you move all the furniture to the outside of the room. We want plenty of clear space for them to perform on. ”

Gerry looked gob smacked, and as Graham was about to walk from the room he called,
“But Mr Spencer. ”
Graham stopped in the doorway,
“What now lad. Make it snappy, poor Olaf has been gagging for this fuck all night. ”
“But I thought they'd go upstairs and do it in private. ”

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   Well you thought wrong, when that donkey cock of his spreads her snatch open; I’m gonna be front row, with camera on full zoom. And if I’m not mistaken, you’ll be sitting in the corner watching and wanking like a love-sick monkey. ”
With that he disappeared and went out to his car.

By the time he’d returned, all the seating and tables were moved back to the walls, and Gerry had done as he was told, so Peter organised Gerry and Olaf into covering the carpets as fully as the sheets could manage.
“Good work lads, now how are you going to do this, do you want to be the nun being forced, or are you going to just undress and get stuck in?”
I could see his question was aimed towards me, but as I stood there not knowing how to answer, Peter said,
“Well if it's all the same to Mary, I like the idea of a nun reading her bible by candle light, and then blowing out her candle and using it to get some sexual relief. Then our big soldier can find her in the middle of her masturbation, and show her what her cunt is made for. ”

Graham looked delighted with this idea,
“Great, well Mary, can you go with that one?”
I reluctantly replied,
“I suppose so. ”
“And you Olaf, can you hold back long enough to let her work her snatch up to a lather?”
“I’ll do it what ever way she wants me to. ”
Sarcastically Graham said,
“Arh, isn’t he nice. Right we need a candle, Gerry lad can you find one, and a book, something that might look like a bible. ”
I knew Gerry wouldn't have any idea where to look,
“Its ok, I’ll find them myself. ”

I actually had a real bible, and I went upstairs and collected it, but candles were not something we normally kept. All I could think of was a Christmas candle from last year it was in the cupboard by the fuse box, in case of a fuse blowing or a power cut. So I returned with bible in one hand, and a Santa minus its head (which had burnt away last time the candle had been used) in the other. What I hadn’t even thought about was this candle was actually quite thick and knobbly, as it was after all a Santa carrying his sack full of toys.

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   When Graham saw it he burst out laughing, and seconds later so did Peter.

As each of us began to see the absurdity of the sight, a nun holding a bible and headless Santa, first I joined in, then Gerry, and eventually even Olaf; though I’m not sure he actually thought it funny.
“Well come on then. This is gonna be one silly little movie. Right Mary, on your knees, and pretend to read your bible. Gerry lad, light the candle. ” We all followed instruction, and as I played my part, Graham began to film. Peter had a still camera and was intermittently taking photos.

As instructed I read my bible, and then placed it down on the floor. Then after wetting my fingers and pinching out the candle Graham said,
“Hold up, lets do that again, only this time kneel up straight, lift the hem of your habit, and wet your finger and thumb from your snatch, and before you use it to pinch out the candle, hold it out so we can see the sticky tendrils as your fingers part. Then pinch your candle. I did as he’d told me, and yes my pussy had got more than enough wet sticky juices to perform his request. Although I was acting a part and couldn’t blatantly look at my audience, every glimpse I caught, told me; that to a man, they were transfixed, and from the glazed looks I’d guess all rock hard; but that last bit is pure supposition.

As I now start to fondle my candle, holding it in one hand and sliding the other up and down its knobbles and bumps, I begin to wonder it I’ll be able to get something of this size and shape up inside me. After a few minutes of this fondling, I bring my legs from underneath me, and then lie back.


   With one hand running the candle through my open mouth with tongue lapping it as it passes, my other hand is pulling my robes and exposing my breasts. Once I’ve uncovered my chest area, I move the candle and now I’m rubbing in the valley of my breasts. As I said, my audience are all watching with eyes on stalks, but it isn’t only them who is getting excited, I can feel my hips lifting, and it isn’t because I’m acting. My free hand pulls the hem up and then furiously tugs at the coarse material of the undergarments that nun’s wear as knickers. They are obviously not meant to pull away quickly, but I find the wide legs give access to my pussy without the need to remove them. So with one hand pulling the material across, I bring the Santa down to meet my wet and wanting hole.

As I push it against my wet lips, I can feel the knobbly bumps digging into my pelvic bone structure. I rotate it around and lean it from side to side, but I begin to think this was not a wise choice. Then without warning, I feel a swelling as my pussy lips stretch over Santa’s shoulders, and keep stretching as his big fat tummy and toy sack slide up inside me. I felt every bump and moulded feature of this novelty candle as it stretched and distorted the walls of my pussy. But as if on auto-pilot, I pushed it deep up inside until I’d only just got my fingertips holding the base. Then I began to alternately pull and push, sliding it in and out of my pussy. But far from, as you might expect, causing pain; every knobble caused a ripple of excitement, and each ripple built with the next to generate a wave of exhilarating pleasure.

This was no longer an act, and even if they'd all left the room right now, I’d have continued until my pussy erupted. But, of course, at this point in my little performance, nobody was about to go anywhere, they were all squatted around me with eyes on stalks.

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   Especially my Gerry, I think the look of horror on his face when he saw me trying to work the Santa up my pussy, showed he was more frightened, than I’d been. But by now he was like the rest of them, staring as they revelled in my performance. It was around now when Graham gave Olaf the signal to start his act.

As Olaf loomed up alongside me standing there with his big baton held high, I guess the poor timid nun was supposed to let go of her candle or pull it out. But at the very least, she’d have closed her legs and tried to cover up. But I couldn’t stop my fingers ramming poor old Santa up and down my chimney. So Olaf put his baton down and knelt along side me, and just began to use his hands to work my breasts. His lips came to mine, and our tongues intermingled. It wasn’t the rape of an unwilling nun as they'd wanted, but I hadn't the power or will to resist, acting or otherwise.

So as Olaf gradually moved one of his hands down to my crotch, he took hold of the candle and relieved my hands of the task they had been busy with. So now with two free hands I began to release all the pins and buttons that held this silly habit in place, and with the help of Olaf free hands, gradually my body became naked. But without thinking about my actions, my hands then started work on the soldiers uniform Olaf was wearing, and again, between us, we gradually stripped him, without little Santa getting any respite at all. Hence by the time we were both naked and I caught sight of his magnificent errection, my poor little pussy was throbbing and pulsating wildly.

Something I should explain; as before, even though I was one the main participants in this performance, a lot of what I’m now relating, especially the visual aspects of it, I only know from watching Graham’s video afterwards. The only visuals I could actually see were Olaf and the faces of my audience, especially my poor Gerry.

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But back to Olaf and I, as I’d said my pussy was pouting, and although I could feel the sensation, this was one thing the video showed in close-up, and also caused plenty of comment at the video showing later. But it wasn’t just my pussy that demonstrated my arousal, my hips were also rhythmically lifting, and with each lift my knees would turn outwards, offering my pussy to this gigantic Adonis.

It must have been obvious to all that I was ready, and as soon as Olaf removed the candle, he positioned himself in-between my legs, and as he looked me in the eyes, he asked,
“Are you ready?”
My mind and body were in total agreement, but my body got its answer in first. So as I heaved my hips forwards, impaling my pussy with his cock, I made the meaningless reply,
“Yes please. ”

But the word please hadn’t left my lips before I started to sigh and moan as the pain of the pussy stretching began to overwhelm my consciousness,
“Oh ohh a. Ah uh urr. Oww oh fuck. ”
And with each successive thrust, my sighs got longer,
“Oohw ooh ooooh. ”
And then as he gradually picked up his pace and pushed deeper, the tone of my moans went higher,
“Ooh ooh fuck me ooooowh. ”

Going back to my Gerry’s words of comfort; when he’d been trying to persuade me to have sex in the club; ‘if it’s too big it won't go in. You can only take what your pussy is made to take. ’ So being as my pussy was as turned-on and eager for action as it was possible to be, I might have expec.



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