Freebie (Part Four)


All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.

As this is now part four of my tale, I'm assuming you've read parts one to three, so you know how I got into the situation I find myself in at the moment.

I dreamt that night, and I'm sure you won't be surprised if I tell you Trav featured very strongly in my dreams. It wasn't, however, a dream of sex and lust, but more a romantic journey with him at my side, protecting and guiding me through some magical garden. The details are long since faded from my memory, and even at the time I first recalled them the next morning, didn't actually make sense. But I know I thought a lot about Trav in those next few days.

But back to reality, and the true reality on the next morning was answering the phone to Graham at around ten in the morning, Gerry was still in bed.
“4 3 6 5 8 7. ”
“Hello, its Graham. I'm just ringing to find out how last night went. ”
Just hearing his voice sent a shiver of rage down my spine, but I tried to be polite even if I didn't want to talk to him.
“Oh, it was nice thank you. And thank you for letting us borrow your car and driver. ”
“That's alright my dear.

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   You know I'd do anything for you. A little dickybird tells me you also did well at the dancing?”
“Yes. I won the first prize. ”
“So my dear, I wonder if I could ask you a favour?”

This I didn't want to hear, I knew he'd pretend it was something innocent, and I'd end-up being in another situation.
“I'm not sure. What is it you want?”
“Oh I see. You don't mind receiving favours, but you don't like repaying them. In that case, I'll say goodbye. ”
Even as I first heard the tone of his voice, I began to feel ashamed of my reaction, but by the time he'd finished speaking I felt so guilty, I just blurted out,
“No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way. Just tell me what it is you want. ”

Why oh why was I so stupid? I know this man plays mind games, and I also know what his real intentions are. So now my tummy knots up waiting to find out what he's going to ask for.
“I'm not sure if I can ask you now.

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   It seems people who I thought were my friends are now letting me down. ”
“I'm sorry. I just don't want to get involved with anything like that club you took me to last time. ”
“It's not just you. Even my old friend Peter has sent me some legal stuff; that note you made me sign, it appears I'm now the one who is guilty of stealing my own stuff. And all because I tried to help you and your husband out of a hole; what gratitude? I guess in future, I'll just let the guilty party suffer. ”

As I've just said, I know he plays mind games. But games or not, he was having an effect on me,
“I'm sorry. I am really grateful. But that note was just to make sure I didn't end up being a. . . you know, it wasn't something I could keep doing. ”
“Yes, I guess it's easier to say you're grateful than it is to do something to repay your debt. ”
“It's not like that.

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   I thought with all those things I did for you, I'd repaid you. ”
“Oh now I see. You think having five or ten minutes of sexy romps is payment enough for what could have been thirty plus years in jail. I'm sure if it had been you faced with going to prison for thirty years, you'd put a different value on things. But like I say, you don't believe in honouring your debts, and you've got me over a barrel legally, so I guess you can do what you want and forget who helped you along the way. ”

“Please don't say that, tell me what you want me to do?”
“It was something I'd hoped to do last night, but you were otherwise engaged. There is a Japanese importer over here. . . ”
Just hearing the word Japanese sent shivers down my spine, and before he'd finished his sentence, I interrupted.
“Please stop. ”
“What? What's wrong, I haven't even told you what I want. ”
“I know, but I don't like the sound of it. ”
“Sound of what, I haven't told you what I'm planning. ”
“It was the nationality of the man.

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“What? You don't like Japanese men?”
“No. I know it's not the done thing these days, but I've had a bad experience with a Japanese man, and I couldn't do anything like that again. ”

“Well that's rich. Are you saying you've never had an English man do something wrong?”
“Well no. ”
“But that hasn't put you off all English men. I can see you've got a bit of a bigoted personality, to add to your ungrateful nature. And there was I thinking you were a nice generous and open minded girl. It's a good job for you, they don't think that way about us. Otherwise you wouldn't have any of those high tech electrical things you take for granted. But I guess I'm wasting my breath, you've got what you wanted from me, and now I'm of no use, you can just walk away. ”

“Ok, you've made your point. But I want to know exactly what you are expecting me to do before I agree. ”
“That was what I was about to tell you, but you were the one who interrupted me. ”
“Ok, I'm sorry, I'll let you finish before I speak again. ”
“Well exactly; my car will pick you up around seven.

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   Of course my girls will have been with you all afternoon, getting you ready. Then, when you arrive at my house, you will be shown up to the smoking room, where I will be waiting with Mr Aioka. ”
On hearing that name I couldn't hold back and again I interrupted,
“Oh no. ”
“What now?”

“That's the man who I just told you I had a bad experience with. ”
“That's not possible; he's never been to England before. He arrived yesterday. Unless you mean you've been to Japan?”
“No. It was him last night at that place we went to. ”
“Well if you go around arranging meetings with men from foreign countries without taking precautions, then you shouldn't be surprised when they behave according to their own customs. Why on earth did you go to him last night?”
“He asked us to. He sent a message telling Gerry he could fix it for me to win the dance competition. ”
“And you went to his room alone?”
“No, Gerry came with me. ”
“Well that's as bad as being alone; he's not exactly action man. What on earth did you think he wanted you for?”
“Please I don't want to talk about it. All I know is that man is not nice, and I couldn't help you if it's him you want me to entertain.

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“So you don't trust me to be able to control the situation?”
“How do you mean?”
“I'm guessing you and Gerry went to him, and he had his own men there to enforce his will on you?”
“Yes. ”
“This time, it will be on my turf, with my men, and he will only have one of his henchmen with him. So I'll be in control of what goes on, and being my guest, he'll just comply. ”
“I'm still not sure; he didn't appear to be a man who could be persuaded. ”
“And neither am I when I'm the one being backed by my manpower. You'll see, he'll be meek as a new born lamb. ”
“I hope you're right. ”

“So back to what will happen. You say Mr Aioka has already met you; well maybe that was why he was so interested when I showed him the photos of you in the underwear and beachwear. Anyway, all I need you to do is pose for him, in traditional Japanese poses, with the things Mr Aioka will provide. ”
“Just posing, no touching or more important, no hitting or beating with sticks. ”
“Just posing, Mr Aioka won't touch you at all. ”
“And the things he'll be asking me to model?”
“What do you think? They'll probably leave you as good as naked, and he will expect you to display yourself. But surely that won't present a problem for you?”
“Ok, I'll do it, but remember I'm trusting you to make sure he behaves himself. ”
“Ok, so I'll send my girls around to give you the once over.

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   Bye for now. ”

Just as I put the phone down, Gerry walked in the room,
“Who was that?”
“Your ex boss. ”
“Who? Mr Spencer?”
“How many other ex bosses have you got?”
“Did you thank him for last night?”
“Yes. But after what happened with that Jap, I don't know why. ”
“That wasn't his fault. ”
“Maybe not, but if we hadn't been there, and we'd gone to the Marriott instead, it couldn't have happened. ”
“That's just you using your dislike of Mr Spencer to blame him for anything that happens. It could have happened at the Marriott, and at least going to that club, you got five hundred quid. ”
“That's all you think about, bloody money. ”

“Anyway, what was he ringing for?”
“What do you think? He still wants what he wanted last night, only now it's moved on to tonight. ”
“So I suppose you told him where to go. ”
“Well I was going to, but he kind of convinced me we still owe him for you not going to prison. ”
“But that other guy, Peter said that's all done with now. And he daren't try to shop me now. ”
“I know, and even Graham says the same.

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   But he also said, morally, we still owe him. ”
“And you went along with it?”
“I guess it made sense when he explained it, but I'm not sure now. ”

“So, has he told you what he wants you to do tonight?”
“Yes. ”
“You'll laugh if I tell you. ”
“Laugh? Why, what has he got in mind?”
“No I don't mean its funny, but you'll think I'm mad for agreeing to go. ”
“Come on you can't leave it there. ”
“It's that same Japanese man. Mr Aioka. ”
“You're joking?”
“No. ”
“My god Mary, even I wouldn't go anywhere I knew he was going to be. You can't seriously tell me you're going to meet him again?”
“I don't want to, but Graham said he could make sure I wasn't touched. And I agreed to go and model some Japanese underwear. ”

“Are you kidding? Over there they either wear nothing underneath, or just wrap themselves in white cloth. I think you've got it all wrong. And if you think that bloke will be contented to just sit there watching you model, in either Jap or western knickers, and not touch you? You were right, you are mad.

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“So should I ring Graham and tell him I'm not going to go to his house?”
“I would. But why are you asking me. I thought I was a moron these days. You only take notice of that Peter fella. ”
"What? You think I should ask him?"
"Not really. But what ever I say, it'll be wrong. "
“Don't be like that. But you might have a point. He'd have more idea about Graham's intentions. But that would mean telling him all about last night. ”
“The less people that know about that, the happier I'll be. ”

“Your choice. But don't go blaming me if it all goes wrong. ”
“I wouldn't. But even if I have to tell Peter, I know he'll understand.

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   And I'm sure he'll know what's best to do. I'll ring him now. ”
I dialled the number, it took a few rings, and I expected the phone to go over to a message service, but then,
“Hello. ”
“Is that Peter?”
“Yes, is that Mary? I was about to ring you when I got through with this meeting. I wanted to know if it is convenient to call on you?”
“Oh yes please. We've got something to tell you, and we need your advice. ”
“Ok, can't really talk now, I've just had to duck out of a meeting to answer this call. I'll wind the meeting up, and be with you in half an hour. ”

So that was it, I made our lunch, and we waited for Peter. It took him a little over his estimated half an hour, but when he arrived, his first question was,
“So why on earth did you go to that place last night?”
We were still walking along the hall as he asked me, and as we turned into the front room and he sat himself down, I answered,
“Well, to be honest, I thought we were going to the Marriott as you'd arranged. It was Gerry who changed the plan. ”

Peter looked at Gerry.
“I sometimes wonder how many times that man has to dupe you before you see him for what he is. ”
Gerry didn't look pleased at this rebuke,
“What do you mean?”
“That Japanese man is one of Graham's business contacts, he set you up. Your wife was used as a sweetener to help his importing business.


As I looked at Peter in amazement I asked,
“How do you know about that man?”
“I told you yesterday, I know people who are interested in that kind of activity. And he is one of those on the fringe, the ones you have to handle very carefully. And his taste in entertainment is not for the squeamish. You can think yourself lucky you got away as lightly as you did, he must have been in a good mood. ”

“So you even know what he did to me?”
“Yes. And what happened to Gerry. ”
“His leg, yes, that was really scary. ”
“Well yes, I bet that bit was, but I was actually talking about what happened to him later. ”
I looked at Gerry, and this time it was him who turned a bright red. This was something very unusual. I hesitated to ask, but I couldn't stop myself,
“When do you call later? And what happened?”
Peter looked a bit guilty, knowing he'd let the cat out of the bag, but he just said,
“That's up to your husband to tell you. I thought you'd already know about it. ”

I looked at Gerry,
“Well? Cat got your tongue?”
“Please Mary. I'll tell you later when we're on our own. ”
“But Peter already knows, so why am I the only one who's being kept in the dark.

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“It was after you'd stormed off. I was about to go back to the bar, when that manager bloke asked if I wanted to join Mr Aioka in his apartment. ”
“But after what we'd just been through, why on earth did you go back up there?”
“I don't know, curiosity I guess. ”
“Curiosity? You know what that creep is capable of, I wouldn't have gone back up there for all the tea in china. ”

“Well I did. And when I got up there, it was me who they grabbed hold of. And they did the same to me as they did to you. Well not exactly, they didn't spank me, and it wasn't Mr Aioka who. . . you know. But it was one of those guards of his. And while they did it, that little bastard was sat there watching and laughing. ”
“Oh my god Gerry. I never knew.

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   Are you alright?”
“Well I ain't going near that bastard again, that's for sure. ”
“I can't for the life of me understand why you went back after what we'd both been through earlier. ”

Peter said,
“I think the curiosity was enhanced by what they told him he might see when he got there. ”
I turned and asked,
“See? Like what?”
“I'm guessing, but it normally goes something like, ‘we're going to have a little show up stairs'. When you ask what kind. You're told, ‘someone will be getting an arse fucking. Do you want to come and watch?' You will of course, imagine you are going to see some girl getting fucked. But when you get there, the only person you see getting fucked; is yourself in the mirror. ”

I turned to Gerry,
“Was that what happened?
In a very dejected voice he replied,
“More or less. ”
I got to my feet, and as I knelt by his side, I wrapt my arms around him, and we hugged and kissed. We'd only been hugging for a few seconds, when Peter, said,
“I can't imagine why you're making such a fuss of him. For a start, he only went up there hoping to either see or be the one to fuck some poor innocent girl. And what happened to him is not a patch on what you've done on his behalf. ”
I gave Peter a dirty look as I said,
“Less of that. You wouldn't be so cocky if you'd been through something like that.

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“Ok, if we can't talk about that, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”
“Its Graham, he wants me to go to his house tonight. ”
“But you know he has no hold over you now. ”
“I know, but he says, morally, I still haven't paid him enough. ”
“That's bollocks. If you'll excuse my French. ”
“But when he was explaining it to me, I felt so guilty; I agreed. ”
“That's silly. Do you know what he wants you for?”
I repeated what I'd told Gerry'
“To model some Japanese underwear for Mr Aioka. ”
“And you believed that? My god Mary! You're not the girl I took you for. I thought you had more sense than that. ”

Then he looked at Gerry,
“Surely you weren't going to let her go?”
“I told her I didn't think it was a good idea, and I was the one who told her to contact you, to ask what you thought. ”
“Well at least you're starting to think straight, and I'm glad you're now accepting that maybe I do know a bit more about these things than you do. But first things first, pick up the phone and tell Graham he's out of luck. ”
He was looking at Gerry when he gave the instruction, and as Gerry picked up the phone, he asked,
“Then what?”
“Don't worry about what comes next, just phone Graham and make sure he gets the message. ”
Gerry phoned, and he told Graham, but obviously Graham was putting up an argument or some kind of defence of his motives.

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   Then as Gerry came off the phone Peter asked,
“So is he clear about where he stands?”
“It's not that simple. ”
“Oh my god, don't tell me he's persuaded you to let her go?”
“He says Mary won't be hurt in any way, and the only reason you don't want her to go, is because you are a major league pimp. He says you have over fifty whores working for you, and all you're doing is attempting to get my Mary to join your stable. ”

“But you know that already. I explained the other day I run girls, and yes, if your Mary wants to do that kind of work, I'll make sure she's protected, and find her suitable clients. But how does that change what could happen to Mary tonight?”
“I don't know. It was the way he put it, he says he'll look after Mary better than you, and he isn't trying to make money out of her. He only wants her to entertain some of his friends, and he won't make her into a whore. ”

Peter looked from me to Gerry, and then slowly said,
“Well. I guess it's just a case of who you believe. I thought I'd found a way out for you from under Graham's thumb. And I've already told you, the other stuff is your choice. But if you think he's your saviour, then it's up to you. ”
Gerry looked at me, but I guess I was as confused as him as to whom we could trust. Then Gerry said,
“I think maybe she should go to Mr Spencer's house tonight, and if it is as he says, then maybe we'll just pay him off, doing the odd modelling thing for him.

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   That way I can maybe go back to my old job, and things can get back to normal. ”

“You bloody fool. Still it's your funeral. Or to be more precise, it's your wife's. ”
“I don't think he's as bad as you make him out to be. ”
“Ok, you've made your choice. But you do know what will happen to your wife tonight?”
“She's told you, just modelling. ”
“Do you want to see some photos of what kind of thing he has in mind?”
I answered,
“No, it's alright. I can guess I'll be showing lots of naked flesh. But so long as I'm not being slapped or beaten, it won't be too bad. ”

“I should just go and let you suffer, but I do feel partly responsible for you being in this mess. Wait while I go to my car and gets some photos, then I'll explain what he has planned for tonight. ”
He got up and went out to his car, and Gerry said,
“What do you think, who would you trust?”
“Peter. But even if we trust him, we know he wants me to work as a prostitute for him. At least with Graham, even if tonight does involve sex, I'm sure once I've done it a few times, and you're back working at your old job, we can then get back to normal; like you said.

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“That's the way I see it. I don't think these photos will make any difference, no matter how much cunt you have to show. ”

I didn't like the way Gerry put it, but in essence, the gist of what he said was about right. Then Peter came in and handed us about five photos. All the photos were of the same girl, but just one glance at each of them made a shiver run down my spine.

The girl was naked in all of the photos, and in all of them she was hanging by ropes from a horizontally suspended bamboo cane. What it was hanging from was not shown in the pictures. All that could be seen was the single rope divided into two, and held each end of the stout bamboo shaft, which was somewhere around five or six feet long, and a good inch or more thick. The poor girl was trust up with ropes cutting into her naked flesh, each photo showing her in a different pose to the next. And in one, she was being probed in her pussy by a large dildo that appeared to be part of a mask worn by a man. To say she looked in distress in all these pictures is an understatement, and to say I was repulsed by them was also putting it mildly.

Peter asked,
“Well, do you still intend to let your wife go to meet that man?”
“What makes you think this is anything to do with Mr Aioka?”
“It was him, or to be more accurate, his personal assistant who sent them to me. ”
“Why would he do that?”
“Because he knew he'd be over here for a few weeks, and I have a reputation for being able to provide girls for any kind of taste, no matter how weird. ”
“I don't get it, if you can find him a girl, then what makes you think he will do something like this to Mary?”

“If I find him a girl, it'll cost him five grand plus for just one night. Girls in this country don't go in for that kind of thing lightly.

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   But a leopard doesn't change his spots, and being as Graham is trying to butter this guy up, it's my guess, he's gonna use your wife to do it. ”
Gerry repeated what I'd told him,
“But Mr Spencer has already said it's just posing in Japanese underwear. ”
“That is what Mr Aioka calls posing, and as for Japanese underwear, they either wear nothing, western stuff as in my catalogue, or traditional linen wraps. Did he actually say underwear?”
Peter was looking at me when he asked the question.

I thought back, and then tried to repeat the actual words Graham had said,
“I think it was something like, ‘He'd seen the photos of me in the underwear and beachwear. And he wanted me to pose for him in traditional Japanese poses. He would provide the. . . ' I'm not sure. I think he said ‘things', which I assumed meant underwear or swimwear. ”
“As I thought. Those photos show the traditional poses he wants, and the things, are ropes, clips, pins and all manner of other ways of causing pain. ”
Gerry held me close, and I snuggled into his chest.
“So my boy, if I was you I'd tell Graham to find some other sucker.

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Gerry went to the phone, and it was obvious from his attitude, he was just telling Graham, and not listening to any kind of excuse or explanation. Then when he came back, he looked at Peter,
“Well I guess I can forget about getting my job back. And now, I'll bet you have some kind of plan of your own. ”
“Plan? For what?”
“For Mary. Who else?”
“I have no plan. As far as I'm concerned, all I'm gonna do now is leave a card with the name and address of my legal people, just in case Graham ever does try anything silly. You've already got my card, if you do want to contact me. So I guess I'll take my leave. ”

I looked at Gerry, and my eyes were asking if he thought I should offer to reward Peter for his help. But Gerry just asked,
“What's up with you?”
“Please Peter, can you just wait here a minute, I want to have a quick word with Gerry on my own. ”
And with that I took his arm and led him into the kitchen.

“We can't just let him go without doing something to show him how much he's done for us. ”
“Oh I see. You're back to that again. I'm beginning to think this sex thing is like a drug for you.

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   Any man who crosses your path you have to open your legs. ”
“You ungrateful pig. I've done all this to keep you from prison. ”
“Yes so you keep banging on. But that's sorted now, and yet you still want an excuse to get him into bed with you. ”
“I sometimes wonder why I bothered. Don't you understand if it hadn't been for Peter, I'd still be under Graham's control, and those photos you saw would be me tonight? And maybe even worse tomorrow. Well I don't care what you think, I'm going to let Peter know if he wants me; it's the least I can do to repay him. ”
As I turned and began to walk back to the front room, Gerry said,
“So why did you asked me my opinion, if you'd already made up your mind?”

I ignored him, and as I walked into the front room, I said to Peter,
“We really are grateful for all the help you've given us, I know we haven't got enough money to repay your kindness, but if you want to go upstairs with me, I'll do my best to show you how much we appreciate your help. ”
“You know what I think about your prowess in that department, but I can see from Gerry's look, it is just been offered as a repayment. So as much as I'd love to take you up on the offer, I think I'll say no. If at any time in the future you want my help, just ask, and if at any time in the future, you offer yourself to me, just because we are friends, then I'll consider it an honour. But an offer made under these circumstances is not what I want; I think you're confusing me with Graham. ”

As he first started talking, I felt hurt; at first thinking he didn't want sex with me. But then as he continued, my feelings changed, and I somehow felt we'd insulted him.

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“Please Peter. It wasn't meant in that way. And I do look upon you as my friend. ”
“Maybe love. But I know your husband still thinks I'm only doing this to get my hooks into you. So better we part now on good terms. ”
I reached up and with my arms around Peter's neck I began to kiss. The kiss lasted over a minute, and as our tongues mingled, I felt an exchange of spirits between two lovers. In that brief moment, I knew this could not be the last time Peter and I would be in each others arms. Then as he gently lowered me back to my feet, he held out his hand to Gerry, and said,
“Well my lad. Hope you get your life sorted out. I have only two pieces of advice for you. One; stay well clear of Graham, no matter what he's offering. And second, make sure you take real good care of this little girl. Because if you don't, there's plenty of men out there who will willingly do it for you.


   And you young lady. Well what can I say, I'm sorry to be saying goodbye, but happy you are now free to make your own choices. ”

With that he walked out of the room; in seconds was climbing into his car and as I stood in the front doorway with Gerry's arms wrapped around my waist, off drove Peter. My head was racing, not knowing if that was the last time I'd ever see him. Then my trance was broken by,
“Hmm. Maybe he was genuine. I thought all that stuff was just his patter leading up to getting you working in one of his brothels. ”
“Gerry! You really are crude. Even if he had been trying to persuade me to work for him, it wouldn't have been like that. ”
“Look girl, it doesn't matter how it would have been, if you work for him selling your body for sex, you're a whore and that's that. ”

The next few days were very strange, Gerry not going to work, and not even going out of the house looking for it. We had argument after argument, neither of us knowing in what direction our life would take, or even in what direction we wanted it to go. Gerry collected all his pay owing to him from work, and with the other money from those two men and the dance competition; we had around two grand to live on. Not much, once the monthly mortgage had been taken out, especially knowing there wouldn't be another pay check next month.

Then out of the blue came an invitation to the next round of the dance competition, to be held this time in Manchester, a large town about a hundred or so miles away.

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   As soon as Gerry read it, his eyes lit up,
“That's it, if you win this one, it'll solve our money worries. ”
I had also been thinking, but I'd been trying to work out how I could even think about entering.
“It will; will it? Well for one, I need a dress. You won't get much change out of a grand for the complete outfit. And then there's entrance money, hotel, and who am I going to dance with?”
“I hadn't thought about that. What about if I phone Mr Spencer and see if he can pull any strings?”

“My god Gerry, don't you dare. ”
“But he was the one who organised the dress and a dancing partner last time. ”
“Yes, and if you remember, that Japanese bloke was some kind of business contact of his, so it's a little more than a coincidence, that we got involved with him, don't you think?”
“Well maybe he'll have gone home by now. ”
“You're not phoning Graham, if it isn't that Jap, he'll find some other man to humiliate me with. What about if I phone Peter?”
“But he didn't organise any of that stuff, and I can't see him paying for a dress or hotel. ”
“You're right; we couldn't expect him to pay out unless we do something for him. ”
“Are you still going on about having sex with him?”
“No. ”

The subject was dropped, and as the next week passed by, our arguments increased in frequency and bitterness, and by now Gerry had taken to going out in the afternoons to the pub. Although I resented this, because we couldn't afford it, it did give me a welcome break from our constant rowing. While he was out one afternoon, the phone rang,
“4 3 6 5 8 7.

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“Hello, is that Mrs Mary Kendal?”
“Yes, who wants to know?”
“Well my name is Jeff Bland, and I represent the Matrix Organisation. I assume you've heard of us, we produce the dance show on Saturday night television. ”
“Yes, but what do you want me for?”
“You won the last round of the preliminary competitions, and we expected you to take part in the next one, but you haven't returned your entrance application. ”
“I won't be competing. ”
“Why ever not?”
“A little thing called money. ”
“But I was led to believe you were being sponsored by a wealthy business group. ”
“Maybe that was who sponsored me for the last competition, but not anymore. ”
“Well if there's anything I can do to talk to them, I might be able to persuade them about the advantages of continuing their support. ”
“No thank you, it was my decision to end the connection between us. ”

There was a few seconds pause,
“Well I won't pry into your reasons for making that decision, but we would still like to see you in future competitions, and you do realise, winning that last one gives you automatic entry into our up coming series on the TV? Surely you'll be competing in that?”
“I hadn't realised, but even if I'm entitled, I still have the same problem. ”
“But don't tell me you'll miss out on the opportunities being on TV will create for you. ”
“What opportunities?”

“They're endless. Once you've appeared on our program, you'll get invitations to appear on all kind of TV shows. You'll automatically become a celeb, and that means you can ask money just for going to events, and almost never have to buy things like theatre tickets, meals, clothes, and even sometimes jewellery. The list of things people will want you to endorse is endless.

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   If you can't afford the necessary to compete, I can recommend and introduce you to several companies who will support your entrance expenses. ”
“Why would they do that?”
“As an investment, knowing even if you don't win, just the TV exposure will allow you to generate any money they loan you. ”
“I didn't realise it could be that profitable. ”
“Just let me send someone to see you to explain it all. There will be no obligation to take up their offer. ”
“Ok, but make sure they ring me first so I can have someone here who'll be able to advise me. ”
“Ok, will do, and I hope we see you entering for the next round. Bye for now. ”

My first action was to pick the phone back up and ring Peter to ask if he would be available when the person came to see me. I knew I wouldn't be able to decide if it was a good idea to accept what ever terms they offered, and Gerry wouldn't be much better than me. But Peter said in his opinion, it was pointless the person coming at all, and he suggested he should come and explain his reasons to Gerry and I together. So knowing Gerry would be home later, I arranged for Peter to call to see us around seven in the evening.

When Gerry arrived home from his afternoons drinking, I gave him his evening meal, and told him about the two telephone conversations I'd had while he was out. The first one got him excited, but on hearing I'd arranged for Peter to come and advise us, this dampened his enthusiasm. But around seven, Peter arrived, and I showed him into the front room.

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   He then told us, that in his opinion, the dance competition was a really positive way forward, and he even said,
“I'm not sure old Graham intended it to work in your favour, but getting you to that competition was the best thing he could have done for you. ”

He went on to explain all the things the man on the phone had mentioned about capitalising on a TV appearance were true. And he even added, if handled by an agent, I could make a career from just one appearance. But he strongly advised against going through any of the many sponsors that I'd find willing to back my attempt. Again, in his opinion, unless they were backing me to gain advertising from my appearance, he said their motives would be the interest they would make on the money loaned to me. And as this would be a very substantial sum, it could take me years to pay it back. And leave me in the position where if the future career didn't pan out, I could be deep in debt for years, or even loose our house.

Gerry didn't look pleased at Peter's advice, and he said,
“So even though you think she could make loads of money, you don't think it's worth the gamble?”
“It's your choice, but, and I'm not saying your Mary can't dance; you did say that last competition was fixed. There are so many who've gone this way before, and come unstuck. ”
“So should she just give-up on her dream?”
“No. But if you could earn enough money to get the ball rolling, and then just do a single job every time you need to top-up the kitty. That way if she wins competitions on her own merit, and the money does start rolling in, it'll all be spends. But if things don't turnout, you won't end up in debt. ”

“I get it. You're back to trying to get Mary working in one of your whore houses?”
“Not quite.

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   But I do have a couple of clients who saw her dancing the other week, and either or both of them would pay handsomely to take her out for the evening. ”
“Yes, but she'd still be working as a whore, and you'd still take your cut?”
“Well her job title would actually be 'An Escort', but yes, she'd be whoring. And yes I'd take my ten percent. But at around two grand a man, she'd make a net of three-thousand six-hundred for just two nights. And she'd be wined and dined at the very best places, and I can guarantee she won't have to put up with any rough stuff. ”

I still hadn't spoken, as I thought Gerry was fighting my cause quite effectively. But as Gerry heard the amounts of money to be made, I could see his excitement building. Then he asked,
“Are you sure you can get that much money for just one fuck?”
“I told you before, it's the desirability factor. They know she's gonna be on TV, so they can brag to their colleagues, ‘I've fucked her'. Once she's actually done her first show, I'll be upping the anti to five grand a time. ”
“Jesus Mary. I bet you never knew just how valuable that pussy you're sitting on was worth?”
I replied in a disapprovingly sarcastic tone,
“You're right. But I also never imagined you put so little value on it. ”

He looked at Peter,
“What the fuck is it with her? I don't know what I've done; but what ever I say I'm in the wrong. ”
Peter didn't reply to Gerry, but turned and said to me softly,
“I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but if you just do these first two jobs, it'll give you enough funds to enter the next few competitions, and keep your household bills up to date.

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   If you're winning competitions by then, and as your fame grows, maybe I could get you some legitimate advertising. ”
I didn't answer, but just sat there with my head hung low, shaking it side to side. Gerry said,
“It don't look like she's interested. And it wouldn't surprise me if I'm in the spare room tonight. I guess you'd better go. ”
“Ok, I'll leave. And if you still want to take up a loan, I will try to get here to advise you. Bye for now. ”

As soon as he'd gone, and it wasn't even seven-thirty, I went up to my room, got into bed, and that was me for the night. Gerry didn't attempt to join me, but he spent the night as he'd predicted, in the spare room. I didn't actually go straight to sleep when I'd gone up stairs; I lay there into the early hours of the morning, just running various scenarios through my head. I was up and doing housework by the time Gerry decided to come down stairs, and his first words were spoken in a very submissive tone.

“Are we cool?”
“I guess so. I'm sorry about last night; I know it wasn't your fault. ”
“So I guess I'll have to think about going to the job centre?”

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   But before we do anything, I think we should talk. ”
We both sat down, and he held my hand,
“Ok, what are you thinking?”

“I haven't decided anything yet, but let me just run these ideas past you. First, you could do what you've just said, go find a job, and I'll go back to being a dreary housewife. ”
“You're not dreary. ”
“No please don't speak; I'll loose my train of thought. ”
“Sorry. ”
“Well that is one option. ”

“Then I could wait for this man from the TV Company to send someone to sponsor me. And maybe, just maybe, if my dancing is good enough. And if my face clicks when I do TV interviews, then I could become a celeb. But that is a big risk. ”
I paused before daring to say the next option.
“Ok, you know the third option, but if I spell this out; I don't want any comments about me being sex crazy. ”
“I'm Shtum. ”
“Well if I do let Peter find men, at least if I'm not any good at dancing, at least I'll have given it my best shot, and we won't be in debt.

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“Can I speak?”
“Yes, I want to know what you think?”

“You've obviously thought this through. And it's also obvious; you want to try the dancing. Like you just said, once you've tried, if it don't workout, I can always look for work then, but we won't be starting with a big debt to repay. ”
“So you think I should phone Peter?”
“I guess so. ”
“You know what that will make me?”
“Yes, but it isn't as if you're gonna keep doing it. ”
“And there won't be any snide remarks?”
“No babe. You know I'm with you all the way. ”

So move on a week, Peter has advanced me the money to enter the next round of the competition. Supplied me with a wardrobe of a dozen dresses and underwear. And even managed to locate Trav, and persuade him to be my permanent partner. But this now meant, any competition money earned, would be split two ways. But that was better than none at all. So now my days are taken up with dance practice, while Gerry spends his mornings in bed, and his afternoons down the pub.

I think it was about two or three weeks after making my decision, that I got a call from Peter, asking me to be ready at around seven the next evening, I'd be picked up by a taxi, and meet a Mr Yardley at the Holiday Inn. He also told me to expect an express delivery; he'd sent me a supply of yellow pills.

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   The pills arrived that same day by motorcycle dispatch rider. The next evening, I was ready, and the taxi was on time, but I'd made up my mind to do this without the help of the pills. So about seven-thirty, as I step out from the cab, a very distinguished gentleman was waiting to take my hand.
“Good evening Mrs Kendal, I'm Mr Yardley. I think you're expecting me?”
I took his hand, gave a slight bow, and replied,
“Yes. But please call me Mary. ”

There was some small talk, where he also told me his first name, which was Alan, and then he escorted me into the hotel. We dined in the main restaurant, and as you might expect, the meal was sumptuous. I did drink some wine, but not too much, I wanted to be sure I kept my wits about me. After the meal, we talked, nothing of any consequence, just me agreeing with any opinion he put forward. Then around nine-thirty, he took me through to the ballroom, where there were about thirty or so couples just dancing in a relaxed manner around the floor.

We joined them, and though not a competition dancer, this man knew not only how to dance, but how to hold a girl and provide the all important lead. The next hour or so was so pleasant, just floating around, not having to impress any judges, but still being with a real dancer. Even if he was in my dad's age group! I later found out he was actually sixty-two years old! I'd only guessed in his early fifties. But all that aside, his behaviour and conversation was impeccable, and it was hard to believe what the real purpose of this evening was.

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During the evenings dancing, we took time out several times, where he'd drink champagne, but after just the one glass, I reverted to a non-alcoholic orange drink.

I guess it was around eleven-thirty when the mood of the music began to incline to the romantic, and they also dropped the light level. It was with this change, that it became evident; Alan was beginning to think about what was still to come when the dance had ended.

This as you can guess was demonstrated by his cock making itself known as Alan pulled himself close to me during the dancing. The first time I realised, I guess it must have shown on my face, because he immediately slackened his hold, and as a mild blush came to his cheeks, he whispered in my ear,
“I'm sorry my dear. It has a will of its own. ”

I found this so charming, as he'd been holding me tightly to his body all evening, and it wasn't as though he'd suddenly pushed his cock up against me in a base or threatening manner. So as I said,
“I understand. But please don't relax your hold; I need your strong guidance. ”
The smile that appeared on his face was as if I'd given him the moon, and he resumed his grip, pulling my body back into contact with his cock.

The rest of the dances were almost like actual sex! Several times, I saw his eyes glaze over, and I was almost sure it was because he was actually cuming in his pants. But it wasn't just him who couldn't control his emotions, on at least three occasions, my arousal got the upper hand, and by the time we arrived at the last waltz, I was praying the juices I could feel at the tops of my legs wouldn't make themselves known to other dancers.

His comments about our evening as we made our way up in the lift, and along the corridors towards his room, had now moved from the impeccable behaviour standard, to the, can't wait to fuck you variety.

I guess that's not really fair, his language was always that of a gentleman, but the subject of his conversation was now directed to the actual point of the evening. He told me how he'd cum whilst dancing, and how he wanted to cum in every possible way with me.


   I for my part tried to banter on equal terms, and didn't let any of his sexual suggestions faze me. As we arrived at his room his first pressing engagement was the bathroom, and whilst he was busy, I re-opened the door and hung the ‘Do Not Disturb' sign on the outside.

Then as we proceeded to the bed, he lay me down and took the greatest of pleasure in slowly peeling my clothes off until I was completely naked. Then he must have spent a good ten or more minutes kissing, stroking, licking and generally fondling just about every square inch of my flesh, finishing up with his face buried deep into my crotch. My arousal was simmering just below boiling point as we'd left the dance floor, and his wonderful attention since we arrived in his room created several minor eruptions. But his tongue in my pussy, bottom and that whole area, had me bucking and heaving, and almost at the point of begging him to fuck me.

But before I actually reached that humiliating situation, he stepped down from the bed, and began to strip himself. As his boxer shorts left his waist, I could now see why his cock had made itself so apparent during the dancing. Not only was it hard, but big. Not I hasten to add a rival for Olaf, but fatter and every bit as long a Peter's magnificent specimen. Once naked, he climbed up alongside me, and as he lay himself on his back, he said,
“Come-on then, let's see you earn your money. ”

This was definitely an out of character remark for him, and at first I took it as some kind of slur. But then it came to me, that this man had treated me to all of the finest things money could buy all evening, and he was right, it was now my turn to show him I was worth two thousand pounds of his money. I got up onto my hands and knees along side him on the bed, and asked,
“Do you want me to take you in my mouth first, or shall I just mount you?”

“I think you can just slip that little cunt onto my cock, it won't take long for my first load. ”
I lifted my leg over his torso, and put the head of his cock against my wet slippery valley.

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   Knowing the size of his cock, I'd intended to lower myself down slowly, but my pussy had other ideas. As soon as I felt his bell-end resting against the flesh of my slit, my hips lunged forwards. It wasn't so much his cock slipping up my pussy; more a case of my pussy stretching itself down and around his cock. It took me by surprise, and I could tell by the look on his face, he was also taken aback.

Unthinkingly, I paraphrased his remark from earlier,
“I'm sorry. It has a will of its own. ”
A wry smile appeared on his face, as he pushed his cock hard up, making crotch to groin contact. I fucked him slow and purposely, using all of the length of his cock, but as he'd said, it was only five or so minutes before he began to jerk his cum up into my pussy. My pussy, of course, returned the compliment, by going into a minor convulsion.

This orgasm was a full contraction and fairly hefty gusher, but not one that knocked out my consciousness. But even though he'd finished his cum strokes, and I was conscious of my crotch display, I was unable to cut my performance short. So by the time I was able to lift myself from above him, his lower belly was covered in my sticky juices. Now I guess in some of the other sexual events that had taken place in this last month or so, this kind of sticky excess must have covered my sexual partner before, but then as I had either been in a semi-conscious state, or just because I'd felt like I was the one being used, I'd never before felt guilty for causing such a mess. But now with this man who I still considered to be a refined gentleman, I felt so guilty, and I began to blurt out apologies.

He just smoothed over the whole thing, by turning me over on my back, ignoring the sticky mess, and just began to kiss and caress me.

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   Within minutes, we were making love again; for that is what it felt like, not just lustful sex. And he continued in this way for at least two hours, I think he actually climax seven times! How a man of his age had the stamina, to enable him to keep his erection for so long, I can only assume must be due to some kind of drugs. But never mind the length of time he held his errection, where on earth did he summon up all that spunk!

We slept the night together in each others arms, and when I awoke in the morning, he was gone. But there on the little table beside the bed were two tall champagne glasses. One was empty, but the other had a single red rose in it. To one side was a bucket with a bottle of champagne sitting in the ice, the wires already broken, and cork ready to pop. Then set up in front of the glass with the rose was an envelope. I reached across and took out the note from inside.

My Dearest Mary,
Thank you for a wonderful evening; I can't remember when I last enjoyed myself as much as I did last night. I hope you enjoy the champagne. The bill for the room, complete with breakfast is already settled. The breakfast can be taken either in the room, or in the breakfast lounge downstairs. When you leave, just ask at reception, I have settled the fare for the taxi. I sincerely hope we can meet again some time in the near future.

Bye, and fondest wishes Alan.

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So after I'd had my shower and sorted myself out, I phoned for the breakfast to be brought to the room, and sat there sipping champagne, waiting for it to arrive. Everything was as he'd said, and I arrived home around ten in the morning. Gerry was still in bed, and I decided to slip in alongside him. As he felt me getting into bed, he turned over, and slipped his arm around me. Within minutes, his leg was lifting over mine, and I was opening my legs wide for him to mount me. I know it sounds wicked, but although this was something he did regularly, I'm sure neither of us actually got as much pleasure from sex alone together, as we did if it is given the added danger or spice provided by another person being involved with us. But that said, he rolled off after he'd spent his ardour, and I slipped out to the bathroom to clean myself before once again slipping in alongside him.

We were both awaken by the telephone, and as it is on Gerry's side of the bed, he answered it,
“Yeh. Who is it?”
There was a pause while whom ever it was spoke, and then Gerry said excitedly,
“No bloody Shit. That's great. ”
Another pause, then.
“Too bloody right. She must have really rung his bell. Yep, I'll let her know. ”
Then as he put the phone down,
“My god Mary, what did you get up to with that bloke last night?”

My heart dropped, I didn't need this kind of inquisition, especially after he'd agreed this was what he wanted me to do.

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   I snapped out in an angry voice,
“That's it! I've had it with you. ”
“Hey babe, what's wrong? I wasn't trying to be nasty. Come on its all cool. In fact it's more than cool. I was just trying to tell you how good you must have been. That guy paid an extra five hundred quid, and it wasn't because Peter asked him. He just said you deserved the extra. And he wants to see you again. ”

While Gerry was speaking I calmed down, as I realised it wasn't his usual recriminations, and blaming me for being a slut, but he was genuinely pleased with what I'd done. Even if it was only because I'd earned even more money than he'd expected.
“That's ok then. But I don't want any snide comments. ”
“Hey love, come on. ”
He wrapped his arms around me, and in between kissing and cuddling me, he continued,
“I'm cool with what you're doing. Just so long as you're ok with it?”
“I guess so.

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Then thinking about the sum of money he'd just mentioned, I added,
“That man was ever so nice last night; he behaved like a real gentleman all evening. ”

Gerry lent back so he could look into my face a see my expression,
“What? He didn't even fuck you?”
“No. I don't mean that. I mean all evening; he behaved as if we were on a date. Yes when we got up to his room, we made love. But he wasn't aggressive or nasty with it. ”
“Look babe, I know you don't like some words. But what he did wasn't making love; he fucked you. And you fucked him, but only for the money. Don't get any romantic ideas about it. ”
“Well ok, he fucked me. But I still felt he did it with feeling, as though it meant something to him. ”
“It must have, he paid enough for it. ”

Then he continued,
“Will you meet him again?”
“I hadn't thought about it. ”
“Well you ought to; Peter says he wants another bite of the apple.

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“We said I'd only do a couple of jobs, just to make enough to finance this dance competition. ”
“So if you see him again, that will be two jobs. ”
“But Peter said he had another man who wanted to go out with me. I don't want to agree to one man, and then find out I still have another one arranged. ”

“Do you want me to ring Peter and see what the score is?”
“I guess so. ”
So while I went to the bathroom Gerry phoned Peter, and when I returned, he informed me, Peter had already arranged for me to spend the whole of next weekend with a Mr Francis. Again, Peter would supply suitable clothing for me. But this time I would be escorting this Mr Francis as his daughter, at some high-class social event. On hearing this, it gave me some cause for concern, not on the sexual front, but more my lack of social graces. After all, although I hadn't liked Gerry sisters remark whilst out on her hen night, she was in essence right; I had been brought-up on a council-house estate.

I actually rang Peter back, and pointed out my misgivings, but he assured me, in his opinion, I'd be able to pull it off without any problems. So Friday night arrived, and a black Rolls Royce pulled up in front of our house. I didn't wait for the driver to walk up to our door, but as soon as I'd spotted the car through the window, I'd grabbed my weekend bag, put on my coat, and opened the front door, just as he was half way up our garden path.
“Mrs Kendal?”
“Yes. ”
“Let me take your bag.

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   Follow me. ”

In the car was a man, again I'm guessing, but I'd think around forty-five years old. Dressed in formal evening wear, and looking very hansom. As I stepped in and sat alongside him he said,
“My name is David, but I'd like you to just call me daddy. Not dad or pop, just daddy. And as everyone will eventually see you on TV, I will need to introduce you as Mary. But most of the time I'll call you by the pet name I have for you; Lou. ”
“Yes daddy. ”
“That's good. Now as to your behaviour. I'd like you to appear innocent, and if there are any comments or jokes of a riskay nature, do not laugh or react in any way, let them go over your head, as if you don't understand them. ”
“Yes daddy. ”

He smiled, and said,
“Ok, now give me a kiss. ”
“What kind? A daddy kiss, or one to wet your appetite?”
“Well just this once, I'll try one of each, the daddy one first. ”
I first gave him a simple peck on the cheek, and then sat back.

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   Then after a few seconds pause I brought my head up towards his, with it held on a slight angle. As our mouths came into contact, I let my tongue penetrate through my own lips, and then on into his mouth. He responded with equal vigour, and our tongues intermingled for a minute or more. I'm not sure about the affect I had on his state of arousal, but I know for my part, it ignited the kindling in my tummy, and I wouldn't have needed any persuading to have taken the whole thing to the next level.

But as it was, he took a deep breath after the kiss, and said,
"Wow! Yes well! I don't think you'd better let anyone see you giving me a kiss like that. "
Then we settled down and he explained a few more things about how I was to behave during the weekend. Not once was there any mention of where, when or whom I'd be expected to have sex with. And to my amazement, the whole weekend was just as he had described, I played the part of his daughter, at a very big country house, and we two were just one couple out of at least ten invited guests. The food was excellent, and company was pleasant, if somewhat upper-crust and full of their own importance. And I was returned to my home at around nine on Sunday evening. Daddy said goodnight, and thanked me for a pleasant weekend, and off he went.

Gerry was surprised to see me home so early, and when he asked,
“Well how was it?”
I replied,
“I'm not sure. ”
“Why what went wrong?”
“I don't know. Nothing happened as far as I know that could have upset him. ”
“But what?”
“Well, we didn't have sex.

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   All I did was pretend to be his daughter. ”
“What he didn't even touch you?”
“No. Not unless you class holding my hand, or me sitting on his knee a couple of times. ”
“Did he say anything about not paying you when he dropped you off?”
“No, he just thanked me for a pleasant weekend. ”

“That don't sound good, I can't think he'll pay two grand for just a pleasant weekend. Why didn't you ask if he wanted you to fuck on the way home in the car?”
“I'm not sure. I think I'd been playing the part of the innocent daughter so long, I actually felt like it was my dad in the car with me. ”
“That's no good; I'll bet he was waiting for you to give him the nod. Some blokes are like that. A bit shy. ”
“I don't think he was shy. Maybe he just didn't like me. I'll ring Peter and ask him to find out if I screwed-up. ”

So off I went, but Peter's phone went onto answer machine,
“Hi. It's Mary.

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   I've just got home from my weekend with Mr Francis. I hope everything's ok, but he didn't attempt to. . . you know, touch me or anything. I'm sorry if I didn't live up his expectation. Ring me back as soon as you can. Bye Mary. ”
It was nearly thirty minutes before Peter rang back, and as Gerry was so uptight about the thought of me not getting paid, he dashed to answer the phone. When he came into the kitchen where I was doing the washing-up, his face told me things were ok before he opened his mouth. He had a beaming smile from ear to ear.

“How the bloody hell do you do it?”
“What d'you mean?”
“He's gone and matched that other bloke. ”
“What do you mean?"
"Paid two-and-a-half-grand! And he wants to take you out again. ”
“Oh my god! But we said I'd only do the two jobs. ”
“You have to be joking? One bloke doesn't even touch you, and even you said going out with the other one was like going on a date, except you got paid for it.


   And if they've paid that price once, I'll bet they'll both pay the same if not more next time. Do you realise, you'll have got the same amount for going out twice, as I earned by working forty hours a week for six months. ”
“But what if they both want to keep seeing me?”
“Well why not?”
“You wouldn't mind?”
“Well of course, I don't like the idea. But we have to be realistic. Four times, compared to me working like an idiot for six months. I'd have to be stupid to kick-up a fuss. ”

So with us both on a high, up we went to bed, and he made love to me. Next day I was back with Trav doing our dance practice, we were doing six hours a day, four days a week, and this next weekend was the next round of the competition. The evening of the competition Gerry and I were picked-up by Peter in a limo, and we then picked-up Trav on our way. All four of us shared a table, but Gerry very soon disappeared to the bar, leaving me with Trav and Peter. The dancing went well, and although we got into the two couple dance-off finale, this time we were the runners-up. But even though we didn't win, we were still on a high, as second was no minor achievement, and still carried a two hundred quid prise. Peter had just suggested getting us a bottle of champagne, when one arrived at our table, with a note attached. We were told it was courtesy of a gentleman on the other side of the dance floor.

The note read.

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Mary my dear, you danced as always exquisitely, and I can only assume the reason you didn't win, was that judges had been bribed by the other couple. But the result apart, it did my heart the power of good seeing you once again gliding around the floor. My only regret is that I won't be the one who gets the pleasure of the last dance of the evening, or more importantly, the last sighs before you go to sleep.

I hope we can meet again soon, Alan.

The note was handed directly to me, but I could see both Trav and Peter were curious to know what it said. I passed it to Peter, letting him decide if he wanted Trav to know its contents. Peter read it, and then after folding it up, slipped it in his pocket without showing it to Trav. We all took a glass of champagne, and after I'd about drank my glass half way down, Trav said,
“Well Mary. How about we take to the floor again, but this time, just for the pleasure. ”

I didn't answer, but just rose to my feet, and soon we floated around, in a similar manner to how I'd danced with Alan the other night. And in a similar manner, it soon became obvious to me; Trav had his mind on other things than dancing. But where as Alan had attempted to release his hold to prevent me from noticing, Trav appeared to be trying to impress his arousal on me, and I guessed he was trying to get a reaction from me. I know I felt on that first night with Trav, a se.



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