Forcing Shane


He straddled her stomach and made sure each knee had one of her hands firmly held, palm up beneath them. Looking down at his little prize, he could see her dark nubs poking up from her plump, creamy, and aroused breasts. He could see her cheeks burning through her tousled black hair, but he didn’t know if that was due to stimulation, shame, or his fist. Shane forced her coal black eyes closed but when she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered they shot open again, only to come face to face with the most magnificent 9 inches of thick cock she had ever seen in her twenty two years of existence. Jake noticed the change in her eyes, “So you like that, don’t you slut? It makes you wet to be forced? Well since you like it so much, I’m not gonna disappoint you. ” Untying the bandana, he placed one hand around her throat, slowly pushing his thumb into the pit of her neck until she opened her mouth to protest. Then he slapped her lips with his meat before impaling her head completely. Shane gagged as his huge member rammed into her face, one hand holding the headboard, the other wrapped in her hair forcing her to take him deeper. Finally Jake stiffened above her and pumped her full of his cum, pulling out just in time to see the last drop fall off her chin and roll down her neck. Letting her cramped hands loose, he slid down her body until they were eye to eye; his tongue slid out and licked the path down her neck only to slide back up and dart his tongue into her mouth. Shane couldn’t help it, she was enjoying this stranger’s rough handling of her body and that filled her with contempt for herself. When he pried her thighs apart with his knee and reached down and began to stroke her slit with his calloused fingers she couldn’t stop the liquid heat that flowed from her traitorous body.

He inserted first one finger into her opening, then another and started to pound into her up to his knuckles while tightly pinching and kneading her firm tits. “Well bitch, seems I was right. You are enjoying this you dirty slut! I’m gonna fuck you good; you won’t be able to walk for a week. You like that don’t you?” when no answer came he used his thumb to flick her clit, “I asked you if that felt good you stupid cunt? Answer!” “Oh fuck yeah”, she whispered on a moan.

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   Jake smirked; he could see she was surprised to hear her words. “That’s right, since you’re enjoying it so much I’m gonna give you another little present to enjoy. ” With that he flipped her over and got her on all fours “Now I’m gonna take you like the little bitch you are. ” When Jake positioned himself at her tight virgin asshole Shane began to struggle and beg “No, please, just leave me alone, I wont tell, I swear. For god’s sake, you’re too big, you’ll rip me apart!” “Good!” As the words left his lips with a chuckle she looked over her shoulder and saw the diabolical glint in his blue eyes and knew he meant it. He thrust into her with so much force Shane thought she would pass out from the pain: it burned and throbbed and as he started his harsh, even strokes, it even began to feel good.
    “Take it, take it all” he grunted over and over as he got her onto her knees, forehead against the headboard of the bed. The whole time one hand was rubbing up and down her back while the other pulled her to him. His hand slipped down her stomach to her soaked pussy and began to tease her clit; rubbing it and circling it until she was gasping for breath, then he jammed three digits into her quivering fuck-hole while his engorged cock continued to pump into her ass; the hand on her back reached around to find one nipple, again twisting it painfully. They were cresting the wave that would send them plummeting into total ecstasy, when he plunged into her one last time and exploded sending her senses reeling and making her body quiver with violent spasms, her pussy muscles clenching tightly to his still thrusting fingers. Collapsing against the headboard, Jake rolled off of her, lay down and drew her to his side, grasping her chin in a hard grip and forcing her to look at him. “You’re gonna enjoy getting it up the ass every night, aren’t you bitch?” Then Jake promptly fell asleep sure that her spirit was broken and that she would just lay where he had left her . Ten minutes later Shane led the cops up the stairs to the bedroom were she had been pleasurably violated just moments before. As they led Jake out of the room in cuffs and passed her on the stairs she muttered just loud enough for him and the officer to hear, “Not as much as you are!”The EndPlease be kind, 1st stories are a toughie. .

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