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I had had very little experience with men even though I was in my late twenties when I met Dave, my master. Dave was a large, powerful, black man who was only interested in plump, submissive women, who he liked to dominate. He loved them for their huge, wobbling tits and ample buttocks and I suppose it was those things that first attracted him to me. Anyway, we'd been dating for about two months and I still hadn't allowed him to fuck me, although he'd asked me if he could on several occasions. Because I lacked experience (I'd only ever had sex with two guys before), I was nervous about the larger-than-normal bulge in his trousers and feared his ramming cock would hurt me. One night, though, I had no choice but to let Dave have his own way with me. It all happened when he decided to punish me for forgetting to pick him up at the airport. When he learnt I'd spent the whole day with one of my ex-girlfriends, it made him madder. He had always disapproved of my lesbian interests so when he walked in and saw Gail there he flew into a blind rage. Once she had made a hasty exit and we were alone, Dave told me I needed reminding of my place in our relationship. He was going to teach his sub a long, hard lesson she'd never forget. Dave ordered me to strip naked. I obeyed him and then he sat down and pulled me across his waiting lap. He immediately laid into my milky-white bottom with his huge, black hand. He spanked my wobbling buttocks with all the strength he could muster. As the pain intensified, my howls got louder and louder.

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   I wriggled and squirmed, trying to break free, but he held my legs in a scissor-like grip with his own legs and continued to rain blows down upon my reddening arse. I knew I deserved the sound whaling he was administering, but after I'd received about thirty good, meaty wallops to my fat rump, I was anxious to make it stop whatever the cost. I knew how strong he was, I knew he could go on for ages if it pleased him to and I would be powerless to stop him. I started to plead and beg:
"Dave. . . . . Oooh! Please stop!" I cried, "Please don't punish me this way! Ow. . . . ! Please stop!"
"Okay, perhaps you'd prefer the strap, you lesbian slut," he said, yanking me to my feet before forcing me down over the arm of the sofa. It was then that I realised we were not alone. Dave had come back from the airport with another black man, a very large man, someone I'd never seen before.

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   I think he was probably one of his clients, but whoever he was he immerged from the shadows, handing Dave the thick leather strap he kept to punish me with. I looked at this guy and noticed he had a hard-on. He was gazing down at my spanked cheeks stuck up high in the air. WHAAP! Dave brought the strap down on my poor arse. I screamed out but before I could catch my breath he delivered another blow upon my throbbing flesh. The other guy leered at me. He started to encourage Dave and in an effort to impress his client my master responded by raising the lash high above his head before bringing it down with full-force. He thrashed me so hard, harder than I'd ever been thrashed before. The strap rose and fell and rose and fell, again and again, harder and harder. Tears streaming down my face, I looked at the reflection of my bottom in a mirror on the door. I could see the welts appearing. I begged my master to stop.

The sight of my glowing buttocks dancing on the sofa arm and my heavy tits flapping about had caused the bulges in Dave and his client's trousers to harden - It was plain to see. I knew what my master was going to say before he even opened his mouth. .

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  . . . . . . "I haven't finished punishing you, Becky, but I WILL stop spanking you. I'll stop spanking you, but I’ll fuck you instead. . . . . "

I was in so much agony that I relented. I begged him not to thrash me anymore. He ordered me down on the rug.

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   As I lay down on my back I saw Dave's leering visitor move in for a closer look. He was rubbing his cock through his trousers. When Dave's boxers came off I saw that his big, black dick was already erect. I didn't think it needed any further stimulation, but he insisted on straddling my head in preparation to force it into my mouth. This was the first time in my life that a man would mouthfuck me. I was terrified. "Keep your arms down by your sides!" he ordered, pinning them both down with his legs. He took my head in his hands and thrust his dick into my mouth. I gagged on the length of his meat as he slipped it in. He pulled it out about half way before pushing it back in. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything about it, I just had to accept what was happening. Dave began to thrust - in and out, in and out. I tried to relax my throat, so it would not hurt so much, so that his length would slip down easier and maybe I’d bring him off quicker. It took great courage but I managed to deep-throat him and soon he was gathering pace, groaning with pleasure and ramming harder and deeper. He got in so deep his balls were slapping up under my chin.

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   That was humiliating.
"This is a fucking great saddle," Dave said to the leering guy as his bare arse bounced up and down on my tits in rhythm to his thrusts. Then he said "I could drown her in cum but I want to slap my balls against the welts on her ass. "Dave got off me and I noticed, to my horror, that his dick's girth had swollen to the thickness of my wrist. Before I could catch my breath he'd grabbed my legs and slung one over each of this shoulders. He rolled his weight forward, pinning me to the floor. His thick, sweaty knob hovered above my pussy which was splayed wide open. I was about to be taken. . . . . I was powerless to do anything about it. "Fuck her, fuck her brains out," the other guy urged. "I'm sorry.

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   Please go easy, Dave," I whispered. "You must be fucking joking," he growled, "I've waited to fuck you for two months. "On the word "months," Dave slammed his cock deep inside my vulnerable, inexperienced cunt. I cried out. He withdrew before thrusting forward again, this time forcing the full length of his 9-inch member inside me. For 18 painful minutes he shafted me vigorously. I could hear and feel his bollocks slapping up against my throbbing buttocks. I yelped and squirmed. "Stop wriggling!" he barked, "You're not allowed to move. . . . . If you do I'll fuck you harder to punish you, you lesbian whore!" I gulped and tried to remain still. My fat bosoms were still quivering and jiggling in time to his thrusts, but I figured he didn't mind that.

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The leering guy was wanking furiously. Dave motioned him over. Ignoring me, he said to the guy as he continued fucking; "Typical lesbian slut, she's not on the pill. We'll both fuck her up the ass til we come. Me then you. " His client had his trousers off within five seconds, his enormous dick sprang out ready for action. It was a terrifying sight. Is was about the same length as Dave's - 9 inches, but it was thicker. It was the biggest dick I'd ever seen, even in the porn movies Dave made me watch. With my very limited sexual experience with men I knew it would hurt me to hell.

"Fucking fill the whore's ass up. Cream it up full!" the big guy instructed as he watched Dave withdrew from my cunt to line his meat up with my anus.
I panicked. I didn't want this. I was an anal virgin.

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  "No! No! Please don't do THAT to me, Dave!" I begged as I felt the tip of his knob touch my anus, “Not in there!”

"You heard the lesbian slut!" the leering guy said to Dave. "Shaft her cunt. No, let me do it. Let me plant my seed!" Dave obliged his companion. Moving to one side he allowed him to take his place. The big guy threw his bulk on top of me, excited about impregnating me. With one loud gasp he speared my cunt, right up to the hilt. I felt something tear deep inside me. I screamed, but I was ignored. The leering guy positioned himself comfortably then shafted my cunt hard and fast, the suctioning effect of his ramming tool making the insides of my vagina feel like they were being pulled inside out.
“Ah, this whore’s tight,” he observed, “I’ll stretch her cunt. “
He reached down and grasped my hot, spanked buttocks, spread their cheeks apart and continued to thrust. Sinking his nails into my folds of butt-flesh he pulled himself even deeper inside me. "Fat slut," he growled, "Fat lesbians need to be fucked hard. .

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  . . . planted with seed. I'll hurt you, teach you a fucking lesson. "Daring not to move I lay there passively. Any minute now he was going drench me out, plant his seed and perhaps put a baby in me. There was nothing I could do about it. I began to blubber, my sobs accompanying the loud squelching sounds caused by the pre-cum dribbling from his raping cock. Pounding me good and hard, each of my piercing cries only making him push harder and faster.

"Oh God!" I cried "Stop! No! Please!"

Finally, he exploded inside me. He stiffened and started to unload up my cunt. "Oh yes, make me cum. " He closed his eyes and let out a loud groan. As he ground his cock as deep as possible into my burning hole, I could feel his hot cum filling me up, spurt after spurt.

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   Spent, he gave four or five more squelching thrusts as if to drive his point home, before withdrawing. So much cum had been deposited inside me that a generous amount splashed out of my cunt when he pulled out. It was like a horse had ejaculated inside me; it went all over me and all over the floor. It wet my legs, thighs and cunt lips. It lubricated my hole for the next cock to rape it. Dave immediately leapt in after him. He flipped me over onto all fours, my bottom up in the air. He slammed his cock deep. . . . but not into my cunt. . . .


  . deep into my poor tight virgin arse. "If I want to fill your ass, I'll do it!" he growled, leaning forward to grasp my dangling tits as he began to pound.

"No pleeese, no. . . owww!” I cried in despair, [BANG, BANG, BANG] "Oh, please master, not there. . . . OW! Please stop!" [BANG, BANG, BANG]
This was really hurting. I never imagined the pain could be this bad. I looked at the reflection in the mirror of Dave’s black meat invading my arse. By now I’d almost been forced up onto my shoulders by the strength of his thrusts. His cock was vertical, pile-driving its way deeper and deeper inside.

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   Using my tits as grab handles to steady himself, he slammed away roughly, punishing me, watching my face, watching me wince in pain each time his balls banged up hard against me. Then, just as I thought it couldn't get any worse, the leering guy came back for more. As Dave continued to assail my arse, the big man grabbed my hair, yanked my head back off the floor and forced his sweaty knob into my mouth. He slammed it in and out until it had grown so big it was restricting my air passages.

Both men exploded inside me at the same time. I felt the leering guy's spunk shoot straight down my throat at the precise moment Dave exploded inside my arse. I gulped on the spunk in my throat, swallowing it fast so that I didn’t choke. As I felt the hot jisum splash into my stomach, two month’s worth of Dave’s cum spurted deep inside my bowels. Both men gasped and clung on to me, their dicks twitching as my holes milked them of their last drops of juice.
Yes, Dave was confident now that I had learnt my lesson. - He had reasserted his authority over me and reminded his girl that he was in control. As I lay sprawled on the carpet, my arse and cunt throbbed and throbbed from their punishment. I felt a bit sick after my cum drink, but I somehow managed to keep it down. Dave stood over me, admiring the juices dripping from my holes. He warned me he'd soon return to rape my unprotected cunt, to impregnate me some more.

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   Then the two men left me, locking the door behind them.
As promised, Dave returned later, after the other guy had left. He’d been drinking and he brought a bottle in with him.
I was still naked and he ordered me to lie on the floor. Then he tied me up so my hands were bound behind my back and my legs were splayed wide open. He grabbed hold of my fat breasts with both his big hands and kneaded them roughly…. Pulling them, squeezing them, squashing them. “I own these, I can do what I like with them,” he said as he continued groping and pummelling them. . . . His hard-on showed how much he was enjoying it…. After finishing the vodka he climbed on top of me, pushed his meat in and fucked me furiously. “Every time [THRUST] you disobey me, Becky, [THRUST] I’ll rape you into submission. [THRUST] I’ll fuck you again and again [THRUST, THRUST] until you beg my forgiveness, [THRUST, THRUST] and do exactly what I tell you.

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   [THRUST, THRUST, THRUST] Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir,” I mumbled sadly.
“Ah, you fucking fat whore!“ he exclaimed as he felt his climax approaching…. [THRUST, SQUELCH, THRUST, SQUELCH] Then his body starting jerking, he pushed his knob hard up against my cervix, and he blasted his cum deep inside me.
He kept me tied up and fucked me all that night. I watched with dismay as I observed my belly swelling up as he filled me with more and more of his seed. That was the last time Dave and I ever had sex. He tried to make up for what he'd done, but I knew what he'd given me was something he'd always expect so we went our separate ways. Luckily, despite the thorough drenching my cunt had received, I didn't fall pregnant that night. I heard later that Dave's client was disappointed when he was told. He was convinced the amount of cum he’d deposited in me had knocked me up good and proper. He hinted that he might turn up again one day wanting another try. I don’t think he was joking. I’m afraid he’ll force himself on me again, and that he’ll keep coming back, every week or every day, to rape me over and over, until he’s put a black baby in me…. Forcing me to conform to a straight lifestyle, living as he believes a woman should…. He knows none of my girlfriends would want much to do with me if I suddenly turned up pregnant, with a belly full of spunk, after some big black guy had impregnated me!
But it was only after he heard I’d chucked Dave that he got really nasty.

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   He phoned me up recently to remind me of the comment I made to Dave about how I thought his client ejaculated as much as a horse. In a sinister voice he said he was going to punish me for the way I’d treated Dave. He told me he was going to kidnap me one day and take me to his brother’s farm, tear off my clothes and tie me up in the stables with my big bottom stuck up high and my legs spread wide. Then he’d smear the vaginal fluids from a mare in heat all over my cunt and inner thighs and, with his brother’s assistance, help the farm stallion to mount me. After they’d secured the stallion in place and correctly positioned its penis, the animal would invade my cunt. Bucking and lunging frantically, it would thrust hard and deep, its semen washing me out like an enema after every gushing ejaculation. Over and over it would remount and mate me, pumping more and more semen into my rapidly-ballooning stomach, until my once tight cunt had been stretched wide enough for a man to put his arm up there.
I take this threat so seriously that I have decide to move. The thought of being fucked by a horse and the damage it would do to my vagina fills me with dread.
I’ve met another guy, a white guy, who likes BBWs. My new master and I don't have penetrative sex. It isn't all that important to him. . . .

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  , he says he prefers to facefuck his sub, which is what he does, often. He makes me kneel in front of him, arms down by my sides, then he holds my head firm while he thrusts his dick in deep. In and out he rams, deep-throating me until finally shooting his hot load down into my stomach. He is a heavy cummer, he spunks about six or seven big squirts each time, but I’m expected to swallow every drop. It’s not like in those porn movies where the guy withdraws just as he climaxes to spray his cum on her face and tits. No, my master won’t waste it. He wants me to ingest it, he wants it swallowed.
He insists I regularly drink his cum, as he sees it as his badge of ownership of me. I still don’t like having to take a man’s cum, especially when after a particularly heavy session I can feel it sloshing about in my stomach, but I don’t have a choice.
Don’t misunderstand me; my new master is not cruel, in fact he can be very kind. He takes care of me and gives me the things I need. But he is strict. . . .

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   If I've been bad or disobeyed him, after he's drenched my throat he’ll bend me over a chair, my bottom propped up high, and belt me hard with a thick leather strap, sometimes leaving me with welts. He does it to keep me in line, and yes, I do deserve it usually. Once he even invited an audience of ten men around to witness my facefucking and thrashing. They all wanted to fuck my holes afterwards. They offered to pay him to whore me out to them, there and then. I’m glad he wouldn’t do it.



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