Forced Pleasures


          In the latter half of the 19th century attitudes toward masturbation, which had been somewhat neutral, became markedly negative thanks to the work of a couple of a couple of influential writers and in the space of a generation virtually ever societal ill, physical or moral, was blamed upon this common act.
In spite of common sense, the idea appealed, even to well trained minds and soon many well-educated and well-known men and women spoke out against this vice that was “destroying” the youth of their generation, but it wasn’t all that long before the medical and social practitioners of that era leaned they had created another problem.   Both males and females were understandably frightened away from self-exploration, let alone self-gratification, what-with graphic tales being espoused of the most bizarre complications, including, but not limited to blindness, imbecility, physical deformation, and even death.   Earnest young people, wanting to avoid the terrors of secret vice – as it was often referred to, participated in oddly erotic bondage having their hands and sex organs restrained in ways that would make most modern aficionado of BDSM pleased and proud.   It was unlikely these did a whole lot aside from making otherwise normal young people highly sexualized by creating an allure of the forbidden.   Even little children were restrained to prevent them from “polluting” themselves.   All this combined with human anatomy poised considerable problems because while human males have bodies designed to force ejaculation if no other release is found in the form of wet dreams, females however, have no such equal form of involuntary sexual release.
Thus sexually frustrated women of all ages, single and married began to present in doctor’s offices with all manner of semi-vague symptoms, none of which fit any specific diagnosis except profound sexual frustration combined with the generalized, but very real discomfort of the unrelieved engorgement do to naturally occurring arousal (the female version of blue balls).   This mix of symptoms was eventually classified as the symptoms of female hysteria and encompassed both the physical and emotional manifestations.   Women, especially wives, were not expected to be sexually responsive creatures and few men knew how to truly pleasure their partners, hence for many a married women the marital bed consisted of frequent intercourse and accompanying arousal and yet virtually no relief, not from their spouse or themselves.   Teenage girls faced the same problem with massive hormonally induced arousal and no approved avenue for release.
The solution was simple cheap and profitable for the doctors.   They would manually masturbate the women to orgasm or orgasms as the case may be, although they didn’t refer to their treatments in this manner.  Nevertheless when a female of any age underwent such therapy the doctor sent them on their way feeling much better and sure to return whenever they were in need of more treatments for their condition.   It wasn’t unusual in those days for some children and including young female hardly into their teens to be routinely masturbated.    It not only guaranteed satisfied patients, but the profits formed a significant percentage of doctor’s incomes.

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The story that follows in fiction, but it is based upon fact.   The circumstances about a certain young woman are recorded only in fragmentary form, but the event happened and while this was written about as an extreme case, there must have been scores if not hundreds or even thousands of lesser cases of girls considered to be horrifyingly abnormal just because they dared express an interest in satisfying their God given seual year is 1889 in France and thirteen year-old named Josette Legard is being seen for acute female hysteria and intractable masturbation in the office of Dr. Blundell.   It is her sixth visit in the last few months.   Dr. Blundell has tried most everything he could think of and yet nothing has worked from chastity belts to restraints.   The last visit he had used a metal probe, heated red hot to burn the girl’s clitoris causing her extreme agony at the time, but as soon as the burn had healed, she once more began to manifest symptoms of wantonness.   He’d decided to consult another physician at the University Medical College, a Dr. Jeher who recommended a most unusual experimental treatment.
          Hence little Josette found herself removed from her mother’s side and escorted into the medical college and prepared for treatment.   She was stripped then placed in stirrups where her tiny bit of new grown pubic hair was completely shaved, after which she was given numerous colonics, then exhausted she was led nude to a bed where she was tied spread-eagle and the nurses applied oil to her whole body teasing her sexually responsive areas to the point of climax repeatedly but leaving her restrained, firmly tied, sexually frustrated and completely infuriated until she at last slept in her impotent rage.   Her writhing and arousal were considered evidence of her disorder.   The next morning before sunup she was awakened, untied, allowed to void and then escorted still completely nude throughout much of the hospital in front of men and women, staff and visitors until at last she was escorted into an operating theater with a large observation area in which were seated scores of doctors and researchers all assembled for her treatment and she was appalled as any young girl would be to be so terribly exposed – her sex shaved and naked before all these men, but she knew not that the worst was still to come.
          The theater had an exam table with the head raised and stirrups for pelvic exam in place.   However unlike a normal exam table this one had two glistening metal cylinders pointing up toward the head of the table at a 45-degree angle.

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    They were about 18 inches long and maybe measured 4 inches around, so there were not huge, but as any virgin would she saw with some insight what they might be used for and shuddered in fear.
She was surrounded by, white-coated men, who suddenly lifted her in the air and onto the table where she found her legs held far apart, her exposed sex facing the crowd and then a thick salve was swabbed over her vaginal opening and thickly over her tiny anal passage.   Josette, have realized her body was designed for a purpose and like most young people she’d nor been blind when animals mated so she understood on some level that the man’s organ should enter her womanhood, but until this moment she’d never dreamed that something the size of those metal cylinders could be forced inside her tiny passages, but clearly they intended to do just that and as that thought became clear in her mind they moved her forward both cold metal objects entering her un-aroused body, the anal one forcing her passage wider than she’d ever been dilated while the vaginal probe found and painfully tore her hymen away as she writhed in agony, restrained in the arms of her unexpected torturers.   There was no sounds in the huge room except for her screams but the men ignored her pain and terror and just continued forcing the probes all the way in, then forced her to lay back on the bed as strong leather straps were cinched down to hold her in place. When all was set, her screams had, at last, died down to moaning as her body adjusted to the violations.   Then one of the gathered doctors reached into a large basin of some type of liquid she’d not noticed before suspended over burner with a small blue flame.   Her body tensed as he reached toward her sex and suddenly she changed gears as his fingers smooth and light as silk covered her outer labia and shaved mound with delightfully hot oil. She involuntarily uttered a soft sound of pleasure.   He probed into the basin once more and this time his finger traced a path along each inner lip, coating, rubbing and then taking the tiny pink fold her rubbed up and down, gently tugging and pulling, the action exposing her tiny clitoris that even now was swelling and growing massively from a tiny node the size an small pea to it erect glory nearly ½ inch long.    Next his fingers traced the tissues were the probes disappeared in her at the opening of her womanhood and then along the tightly stretched anal passage. Josette could feel herself responding with eagerness.   She was ready to climax if only he would touch her where she really needed it, even the pain of the violation would not stop her climax.
He reached for the oil once more and the minute his hand touched her engorged organ she exploded into orgasm and for the first time the gathered assembly made some noise as oohs and aahs met her displayed sexuality, but she had little time to contemplate her complete and total exposure and humiliation because his attentions were still focused upon her clitoris.  
Josette was over the peak of her climax and as the waves of pleasure settled down the attention she was receiving on her displayed clitoris did not diminish and were becoming markedly uncomfortable.   She fought against her restraints begging them to stop, pleading with them, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

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    I can’t take this she thought suddenly aware she was wet, her chest covered in perspiration from the effort of her sexual stimulation and after about ten minutes she seemed to change gears and her organ of pleasure began responding with pleasure to the oiled fingers playing upon it and she built her orgasm rapidly.
    Until suddenly she found release once more.   And so it continued for the next two hours the time interval shortening until she could hardly determine the end of one climax and beginning of the next.
    Then somehow her body shifted something internal and the contact seemed to fade away into the background as if her body knew she needed rest from the constant onslaught of sexual pleasures.   She relaxed for a minute, but those treating her were not pleased to see her rest so soon and they knew how her body responded better than she did.   Her eyes flew open, her rest over, as a pair of hands cupped her barely developing breasts.   Gentle, oiled fingers kneaded her ultra-sensitive nipples, forcing her to arch her back in pleasure and she once more entered a string of orgasms, her voice echoing in the chamber as her poor restrained body was strained by the pleasures they were determined to wring out of her.  
    So it continued, though out the day and into the night, While she was allowed fluids offer her amid the exquisite torment she was not allowed to void her need growing more and more desperate as her orgasmic contractions tore through her body again and again.   Her tender sex was now painfully inflamed and raw from friction in spite of the lubrication being used.    Teams of doctors relieved each other regularly, but their was no relief for their poor tormented victim, suffering the torments of pleasure as her engorged organ simply refused to shut down and her climaxes seemed to become more intense and powerful, each one seeming to convulse her whole being, forcing screams of pleasure from her throat which gradually became more and more raspy and weak as her voice went still begging them to stop, begging them to show some mercy, but they were convicted that they were in the right and doing what was right for her, hence the excused themselves from humanity and continued in their own course.  
              She had to go it was getting so painful she didn’t think she could stand it for another moment and yet the doctor manipulating her did not alter his pace for all her begging and damn her body it was building toward another powerful climax, the rubbing teasing her closer and closer yet leaving her crying out, hanging on the edge of relief forever, until the familiar contractions began and with them this time she exploded, her urine forced from her in a powerful stream providing relief but gaining her no mercy.   A buck of water was used to rinse her off and the indecent assault on her sex continued.
    As time past the medical team learned to rely upon her body language because her voice was absolutely gone.   By now it was obvious that Josette was so exhausted that the experiential treatment could not be extended much longer before she lost consciousness, but they team decided to see her full capacity and as the day progressed the gallery filled once more and soon was standing room only until at last in early afternoon Josette fell mercifully into darkness and the test concluded.
    gAs she lay unaware score of the medical staff came forward and see and touch – examine they would claim her large clitoris proving that they would allow her now rest even when unaware of their manipulations.

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        At last she was taken to be cleaned by the nursing staff and tucked in bed.   When she awakened the pain in her vulva was severe, most of the skin over her clitoris literally rubbed off in spite of the lubrication.
    Meanwhile in his office Dr. Jeher writes to Dr. Blundell that only time will see if the over stimulation will bring about the long hoped for cure.   She had been amazingly capable of response and had achieved release more than 125 times in 30 hours or on average about once every 18 minutes.   He concluded, “therefore I cannot be certain of any outcome.   I believed the child should be carefully observed.   Should there be significant recurrence, I suggest radical amputation of the female organ and any related tissue. ”
    Author’s note:  The doctors sincerely felt that their actions were therapeutic.   After all there was no penis inserted in to the girl’s vagina so how could there be anything sexual about their actions.   It is not surprising that this period is sometimes referred to as the period of the Great Terror.
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