Forced into slavery Part 4


Topic: Forced into slavery Part 4Some of you left comment regarding my story telling me that the pussy is not connected to the stomach. In my defense, I'd like to say that it was really late when i was writing this story so i wasn't really thinking. This is also my first story about rape, sex, bondage, lactation. . . . . etc, so it of course won't be perfect. I'm really appreciative of your comments, so please comment again and rate it highly if you'd like to see more.     Evicie's body was in a state of extreme shock. She'd been kneeling over the milk machine for over an hour while the vacuum in the machine kept pulling forcefully at her nipples until the point where she was sure the vaccum would suck her tender puffy nipples out of her massive tits. Despite the amount of time they'd spent milking her soft firm tits, her tits were still very heavy and full of milk and she wondered if this torture would ever come to an end. Surely death would better than this for this was a fate worse than death. Having your body used anyhow without consideration of the pain you felt in the process was completely inhumane. Her pussy was dripping with juices, her pale globes of tight yet soft ass flesh was now red from Alanna's constant whippings, her stomach was cramped with ice cold water that had been pumped up her ass and she was extremely thirsty. Her throat was parched as she watched thirstly as the milk machine sucked the milk out of her tits wishing she could have a sip.

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   She'd even drink that dry cum that she'd been offered earlier if it'd only quench her thirst. She suddenly felt the vacuum tugging more tightly than ever on her tits and she felt and saw her nipples swelling and moving towards the center of the hole in the tube. A few more minutes of that, and her nipples would be sucked out of her tits. She cried in pain, the water in her stomach churning.
"Please don't hurt my nipples" she prayed, "Please don't kill my nipples""Stop the machine" yelled the master and Evicie breathed a sigh of reliefAlanna walked over to the milking machine and yanked the plug out. Evicie felt the vacuum slowly release her tits from its gripping hold. "Get out of here you hoe" screamed the master to Alanna
Alanna was kinda shocked but she knew this was what the master did when she was about to train a new slave. It would start out with gentleness, and then it'd get so rough that the new slave wouuld stare death in the face but wouldn't die. Alanna left the large intimidating room wishing she was there to hear the new slave, Evicie, scream in pain.     The master walked towards Evicie her cock bulging at the sight of the helpless 18 year old babe. She stared at Evicie's large blue eyes and jet black hair, longingly looking at the innocence on the young woman's face. That look of innocence will soon vanish once she's been here for a month or so thought the master. Evicie couldn't control her fear and it showed on her face as she watched the master walk towards her holding a briefcase on one hand and a whip on another, the masters cock stiffening as she came closer towards Evicie. The master went on her knees and gave what she thought was a smile (but really looked like a glare) to Evicie. The master gently removed Evicie's mammoth milk filled tits from the milking machine and took the 6 liters of milk produced by the young woman and stored it in the fridge.

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   The master then began massaging Evicie's tits and Evicie felt her pussy dripping with pleasure, a feeling she'd never experienced before but one that she liked. The masters rough hands kneaded her soft firm milk filled tits like an expert always knowing the right places to touch. "You like this slut"? asked the master as she massaged Evicie's tits. Evicie loved the feeling that surged through her body but she was not going to admit that. It'd not only show her a slave to sexual pleasures but even if she wanted to, she couldn't with the ball gag in her mouth, the dog collar on her neck, and the extreme pain she was feeling in her stomach when the water had been pumped up her ass. "This is what you get when you obey. . . . . pleasure" said the master huskily her voice filled with lust and a desire to invoke pain on Evicie. She looked past evicie's long dark eyelashes and into her eyes. Deep within this innocent creature, there was a nasty slut, and the master planned to release that sex addicted slut from this young woman and she had the power to do that easily just by staring into the eyes of the unfortunate individual almost as if she were invoking sex demons into them just through their eyes. The master then focused on Evicie's nipples tweaking the huge puffy hard nipples and rolling them between her fingers. Evicie's tits had been in the milking machine for over an hour so they were extremely sore and sensitive to touch and any slight thing caused a pain that was so indescribable.

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   The master knew this and continued to pull hard on Evicie's nipples enjoyed watching Evicie's face contort in pain. The master then opened the brief case and Evicie saw a bunch of tools which looked so scary and she knew they were meant for her.     There were knifes, injections, zappers, huge dildos, and a bunch of more stuff that she couldn't describe. The master took a sharp knife from the case and jabbed it right in the center of Evicie's right nipple and watched gleefully as blood squirted out mixed with milk. Evicie screamed and tears fell from her eyes. The pain was unbearable and she could barely breath because her tits were so heavy with milk seeing as her milk production had been tripled. The master then squeezed Evicie's nipple so hard it started to turn limp and blue puffing out. The master then moved her cold red lips to Evicie's newly wounded nipples and sucked on the milk that was mixed with blood. The taste of the milk was sweet but the taste of the blood was even sweeter and she sucked greedily never wanting to stop, The master then bit Evicie's nipple so hard that she added another hole to the nipple and she enjoyed the taste of fresh milky, bloody, wet nipple. The master continued tugging and stretching the nipple as far as it could go without ripping it out and smiled and Evicie's screamed through her ball gag and more tears fell down her eyes. It was even more exciting of a feeling as she watched Evicie try and struggle against her bindings, trying to butt the master out of her way. The feeling of excitement was soon replaced with anger as she watched the fiestyness of the young woman. The master then jabbed her knife deeply Evicie's left nipple and all at once the butting stopped and Evicie's face of fear was replaced with pain.     "Shaddup you stupid ass, your nipple flesh will grow back" said the master angrily enjoying the blood that seeped out of the nipple. She took the nipple into her mouth and bit on it enjoying the taste of milk and blood.

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   The master squeezed both of Evicie's tits together and tried to take both nipples into her mouth but couldn't because the tits were just so massive for her wide mouth. The master struggled against the barriers and finally got both nipples into her mouth sucking greedily on the milk and biting the already sore nipples, biting hard and breaking skin. The master then took the zappers and zapped Evicie's nipples each time she did that milk poured out faster than ever. Sometimes the master left the zapper on the nipples so long that the shock was so intense, enough to stop her heart. But it never did and Evicie was left wallowing in pain. The master then bit the nipples one last time enjoying the taste before leaving them alone and moving out. "Listen whore, you'd better not let one drop of water come out of your ass as i abuse and rape your pussy. If one drop comes out, you'll face extreme punishment, understand?Evicie couldn't respond because she could barely think. Even though the master had only hurt her nipples and tits, her whole body was in pain, but the strange part was her pussy was dripping with pleasure, responding to the opposite of what her body was feeling. The master whipped Evicie across the ass and Evicie cringed in pain. "When i speak to you, you will respond, understand?" asked the masterEvicie nodded her head and the master glared, "i'd love to pay more attention to your tits and make you feel more pain but now i want to move on to the main course of today's meal which is fresh virginal pussy, the smell and taste of a young babe like you who has never been fucked makes me cum just by thinking about it. The master ripped off her pants showing off her thick long cock and huge balls. Her shaft was purple and despite the fact that Evicie wasn't touching the cock, she could feel the heat that radiated off the meat. The cock was stiff and the master stroked it enjoying the feeling of the smooth shaft. "This is the holy and sacred cock, every morning, all the slaves must wake up and worship the cock.

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   The must suck the holy cock and whoever it is that makes me shoot the biggest load will be rewarded with a fuck in front of the other slaves, fucked by the holy cock. This may not seem like such a prize now, but when you've been here for just a week, you will become addicted to sex, you won't be able to think about anything but sex and you will die if you don't have sex. And the holy cock is the only cock here that will be able to fill your sex drive, the rest of the time you'll spend it wishing you could fuck the holy cock". said the master. The master then shoved Evicie on her back and spread her legs looking at the swollen pussy. The wet pussy lips and the pink fold. There was just the tiniest patch of dark hair shaved into a perfect rectangle on her pussy mound. Just so tiny, that it was like it wasn't there. The master sniffed Evicie's pussy like a dog smelling a steak just around the corner, enjoying the smell. Evicie cringed in horror, not so much at what the master was doing, but the way her pussy was responding, dripping with pleasure. The master delicately took her long black nail polished covered nail and slowly spread the pussy lips apart. Enjoying the sight of fresh pussy. Even though the master had already taken Evicie's virginity earlier, it still seemed like Evicie was a virgin because she was so tight and had only fucked once. The master then took some clips and clipped Evicie's pussy lips away so that the only thing in sight was the jewel, the fresh pussy. The master took her time rubbing the pussy with her long fingernails but making it seem like she was barely touching the pussy with her long nail.

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   Evicie shuddered in pure delight as the master stroked her pussy. The master then buried her head in Evicie's pussy, licking slowly, digging her tounge in and out, in and out to a rhythm which grew faster and faster and Evicie tossed in pleasure. She'd never experienced such pure delight. The master then drew one of her fingers into Evicie's pussy, Evicie cringed at first but then she soon enjoyed the feeling, soon the master drew another finger into Evicie's pussy. Two fingers in her pussy, she was in heaven. The master then shoved a third, then a fourth finger into the pussy moving it in and out rapidly and Evicie felt her pussy contract, she knew she was going to cum, she'd never experienced cumming before but she'd heard of it. just as the cum was about to splatter unto the masters fingers, the master drew her fingers out"You'd better not cum", she saidEvicie was forced to hold the cum in as she wiggled her butt to overrule the pleasurable tingling going through her pussy. The master then retrieved a zapper from the briefcase and started zapping Evicie, not stopping for a minute. The desire was unbearable and the pain was even worse, but Evicie was not sure she could contain her pussy from sputtering out the cum that it wanted to. Even worse, her tits were beginning to fill with milk again and milk was splattering out of her nipples. Evicie could no longer take it and her pussy sputtered out the cum it longed to sputter out. The cum hit the master right between her cleavage and instantly dried up. The master glared at Evicie"I told you not to, but you're a greedy little slut and can't contain your sex drive, you're going to exprience your first punishment here at this house. "The master withdrew a very sharp knife from the briefcase and slowly shoved it into Evicie's pussy watching as blood eased out of the tight pussy and watching as Evicie tried to scream through the ball gag. The sharp knife was slowly slitting her pussy and Evicie could feel it.

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   She tried to wiggle free but that only made the knife slit faster and harder. the master then fucked Evicie with the knife, soon Evicie started to get used to the feeling of the knife slitting her pussy and soon the pain receded. The masters cock then replaced the knife. And the master shoved her 18 inch cock into Evicie's pussy and Evicie enjoyed the feeling of cock. The master was right, it was pleasure, extreme pleasure, pleasure beyond words. And evicie could barely contain herself as the master fucked faster and harder only stopping to dump her load on Evicie's tits. The master pulled Evicie by the hair and yanked the ball gag out of her mouth and shoved Evicie's mouth toward her now bare tits. Evicie sucked on the nipples hesitantly at first but then enjoyed the feeling of soft tits and began biting and pulling and yanking. The master moaned hornily and Evicie devoured her tits. Maybe i can take this further and make the master my slave thought Evice and she sucked hungrily on the tits, no matter how much she tried to remove her mouth from the tits she couldn't, they were just so heavenly. She finally withdrew her mouth from the masters tits and rubbed her milky tits against the masters only stopping to spray the masters nipples with milk and then lick it off. "you slut, do you actually think you can control me"? Said the master lustily and she Evicie sucked her tits. The master shoved her cock into Evicie's mouth and Evicie had a hard time taking her in but soon she mastered the art of cock sucking, the little cock sucker she was, hungry for cock, greedily sucking on the cock. Evicie bit the hunky meat hungrily and the master had enough, she blew a load into Evicie's mouth and shoved Evicie back to the ground and began biting Evicie's pussy while fucking her with a knife. The master then took some Vaseline from a container and rubbed it around Evicie's asshole, then on her thick cock.

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   The master shoved her hard cock into Evicie's ass. Evicie screamed because the pain was not what she expected, The master did not try to be gentle or release her cock, she just kept fucking Evicie cumming in her ass and adding to the liquid already in her stomach. "Fuck you bitch for having a tight ass" said the master as she threw her head back in pleasure laughing as Evicie screamed against the ball gag in pain. The master then withdrew her tongue and attempted to stick her tounge in Evicie's ass and Evice, who could no longer take the pain she'd experienced for a first time fuckee, fainted. The master did not stop, instead she enjoyed devouring and torturing the fainted body of the new slave and she watched happily as the icy water she'd placed in new slave's ass poured out of her ass and the slave's stomach decreased gradually until there was nothing left. The master then called for two of her guards and while the cock of shaun was in Evicie's mouth forcing Evicie to suck cock, the cock of Chad was in Evicie's pussy fucking her. The holy cock was in Evicie's ass fucking her senseless but that didn't stop the master from smacking Evicie's ass continually while fucking her, The new slave, Evicie, had only begun her training as a slave. Body drenched with sweat, she tried to think past the pain, past the pleasure and tried to think of a way she could turn the master into her own slave, and escape. I hope you enjoyed part four. Please comment, please rate highly. Recommend this story and tell me what you think. Email me at talina_nezzer@hotmail. com and tell me the names of more torturous bondage equipment so i can write it in part 5. Also read, "And she was nice enough to be mean" by me



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