Forced into slavery Part 2


Topic: Forced into slavery part 2    Alanna walked briskly to her masters office smiling. Her master would be proud with the news she had for her. She'd been working for her master since she was 18 when she'd gotten kidnapped, and now at age 23 she had finally become her masters number one advisor. Life here at the house of pain sucked. But it was full of pleasure if you get my drift. She was treated like shit here at first but as she'd moved up the ranks things had changed a bit, she got better food and she got to control the new and young ones. Her master never failed to bring pain, each day was something new and terrifying. You'd be staring death in the face but feel so much pleasure, her master never failed to please. Alanna had been here so long, she'd forgotten the outside world, not that she cared. She paused at her masters door and knocked 6 times. "Enter" boomed a firm voice. Alanna entered and turned to see her master sitting in fish net stockings, and a top that had the hugest cleavage known to man. Her master was about 37 years old but looked thirty. She had dark long hair and pouty lips. Her nose resembled that of a witch but her tits were big and her stomach was flat, the only flaw to her masters looks was her nose. She was holding a whip and her face was completely made up in black.

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  "What's do you want?""i just came to inform you, that our newest girl is awake""Good, i'd like to see her. I trust you Alanna, so i'll ask you this, what are her looks like""Outstanding, like Heaven on earth, but there's a problem""What, is she dense, retarded, what tell me" shriked the master"She's not pregnant, but her tits lactate"Her master smiled, i like her already. "And how fresh is her pussy"?"From the looks of it, she's never had sex, i'm guessing very tight""Good, i like the sound of that, come here alanna and let me suck on your tits"It was a ritual that had been happening since alanna turned 16Alanna moaned as her master began by sucking her tits, then biting on her left nipple till she felt it was going to bleed. Her master had bitten her right nipple off so all  she had was this one and she didn't want it gone, at least, not yet. Her master took her blood red lips of alanna's nipples and lit a match, she then took the glowing firey match and stuck it on alanna's nipple and watched how alanna's nipple began to burn. Her master smiled as Alanna screamed in pain. Her master's cock began to grow hard as she saw Alanna's nipple begginning to char, she stroked her cock for a few seconds, then blew off the match and bit Alanna's burnt nipple until it bled. "Show me this new girl will you. "Alanna tried to massage her nipple while her master stood up and whipped her on the ass. "Let's go you dirty slut, you're wasting time, anymore time wasted and i'll send the dogs to bite off your tits and we'll eat it for supper"Alanna stood up and covered her tits and began walking to where the new slave lay. Evicie opened her eyes to see two women in the room now. One was the one who had asked her for directions, and another, one she'd never seen before. "You were right Alanna, she is a beautiful whore" said the unknown ladySo her name is alanna, fuck you alanna, you'll pay for this, thought EvicieI serve to please you and you only masterThe master circled Evicie and examined every part of her body. She squeezed Evicie's tits and milk sputtered out the master sucked on evicie's tits a little, enjoying the milk then stopped"Mmm just perfect"Evicie's face went red in humiliation. The master  then went behind Evicie and inspected her ass.

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  "These globes are perfect, i do say alanna, you did very good this timeAlanna smiled once moreThe master took her whip and smacked Evicie's ass. Evicie groaned in pain as the master continued to whip her ass cheeks. The master then spread her ass and looked inside, "Her asshole is small and tight, it's perfect for now, but we'll need to get a buttplug in there soon, I want to be able to stick my fist into this sluts ass. "The master then pulled apart Evicie's pussy lips and examined it. It was pink, fresh and very wet. The master sniffed and took a quick lick enjoying the taste of fresh young pussy, something she hadn't tasted in a while. Evicie felt her pussy responding in a way that she'd never exprienced before. "Looks like this is a real whore, look how her pussy just responds to my touch" said the masterAlanna grinned, "Told you she was fresh""That she is" said the master. "Listen slut, i am your master, i own you now. I own every part of you, from your milk sputtering tits to your perfect globes of ass to your sweet fresh cunt, You're mine, You'll adress me as master, mistress or Ma'am. You will do everything i say, and every disobideience, back talk, or any disrespect will get you severe punishment. Try to run away, and i'll catch you and feed you to the dogs. What i say goes in this house, and you'll find that if you obey me this won't be bad for you, you nasty whore". Evicie felt milk dripping from her tits once again"Clamp those fucking nipples alanna, i want her tit's to fill with milk that she won't be able to get rid of her, i have a use for this one. and take of that ball gag"Alanna first took the tightest nipple clamps she could find and secured it on Evicie's tits.

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   So that the milk wouldn't be able to come out and her tits would keep filling with milk. She then removed the call gag off Evicie's mouth and went to stand once more beside her mistress. Evicie enjoyed her moment of freedom once the ball gag was removed of her mouth. "I will use you, abuse you, fuck you, break you, i will do everything to you because you're mine. Understand that slut?""You'll do no such to be because i don't belong to you, you nasty prig. You're a bitch and once i get out of here, i'll report you for kidnapping, rape and abuse. You won't get away with this you fucktard. " Evicie screamed. The master came and slapped Evicie in the face. The slap stung so much that Evicie could barely breathe. "Listen up you slut, you'll soon learn the meaning of slave, and i already got away with this, tell her alanna"Alanna smiled once more and walked up to Evicie"I told your mother you'd ran away to spain because you hated here and wanted to start a new life. "You think she'd believe that, you must be stupid" said EvicieShe will believe it when you phone her saying so, when one of your teachers at school says so, and when someone you know in spain says so. "I won't phone her, and which teacher did you tell to lie to her? ""But you already did phone her, while you regained your consiousness, i drugged you and made a phone call to your mom and you told her what i told you to. And your teacher had already been calling your mom a month aftr you moved here telling her that you said you hate here and wanted to go back to spain" Alanna saidEvicie gasped, she won't believe you"Oh but she already did, That's why she said she misses you and that it was your descion but if you changed your mind, she'd always be here. "The mistress smiled cruelly, "Alanna had been obsevring you for weeks, and this plan is full proof""Seeing as you're new, and i'm kind, i'll give you a day to rest.

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   Tommorow, you'll meet the other slaves and your torture will begin. " the mistress stalked off. "Should i take off the nipple clamps?" Asked alanna?"No, leave it on, her tits will grow with milk during the night and you'll see how big they'll become, and her tits are gonna hurt so much because they're filled with milk" The mistress took a needle off the one of the tables and inserted it into both of evicies soft firm titsEvicie screamed in pain as she felt a substance from the needle go into her breasts. "this should increase the milk production by triple make her tits really big and full and making them really hurt"The mistress took three vibrator balls from a different table and shoved them up Evicie's pussy and put a large bucket under Evicie's pussy. Evicie screamed as the cold metal was shoved up her pussy, it hurt sooo much because she was so tight. "With this remote, i should be able to control her orgasms, watch"The mistress pressed a button on the remote, and evicie felt a wave of electritcity and shock in her body, she felt her pussy contract and sputter out some cum. It electricty shock felt so painful, yet sooo good. "By the end of the night, she should have produced enough cum to fill that bucket. Tommorow, we'll start with the protocol, the milking, and the torture. "With that the mistress and Alanna stalked off and turned off the lights. Evicie was left in the darkness feeling pain as she felt her tits become heavier and heavier with milk. She felt another wave of electricity through her body and this one was more powerful than the last. More painful that pleasurable. She watched as her pussy spat out more cum into the bucket and cried, there was no way out of this. All hope was lost.

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