Forced into slavery Part 1


Topic: Forced into slaveryForced SexEvicie (pronounced Eh-va-see) groaned and rolled over on the bed. It was another monday, a day back to the dreadful routine, a day of boredom. She smacked the off button on her alarm clock and sat up on the bed for a few seconds before pushing herself off the soft matress and heading to the bathroom.     I can't wait for this week to be over she thought but she knew it'd be another long 5 days till it truly was over. She stared at herself in the bathroom mirror and smiled, Her body and face was the envy of everyone. At 18, she had a cute innocent face which was also exotic. People always wondered how her face managed to look so exotic yet cute. She had large blue eyes which was in contrast to her jet black hair. Her eyelashes were really long and dark and curly. Her lips were full and sexual and she had the perfect pouty look. Usually, she had no need for makeup, because her face was just perfect. Her neck was slim and graceful having the perfect curves. Her boobs. . . .

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  . well they were just amazing, she smiled and squeezed them. At age 18, her boobs were a 40dd which on some people would look freakishly large, but on her just looked amazing. They had the ablilty to be soooo soft, but firm at the same time. Her nipples were as large as dollar coins and her sweet pink nipples were always erect for some reason, and somewhat long. The funny thing about these glorious boobs was the fact that she wasn't pregnant, yet she was lactating. It was somewhat annoying because it always seemed that milk would never stop coming out of them. She sighed and squeezed her boobs once more and watched as milk sputtered out of her tittes. In contrast to her unbeliveably full chest, was her stomach which was as flat. . . . well just very flat. She had curvy hips which weren't too wide but just perfect. Her perfect globes of ass were round and pale.

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   Her ass was very tight and soft just like her tits, people couldn't help but stare at her behind when she walked, it was hard to say whether her tits, lips, eyes or ass were her best feature. Her legs were sexy and when you saw them you couldn't help but think about them being wrapped around you as you made love to her. But despite her endless beauty, Evicie was a virgin because she had sworn not to have sex until she was with a man she was sure she wanted to be with for the rest of her life.     Evicie sighed once more and got into the shower and lathered her sponge and soaped her boobs, once more milk sputtered out of them but she ignored the usual occurance and continued on with her shower. She then brushed her straight white teeth. Once finished, she went into her closet and decided what to wear, although she was a virgin, she did know she had a great body and wasn't afraid to show it off. "Not feeling like a bra today" she thought to herself so instead she took a top with a plunging clevage that if you bent over you would see every detail in her nipples. She picked a thong, that was so small it didn't even cover the lips of her pussy. She then picked the shortest mini skirt known to man, that if she bent over at the right angle, you'd be able to see her sweet, tasty, virginal pussy. She bounded down the stairs and smacked right into her mom.   "Where do you think you're going dressed like a slut".   exclamied her momTo school mama, yeesh. And this is what everyone is wearing these days. "Well my daughter is not leaving the house like this, you're not even wearing a bra for God's sake, your breasts are swinging around when you walk. And look how short that skirt it.

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   Everyone can see your "hoo haa".  Mama please, we just moved here from spain and i really want to fit in, and this is how they dress here. Just please don't get mad okay. She gave her mom a quick kiss and headed out the door for school after putting on some sexy heels. Yah and that's how the prostitues also dress in spain screamed her mom as Evicie headed out the door. Don't you even want breakfast?"No thanks, Evicie Yelled backAlanna smiled as she saw the young half hispanic half white girl heading outside the door, her large boobs bouncing furiously and her hips and perfect ass swaying to some rthym. She had been planning this capture of this girl for weeks. She'd laid eyes on her when Evicie had moved in, and she had been quick to tell her master. Her master owned a large house on the outskirts of town where nobody ever visited. On the outside, the house might have looked normal but on the inside, it was filled with sex toys, slaves, animals, and every machine none to torture the human being to extreme orgasim. Her master loved to inflict pain on the slaves stretching their bodies further than they could go, and this young girl looked fresh and perfect. She couldn't wait till she got her hands on her. She started her car and drove right beside the young girl. "Hey, um do you know the way to St mary's all girls school, i just moved here" lied Alanna"Oh i go there, i can write the directions down for you" said evicie"Just hop in my car, and give me the directions, it'll be easier, because i'm so bad with directions"Evicie hesitated, since she was little she'd been taught not to get into a car with a stranger but this girl seemed like a nice person"Okay said evice and got into the front of the car"Alanna started the car and drove off with furious speed and listened as Evicie told her where to turn and suchMilk sputtered out of Evicie's tits. Embarrased Evicie tried to hide it Alanna saw and smiled to herself, she knew of Evicie's condition so she pretended not to see"Hey is it just me, or has that van been following us for a while" asked alannaEvicie looked back and nodded, "yes it has" said Evicie"Lets lose him" grinned Alanna devilishlyAlanna stepped on the gas pedal and drove in the opposite direction of the school, this was all part of the plan.

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   She kept driving for about 18 min until Evicie spoke up"Ummm i think we should go back, we're in the middle of no where""Well do you want those guys to get us""No""Then i guess we have no choice said alanna""Crap, it looks like i'm out of gas, and the guys are right behind us". "What are we gonna do shriked" Evicie"Okay you know what, how about we both go outside and i'll try and see what i can do, you just keep on the look out" whispered Allana"Okay" said EvicieThey both got out of the car and alanna attended to the car engine while Evice was on the lookout.   As Evicies back was turned. Alanna grabbed the wrench and smacked Evicie on the head and evicie fell to the ground unconsiousThe van pulled over and two men came out"Is she out", a guy asked?"Yup she's out Chad, take her into the van, good work guys, the master will be pleased. " alanna smiled gleefully. "Damn she's hot", said the other man"I know, Shaun, but don't touch her, or the master will be displeased, and you know what happens then" said alanna. They shrugged in agreement and picked up Evicie and shoved her into the Van. "K i'll meet you guys at the house, I just have some business to attend to". said Alanna



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