For a friend part one


For someone who knows who she is. . . .

Anticipation is the key to all great feasts.

Possibly a bit of a silly phrase but a apt one none the less I feel, given the wait it has been for us. Years have passed since we first knew each other we have changed in many ways, yet in some of the most important we have stayed the same. You might say I'm looking at things with rose tinted glasses after so many years and forgive me if I do not remove them, this world is far to drab and grey to turn away a small pleasure when you get the chance to enjoy it.

After months of banter and flirting between us something was rekindled, not love for there was already much love between us maybe just lust but I would prefer to think there was a kinship of spirit between us. In another time another place we might have been great lovers maybe Man and Wife who knows, in this world we are friends we share and are supported without the need to define it. If I was pushed I would say she is Pack to me, a friend close enough to be family. I am but a simple dog at times in my thinking and expression but mostly a loyal one I think.

I tell you all of this to I hope show how much affection and indeed love is between her and I but this is a tryst that will never be. I am far to jaded to believe in one true love for a person and wouldn’t want to risk such a friendship being destroyed by sex.

This all being said.

I know she would be a good partner, we have shared intimate details normally only for a lovers ear and I think I loved her even more just for a moment when she opened up to me.

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So here I put forward that fantasy we all have, that perfect coupling with someone you shouldn’t think about.

My dear I leave this for you.

You have been teasing me all night, nothing outrageous but noticeable all the same. The way you lean forward at just the right angle so I cant help but see the generous curve of your breasts. The way you lick your lips when your talking to me and smile when you catch me staring.

I give you a taste of your own medicine I lock onto your eyes when we talk, I stroke your arm as we talk and find a reason to get closer to you. The conversation starts to get slightly rude as you make a innuendo or two, I cant help myself and join in trying to play your words into something else. I can tell your being effected when you start to squirm a bit and your voice gets husky, it makes me smile to know how much you like to talk dirty even when your thinking your not getting anything.

You start getting into it and trying to wind me up trying to get rise from me, I call you out on it and you just smile. I remind you that the rules have always been you get it up you have to sort it out and we laugh but you have a twinkle in your eye.
You go off to the loo and offer me a beer when you get back. When you go to the fridge and make a show of bending over first forward showing your impressive chest then turn round and bend over showing your ass to me when you get the bottle opener. It hits me just as you sit down, your not wearing a bra any more. I saw a lot more a moment ago then I have been all night and your doing it deliberately. Picking up my beer I find the top still on and you smile telling me I have to find the opener if I want my beer.

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I stand you up and look you up and down smiling all the time as I get a chance to really stare at the goods for once. I ask for a clue where its hidden and you smile and say nothing. I guess you slipped it between your breasts but I'm not going to give up my chance to easily.

I kneel down beside you and start running my hand up one leg slowly. My fingers stroke through your tights up to the hem of your skirt. I move behind you and tell you to spread them wider, I work my way up the other this time not stopping this time as I slide my hands over your ass cupping and gently squeezing. I tell you its not here at the back and you giggle.

I run my hands up your back until I'm standing behind you, I'm right behind you so close you can feel my breath on the back of your neck. You lean back against me and ask if I have given up yet. I move my mouth just behind your ear and with my hands on your hips pulling you back I whisper I’m having far to much fun to give in just yet. I slide my hands up your sides just scraping the side swell of your breasts up higher until I'm holding your hands above your head, I tell you to hold them there or I'll have to tie you up.

My hands descend down your sides to below your breasts, circling round the front of you I pull you back against me my mouth brushing your neck and you let out a little moan. My hands slowly move upwards very slowly until they touch the underside of your breasts. You push your chest out to make the contact firmer and I pull my hands away. I whisper into your ear that you don’t get to decide how things play out on account of your teasing and this is for me now.

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Your ass pushes back and you moan when you feel how hard I am pressed up against you. You try to wiggle back again as I'm holding your handsup still and I tell you firmly no. Now you have to be punished. You hear my belt buckle rattle as I slide my belt off before I wrap it around your wrists holding them together tightly. You ask me what I'm going to do to you and I tell you what ever I want. But I'm not going to be mean and I tell you that you can stop me at any time by just saying teddybear.

I move you over to the dining table and bend you over it, using the slack in the belt I tie it to the leg keeping you in place. I stroke your hair lovingly and trail my hand down your back till I reach your ass. I ask you did you like feeling how hard I was against your ass. You moan a yes and ask me if I liked your ass. I stroke it and say you know I like it, but you have been bad for teasing so now you have to be punished.

I lift your skirt and rub your ass gently. Then I bring my hand down sharply and the room echoes with the first spank. You gasp and bounce up but I knew this would happen and have one hand on the small of your back holding you down. I tell you that you have been so bad I have to spank you and make it a good one.

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   I start to bring my hand down on your ass light at first then harder until the slapsmake your ass start to feel hot. I pause and rub your ass asking you how it feels and you say it was good but your still going to be bad.

I move behind you and let you feel my hardness against your ass then I move back my hands on your hips. I start to slide your underwear down your legs. I kneel down as I do it bringing my face level with your now naked ass. I gently blow on the red skin making you shiver. I stand and rub my hard cock against your now bare ass you feel the roughness of my jeans against you. I rub your ass for a Min my fingers separating your cheeks and dipping between them down to rub your puckered ring. I ask if your ready and you push your ass back in response, my hand raises and lowers again first one cheek then the other. You jump when the spank comes from below, your feet leave the ground then you calm down again and start pushing back for the contact. I move your legs apart and ask you if your enjoying yourself. You groan yes and I say I better check for myself, your moan back to me that your so wet its silly. I slide my hand between your legs sliding under you and forward until I feel the heat coming from you.

Your wet and I can feel your lips are dripping as I cup your pussy. I hold myself still as this is the first time we have been like this and I want to savor the moment.

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   You push back slightly and my fingers slide along your slit. A moan escapes you as my fingers reach your clit, I stop for a moment and gently run my finger around your clit just to hear you moan. I start to gently rub your slit with my fingers first just one then with asecond, teasing your hole and running my finger tips around the opening. You start to moan louder as I start to pump my fingers into your open and dripping core. You find my thumb rubbing against your ass then it dips down and slides fully into your pussy. You feel it come back up to your ass and rub against the puckered opening. As my fingers pump in to your pussy the thumb slowly starts to enter you too. Gently at first but soon your pushing back hard against the invasion. You start to buck against the table holding on with your hands as best you can as I thrust my fingers into you. I start to feel you tighten against me, first just a gentle pressure then tighter and coming in waves as you get closer. Your breathing is labored panting and moaning as you start to reach your peak. I have to hold your hips down as you reach your climax you moaning is loud and I feel your pussy contract again and again.

Your body relaxes and I say to you I hope you enjoyed yourself cause now its my turn.

Let me know If you want the rest written.



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