Fantasies can become reality part 1


  Being your average teenager it never quite occured to me why I liked the idea of rape. Why I logged onto my home computer late at night when everyone else in the house was sleeping and proceeded to print off pages of rape stories to fuel my interest. Why I always stared at any male who dared to enter my household, in such a way that I was inviting him to abuse me. Hoping someone would inappropriately grab my thigh, hush me down and savagely finger my pussy with everyone just in the next room.    I seriously got off on it. The idea of being raped turned me on, being helpless and under someones complete control for them to call me their fuck slut and cum on my face, open me up and humiliate me. That what really got me wet.    My comb strokes through my dark hair as my hair bounces and glistens. The reflection of me staring into the mirror a black bra and black panties pulling tight against my pussy. Looking at the outline of my pussy was turning me on. my curvy frame reflected in the mirror like an hour glass i was shaped and ironicly time really was running out for how long my fantasy would take to be acted out.   I slid on my delicate silk red top and a pair of black denim jeans. Jogging downstairs to meet my father who was taking me to his friends house. In the car journey my father and I barely spoke I was too busy thinking about whether this would be the friend of dad's to take advantage or whether this would again be a teasing dissappointment. I was determined to pull all the right signals of being a desperate little whore. We arrived at our destination, walking up the pathway to the red door which screamed politics, I was feeling slightly disheartened this was obviously a law obiding citizen with no intention of taking advantage of any situation.

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     We entered the house everyone waiting inside, I slump down into the patent sofas feeling hidiously uncomfortable and bored my father is quickly whisked away, bussiness talk of corse. More like an excuse to top up on your drinking habits. Suddently the door creeked and entered a tall man around early thirtys, his shoulders broad and smile mischievious. His arms strong and hands big, his eyes full of earnest but twinkled with deception. I took off my coat, "would you like a drink?" he softley whispered "sure what you got?". . . . he hesitated "errr whiskey or hum. . . . . . .

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   whiskey?" I smiled "Guess it will have to be whiskey then, on the rocks please. " The stranger handed me my drink without a word and proceeded to sit opposite me smiling again and glancing at my thighs and shoulders each time moving closer with his eyes to my assets. I felt like he was stripping with his eyes and I felt my pussy give in to this intrusion, I wouldn't complain I loved it, I leaned over baring more of my volumptious assets, till all of a sudden a crash and a bang next door. . . . The stranger ran to see what was going on. . I felt flustered and embarassed, had I been over the top? was my desperate act screaming more take advantage or more I'm a slapper?   He came back in "Your father has just passed out" he chuckled nervously "typical!" I exclaimed "I am suppost to inform you that your staying here tonight and your room is the first left on the landing, however although everyone else is retiring, I was kinda hoping you would stay for a couple more drinks maybe?" . . . . I smiled the advantage taking had begun he knew I wasn't a day over 18 sure I was well developed but he knew but who was he i inquired "who are you?" he jerked in his seat "I'm your dad's friend's brother!" and with that he moved and sat closer to me.   Shocked I watched him smile at me, the look in his eyes changing from care to heated lust. He grabbed my thigh about five inches down from my crutch, I started to breath heavily and stare frightened into his eyes.

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   He grabbed my hip and pulled me to him forcing his mouth on mine, I shocked didn't have time to respond, He began clawing at my top ripping it open exposing my tight rounded breasts tearing into my bra to reveal my budding nipples all erect. He pulled at my jeans and yanked them off leaving me in just a pair of white cotton panties he ran his finger up the line of my pussy lips.  Up and down pushing harder when close to my clit and then softer, he spread my legs wide, and put his face to my panties inhalling my pussy aroma then he pulled them to one side and opened me up. He smirked then got up and left the room. . . . I lay where he had left me. . . suddenly i didn't feel so cut out for this and was beginning to gather my clothes when. . .   The door swung open five men as well as the stranger all hench and in their mid -late thirties marched in and one giggling at my naked state 'shes a beaut alright clive' he was talking to the stranger who was now holding a video camera , I watched as the six men including stranger approached me, Two grabbing at my arms two grabbing at my legs and dragging me next door where a bed surrounded by lights was layed out for me. They began to strap me to the bed ripping off my white panties in the process and gagging me with them.

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    The stranger brought the camera right to my shaven pussy as another man held my pussy lips apart and slid one finger in on each que. I was being humiliated and whats worse by six people and they were recording it. He slid a finger in my pussy and I felt pain of being opened and his huge finger sliding in then out, he rubbed on my clit which is incredibly sensetive I pulled at the cuffs holding my feet spread apart to stop him rubbing my clit, it hurt I was too sensetive I started thrashing wildly on the bed in pain, the stranger filmed me thrashing aorund then two men threatened me that if I screamed again or tried to run my father would pay the price for my disobedience.     They untied me and told me to get on all fours, face in the pillow as they got the camera between my legs for a good pussy shot, then the stranger too got naked and walked towards me and slid a finger in me from behind, harder and faster inserting more fingers filling me up, I start to feel a weird sensation like im about wee but i'm not its different he pulls his fingers out and straight after a clear liquid squirts out of me, I stay bent over feeling wet running down my inner thighs I hear him yell 'she's ready for penetration' he pulls my hair while gently placing the head of his cock at my pussy. . .    Then he slams into me while yanking my hair back and wacking my arse the insertion was shudderingly painful he kept fucking and fucking me stretching open my tight little pussy, slapping my arse and caling me a tight little slut, he held the tops of my shoulders then my hips really driving his cock into me thrust after deep thrust the camera filming his savage raping of me and filming my wet cunt soaking him in my juices just before he cums he pulls out and again pulls at my hair while shoving his fingers deep inside me coating them in my pussy juices then rubbing them on my asshole before positioning himself at my arse and beginning to slowly screw his way into my ass, one guy is holding my mouth as he is pushing deeper and deeper till finally he has stretched me open in both holes and he beggins fucking my ass pulling on my hair.   Anoter man hands him somethin and it looked like a huge big ben vibrator, the stranger grabs it and persists in shovving a big ben vibrator deep into my pussy ripping it apart, until he begins to feel his balls tightening and I feel my ass gripping him he begins to thrust deeper and deeper into me slamming his balls against my pussy as he drives his last strokes into my ass before stream after stream of cum is emptied into my ass as he pulls out the camera zooms on my ass hole dripping with cum.      too be.



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