Fake watch leads to sex with mom pt.1


Topic: Fake watch leads to sex with mom FAKE WATCH LEADS TO SEX WITH MY MOTHER
 Minor revisions to this story to help the reading a little better.
The day was like any other day, hot women, good-looking guys and me and my crew sling stolen goods out of the trunk of my car.
I am just an average white guy who lives in Los Angeles with my mom and sister. I grew up on the outskirts of south central. I wanted to make friends and in that neighborhood I had no way to do it. I started hanging out with the wrong crew and soon I was boosting car stereos and items from stores.
It didn’t take long for people at school to know who I was. I was the guy that could get you anything. I was short and white, but I was fast and had a temper that was legendary. I would fight anyone that would get in my way and steal almost anything for a buck.
I met a couple of guys, T-bone and Dwayne, who wanted a Rolex. I had never tried to steal anything so valuable before. I knew a guy that sold fake watches and I was told that no one would know. I checked it out and I couldn’t get a real one. I was forced to get a fake a sell it.
The T-bone and Dwayne picked up the watch from me at school and paid me my two hundred dollars.


   I headed home with my bounty to show my mother what I made. See I helped my mother out with the rent and this was a great profit.
When I got home my mother was in the shower and I had to pee so I knocked and entered without waiting for an answer. I ran to the toilet and started to go.
“Hey Sean is that you?” My mom Vicky said from the shower.
“Yeah mom. It’s me. ” I replied while letting go of two twenty ounces. “I made two hundred bucks today. We can cover this months rent. ”
“How did you do that?” She asked while peaking out from the shower with soap still in her hair.
I was putting my cock away when I noticed that she was looking at it.
“Mom!” I exclaimed, “What are you looking at?”
I was shocked my own mother checking out my cock? I never thought my own mom would be looking at my cock.
“Mom that’s not far, you saw my cock but I haven’t seen you’re yet. ”
“Well baby take a look if you want.

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With that she opened the shower curtain just enough for me to see her soap tits. My mother was not a bad looking woman for forty-seven. She was taller then most at about 5’10” and about 150 lbs. She was curvy and built for sex. Everything about my mom reminded me of sex, and my hustler magazines. Her legs were long and very toned. She never really worked out but she was in great shape. Her lips were full and begged to suck anything. My own mother made me wanted to cum and that was sad.
I saw my mom perfect natural tits and my cock jumped. My cock was thick and hung. I’m about nine inches. There are not many people that can match my cock. The girls really like it.
“Not bad son.

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   Your cock is a good size like your fathers was. ” She said. She went back to washing her hair.
“I am going to the mangers office to pay rent and then to the store. I will be back shortly. ” I said as I walked out of the bathroom.
When I returned I found that my mom was sitting on the couch and T-bone and Dwayne standing in my living room. My mom was crying and T-bone had a gun. Dwayne and T-bone were both very dark skin. They were both about 6’1” and very muscular with short cut hair.
“What’s going on guys?” I said trying to keep my cool.
T-bone pointed the gun at me and said, “You sold me a piece of shit that is fake. ”
Dwayne turned toward me and said, “Give us back da’ money or we gona cap your moms here. ”
T-bone pointed the gun at my mother. I wanted to swing and take the gun but I wasn’t faster then a bullet.

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   My mother was only wearing a black silk bathrobe. She always wore it. It was faded and short, with a sash in the front. The robe was old and really beat up but my mother liked it. I liked it because it showed a lot of leg and some ass.
I hung my head low and said, “I don’t have the money. I had to pay rent but I’ll get it. ”
With a heavy accent, “Well den’ bout we just cap ‘er then?”
My mom looked up and then looked at me said, “How about I suck your cocks for the money?”
The guys just looked at each other as if they just hit the lottery. I was dumbfounded. What in the hell did my mother just say? I was rooted in my place. I couldn’t move, not even an inch. My mother, with the tears in her eyes, reached up and placed her hand on Dwayne’s cock.
T-bone pointed the gun at me and told me to sit in the chair in the corner and not to move. I did as I was told, with tears in my eyes I sat there and watched my mother turn into a whore.
T-bone and Dwayne pulled out there cocks and began to stroke them.

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   T-bone’s cock was about seven inches and kind of thick. It was like dark chocolate and it was heading straight for my mother’s sweet lips. Dwayne’s cock was a little smaller then T-bones but it was just as thick. My mom’s hand started stroking it.
Her sweet white fingers wrapped around Dwayne’s thick black cock and began to stroke it ever so slowly. While my mom Vicky was sucking T-bones cock, she was stroking Dwayne to a rock hard state. Dwayne was busy groping my mother’s breast in his free hand.   He squeezed her breast hard and tweaked her nipple. I could feel my cock was growing in my cargo shorts. The scene was like a live porno, right in front of my face. I couldn’t help but be turned on.
My mother had never acted this way. She always paraded around the house in her robe and teased me sometimes, but she never sucked a cock like this. My mother never even dated anyone that I knew of and she never went to bars without coming home at night.
My mother turned toward Dwayne’s cock and inserted it deep into her throat.

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   Dwayne let out a sigh and grabbed a handful of her hair. My mother took it all in. She allowed the large cock to enter her throat and began to gargle. Dwayne’s head swung back and he grabbed another handful of hair and pulled her lips deeper. She tried to pull back but Dwayne wouldn’t let her go.
My mom began to gag on Dwayne’s cock. Dwayne made her throw-up on it before he let her go. Vicky pulled back and let the spit fall from her lips. When she threw-up only spit came out and trickled down her full lips and on to her beautiful breasts. Her robe gapped open for all to see from T-bone and Dwayne’s ruff play.
T-bone took my mom’s head and forced her to suck Dwayne’s cock again. T-bone used both his hands to force my mom’s head back and forth on Dwayne’s cock. Dwayne laughed and T-bone positioned his cock between my mom’s ass cheeks. He pushed the tip of his penis at her panties. My mom screamed and Dwayne shoved his cock deep into my mom’s mouth.

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   He began to face fuck her, pulling out to almost the tip and then shoving it in until his balls slapped against her chin.
The tears began to flow from my mother eyes and the spit pooled on the floor. T-bone dried fucked my mother’s ass and Dwayne faced fucked my mother. Dwayne’s cock was driving hard into my mother’s throat. Dwayne was like a jackhammer, fucking her face so hard.
My cock was hard and starting to leak pre-cum in my shorts.
Dwayne’s head few back and I could tell that he was about to cum. My mother knew too. She started shaking her head and that’s when Dwayne shot his load in my mother mouth. I could see burst after burst as my mom gagged. She was trying to swallow as much as she could, but she was gagging and some cum ran from her lips. I almost came in my shorts right there.
It must have been enough for T-bone though. He came on the back of my mother. Shooting his load on her tight ass.

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   He rubbed a few more times on her cheeks and shot a few more strands on her back and ass cheeks.
With that Dwayne and T-bone dressed and walked out the front door. Just like they came in they left. I sat there shaking my head at what I just saw. My own mother was a cock-sucking whore. My own cock was so hard and my mother made it that way. I couldn’t forget what I saw.
My mother lay there on the floor covered in cum and still sobbing.
“See what I had too do for you. ” Vicky said sobbing. She never even looked at me.
“What you did for me? You are a cock hungry whore!” I shouted back. I stood up and my cock almost ripped my shorts.
My mother looked at me with cum still on her face. “You like your mother as a cock whore?” She asked with a terror on her face.

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“What?” I retorted.
“Your cock doesn’t lie. ”
“So, I was turned on you bitch. So what! You liked sucking that big black cock. You wanted to be fucked by them. ” I sounded off again.
“You wished it was your cock in my mouth. I know you. You jerk off to my tits at night and you like it when I wear my short robe and show you my ass. ” She said moving to her knees.
“You know that you want to fuck me. ” She said. My mother spread her legs apart and sat on the floor. Her full tits heaved with every breath. My cock was straining in my shorts because of the sight of my beautiful mother.

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   I could see her very wet pussy lips. Her camel toe was begging for me to take it, lick it and fuck it.
“You have no idea what you talking about. ” I said, as I shifted in my stance and tried to make my cock less noticeable.
“Take out your cock and show me how much of a man you are. ” She spate.
“NO! You’re my mother!” I shouted. “One of us needs some self control. ” I dropped my hands down as to cover my erection.
“Don’t cover it up you pussy! I want your cock in my mouth now. ” She said while crawling over to me.
“Mom,” I said, “I have to go to work on my graphics website babyboygraphics. I don’t have time for this shit. ” I returned. The conversation was quick like a firefight.


   She snapped and I returned fire.
“You will make time to cum on my tits. So pull it out. NOW!”
I did as I was told. I pulled my cock from its enclosure to find that pre-cum was soaking through my underwear. I couldn’t hide it anymore. I wanted to fuck my mother the way those black guys did. I wanted my own mother to worship my cock the way she did for them. I grabbed my mother’s hair as hard as I could and jerked her head back. Her lips parted from the force and pain. I grabbed my cock at the base and place the tip on her lips.
“You are going to suck my cock the way I want you to whore. ” I said with my cock in one hand and her hair in the other.
“You are going to suck my cock and then I am going to fuck your cunt. ” I said in a low and forceful voice.


“I will suck your cock son, but you can’t fuck me. I am your mother and that’s incest. I can’t let you. ” She tried to pull away.
I jerked on her hair and drove my cock into her mouth. She took in almost the whole thing before she gagged on it. I pulled out holding her hair tight and shoving my cock deep in again. Her hands quickly grabbed my legs in hope of bracing herself from the onslaught of my cock. I didn’t stop. I pulled her face into my balls. I could feel her tongue licking at my balls.
“WOW you are a good cock sucker!” I grunted out, “You could almost make me cum. ”
I pulled my cock out of the whore’s mouth and pushed her to the floor. My mom quickly tried to crawl away, but that only helped me to get to her panties. I grabbed her small underwear and yanked them to her knees.

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“NO! Please don’t do this. I can’t be fucked. Please. ” She begged.
I grabbed her hips and positioned my raging cock at the opening of her pussy. It was soaking wet. The fluid was pouring out of her and down her thighs. I was so turned on that I didn’t care if this was my mother. I didn’t care if it was RAPE. I was going to do it anyway.
I had her by her hips and force my cock into her wet sloppy pussy. It had no trouble entering her love canal. She bucked her head up and let out a scream. It was a mix of terror and pleasure. I buried my cock balls deep into her pussy.

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   Her large ass giggled every time I pounded her.
Her screams turned from panic to pleasure as I fucked her hard and fast. I wanted to cum deep in my mother’s pussy to teach her a lesson. I was the man of the house and I own this pussy. I fucked her harder and harder. I was thinking about the black guy, T-bone, who wanted to fuck my mother. I was thinking about the cum my mother had on her face. I was thinking about everything when it just happened.
I began to spasm and buck harder. I held my mother in place as she tried to pull away from me. I held her tight and buried my cock one last time. I shot load after load of hot, sticky, and sweet cum in my mother pussy. When I finally finished I released my mother’s hips and she fell to the floor.
“Good little whore. ” I said, “Everyday you will service me like you did today.

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   You will sleep with no one else unless I tell you to and you will not masturbate unless I tell you it is okay first. ” You will wear what I tell you and when I tell you. You will suck and fuck me wherever the mood strikes me. You are my little whore. ”
My mother just looked at the ground and nodded. She had nothing to say about the pleasure I gave her. She liked it and I liked it. She liked being a cock whore. She like it even more with her son.
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