Ed's Revenge


The comment lit a fuse with Ed but as he walked out he just gave a cold stare. As he got into his beat up old pick up he watch the couple drive away, before putting the truck in gear. Driving home, Ed kept thinking about what they had said, and his anger grew. A mile from his home, he seen the couple on the side of the road with a flat tire. He pulled up as if to help, but when the couple seen him, the mockery began again. Ed quietly reached down and picked up the rite too that lay beside the boy, and buried it in the boy’s head. The blood began flowing form the wound. The girl began screaming as Ed slapped her across her face and grabbed her and totted the limp girl to his truck and threw her into the back bed. When the girl came to, she found herself tied up spread eagle on a full sized bed, naked, in a run down old trailer. There were dirty cloths and empty beer cans cluttered all over the floor. In the corner, still in his overalls, with a beer in his hands was Ed. Ed gazed at the beautiful girl, Her black hair hung down to her shoulders, her brown eyes, and her full lips. Her breasts were like two melons sitting on the ground, round, firm with dime-sized nipples. Her tanned belly was flat with a gold stud sticking from her naval. Her pussy was as bear as the day she was born, with full lips and enormous clit. Her legs were long and muscular; to Ed she looked as if she had walked off the pages of his porn mag.

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   She lay on the bed whimper, begging Ed to let her go, and pleading his forgiveness for the things she had said. Ed, said nothing, he just finished his beer and tossed the can. “Please sir don’t hurt me,” the girl begged, as Ed stood up and began to take off his cloths. “ I didn’t mean what I said, I was just having some fun” “And now I am going to have some fun” Ed said with a laugh. He threw his clothes to the side and stood naked in front of the girl. The sights sicken her even more. There were lines of dirt a grim on his skin, his fat belly was matted with hair and his uncircumcised cock stood hard poking into the flab. Ed climbed on the bed and straddled the girl’s chest, poking his cock at the girl’s mouth. “ Suck it bitch”. The girl turn her head, and he grabbed her with one hand and forced her face back towards his hard dick. “Suck it or I will beat the hell out of you, your just a worthless whore, no one will miss you, so suck my dick” Ed said forcefully. The girl slowly opened her mouth and Ed forced his dick in. It was all she could do not to puke as he rammed his cock down her throat but she controlled herself and did as she was told. Ed face fucked the young beauty for several minutes; her mouth was hot and wet. It had been along tome since his cock had been any where near a woman.

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   As the cum began to rise he quickened his thrust, and before he unloaded down her throat he grabbed the girl by her hair so she could not reject his heavy load. With one hard jolt he unloaded his frustrations and cum down the young girls throat, as he began to shoot his load he told the girl that if any escaped her mouth she would regret it,The girl tried with all her might to swallow Ed’s load but his years of being alone had allowed his balls to cook up gallons of cum, so she could not handle but just a fraction, and the rest dribbled out of the sides of her mouth. She begged his forgiveness for not being able to take it all. “ I told you that you would regret it” Ed said as he untied the ropes from around her legs. With the ropes gone, Ed told the girl to turn over. Nervously the girl did as she was told. “Get on all fours like the bitch you are” Ed ordered and the girl obliged. With his cock still are and lubed from her spit and his cum, Ed positioned his cock at the girls ass hole. The girl began begging frantically for him not to fuck her ass, but Ed just laughed and pushed the head of his cock into her shitter. The girl screamed in pain as the massive man cock plunged roughly into her unlubed ass. Her pain increased as Ed buried his cock forcefully deep in her bowels and reached and grabbed a tit in each hand and used them as pull handles to add pressure to his thrust. Ed felt the warmness of the girl’s pussy each time his hairy nut sack slapped it on his inward thrusts, the feeling just made him wilder. Her was grunting and moaning as the sweat rolled down his fat body, and after only a few more thrust he unloaded his cock juice inside the girl’s ass. He pulled his cock out of her, grabbed her by the hair, yanking her around. “ Clean my dick” Ed ordered.

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  The girl was weeping profusely from the pain and from the humiliation she had been through, but not knowing her fate, she sucked the blood, cum and fecies from him dick as she was told. Ed retied her to the bed, smiled at her and said. “ Make your self at home, bitch, you’re a pretty good fuck, I think I will keep you for a while”Her turned and walked out of the bedroom, leaving the girl alone, naked and scared to death. .



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