E-mail Raped and Humiliated


things were as bad as they could get. I want bore you with the details, but simply put here is my story. I`m a 33 year old wife, mother of 2, and I have or had a great job for 12 years. I found out that my husband was seeing other women, we were finacily broke, and my health was not the best in the world. One day it all came together and I just had to get away to think, and sort out my emotions. I chose to go to a little quite beach over on the Georgia coast. I got a cheep motel room, put on my bikini, and headed down to unwind. I took my lap top computor with me, I usually like to write, it helps me think, and is a much better way for me to get out my fellings.
I had been out for some time, layed back on my towel, and kinda dosed off. To my suprise I was awakened my a hand over my mouth. It all happened so fast it was hard to say exactly, but surounding me was about a dozen younger guys. the hand that was over my mouth was quickly replaced with a hard cock plunging down into my mouth. I was being held down to the ground, and with as many of then as there were anyone passing by could not see me or tell what was going on. I want go into detail for as you read this you will see clearly my reason.
I had only just several times sucked my husband, for he seemed to not demaned it, he was more of a let me drill you kind of man. Not to much glamer in our sex life, but it was enjoyable for 18 years.

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   I was now being forced to suck strange cock. One by one they took turnes poking my mouth, and I begain to relize that I was being raped. How can this just happen, and why me. As i was told by each of these guys, do what we say and I would not be hurt, load after load filled my mouth. I was able to void some of it, but I had to swollow as well. the one thing that helped me during this was the fact that no one was touching me in any place but my arms and legs to keep me pind down to the ground. My bikini was still on, so my hope was all they wanted was to mouth fuck me then leave me.
As I drained each of them the rape turned for the worse. Tape was placed over my mouth, my bikini was ripped off with no problem and I now layed naked surounded by stiff half drunken guys. They picked me up and carried me foward off the beach to a small house. I was then tied to a bed, and one by one they robed me of my pride as they fucked me like animals.
I was untied, turned over, retied, and pulled up on all 4`s, and pumped again and again for there pleasure. I was shure that they were done for I was left alone for a hour or so, just laying there helpless, tired, hurting, swollen and sore. My emotions were crazy, nothing made any since.
the rape continued but this time they took turnes explorting my ass hole where no one had ever gone before.

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   I knew that some people enjoy that kind of sex, but I never wanted or liked the thought of it. Now I was forced to be filled in this way, and again they seemed pleased to use my at there will.
One would think by now that the worsed was over and done. how could I go on, they would sure kill me if they did more to me. Now it was time not for one on one, but forced to comply I fould myself being used again. Cock in the mouth, my pussy, and my ass was not fun, it hurt, I sure must die now.
As all of this was happening to me I was unaware of the guy with the camera. He had photographed there fun and my humiliation. How could anyone be so mean enough is enough. They had picked up from the beach my laptop and now they had acsess to my whole life. From my computor I was forced to help them get into my e-mail but why.

    My life was finaily finished now. I was now turned lose, I could walk but not well. I had losed everything, even my cloths. Forced to walk naked back to my motel, the only good thing that came out of this day was my room was way down on the end of the building, and I had forgotten to lock the door.

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    A few days latter I retured to work. It seemed that everyone stared at me, could they have known that I was raped over and over again. I made my way to my desk to try to work and not think upon what had happen to me. As I set at my computor I noticed my e-mail was loaded with twenty something letters from me to me. What was this. I begain to open one and my life was drained from me. There I was naked, being raped, it showed everything. Each of the e-mails had 4 pictures with them. They had not only taken me forcefully and raped me, but now they had raped me again threw e mail humiliating me futher. The worse had happened, they had forwarded each of these letters titled see what I did at the beach, to everyone in my e-mail address book. My family, my friends, my coworkers, my boss, my work clients, and the list goes on and on.
    I lost most of my friends, my job, yes my husband,some of my family, all of my pride. Now I live in another state by myself, I work as a clerk at a quiky mart, I have no computor, and I have been raped 3 times since I`ve lived here. I live each day knowing that someone will sure take me again and probably kill me.

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