Topic: Smokey and the GangBrte and I went to a bar to celebrate his new job. Wewent and got smashed and all night, a man whose name was 'Smokey' kept looking at me. and then began to touch me. He would walk by and slap my ass or grope my boobs. Bret was drunk almost to the point of passing out but he was still mad. "Ay! Ay man keep your fuckin hands off my bitch!" he slurred. Smokey came over and said "What you gonna do, punk? You can't even stand on your own to feet. You wanna fight for who gets to bang this bitch tonight?" I got really mad and said "Hey don'ttouch my husband you druggie. " He walked upto me and grabbed me around the neck. "Mighty fine mouth you got there, sweetie. I suggest you keep it shut unless you want it cut off. " I got momentarily scared and then said "Well this mouth of mine's got two words for you: MAKE ME!" he smirked and then, grabbing my neck tighter, he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. "My boys and I are gonna have to teach this whore here a lesson. " I was carried somewhere outside, and when he put me down, we werejust outside the bar, down a hill and out of sight by anyone in the bar. "Now," said one of his gang "take your clothes off. " I shook my head in fear.

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   He slapped me and repeated "TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF NOW. " i could do nothing but stare. He lunged at me and ripped my clothes off down to my socks. "No! stop! HELP! BREt! HELP ME!!" but nobody came. Smokeythrew me down on the ground and said "You ever been fucked right bitch?" i shook my head no. He jammed his dick inside me and i shrieked in pain. His cock was at least 18 inches, which i would love if it wasnt as big as a horse cock in width. It was so big that i think my hymen broke once again. "OOH! Omigosh. smokey dont do this to me! ill do whatever you want just not this. " tape was then placed over my mouth and all that could be heard from me was grumbling. SMokey rammed inside me again "thatll teach you to keep your mouth shut. ugh. oh yeah bitch. " he was clearly enjoying it.

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   I however was not. It hurt so much that i began to cry. I tried to fight smokey off me but ran out of strength. I had given up calling out for bret also. "mmmkky. stppp plzz ttt hrttts. " I tried through tears. "Its supposed to hurt baby. you did me wrong now im gonna teach you a lesson. " He continued to fuck me. Then he stopped and rammed deep inside me to the point where i could feel it in my chest. The pain was too much, and my face was soaked with tears. Then smokey grunted and breathed and i kneew he was about to cum. not inside me pleease not inside me. but smokey couldnt hear my thoughts and his cum gushed inside me which made my clit tingle for more.

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   I saw his thick white cum on the grass and all over my pussy. when he was done he pulled out, and slid downto my cunt. he began to suck me off first slowly an then faster and harder and i began to tingle. I didnt want to cum for him i wanted to act like he couldnt pleasure me but the truth is he fucked me better than bret had since our wedding night. smokey pulled me up to where i wasstanding andled me over to a nearby tree. " put your arms outand spread your legs too. " i did, i had no otherchoice. my hands and legs were duct taped to the tree. i waited and waited as i heard people shuffling behind me. then i was hit witha whip square on my left butoz. i squealed. myright was hit.
    then both at the same time. during my spanking my crying resumed. " ahhhhhhh1 ohmigod bret!!!!!!!!! ahh ouch!" then it stopped and i felt SMokeys hands rubbing my ass and then my boobs, then my pussy.

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       His horse cock entered my pussy again and he went slow, enjoying every moment. my pussy was now big enough for it so it actually began to feel good. He took off my duct tape and said "dont it feel good sweetie?" and i nodded in total ecstasy, close to aclimax. and then he rammed into me again and started going harder and harder and faster and his cock got bigger. and then i felt his cum again. this time i came with him, my whole body shook and his dick popped out with a 'smack!' as i jerked forward andmy juices squirted all over the tree. "ooh yeah, smokey! ohh yeahhh ohh fuck me. " i said. smokey began to grope me again and then my duct tape came off my hands and legs. smokey continued to rub me and i grabbed his head and put it around my neck which he kissed softly.   "Smokey, fuck me in the ass please, baby. do it hard. i dont care if it hurts. " my drinks caught up with me and i realized i had no clue what i was doing, when his cock entered my tight asshole. I screamed in pain and his hand covered my mouth as i cried out and tears bgan to come again.

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       he vcame harder and faster and then his hand slid down to my pussy and he finger fucked it while fucking me in the ass. I came to myclimax again and squirted all over his cock and base. This was too much for him to take because as soon as i came his head flew back and he howled like a coyote might at the moon. His cum again streamed into my asshole and i could feel it dripping down to my pusyy where his fingers were still going in and out softly. He finished and i turned around. his hands came out of my pussy and he held them up for me to lick. i sucked off his fingersone by one. and then i made out violently with smokey. I whispered in his ear "now its my turn. "
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