Dinah's Humiliation


            Dinah was a ravishing red-head (t was more of a copper than red color) with big, loose curls and light green eyes.   Her breasts were a healthy B-cup and she had smooth, creamy skin, a trim but curvy figure.   She had also just moved into her newly purchased house and didn’t yet know anyone in the neighborhood.   Boxes were piled haphazardly along the walls on top of and under pieces of furniture, although her futon was in the middle of the living room with nothing on it and her TV, though on the floor, was plugged in and her DVD player was hooked up.   The only room that was fully unpacked and arranged was her bedroom at this point and she had just started on the washroom.
            It was starting to get dark when she finished arranging the bathroom and so she decided she would go out and rent a movie for the night and start on the living room and kitchen tomorrow.   So Dinah showered and dried herself off and hung the towel up and walked nude down the hall to her bedroom.   She flicked on the light and turned on her new Shakira CD and went over to her closet to pick out some clothes, dancing as she moved.   The light and sudden blast of music through her open curtains and window caught the attention of four guys sitting on the balcony of the house next door drinking beers and playing poker.  
They watched, transfixed, with hard cocks, as Dinah swayed to the music and pulled on a red g-string and then a pair of short jean shorts that just covered her ass and showed off her long, slim legs to perfection.   Then she pulled on a light green baby-tee (having no real need for a bra) that left a good 3” of midriff bare.   She brushed out her hair, leaving it out, flowing around her shoulders, and applied some lip gloss and slipped on some sandals.   Turning off her stereo and bedroom light she left the room.   The four men watching dashed inside and went to the front bedroom upstairs to see if she was leaving the house and they watched as she walked down the driveway, hips swaying, to her car and took off in the direction of town.   Knowing she must be who’d just moved in to the recently empty house they decided they would be the first to welcome her to the neighborhood.
Dinah returned in a half an hour, for she’d picked up some things that wouldn’t require cooking for her meals until she’d unpacked the kitchen.

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    She’d rented “Sahara”, she’d heard it was good and the actor was hot.   Speaking of hot, it was a very warm night, even if it was summer, despite how skimpily she was dressed so she went to get a cold glass of water before she settled in to watch her movie.   She’d just finished drinking the water when her doorbell rang.   Wondering who it could be at this hour, especially considering she didn’t know any of her neighbors, she went and opened the door to see a tall, dark-haired man.
  “Hi, I’m Alex Scott, one of your new neighbors,” he gestured to the house on the left, “and I just brought you a little something to welcome you to the neighborhood. ”  He held out a bouquet of roses of all different colors.   Thinking that that was very sweet of this guy Dinah said with a smile, “Thank you, I’m Dinah Evans.   Would you like to come in for a minute while I put these in some water?”  He smiled, “I’d love to!”  And so he followed her inside, leaving the door open.   “Please excuse the mess, I haven’t unpacked much downstairs yet,” Dinah was saying.   “No worries. ”  Alex followed her into the kitchen and watched as she rummaged in a box and pulled a vase out of it.   She laid the roses on the counter while she filled the vase with water and then set about arranging the flowers in it.  
“How long have you lived in this neighborhood, Alex?”  Dinah asked conversationally.   “Oh, about 3 years now I guess. ”  He answered and the chatted for a few more minutes and then Alex said, “Well, I better get going, I’m playing poker with some buddies and they should be at my house any minute.

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  ”  “Alright, thanks again for the roses, I guess I’ll be seeing you around then. ”  Dinah smiled and preceded him into the living room, so she could open and close the door for him, but when she stepped into the living room she stopped dead.   Three more men, a blond man, a brown-haired man, and a black man, were sitting on her futon.   Dread pooled in her stomach.   She turned to dash back into her kitchen and out her backdoor but found the black-haired Alex blocking the entrance.   Dinah whirled around to face the other three, suddenly feeling naked in the face of their leering grins.   “Who are you?”  She demanded.   “What’s this?  Didn’t Alex tell you?” asked the brown-haired man mockingly.   “We’re your new neighbors,” said the blond man.   “And we’ve come to welcome you to your new neighborhood,” announced the black man.  
Behind her, Alex spoke, “Dinah, meet Brian,” he indicated the brown-haired man, “Holt,” he pointed at the blond man, “and Mike,” and he pointed at the black man.   “Hi,” whispered Dinah, wishing fervently that she’d never answered her door.   “You’re very beautiful, “said Mike, “we watched you dress before you went out. ”  Dinah was just about to ask how when Brian said, “You forgot to close your curtains. ”  Dinah cursed herself silently and was thoroughly disgusted by these men.

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    “Take off your top so we can see those perfect breasts again,” ordered Holt.   Dinah’s frozen state suddenly evaporated and she ran for the front door and tried to open it; it was locked.   She was scrambling to unlock the door when strong hands gripped her and pulled her away and tossed her onto the now laid down futon.   More hands ripped her shirt off and started fondling her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples.   She winced at the rough treatment and crossed her legs when she felt hands undoing her shorts but they were wrenched apart and the pants pulled off, leaving her in her red g-string.
            Dinah started to buck and twist, trying to escape the fate that awaited her.   Alex slapped her face, the sting of the slap immobilizing her for a moment.   “Looks like we’ll have to hold her down,” he said.   She started to struggle again, knowing that she had to get away before they restrained her.   Too late.   Alex was holding her down by her shoulders and she lifted her head to see who was holding her legs open.   Holt was holding her left leg and Brian her right leg. . . which meant Mike got to go first.

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    She’d never had sex with a black man before!  This scared her a bit, not because she was racist but because she’d heard all kinds of stories on how their cocks were much larger than white guy’s cocks.   In terror she listened to the sound of Mike undressing while the other three held her down, ready for him to take.   Mike finished undressing and said, “Wanna see the meat that’s gonna pound your cunt, slut?”  Dinah grimaced at the crude words but lifted her head to look at his cock, feeling that if she saw it she’d at least be prepared for what was coming.  
            The stories were all true!  He was huge!  He must be at least 10” long and 2. 5” thick!  She’d never had a dick that big inside her pussy before and it had been a year since she’d had sex at all, having broken up with her fiancé and needing time to adjust.   He must have seen the fear in her face because he grinned evilly and crawled on top of her and started to bite and suck her nipples.   This was arousing and painful at the same time but just when she was starting to actually enjoy it a little he rammed his cock into her pussy all the way, bumping painfully against her womb.   “Aaaahhhhhhhhh!  Nooooooooo!”  It was incredibly painful; she’d been completely dry and unready for him.   Dinah tried to buck him off of her but it just hurt more.   Mike starting fucking her, hard, and she felt a hand between their bodies and fingers teasing her clit.  
She sighed a little, the stimulation causing her to juice up and making Mike’s fucking pleasanter than it had been.   She suddenly realized the her right leg was free, it must be Brian who was playing with her clit, and tried to kick out but all this did was cause a burst of sensation inside her pussy.   Holt had released her other leg now and she used her feet to try and push away from Mike’s thrusts and escape.   This caused Holt and Brian to recapture her legs (Brian abandoning her clit) and hold them down again.   She was no where near cumming, her thoughts were too centered on enduring and escaping and all she felt was a mild tingling pleasure that she knew would have built considerably if this had been anything other than rape.

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All of a sudden she felt Mike’s body tense and felt his warm spunk fill her pussy.   Oh My God!!  He’s not wearing a condom!  None of them are going to!  Dinah’s thoughts were very panicky now and she knew she’d have to pretend to be sufficiently subdued so that they’d release her and she could escape.   The last thing she wanted was to become pregnant or catch a disease from them.   Mike got off of her and took Holt’s place holding her left leg.   She heard Holt undressing and lifted her head to watch.   When he pulled off his underwear his cock sprang free and she saw that it was a couple inches shorter than Mike’s (about 8”) but it was hardly any less thick at 2”.   Dinah’s sudden fear of unwanted pregnancy and disease caused what little pussy juice that had been produced from Brian fingering her clit vanished when Holt climbed on top of her and thrust into her pussy and started fucking her with a vengeance.   Dry as she was again she couldn’t hold back another scream and lay limply with her eyes closed while Holt pumped in and out of her.
They must have taken this for a sign of surrender for Mike and Brian let go of her legs and Alex released his grip on her shoulders.   “Put her on the top, I have an idea,” Brian said.   Holt rolled her over so that she was now on top of him and held her still on him by hugging her against him when she would have struggled.   All of a sudden she felt a finger pushing into her anus and her eyes grew wide and she tried to struggle even though she knew it would do no good.   “No, please not that!”  “She’s an anal virgin, guys,” said Brian excitedly and she heard clothes flying off and she started screaming hysterically, hoping someone, anyone, would hear and help.   “Stick something in her mouth already!”  Suddenly her scream was cut off as something huge and hard filled her mouth.  
“Suck it, bitch!”  She opened her eyes to see a naked black torso and realized she had Mike’s huge rock hard dong in her mouth.

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    She started sucking obediently, hoping that they’d be pleased with this instead, when she felt her ass cheeks separated.   She jerked her head back, trying to free her mouth of Mike’s cock so she could scream for help again when he suddenly shoved his whole cock into her mouth and down her throat.   At the same time, Brian pushed his 7” cock into her virgin anus but she couldn’t scream because she was gagging on Mike’s cock, her throat muscles milking it for all it was worth.   Brian started fucking her ass right away, the tight, dry friction making him groan in pleasure.   Mike started fucking her mouth and she quickly sucked in a deep breath as he plunged in and out of her throat.   Holt had started fucking her pussy again and she was now being fucked in every hole.
Brian quickly came in her ass and pulled out, only to be replaced by Alex who had already undressed and instantly filled her ass with his 9” cock and started thrusting away.   His entrance had been eased by the blood that acted as a lube, though there was only a little bit from a small tear.   The triple fucking continued and suddenly Mike plunged once again into her throat and spewed his load into her stomach.   He walked away and she saw him getting dressed in her peripheral vision.   Holt came in her pussy and she felt his cock soften and slip limply out though he held her on top of him so Alex could finish.   Alex fucked her ass as roughly as he could, holding her by the hips and pulling her back onto his cock as he thrust into her, his cock going too deep and causing her intense pain.   She started to cry, suddenly realizing there would be no escape until they were finished. . .

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  if they didn’t kill her afterwards.   Suddenly Alex thrust home in her ass and shot his load deep into her rectum.  
He pulled out and she heard him dressing.   Holt pushed her off him and got up and proceeded to dress as well, she saw that Brian had already dressed.   She wanted to dress too but she was having such bad cramps now that all she could do was lay on her back on the white futon as blood and cum from her anus and pussy dripped onto it.   “Well, Dinah, you didn’t seem to enjoy your welcome,” said Alex, “That’s very rude of you, don’t you agree, boys?”  “Oh, yes, very rude,” agreed Mike.   “Maybe we should introduce her to, Max,” suggested Holt.   “Hmm. . . sounds like a plan.   What do you think, Mike, Alex?”  Brian looked at them.   “Sounds good to me, go get him, would you, Mike?”  “Sure thing, Alex. ”  And Mike unlocked the door and left to go get Max.   Dinah lay there, wondering who one earth Max was and why he was a fitting punishment.

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“Who is Max?”  Dinah asked Alex.   “You’ll see,” he replied.   “Get on the floor on your hands and knees, facing the kitchen,” ordered Holt.   She did as she was told, knowing it would be useless to try and escape, they’d just hold her down and force her if she didn’t.   “Don’t turn around when Mike gets back, or you’ll pay for it,” warned Brian, Dinah nodded.   Mike came in but she didn’t hear anyone else with him and figured they were being very quiet.   She heard Mike locking the door again and felt the nudge of a cold nose as it sniffed her ass and pussy.   When it started to lick her clean she realized what it was and gave a yelp of fright and disgust and made to move.   “If you move it means your life,” Alex told her and she made the obvious choice.  
She wanted to look and see what kind of dog Max was but didn’t want to risk it after Alex’s threat and Holt’s earlier warning.   She knew he must be big though and this was confirmed by Mike.   “He’s a Rottweiler, Max is,” Mike told her casually.   She tensed, wondering how much this would hurt, but as Max finished cleaning her and started to lick her clit she felt a rush of pleasure that disgusted her but that she couldn’t prevent.   After a good five minutes of this she realized she was close to cumming and when Max mounted her she couldn’t even bring herself to feel disgust, she wanted to cum so bad that she wanted to be fucked.   He poked around a little, searching for her pussy entrance, but found it quickly and thrust in and starting humping her frantically.

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    She groaned in ecstasy and started pushing backwards to meet Max’s thrusts.   She could tell he was longer than Mike by a little bit and about as thick.  
She started to cum, gasping as the orgasm shook her.   Max came as her pussy clenched around him and she felt her pussy stretch uncomfortably to accommodate his huge knot.   Once he was fully locked inside her pussy he turned so that they were ass to ass.   “Well, how do you like that, guys?  She liked being fucked by a dog better than she liked being fucked by us!”  Holt laughed.   “Maybe we should give her another go,” said Mike.   Brian and Alex nodded agreement and they all undressed again and as soon as Max released her and went off to clean his tackle the guys descended on her again.   Brian got under her and thrust into her pussy and Holt rammed his cock into her anus and Alex shoved his dick into her mouth and they started to triple fuck her again.  
Dinah was lost in a haze of sex and knew that she shouldn’t be enjoying this but she could no longer stop herself.   She felt an orgasm building and when Brian and Holt shot their loads into her she came too.   They were quickly replaced, Alex in her pussy and Mike in her anus, this was slightly painful after Holt, who was 3” shorter than Mike and thinner too but as Brian filled her mouth she started to cum again and she came the whole time they fucked her.   Brian came very quickly in her mouth and was replaced by Holt as Mike and Alex continued to fuck her.   Her abdomen was starting to cramp at the continual orgasms and when all three men came at the same time her orgasm was so intense that she experienced female ejaculation.   They all got up and dressed and left her gasping on the rug.

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Three of them left with Max but Alex stayed, “Dinah, if you tell anyone, we’ll know and we’ll do something even worse, got it?”  Dinah nodded, she had no intention of telling anyone she’d been raped and then forced to have sex with a dog, which she had enjoyed and then sex again with her rapists willingly.   Who would believe it?  Alex left, knowing that they’d have to keep a close eye on her until they were sure she wouldn’t go to the cops, although, if she hadn’t by tomorrow afternoon they’d know she’d showered and no longer had any evidence.   As soon as he left, Dinah went into her basement, where she had a phone for when she was doing laundry and called her real estate agent.   The next day, her house was for.



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