Denied Release


She pushed her hand under her school skirt and into her panties, desperately trying to get off before she had to go back to the school party. she hadn't had an orgasm in well over a year, even though she was a virgin, she had a high sex drive, this manifested in an extremely horny temperament, if she didn't orgasm at least once a week, she felt horny all the time. The constant supervision of her highly religious stepfather stopped any chance she had of that sweet release. she had gotten close, sure but never had she actually had an orgasm since he moved into her and her mother's life. Her mother was away on an important buisness trip, and would be for the rest of the year. She saw her Stepfather glancing at her body occasionally and she felt disturbed by it, but he never did anything. He made her wear what he called a "purity belt" which dienied anything the size of her fingers or larger access to her pussy. Her stepfather had removed all the locks on the inside of the house, allowing him acess to her at all times. only in the shower could she masturbate, but she was always interrupted before she could finish, this left her very hot and wet almost constantly, except when she concentrated really hard at school. she had been allowed to remove it for this night, as it was a special occasion and he had planned to get rid of it permanently. She jumped as she heard footsteps approaching her cubicle, and the door opened, she was frozen with fear and could not move a muscle, she swore she locked the door. Her stepfather and the Janitor for the school stepped in, "Aha! there you are young lady" said her stepfather as the janitor, a fat, ugly smelly man with bad teeth, grinned lewdly from behind him. "Just what do you think you are doing?" "I w-was just uhh-hh. . . " she stammered, but she new she was busted.

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   "Your'e in big trouble. I will leave you in the hands of the janitor for the rest of the evening, he has sworn to keep you out of trouble, and it looks like that will also entail keeping you out of your underwear" he nodded to the janitor who made a mock bow, and then he left the room. "Hah, you're damn sexy, little girly" observed the janitor, looking her up and down "You pervert! Get away from me!" she screamed at him"Nuh-uh, no can do hotstuff" he countered "I've bin task'd with your protecshn" he drawled, grinning again. "That means i gotta keep you outta your sweet-smelling little panties there. " he chuckled producing rope from behind him and stepping towards her. "you can't do this, i'm sixteen!" she begged him, sensing his intention, but he ignored her. He overpowered her and brought her into the boiler room. stripped her of her shoes, socks, panties, shirt and bra but leaving her school skirt on, before tying her arms and legs apart, arms to the pipes near the ceiling, and her ankles to each side of the room, he then knelt down, picked up her panties and smelt them "mmmmmmmm-M!" he exclaimed "I love me the smell of a tight, young jailbait pussy" he told her, sticking them in his mouth and sucking on them. She was repulsed by this and told him so. He just grinned again and put the panties in her mouth, taping it shut afterwards, she gagged on the taste of his mouth, he then knelt down and began to lick her pussy, lightly at first, but getting more agressive, she hated it but it felt so good, she was again on the edge of orgasm as he stopped. She looked at him questioningly, he just smiled and told her "not yet" as she calmed down, he then continued to tease her for an hour until she lost consciousness, her pussy aching. She awoke hours later, in pitch darkness, to find herself attatched to the pommel-horse in the gym, her arms under the bars. She checked her watch, 10:00. The school party was almost over, then she remebered that the last event was the award ceremony in the Gymnasium. She tried to free herself, but was unable to get her arms out from under the pommel-horses grip, 'the janitor must have pushed them down' she thought.

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   her pussy was still sore from the constant edging she had recieved and she was aching for release. That's when she heard it, the sound of many footsteps filing into the room, deperately she fought to free herself but was still unable to. some people started talking lowly and she felt the vibrations 'that's strange, i shouldn't feel that' she though in a moment of calm, then she realised the vibrations were coming from inside her tender, red pussy. 'The bastard! he's put a vibrator in me!' she was once again approaching that final state of pleasure, but her pussy was so sore that she was getting there very slowly. She began to panick, and decided she would call out for help, it would have to be better that coming in front of possibly the whole school. She tried to open her mouth to call out, but couldn't, she tried to get a hand to her face but could only just reach, she felt the edge of some tape. She was really worked up now, her climax was approaching steadily, she couldn't see anything, had tape over her mouth and the gym was filling with people. She tried to push the horse away by pushing her feet on the ground, but it was too heavy to move. Then she heard the announcement,"Ladies and gentlemen. . . " It was the headmaster, always one for theatrics. "Tonight we are gathered here, to recognize what the students of this school are made of!" she crossed her legs, trying to recover at least some dignity, but felt hands attaching handcuffs to her ankles, binding her legs apart, stretching her thighs uncomfortably. 'he's still here!' she fumed, and then began to struggle. "In a moment we will turn on the lights, and then we will call forward those students in need of recognition.

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  " 'no! don't turn on the lights!' she thought weakly, her orgasm was nearly here, she didn't want to explode in front of everyone. That's when the vibrating stopped, 'thank god!' she thought gratefully 'he must have just been fucking with me, it should be easier to recover from this if it doesn't look like i enjoyed it. ' then the lights came on, but she was behind a curtain. then she saw him. grinning over by the switch that opened the curtains. The first names were being called out, and then she heard hers. "Samantha Hamilton. . . Samantha are you here?" the headmaster enquired, then she heard the janitor whisper "She's behind here, says she has a surprise, she won't show me what it is and she is behind some panels. When i open the curtains they will move away and we can see her" 'this was planned?' she couldn't believe it, if it wasn't bad enough being denied orgasm for over a year and then sexually tormented by the janitor, she was about to be publicly humiliated at a school assembly! "Ahh i see. " the headmaster whispered back "Well people, it seems Samantha has a surprise for us. . . " Samantha felt the vibrations start again.

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   damnt it! she fought the feeling that were building in her, it was so unfair, all this time without an orgasm and now she had to resist it? but it was no use. she heard a timer counting down slowly, in time with her approach to orgasm "30. . . 29. . . " 'oh no, he knows when to open the curtain' she fought it even more, and managed to slow herself sdown, but the timer just slowed down too. "Alright" she heard the janitor say, she says she's almost ready" i'll open the curtain in 18 seconds. " Samantha would be having perhaps the most incredible and incredibly embarrasing moment of her short sexual life in 18 seconds. She heard the rustle as the curtain moved.
    felt the eyes of everyone on her, heard their gasps, she felt so embarrased, even worse, her climax was here '5. . . .

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       4. . . . . . . 3. . . . . . . .

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      . . . 2. . . . . . . . . . ' she fought hard, but to no avail, '1. .

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      . . . . . . . . . . . 'but then the vibrating stopped again, actually moaning in frustration, she struggled more. the vibrator kept turning on again when she had cooled down, stopping before orgasm every time. "SAMANTHA!" her stapfather's voice boomed from the crowd, "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT DEPRAVED ACTS?" he had drilled into her the sin of masturbation and the evil contained in sex toys almost constantly when he moved in. Samantha looked helplessly at him as the vibrator shut off again, this time it was the last time for a while.

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       "What happened?" he demanded of the janitor "well, she said she had to get ready for the presentation, that she had a surprise. . . " he stopped "I never though she would do something this 'dee-praived' he said, quoting her stepfathers earlier remark" "indeed" he said. "well i was going to remove her purity belt permanently, but i think she needs it for a long time yet, i think you should put it on her" he told the janitor "with pleasure, sir" the janitor said. taking the leather underwear from him and walking over to her. Samantha hadn't noticed, but the curtains had closed again after her stepfather had moved down. As the janitor was attatching the belt, Samantha stopped and thought 'wait, what about the vibrator?' and looked pleadingly at the janitor. he winked and pulled an identical one from his pocket, it was the size of an earpiece, smooth and light red in col. "it gathers power from heat, he explained, it will turn on every friday night at 10:00, and will snese when you are close to orgasm, then it will stop, and start again after a minute has passed, it will do this for two hours. " she couldn't believe it, this man had condemned her to two more years of the stupid purity belt, and had kept a tiny vibrator inside it that would torment her every weekend. a tear rolled out of the vorner of hey eye and down her cheeck, to be wiped off by the janitor and licked off his finger. "Oh, one more thing, he said quietly to her as he finished attatching ald locking the belt, the vibrator will do its routine all through the night, and tommorrow night, and the night after that, and so on until the end of the holidays. I hope you enjoy them. " he grinned at her again and got up, untied her, made a show of looking around the pommel-horse for the keys to the cuffs, 'found' them, unlocked her, and left the tape for her to remove.

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       he moved across to her stepfather and gave him the decoy vibrator "She had this attatched to her. " he lied "Oho, she wont be getting out of her belt for a long time now. " he concluded to the janitor and Samantha. This new purity belt was different, it had a hatch in the back where her asshole was, with a lock attatched, but she didn't notice, she was too absorbed in the feeling of her pussy and her emotions towards what had happened to take notice herself. On the way out of school, Samantha tried to tell her what the janitor had done, but her stepfather would hear none of it, "I am shocked that you wold make up such lies, Samantha" he scolded her "after all that you've done tonight, really!" they continued walking "no, in fact. . . " they stopped again "You can walk home!" he told her"But-"she she was cut off before she could finish. "No buts, you are walking" and stormed off to the car, leaving her to walk home in the dark. The vibrator started buzzing, Samantha started crying angry at the whole situation, it wasn't fair! she just wanted for a moment to feel the release of her climax. but that, it seemed, would never be. she arrived home well after midnight, exhausted, soaked in her juices. she had thought of an idea as she had walked home, "Hey! can i have the key for this thing? i need to use the toilet. " she informed her stepfather, perhaps she could remove the vibrator before it could tease her any more, at least. "Didn't you notice the hatch at the back? i will give you the key when you need to use the bathroom, but will have it back immediately after.

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       "but what about school?" she asked "Don't worry" he said "I gave the janitor the other key, he will do the same for you at school. " 'Oh god no' thought Samantha 'not that twisted asshole' "why HIM?" she demanded"After what he did for us today i think he is responsible enough for this duty" her stapfather told her "Now, i'll wait outside while you use the facility, don't bee too long or i'll come in there and check on you. " he warned. "But what about my pee?" she asked, only just thinking about it"It has a pipe that leads from the front around to the hatch at the back. It was made for extended use like this. " After she used the toilet and gave her stepfather the key. She ran into her room, tore off her clothes. dove into bed and began working on her nipples, they had always been fairly sensetive, she had just never needed to use them for stimulation. she climbed higher up the ladder of passion, aided by the vibrator, and as she got to the edge once again and the vibrator shut off, she couldn't push herself over. No matter how hard she tried, her nipples weren't enough. she needed to touch her clit to reach that ecstasy. She again cried, she didn't sleep very well that night, or indeed the rest of the holidays. Part Two Coming Soon, Hopefully - Tell me if you like it or see any mistakes :P.



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