Dark Whispers


The black quiet voice in the back of her head whispered "Say no, slap him and call him a bastard. " and without thinking further she did.   Her hand lightening fast streaked out and struck him hard on the side of his face.   She watched, hypnotized as his anger boiled beneath the surface and her hand print on his cheek darkened to a hot red.  
"You bitch. " he hissed at her. "You'll pay for that, and you'll pay hard. ”
The black quiet voice sighed and quivered in anticipation.   It liked nothing better than to feel his strong hands on her with brutal determination to take what she denied.  
She raised her hand to strike him again and he caught it above her head and with a smooth practiced move twisted her away from him and jerked her arm up behind her back until he felt her raise up on her toes.
"How dare you deny me what I own?" His breath warm against her ear. He took her earlobe in his teeth and bit down.   She whimpered and the black voice moaned in pleasure.   He released her ear lobe and marched her across the room until she stood in front of the cheval mirror that stood in the corner of their bedroom.
"You like this, don't you, you twisted bitch?" He shoved his hand up under her blouse and squeezed her breast until she squirmed and cried out for him to stop.  
"Don't do this, please don't hurt me anymore.

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  " a tear pooled in the corner of her eye and trembled there.   The black voice whispered "Oh God, that feels sooo gooood. Grind our heel on his toe so he does it again and maybe he'll pinch our nipples. "  She hesitated fearing what would come, knowing she couldn't stop it once it began. "Do it now!" the black voice screamed in her head.   And she reacted to the demand instantly by grinding her heel on his big toe.
"God Damn it!" he shouted and flung her on the bed.   She bounced up and he caught her before she could crawl off the other side.  
Dragging her back as she kicked at him and slapped at his head with open hands screaming for him to leave her alone. He caught one hand and pinned it above her head.   As he fastened the padded hand cuff around her wrist she pounded his shoulder and chest with the other.   With the one hand secured, he easily caught and fastened the other one in an identical cuff on the other side of the bed.  
She continued to rage at him, screaming out her protests.   He thought about gagging her but he liked the sound of her cries, it excited him to know she had no control over what was going to happen to her and it thrilled him to think she wouldn't like it.   The cocky little tease wasn't in control of him now was she?
He straddled her and tucked his feet over her knees as she tried to buck him off, the joyous sound of her loud protests tickling his sense of justice.

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    He settled back on his heels pinning her legs to the bed.
He sat there and watched in fascination as she jerked against the cuffs and shouted demands to be let loose, her head shaking from side to side.   It was a symphony of sound that titillated his libido, a ballet of movement in her attempts to escape.   It was beautiful.
The black voice in her head uttered dark whispers of pleasure at the feel of the wetness between her legs, it begged for her to fight so that he might punish her by squeezing and twisting her nipples, and suck and nibble on her skin, plunge his fingers into her soft depth, drag her unwilling body to the edge of eternity and push her over the edge into bliss.  
She fought against the black voice, what it wanted was wrong, the church said it was wicked for a man to enter a woman except for the purpose of procreation.   Pleasure was a sin.  
The black voice took over her mouth and it spit at him, the glob of spittle landing square on his chest. "Your cock isn't big enough to fuck a hummingbird. " It screamed.   She cringed at the madness she saw rush into his eyes.   She knew it was done, he was past the point of no return.   He would finish this dirty deed and then leave her to wallow in the aftermath.
He leaned forward and ripped her blouse open, buttons popped in every direction and she heard them bounce on the hard wood floor.   His eyes clouded with lust at the sight of her bare breasts.


    She never wore a bra at home, he forbade it.   When she broke that simple rule he would spank her until her bottom was red and welted and sore for a couple of days.   She had learned that lesson years before.  
The black voice in her head groaned in disappointment and said “We should have worn a bra today.   This would have been much better. ”  It sighed and moaned in sweet torture as his hands closed tightly around the soft globes and kneaded hard them like bread dough.   He pinched the nipples between his thumb and forefinger until she squealed in pain, or was that pleasure?  Sometimes he couldn’t tell, sometimes he would have sworn she liked this more than he did, sometimes he felt she pushed him to this deliberately.  
He unbuttoned her jeans, crawled off the side of the bed and walked to the end.   Catching a pant leg as she kicked at him he pulled it down until it trapped her feet in the pants.   Then he pulled them the rest of the way off.  
The black voice demanded “Kick him in the stomach, that will make him be even angrier and more cruel when he fucks us. ”  The black voice moaned and panted in anticipation, imagining the feel of him thrusting into her unready body, the dry friction of his pumping, and the voice took the sobs that were coming from her throat and turned them into eager whimpers.
 “Kick him now!  Kick him hard!”  it screamed the demand and her foot responded with a will of it’s own and caught him square in the stomach.  His breath gushed out in a sudden burst and he doubled over.   A meager measure of hope fluttered at the edge of her mind, maybe he would stop this time.

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    Maybe that would make him understand that this was wrong, this was against Gods will, even if she was his wife.  
It took him a moment to recover his breath and when he did he leapt on the bed and turned her over on her stomach, twisting her restrained arms painfully above her head.   She screamed as his hand came down with a loud smack on her bare ass.   The black voice quivered in pure ecstasy that mounted with each swat of his big flat palm against her butt.  
“Don’t” Smack “you” smack “ever” smack “do” smack “that” smack “again” smack.     
  She jerked and plead with him to stop, her cries growing louder with each swat.   He only stopped when her cheeks were red and welted with his fingerprints and she was weeping in gasping breaths.   He rubbed his hand over her ass and felt the heat rising from the skin.   The sight of her paddled ass,  the bumpy hot feel of it against his hand, the sound of her crying all mingled together to form an irresistible cocktail that stiffened his dick until he thought it would burst from its hardness.  
The black voice teetered on the edge of climax and wanted him to jam his fingers into the quaking wetness between her legs to finish it.
 “No more please. ” She whispered.   “Don’t touch me anymore. ” The black voice added, knowing that would spur him on.  
“You just can’t stop while you’re ahead can you?” he growled and slapped her ass again.

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    She jerked at the searing jolt of pain that jabbed into her already throbbing butt.   He stroked the spot and without warning slammed two fingers into her unprepared hole.   At the sudden and unexpected violation the black voice was flung into orgasm and the hard spasms of it shuddered through her body.   The black voice gasped for air and its cries of gratification slowly dwindled into silence.  
He sat there pumping his fingers in and out of her feeling the warm flow of her climax on his hand.   When it subsided he left her there to rest for a few moments listening to her panting.   Finally he stood and pulled his own jeans off.   She wiggled away from him at the sight of his cock springing from the top of his shorts as he yanked them down and off.  
“Please no, please no. ”  she whispered over and over as he put one knee on the end of the bed to climb up on it between her legs.  
“Push him off the bed while you can. ” The Black voice whispered and hoped that if she did it would infuriate his temper once more.   Hoping he would be harsh and merciless in his rape of her.   She waited until he shifted his weight to the knee and then shoved him off the foot of the bed as hard as she could.   He landed with a solid thud on the floor.

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 Cursing her he jumped up and grabbed her leg and roughly wrenched it to the side.   He grabbed the padded ankle cuff that dangled at the foot of the bed and strapped it in place.   She struggled to keep him from doing the same to the other foot and succeeded only in making him madder.  He grabbed her foot and stretched her wide open on the bed strapping the second cuff in place.  
She knew there was no longer any need to plead with him, it would do no good.   He would slack his lust in her without thought to her.   She closed her eyes and turned her head away closing out the room, shutting off the sensations, turning off the sounds and smells of unholy sex.   The black voice hovered, waiting, wanting him to plow into her, to force her once again to the edge of bliss and drag her into the pit of climax.

      He climbed on to the bed between her legs, the sight of her head turned away, eyes crunched shut cringing at the very thought of his touch enraged him.   Didn’t he give her everything, didn’t he devote his very existence to taking care of her, to loving her, to protecting her?  Didn’t she see what her unwillingness to have physical love with him drove him to, this madness, this uncontrollable need to have her, to pump his seed deep into her belly?
     “Look at me!” he shouted and reached forward and grasped her nipples between his fingers and thumbs and twisted them until she shrieked.  
    The black voice cried at the thrilling jolts that flashed from her nipples to the wetness between her legs, warming the depths.   “Don’t look” it whispered “and he’ll stop and go away. ”  It knew he wouldn’t.   It knew that would only anger him more, it also knew she would believe and follow the instruction.  

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      ” she panted and pushed her face harder against her imprisoned arm.   With each no he increased the pressure on her nipples twisting them brutally until she screamed out and whipped her head around opening her eyes and looked directly at him.  
    “I want you to look at me while I fuck you, I want you to see what you do to me.   I want you to know the power of my need for you.   I want you to see what you make me do to you. ”  With one final twist of her nipples he released her breasts and braced his hands on either side of her head and placed his face directly over hers, so she had no where else to look but into his eyes.  
    He tilted his hips forward until he felt the opening of her hole at the head of his cock.   He paused studying her face looking for one small minute sign that she wanted him and found none.   The black voice held its breath and waited.   Then with all the force he possessed he rammed forward burring himself in her.   He felt the flesh stretch and pull against the skin on his cock and the sensation it brought him was that of completion, of ending the long journey, and it excited him to know that she was his again.  
    She gasped at the sudden penetration, and dry scrap of him against the inside of her.   Her eyes widened in surprise and a sharp electric shock jolted through him at her reaction. She tried to wiggle away by her restraints held her fast.
    He was still once he was all the way in and he shifted his weight to his elbows and grasped her shoulders.

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        Sliding in and out ever so slightly until he felt the reluctant lubrication of her begin to seep into her around his buried shaft, he watched the play of emotion over her face.   And he caught a glimpse of the black voice and felt her muscles begin to respond.   He could wait no longer and slammed forward feeling the head of his cock ram into her cervix.   Her mouth opened and her breathing grew heavy as he pounded with all his strength into her.   His heart beat hard in his chest and echoed in his ears and he watched her eyes as she looked at him while he raped her.   He watched as the black voice took over and moaned out its pleasure.   He watched as her body responded to the hard ramming of his cock into her softness.  
    As she neared climax she began to chant “God forgive me this unholy act, God forgive me, God forgive me. ”  At the peak the black voice filled the void and swallowed the chant replacing it with rapid grunts of passion and as it hurdled over the peak of its climax it screamed his name into the darkness.   He followed reveling in the power of his own release, glorying in the feel of his seed spraying into her.   Joy at the slick feel of his cum coating his cock as he continued to pound her filling him to overflowing.   And then it was over. And he collapsed in a shuddering heap, laboring for breath on top of her.   Absorbing the feel of her heaving breaths under him, remembering the glassy look of her eyes as she climaxed.  
    He held her to him for a few moments and then got up and went into the bathroom.

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    She let the intense pleasure of her climax linger, she savored it, memorized it and knew that God would forgive her this carnal pleasure since she couldn’t have prevented it.   It had been forced on her, taken from her, once again he had raped her.   The black voice whispered its dark whisper “You wanted it to. ”  As it retreated into its unholy nest in the darkest corner of her soul.