Danny's Return - Chapter Two


Thomas and Carver locked a pair of cuffs joined by a short chain around Matt’s ankles and another, larger pair with a longer chain around his thighs, just above his knees. Then they fastened a leather belt around his waist and locked his cuffed wrists to it. While they worked Carver’s hands continually strayed to Matt’s cock, causing the young man to fight against them even harder, drawing laughs from the two men. When Thomas pulled out a cock-gag Matt clamped his mouth shut and tried to jerk his head away.
“Here, let me do it,” Carver said, holding out his hand.
Thomas handed him the gag and Carver straddled Matt’s bound legs. He sidled up close to Matt, grinding his groin into their prisoner. Then he reached up and clamped Matt’s nose closed with his left hand, staring into his eyes. After a few moments, Matt gave in and gasped for air. Carver let him gasp a breath in before shoving the gag into his mouth. He released Matt’s nose and reached behind his head to fasten the gag into place. Then he slid down Matt’s legs a little and reached his left hand out to Thomas.
“I love this part,” he said staring into Matt’s eyes as Thomas put a cock leash into his hand. He quickly fastened it around Matt’s cock and balls, gently stroking them as he worked. “There. ” He patted Matt’s right cheek.

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   “All done. ”
As Carver moved off of Matt, Thomas released him from the collar holding him to the van wall. Carver wrapped the leash tightly in his fist and the two men stepped from the van. When Matt didn’t move Carver tugged roughly on the leash.
“Let’s go, pretty boy. ”
Matt fought against the fear and tears. This can’t be happening again, he thought. He struggled with his decision. What to do? If he left the van he left his only connection with the outside world, with Nels, with his only hope of rescue. If he didn’t they’d just pull him out anyway. He leaned forward to try to squirm out when Carver yanked on the leash again, drawing a harsh grunt from Matt. The young man paused to get his breath back, squeezing his eyes shut from the pain in his groin. When a sharp, shrill scream rang out, Matt’s head jerked up, his eyes wide. The two men standing outside the van started laughing.
“I guess Vega made it with the little bitch,” Thomas commented.

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Carver glanced back into the van again. “Let’s go, boy,” he growled at Matt.
Matt slowly scooted forward again. When he reached the van door and was sitting on the edge of the floor, the two men grasped his elbows and pulled him to his feet next to the van.
“Let’s go, sweet cheeks,” Carver said, smacking Matt hard on the ass, knocking him forward a step.
“Unh,” Matt grunted through the gag.
The two men walked at their normal gait ahead of him, Carver leading him by the leash attached to his cock. He shuffled as quickly as he could behind them. They walked down a long, narrow walk to a large, sprawling cabin. There was wrap-around porch going around most of the cabin with four steps leading up to it. Thomas and Carver took the steps two at a time but Matt had to slowly struggle up them. The chains between his feet and legs barely reached to let him step up each step. Carver tugged on the leash again.
“Ungh. ” Matt almost fell to his knees from the pain.

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“Come on, pretty boy. Let’s go. ”
His chest heaved from pain and the effort to keep up. When he managed to climb the last step up onto the porch he was praying it ended soon. He knew he couldn’t go through this again. And these men working with Danny seemed even more sadistic than the ones he’d surrounded himself with four years ago. Then he heard screaming again. Oh, God, who’s he got in there and what’s he doing to her, he wondered.
“Please, no, d-don’t,” a female voice begged from inside the cabin.
The hackles at the back of Matt’s neck stood on end. There was something familiar about that voice. He was led forward toward the open front door of the cabin. When Thomas and Carver stepped through Matt’s heart skipped a beat. A short, stocky dark-skinned man stood to one side of the large living room. Danny stood in the center of the room looming over a small dark-haired woman bound to a support post running from floor to ceiling.

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   A young blonde man was tied to a chair staring in hatred at Danny. A gag kept him silent.
“P-please,” the woman begged. “D-don’t hurt him. ”
“Why shouldn’t I just kill him, Amanda? I don’t need him. ”
“P-please…. ”
Oh, God, no, Matt thought.
“Where do you want pretty boy?” Carver asked.
The blonde man on the chair let his eyes slide to stare in surprise at Matt as Danny turned around and strode toward the leashed man. When Danny held his hand out toward him, Carver passed the leash to him.
“Come here, boy. I have an old friend over here I want you to see. ”
Danny tugged on the leash and forced Matt to shuffle forward between the blonde man bound to the chair and the woman tied to the post. As Matt was led forward he saw what he’d feared when he’d heard her voice. Amanda Guerrez stood bound, in tears, to the post.

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   Her dark blue blouse ripped open and her bra pulled down, exposing her large, round breasts.
“Oh, God, Matt,” she whispered.
He squeezed his eyes shut and immediately felt a burning pain in his groin. His eyes sprang open.
“Don’t be fucking rude,” Danny said, twisting the leash tightly around Matt’s cock and balls. He jerked Matt around by the tightened leash. “Let me introduce you to Agent Salinger. ”
Oh, Christ, Matt thought staring into the blonde man’s blue eyes.
“Oh, but you probably already know him since you’re buddies with those fucking C. I. A. assholes. ” Danny kicked Salinger’s lower left leg. “You know pretty boy Matt here?”
Salinger slowly shook his head from side to side.
“No? He was your star witness against me.

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   You sure you don’t know him?”
Salinger continued to shake his head.
“Well,” Danny said with a smile. “Maybe you two should get acquainted then. ”
“Please, Master,” Amanda cried, “Please, leave them alone. ”
“Don’t worry, Amanda,” I haven’t forgotten about you, bitch. ” Danny turned to look back over his shoulder at the other men standing behind him. “Take these two idiots in back and lock them in. Then get out. I need some time alone with my little pet. I’ve missed her. ”
He handed Matt’s leash back to Carver while Thomas and Vega picked up the chair Salinger was tied to and carried him along behind Matt and Carver. The two men were taken to a small narrow room with no light. Matt was forced to kneel at a wall where his leash was then fastened to a metal hook bolted to the wall. Carver locked it in place and left. Thomas and Vega set Salinger’s chair down facing Matt’s trapped body.

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The men left and closed the door behind them, locking it as they left. Salinger waited a few minutes once they were gone then started wiggling on his chair. Matt turned his head and stared at the man in curiousness as he struggled with his own bonds. When they heard Amanda’s screams and cries, Matt leaned his head against the wall and squeezed his eyes shut.
Suddenly, Salinger’s hands were free. He jerked the gag off and started working on the ropes around his feet. In minutes he was free. Silently moving off the chair, he knelt next to Matt and removed the gag from his mouth, slipping his hand over the young man’s lips. Matt nodded his understanding. Salinger removed his hand and leaned close.
“I’ll see if I can find something to get you loose,” he whispered in Matt’s ear.
His words were so soft Matt could barely hear him. Matt shook his head.
“No,” Matt hissed. “Amanda.

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“In a minute,” Salinger answered him before he moved away.
He was back in a heartbeat, a tiny wire in his right hand. His fingers started working the wire into the locks of the cuffs trapping Matt’s wrists. Within minutes, Matt’s arms were free, the cuffs and belt falling away. Salinger quickly moved to the locks on the cuffs above his knees. When those fell open he moved to the cuffs around the young man’s ankles. They were quickly opened. Matt had already released his cock from the leash and Salinger helped him to his feet.
“Who’s your contact?” he whispered in Matt’s ear.
“Nelson Sheridan,” Matt replied softly. “I had a cell phone. It’s on in the back of their van. Nels said he’d try to track it. ”
“Good. ”
He patted Matt’s shoulder then moved away.

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   In silence, Salinger carefully inspected every inch of their black prison. The only door was the one they’d been brought in through. Salinger finally sighed in defeat and returned to stand next to Matt.
“We’re going to have to go out the same way we came in,” he whispered in Matt’s ear. “I don’t have a weapon so we’ll have to be quiet. Let me lead. Stay back until I wave you forward. ”
“No,” Matt grabbed his arm. “He’ll kill you. ”
They heard a shrill scream and feet pounding on the floorboards of the cabin. Salinger grabbed Matt and threw him into the opposite corner from where he’d been chained. Then he crouched in front of the young man and pulled the chair in front of both of them. The door flew open and shots rang out. Salinger lunged forward with the chair knocking Vega to the floor. The gun in Vega’s hand slid across the floorboards in the dark little room.

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   Salinger crashed the chair over Vega’s head then fell back when a bullet crashed into him. Another shot rang out and Thomas fell forward, landing face down across Salinger’s legs in front of Matt.
Suddenly, everything seemed to stop for Matt except the shouting outside in the rest of the house. When a hulking shadow appeared in the doorway Matt thought it was Carver. Then a second and third joined the first.
“Freeze! Don’t move!” someone shouted.
Matt automatically put his hands up. “Agent Salinger was shot,” he called.

    The men carefully moved into the room with their weapons raised. Matt remained where he was, not moving. As the first three men moved into the room four more joined them. They checked Vega then moved on to Thomas’ body. When they reached Salinger one of them recognized him and called over his shoulder.
    “Agent down!”
    Two men moved forward and pulled Salinger from the room. The lead man stared down at Matt.


    “You are?”
    “Matt Jamison. ”
    The lead man pressed the mouthpiece hanging down along his jaw closer to his mouth.
    “Tell Sheridan I have his boy. ” He looked over his shoulder at one of the men standing behind him. “See if you can find some clothes. ”
    The man gave a short nod and disappeared.
    “You alright?” the leader asked.
    “Yeah. Amanda, is she okay?” Matt asked.
    “Amanda? Who’s Amanda?”
    “Amanda Guerrez. She was here,” Matt replied. “Mitchellson had–”
    “Mitchellson? He was here?”
    “Yes, sir. ”
    Before the man could say anything else Nels shoved his way into the room. When he saw Matt sitting on the floor he rushed forward and knelt in front of him, pulling him into an embrace.
    “Are you alright?” he asked as he leaned back on his heels
    “Yeah, fine.

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       He has Amanda. ”
    Nels nodded. “I figured as much when I saw them take Kenny was a low moan behind them. All eyes turned to stare at Vega.
    “Somebody get that trash out of here,” Nels ordered, motioning at the unconscious Vega. A man squeezed through the door past the two carrying Vega out and handed Matt a pair of sweats.
    “Thanks,” he said quietly. He nervously slipped them on as he asked, “Nels, what about Jenny?”
    “She’s fine, Matt. She’s with Turner. He’s watching out for her. ”
    Matt nodded, forcing down a sob and sank to his knees. Nels reached out and grasped Matt’s right elbow.
    “Come on. Let’s get you out of here. ”
    They both got to their feet and slowly walked from the room.

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       Nels led him back through the house and out the front. He tried to ignore all the armed men dressed in black milling around the house. Once outside, Nels led him to a dark blue sedan and opened the back door. Matt slid in and laid his head back against the seat. Nels slid in next to him and closed the door. He reached out, handing something to Matt. When Matt looked down at the hand extended to him, he realized it was his cell phone.
    “I found it in the back of the van,” Nels said quietly.
    Matt nodded. He accepted the phone and held it in his hands, remaining silent for a moment. Finally, without looking up he asked, “How’s Salinger?”
    “He took it in the chest. They’re working on him. ”
    Matt squeezed his eyes closed and shook his head.
    “I’m sorry, Nels,” he said softly.
    “Matt, if it weren’t for you we probably wouldn’t have found any of you.

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       At least we have you and Kenny back. He’ll be fine. He can tell us what happened, how they got Amanda. ” Nels shrugged. “Who knows how much more information he can give us. ”
    Matt turned his head to stare at Nels. “Where is she, Nels? Where’s Mitchellson? He was here. ”
    “I know. ” Matt could hear the pain and sorrow in Nels’ voice. “They’re gone. A car sped off just as we were breaking in. We think it was Danny. He probably took Amanda and ran. ” Nels rubbed his left hand across his forehead. “We were lucky to get to you before they killed you.

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    “Salinger’s doing,” Matt admitted.
    “He’s a good agent. He’s strong and healthy. He’ll be fine, Matt. ” Nels nodded at the cell phone Matt still gripped in his hands. “Call Jenny, she’s worried. ”
    Nels climbed from the car and closed the door. Mat opened his phone and pressed the number two key then put the phone to his ear as he watched Nels walk back toward the house.
    “Jen, it’s me. ”
    “Thank God! Are you okay? What happened? Did he hurt you? Where are you?’
    “Hey,” Matt laughed. “Slow down. I’m fine. He has Amanda though. Nels is here. I don’t know how long I’ll be stuck out here but I’ll be home – where ever you are – as soon as I can.

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       I’m sorry, baby. ”
    “I love you, Matt. What happened?”
    “I was stuck on the beltway behind an accident. A guy came up to the car and said he was a detective. He had ID, Jen. He said Mitchellson had escaped and they were there to take me to you because we were being taken into protective custody. I was scared shitless. I just new you were in danger. I was so afraid he’d get to you. ”
    “Nels was here. He was hoping to catch you here, before you left for work He had somebody waiting for you there too. When they heard about the accident Nels jumped in his car and we drove down there. Matt, I was terrified when we found your car empty. When he told me you drove off in a police car with people that weren’t officers I thought I’d die. ”
    “I’m sorry, Jen.

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       I thought…. ”
    “I know. I’m just glad you’re okay. ”
    “Yeah but Amanda…. ”
    “Nels will find her. ”
    “Yeah, I know. But what’s going to happen to her until then?”
    “Don’t think about that, Matt. You couldn’t have done anything for her. She knows that. ”
    “I gotta go, Jen. ”
    She could hear the tears in his voice.
    “Be careful and stick close to Nels. ”
    “I will. I love you. ”
    “I love you, Matt.

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    He clicked the phone closed and slipped it into the pocket of the sweats they’d given him. When he glanced out the car window he saw Nels approaching again. Another man stopped Nels and he paused to talk to the man. While Matt watched them the driver’s door of the car he waited in opened and a man in a suit climbed in. Matt glanced at him but quickly turned back to watch Nels. When the car started and Nels turned to look in surprise at the car Matt looked back at the driver again. He felt sick when he realized it was Carver. He reached for the door just as Carver stepped on the gas and peeled away from the cabin.



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