Couple in training part 1


It all began with my usual romp through my subscription web sites
I am a single fellow who enjoys a very dominant personality - and I was always on the lookout for willing partners - when I could find them - and they did not want to complicate my life
I had been finding a lot of ads placed by the "newbies" that were going to cause them more trouble than they could handle - and this 1 was no exception
My standard practice is these cases was to send an email saying - "its ads like this that will get you put in a hospital - if not the morgue - for some psycho getting all this info from this site - which would usually result in the ad disappearing - or at very least - getting reworded to not show as much info
As I expected - the ad was not to be found the next day (good thing for them) - but about 3 days later I got a reply in my inbox from them saying that they had looked at my profile - and noticed that I was only about 30 miles from them - and I seemed to know what I was doing when it came to working these types of web sites - so would I consider coming to meet them and showing them what they were doing wrong - and offering to pay any "reasonable fee" for my time and trouble
This was a bit of a shock to me - 'cause I have never thought of myself as anything above a normal person with exotic tastes - but I was feeling mellow and decided that it could not hurt to meet them at least once - and I might even get some before it was over
So I sent them a reply back saying I would meet them on Tues night at 6pm at Raphael’s - a restaurant that I favoured in that area - and if they did not show - then I would not expect to hear from them again - and called the restaurant to be sure they would set aside a corner table under the name Lazarus for a party of 3 at that time
Tues night I arrived at Raphael’s to be told that the rest of my party had already arrived and was waiting for me to get there before ordering - so I told the waiter to bring us a bottle of the best house wine and give us 18 minutes to look over the menus and went to the table to meet my guests
Mike and Stacy were about 27 and 24 respectively - both in good shape but seemed to be having problems dealing with each other on a social level - but in spite of that - we seemed to hit it off well and the evening got off to a good start. After taking time to get the introductions out of the way - get a glass of wine each - and get the food ordered - I started asking them why they thought I was the person to help them
They told me that they had been married for 4 years but for the last year his work had been coming between them - and to try to find a way to get them sorted - they had been seeing a marriage counsellor - who told them that they needed to find some way to "spice up" their lives. Being that they were a couple of the most stiff and "by the book" types I had ever run across - I asked the next obvious question - then why go looking for another person thru a website that caters to "exotic" lifestyles?
They told me that they had been trying to figure out new ways by themselves - with books and websites that cater to the B&D lifestyle - but could not seem to get anything they tried to help - so they had agreed that they needed outside help - and went to the site I subscribed to in hopes of finding someone who could teach them the right way to go about it and posted their ad. When they got my first answer - they were so shocked about what I implied that they almost abandoned the idea totally - but then thought that if I was wiling to show them the right way to write an ad - they might still get the help they needed - without the risks
At this point I could not help myself - I started laughing at the idea which got me some very surprised looks from them both. I said "Mike - you do realize that anyone you find on any site like that is going to walk into your lives with the idea that they are there to sleep with Stacy - and if their inclination runs that way - have sex with you as well - and that the type of site you posted to is set up to cater to people who are more than willing to force you both into doing just that?"
Needless to say - he looked shocked - but her face got this look on it that said she thought this might be a good thing and she seemed to warm to the topic as we went on talking about what could happen to either of them if they continued down this path
After a good meal and a few drinks at the bar - all of which Mike insisted on paying for - I agreed to tell them what I would about the lifestyle and to help them where I could - but on the condition that there could be no deviation from my orders if they wanted to get this to work. I said "Mike - I want you to be aware of 1 fact before we start this - given a chance - and I will be able to create several chances while you 2 are learning - I will have sex with Stacy - it will be rough - it will be painful for her - and you will in no way try to stop any of it from happening - is this understood?"
They looked at each other and then asked if they could have a few minutes alone to talk about it - so I excused myself to the men’s room to give them a few minutes. On my return I found them still sitting there waiting for me (I really figured they were going to bolt for the door as soon as I was out of sight) and they said that they would agree to my terms if I would show them how to keep up the lifestyle if they found themselves liking it
I told them that the first step was to look at the lifestyle they were living now - and see what changes need to be made to change it - and to that end - we were going to their house - so I could start getting ideas on how to proceed from here - and the Stacy was going to ride with me while Mike drove their car home
Once they got up from the table - I got my first good look at Stacy - and I must say she was hot - she was about 5' 6" - 110 pounds - red hair - with a 36c-24-30 figure covered in a dress that looked like a throwback to the late 60's that did nothing to help show off that shape. I told them that I could see that if this was the standard wardrobe she kept - they would have to be able to afford to pay what expenses that I deemed needed to outfit them for their new lifestyle - to which they agreed
On the way to the house Stacy seemed to be a bit nervous and I did nothing to try to calm her down - but rather asked questions about her sex life and how often they had sex together.

She told me that the sex was very standard - neither of them knowing much as they had been high school sweethearts who had gotten married and lost their virginity to each other. At this point I told her she had to take the first steps to get this project off the ground - and to do this she would have to refuse to have sex with Mike - but not tell him a reason why. Also she was to be in the house whenever he was there dressed in as little as possible - if dressed at all - and when he tried to touch her - slap him away - not to try to hurt him - but to get him frustrated enough to force himself on her - so she could see what he was capable of doing - and how she would deal with it when it started happening on a more regular basis
Arriving at their house - Mike met us at the door and gave Stacy a look like "did he touch you?" that I basically told him was none of his business as he agreed to the rules and now either had to live by them or call it off - after this there could be no turning back. He unlocked the door and we all went inside at which point I told them we were going to start by looking at their bedroom and the clothes in the closets. After a quick look in his closet (all business suits in dark colours) I told him to find some loose fitting jeans and t-shirts that he could relax in and went off to look at her closet. Once in the closet door - I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me - all that was there were slacks and pullover tops - with a couple of floor length skirts thrown in - it seemed the only dress she owned was the 1 she was wearing
Walking into the bedroom I saw there was still some hope - the king-size bed was set on a 4 post frame of oak and seemed to be sturdy enough to handle the kind of punishment it would get put thru. Having seen enough to be able to give them instruction - I told them we could go into the living room and talk about what would need to be done next. I took Stacy by the hand and lead her to the sofa - while telling Mike to sit in the chair across the room.

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   When she went to sit down I told her that she was going to take off anything she had on under the bottom of the dress - and then pull it up so her bare ass was sitting directly on the sofa cushion. She did this - but left the front of the dress pulled down as far as she was able. I sat down next to her and pulled her over against me while using my other hand to spread her legs apart as far as I could. "Now Mike - here is the deal - from where you sit - you can see up your wife’s dress and see my hands working up her leg - and you are not going do try to stop this - right?" "He agreed that he would sit in his chair no matter what happened. I told him that is he wanted to see himself sitting in my place and doing the things I was doing - he was going to have to be able to assert himself that it was his right to do this - but until he did - Stacy was mine to do with as I saw fit - but in the meantime - she needed a new wardrobe - and that he was going to have to be able to come up with $500 to get the ball rolling. He said it might take him a couple of weeks to be able to free up that much cash - but he was willing to try. I told him I was going home - it being after midnight and the fact that I had to work the next day - but to email me when he had the money and I would set up a time to come back - problem on a weekend so we would have time to use the money to go shopping. I then told him that he was to sit in the chair while Stacy went outside with me to my car to see me off - and not to get out of it until she came back in the house
When I got her outside she looked even more nervous than she had on the way home from the restaurant so I asked her "are you willing to go thru with this?" She said she was - but did not want to do anything without Mike being able to see it happen - so he could not accuse her of trying to cheat on him. I told her I understood what she was saying - but did she want to try to see what he would do in a situation that he did not expect? She seemed to think that this might be a good idea if I could show her how to make it happen. I told her that there was a good chance she could get hurt if this did not work out how she thought it would - but she said she was willing to take the risk - so I told her to undress and put her clothes in my car - then I used a pair of handcuffs that I kept in the glove box to shackle her hands behind her back and a piece of rope that I had in the back seat to cross between her breasts and tie her elbows together - making her breasts push out even further. Hanging the handcuff keys on a chain around her neck and telling her to stand in front of the car till I backed out - then go back in the house and see what Mike did - I started my car and drove away leaving her to make her way back to the house
About a week later I received 2 emails from them on the same day - 1 from him telling me he would have the money needed the following weekend if I was still willing to help him - and the other from her telling me that she hoped I would come up over the weekend because so far Mike had not even offered to try anything - in fact the night I left her tied up in the driveway - when she made it back into the house - all he did was untie her and try to baby her cause she had had such a rough evening and she was getting very frustrated. She said she had taken to walking around the house in nothing but her panties and bra - but when she turned him down - it seemed to end there - no other reaction on his part
I wrote them back - telling them I would be there about 9am Sat morning - and for them to be ready for a day in the shops - but I would say what was to be bought - and that I would be asking Mike to remain outside the store while Stacy and I went in to do the shopping - but I wanting him to go along so he could see that his money was being spent on stuff for them to carry home - and not on me (except for the tank of gas I was counting on them to pay for to do all the driving around on)
When I arrived Sat morn Stacy was waiting for me at the door with a big grin on her face - it seemed that Thursday night Mike had taken all he could of her prancing around the house and not letting him have sex with her to the point that he had hidden behind the living room door and waited for her to come in - grabbed her by the hair and held her over the chair while ripping her panties off and ravishing her as hard as he could. She said she had never seen him so energetic about sex and found herself aroused to new heights by the experience (I found out at this point that they had been so strait they had never even thought about the idea of having sex outside of the bedroom) that she actually experienced her first multiple orgasm. When I asked where Mike was she told me that he had gotten a call from the office early that morning about some papers that someone had misplaced and he had the only other copies locked in his desk. He sent his apologies and said that he hoped I would understand - but he would be home no later than 18 if I would be willing to wait for him
I told Stacy that would be fine - as long as we used the time to our benefit.

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   I asked her to show me what she was going to wear out shopping - and she looked kind of surprised saying that she had figured on wearing what she had on - slacks and a pullover top - I told her that would do it that was all she had at the moment - but at the first chance - she would be changing into something we bought today - at 1 of our first stops. Then I asked her if she was wearing anything under her street clothes to which she answered yes. I told her that would not work - and to strip down right there and that she would wear only what clothes I gave her to put on. When she had handed me her clothes - I gave her back the top and slacks and shoes and told her that was all she could have for the rest of the day - unless I told her to change into something else
About the time she finished putting her clothes back on Mike pulled into the drive and came in saying that he had told them at work that he was not going to be available for the rest of the weekend so don’t bother to call him - cause they would not get an answer and asked if we were ready to go spend some money. We all got into my car - Stacy and I in the front while Mike climbed in the back seat - and started our day at the local mall. The first store we went in I told Mike to come in with us - but it might be the last time I would let him be in a store we were shopping in. I then told them that they each had to pick out 1 outfit each that they would like to see Stacy in - and show them to me before they went any further - but they could not compare notes on styles or colours - but if needed - she could tell him sizes. I also told them that anything they picked out could not resemble anything that she was currently wearing - because she had enough of that at home
Stacy came back with a mid calf skirt and a V-neck pullover top - to which I said "good try - but not good enough" Mike came back with a knee length skirt and a spaghetti strap sleeveless top. I told Stacy "It seems that Mike has a better idea of what would look good on you - maybe you should let him pick out more of your clothes - but this is still not the effect we want - so now I am going to pick out what you will wear the rest of the day. " Having said that I went over to the rack and pulled out a mid thigh skirt that was a size smaller than what Stacy wore - and a button up top 2 sizes to small - and told her to try them both on. The skirt looked like she had it painted on - and the top was straining the buttons where she had tried to button it all the way up - just the effect I was looking for. Calling over the sales girl - I asked her to get the tags and ring up the sale - so Stacy would not have to go back thru the trouble of changing twice more - and then told Stacy to unbutton the top until the fabric relaxed enough to be comfortable - which was almost down to her breasts. Turning to Mike I asked "Well - what do you think of your wife now?" He said he had never known she could look that good - and would like to see her dressed like that more often - all the while still not realizing that she was not wearing anything under that outfit. I told him to look his eyes full - because this was problem the last outfit we bought today that he would see until we were ready to move to the next step
Our next stop was Fredrick’s Of Hollywood - where I told Mike to give me the money and get comfortable on a bench outside the store while I took Stacy shopping. Inside I grabbed the sales clerk and told her that the lady was to be outfitted in a garter belt - stockings - and a pair of thong panties - very lacy and with a minimum of material - all in black.

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   After leaving there we went to the dress shop where I picked out a sleeveless dress with a V-neck that came to the knee on Stacy. Our next stop was the fabric shop to get zippers of various lengths and a stick of fabric chalk. Then on to the adult toy store - where I thought they were both going to freak out when I pulled up. Telling them to both wait in the car - I went in and bought a collar and leash, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a pair of nipple clips with a gold chain between them and a medium sized butt plug - along with some tie outs to put on the bed and had the clerk wrap it all in a box with brown paper so they could not see what was inside
Once back at the car - we decided it was time to get some supper - and went to a local steak house to eat. While sitting at the table I told Stacy to unbutton a couple of more buttons on her top - so we could see her breasts. As she did, Mike finally realized that she was not wearing a bra - and gave me a funny look. I told him - she is not wearing anything under that outfit - and if you have the guts to be the type of man I am - you will reach under that skirt and play with her pussy while she eats her supper - right here at the table. The next thing I knew Stacy got a look on her face that told me that Mike was taking me up on my idea, and she loved what was happening to her. As we were leaving I told Mike that I was about to take advantage for this situation and have sex with Stacy - but he could watch - if fact - he was going to help me with it. He looked a bit confused at this point, so I told him he was going to drive us home and that Stacy and I were going to ride in the back seat. When we got to the car I told him to take her around to the back door on his side, finish unbuttoning her top, then put her on her knees facing me and push her skirt up above her ass. After she was in the car I told her she was to unzip my pants and suck my cock - and her lips had to stay touching it until Mike pulled in the driveway and shut the car off
Stacy looked up at me and said "I have never done that to anyone before!" so I told her she was about to learn how but if she used her teeth - I would slap her across the face. She got my pants unzipped about the time Mike got the car started and looked like she had no idea what to do next, so I took hold of her hair and pushed her face down into my lap and told her to lick me and slip the tip into her mouth. By the time we had travelled 2 blocks she was starting to get a rhythm to what she was doing and Mike was watching the whole thing in the rear view mirror (nearly running off the road twice). By the time we got back to their house Stacy had managed to get 6 inches of my 10" cock into her mouth and was bobbing on it like her very life depended on it.

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   It was like she had been doing this all her life. When Mike shut the car off I told Stacy to step out - leave her skirt pulled up and take her top off while Mike and I got the packages out of the trunk then we all went into the house. After we put the packages on the hall table I asked Mike what he thought about seeing his wife go down on another man when she had never done it to him. He said it made him hot to watch it and hoped she would start doing things like that for him now
At this point I told them that this was where he had to start taking lessons - not just her - and the first lesson was that if they wanted to go thru with having a B&D type lifestyle, there could be no "letting her" do anything - if he wanted it done - he would have to see to it that it happened, and then told him that I knew he had basically tried to rape her Thursday night. On being confronted with this Mike got very down and started apologising to Stacy for what he had done - but I cut him off saying "If you want to be the strong figure in this relationship you will never say you are sorry for anything you do regarding sex - if you cant do that then I will teach her how to control you, but she is a very willing partner -and would make an excellent sex slave if trained right" Mike looked at Stacy and asked "You enjoyed what I did to you the other night?"
She said "Yes and I got just as big a thrill out of what Lazarus forced me to do tonight. I wet myself 3 times just thinking that anyone who passed us on the road could see my ass in the window and there was nothing I could, or wanted, to do about it"
I then told Mike "If you want to have sex with her, you will start telling her where when and how it is going to be and not leaving her any option. Trust me, if you start ignoring her again she will find ways to get your attention, just like she did last week by doing what I told her to. Now Stacy, pull that skirt off and get busy fixing us a couple of drinks while the men talk about what we want to do next. "
Mike sat down on the couch while Stacy went to fix us a couple of drinks and said "Damn it I could fuck her right now if you were not sitting here watching. " I told him "Don’t let that stand in your way. I told you I was here to help you have better sex with her and along the way I was going to get a piece of ass myself. You don’t have to worry about me sneaking up behind you while you are screwing her, cause my tastes don’t run that way, but I might sneak up behind her while she is busy with you and make things more interesting. In fact if you want I will make it easy for you to get started, if you are man enough to take what you want"
About that time Stacy came back in carrying our drinks (still naked) and I waved her to serve Mike first. When she crossed the room to where I was sitting in the chair I told her "You have some unfinished lessons tonight. You did not get me off in the car, so you are going to kneel down right here and finish the job - and you will not leave the front of this chair until I cum.

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   And further more we will no longer be using any "polite" words when we address you. From this point on if we address you as Bitch, Slut or any other form we care to use, you will answer Yes Sir. Now get on your knees and suck my cock"
To her credit Stacy immediately said "Yes Sir" and dropped to her knees in front of me, unzipped my pants and was going down on me in nothing flat. Mike was sitting across the room watching what was happening and I could see him getting a hard on thru his pants. As I watched he got up and started to undress. I had thought until this point that I was probably the biggest thing Stacy had ever had to deal with until I saw Mike drop his pants and his 12" erection stood strait out. When he moved up behind her I could tell he was going to try to make her take it all at once. When he reached and grabbed her ass I grabbed her by the hair and held her so she could not pull my cock out of her mouth while Mike rammed himself up her pussy. Stacy started trying to holler - but all that did was send shivers down to the base of my cock and get me more stirred up. I told Mike to hold still while I showed him how to have a double fucking. Getting a good grip on Stacy's hair I pulled her backwards off my cock and pushed her down on Mike then pulled her back down on me again. Mike quickly got the hang of this idea and grabbed her by the hips to help me match the motions.
About the time I felt myself getting ready to cum I decided that Stacy needed to see the real facts of what could happen in this life style - so I pulled her mouth off my lap and told Mike to keep pounding her. Grabbing her by the tits I forced her back onto Mikes cock until she was strait up - then grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed them both over until he was on his back on the floor while still buried inside her. After giving him a second to get himself laid out on the floor I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her around so she was facing him.

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   Having done this I grabbed her skirt off the arm of the chair and wadded it up and pushed it into her mouth. I then pushed her down on top of Mike and reached down to spread her ass cheeks. Stacy started to try to spit out the gag and say something when she realized what I was about to do to her but I slapped her across the ass and told her to shut up, that she was ours to do with any way we saw fit and if she did not cooperate it would hurt a lot worse. Reaching around and grabbing her tit with 1 hand I used my other hand to line up with her cherry asshole and pushed until I have gotten about 2 inches inside her. Stacy was screaming thru the gag the whole time and Mike was starting to look a little worried. I looked at him and said "If she will relax and let it happen you might both find out what good threesome sex is all about" After a minute Stacy started to relax and when I felt that she was as loose as she was going to get I pushed myself into her as fast as I could. At this point Mike started hollering about how he could feel me sliding across the top of him and Stacy started bucking up and down on both of us - driving us both to the point of orgasm and sending her over the top to a multiple orgasm that seemed to last for 5 minutes. After we all recovered from our antics we decided that we would all go crash out in their bed for the night
The next morning we woke up feeling good about what we had done the night before but Mike told me that the senior VP of his company had asked him to go golfing with him that afternoon and he would have to be leaving around 18 to make tee time - cause this was 1 of those people that you just did not want to make made when you were only a month away from a big promotion but for me to stay as long as I wanted, and to "use" Stacy in any way I saw fit while he was gone
To be continued in part 2



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