Couldn't Resist her


I couldn’t stop myself. I saw her and couldn’t stop my self.
It happened over a week ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve jacked off twice a day and still have to fight the urge of going back there.
I knew she was trouble the moment I set eyes on her. I should of stayed away but I couldn’t.   I guess I should feel guilty – but I don’t. I know she likes it, she liked me I know she wants me again. I can feel her calling out for me. I might go back there tonight. I bet she’s even waiting for me.
I guess I should let you all in on the story huh?
Well it all began about 3 months ago. I got new neighbors down the street. I saw her moving in some boxes when I was walking Jim – that’s my boxer. She looked at me only for a second but that is all it took. It was an instant connection between her and I.

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I walked past the house at least a dozen times over the next few days, catching glimpses of her in the yard, through the window, getting into her mothers car.   She was a goddess; She had dark blonde hair that hung straight, nearly to her waist. Slim hips and long legs. She favored half tops, which showed, off her flat tummy. Her breasts were not large, but perky firm b cups. On the third night I found a nice dark place in the hedges that bordered the houses across the street from her house. I stood there in the summer night waiting to see her. It paid off. I saw through the window her in her nightgown tying her long hair back getting ready for bed. Her body was calling to me then, her breasts pressed against the thin cotton of her gown, her nipples so large and puffy I could clearly make them out from across the street. Her body called out to mine that night and I had to release myself standing there in the bush. Walking home I started to shake. I was so ashamed of what I had just done. What she made me do. That’s the night I resolved to teach her a lesson.

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   She couldn’t just move in and tease a man this way.
I took my time and planned things carefully. Her body continued to call to mine in the middle of the night.   I would be sitting there watching television or eating dinner, when the vision of her would come to me and my body would react as any man’s would. She was unrelenting, almost cruel.   Still I took my time planning things carefully. I most watched, her, her mother, her father.   I listened when others talked about the new family – showing little interest at least as far as they could tell. Inside I was busy committing every word to memory, it would come in handy some way I was sure.
Her name was Amanda.   She had just turned 18 the month they moved in.   She had an older brother who had remained back east to continue his college education.   They had moved here for the fathers work.   By the end of the second month I knew all there was to know about the family and their beautiful temptress of a daughter. Then, by coincidence I over heard my neighbor talking on the phone to Mrs.

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   Stipler, the woman who lived directly across from the new family. Apparently, the Parents were going back east for a weekend to parents weekend at the old boys school. Amanda didn’t want to go and they had thought it would be okay to leave her alone and had asked Mrs Stipler if she would keep an eye out for her.
This was my opportunity. They would be going away in two weeks.   Plenty of time to prepare things, and prepare I did.
While walking Jim one day I let him off the leash and he ran off, right up onto the lawn of the new family – as I had planned.   It was mid afternoon, not much was going on in the neighborhood as I well knew. I chased him about a bit, and easily knocked over a few loose stones in the front garden. I found what I was looking for – the spare key. I swept it up and tucked it into my sock. Got Jim back on the leash and was one my way.
I drove two towns away to get the spare key made. And that night I replaced the original back under the rock.
It was finally THE night, Friday night.

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    I saw the airport taxi pick up her parents. I walked Jim at about 8 pm and confirmed that Mrs. Stipler had started her nightly dozing in front of the television, and I could see that Amanda was in her room, I could hear the music coming out of the open window.
I knew this was the time. I quickly walked Jim back to the house. Waiting another hour or so until it was fully dark, I quickly jumped the few fences in the back yards making my way to theirs. I swiftly made my way around the front of the house, and after a quick glance around to make sure I wasn’t noticed I let myself in with the key I had made.
The second I entered the house I could smell her. Her body luring me to her. The erection in my pants was unbearable. I had to talk to her about doing this to me. I had to teach her that she couldn’t just put these things out there and not expect a man to act on them.
The downstairs was dark, I took my time going room to room to familiarize myself with it and to make sure plans hadn’t changed, that she was indeed alone. Fully satisfied I snuck upstairs. I took a quick inventory of the empty bedrooms up there as well and made my way last to her room.

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   The music was still going, I smiled. She knew to play the music loud – she had been waiting for me. I took a deep breath and steadied myself. I then casually opened the door and stepped through. She immediately noticed me, but didn’t say a word. She looked stunned, and then confused. I took advantage of those few surprised seconds and walked up to her and covered her mouth with my hand. She struggled but was no match for me. I dragged her with me to the window that I shut. I pulled the shade and curtains and then lowered the music. Her arms were scratching at me. Her legs kicking. She let out a muffled “mmmpphhh”  The feel of her body excited me.
I sat on her bed and pulled her down with me setting her on my lap.
My other arm reached around her waist holding down her arms and pressing her on me.

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   I talked slowly, softly into her sweet scented hair.
“You quite down now and you wont be hurt, do you understand” she nodded and I felt her tears falling onto my hand. “I’m going to let go of your mouth – if you scream I’m going to have to hurt you” and with that I let go of her mouth. She immediately tried to scramble up off my lap and screamed. I couldn’t help what happened next. With all my force I slapped her down. Her screaming stopped as she hit the floor. She lay there weeping holding her face. Her thin body shaking with each sob. I started to feel sorry for her and then I got angry. She had spent the last three months tempting me and now she was going to try to get out of it. She was a prick tease and needed a lesson.
I wrapped my hand around a chunk of her long silky hair and pulled her up, she screamed again, and I pushed her hard down face first into her mattress. She quieted again. “You dirty little cunt, I told you not to say a word didn’t I!” she didn’t answer me.

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   I reached out with my other hand, with one hand still holing her down face first, and I opened the drawer closest to me. Luckily it was her underwear drawer, I pulled out a pair of light pink cotton ones. I turned her over and when she opened her mouth again – In I stuffed them. I pulled the duct tape off my belt and taped the panties in place. I had successfully silenced the little cunt. I taped her hands behind her as well. Her body was still shaking in sobs as her beautiful green eyes followed my movements. I calmed myself once again and knew I could take my time.
I sat her up on her bed as I looked around her room. She was everything I imagined her to be. She had a lovely girly bedroom in pale pink and purples. Her closet had the all the cute little short sets I had seen her in plus some nice dresses and some winter clothes.
I saw her hamper and rooted through it until I found a pair of her panties. I couldn’t help but sniff them. My erection wouldn’t stop.

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It was time I showed her why I was here.
I walked to the bed, and she jumped as I sat down next to her. I reached out and soothed her hair down. And felt the soft heat of her cheek. My hand went down the side of her jaw to the elegant thin long neck. I had dreamed of her neck for what seems like forever.
She was wearing a purple tank top with light yellow trim. Her breasts strained against the soft fabric, her nipples practically bursting through the fabric weave.   My hand sought her breast through her top, her hot nipple pressed against my palm. Overcome, I groaned and pulled off her tank top tearing it at the straps. It came easily away, as she planned it, no doubt.   She began to whimper once her lovely young breasts were exposed. I dipped my head down and gingerly took her thick puffy brown nipple into my mouth. I was in heaven as my lips wrapped around it and I felt it swelled against my tongue in response to the sucking. She tasted as sweet as I thought she would.

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   Her aroma wafted into my nostrils as my mouth feasted on her lovely tits. The aching in my pants called further. I fervently moved my kisses lower, over her bronze flat stomach. Lower still to the top of her matching shorts. I quickly pulled them down. Over her feet. I stopped to gaze over her . Laying there in only a pair of light purple panties. She looked back at me , her eyes wide and afraid. Her feet were not bound but she didn’t kick or fight anymore. I knelt between her legs and put my mouth over her young womanhood, still clad in her panties. My tongue dared to dart out and I tasted her through her panties. I pressed harder with my tongue and felt her labia part under the thin cotton. I dared go further and pushed aside her now saliva soaked panties and caught my first look at her soft sweet virginal crotch. It was only sparsely covered with the lightest golden hair.

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   Her lips were a bit swollen from my mouth play and seemed to call to me.
I reached up and fully pulled the panties off her. I spread her long thin legs before me and started to run my tongue along her tight slit. Her lips swelled further, parting, exposing her pink insides. I caught sight of her little bud. I fixed my lips over it and let my tongue flick at it softly. I felt her body tense then relax as I worked my mouth on her young flower. I glanced up at her face. She was still crying, but I could see the pleasure in her eyes. I ate her with all the lust I had in me, dipping my tongue deep into her slit and breeched her tight hole.
She tasted of the sweetest honey you could imagine. When I could take no more I stood up and began to undress. I saw my pretty little princess naked laying on her soft frilly bed. She wore a fake little scared expression on her face but I knew she wanted this. She had been begging for it, her pussy told me she was ready for me.


   When she saw me pull my pants off unleashing my 8 inch throbbing uncut shaft she began to whimper again and shook her head back and forth. I smiled at her, and crawled again between her legs. I knelt above her and reached down to caress her lovely breasts again, pinching her peaks until her body arched for me. I drifted lower and massaged again her clit until she was once again moist.
Then I positioned myself at her small opening. I held her legs firmly under my arms, virgins were often squirmy and I knew it was best to enter swiftly. I pushed the head of my shaft into the small hole until I felt more resistance. Then I made sure that I firmly had her legs and I pushed my shaft hard and swiftly deep into her. I felt her hymen snap under the pressure and the warmth of the blood surround my cock as I drove it into her. Once I was fully in her I just held it there. She was thrashing around and screaming into the balled up underwear in her mouth. I only laughed. Virgins are always surprised at the pain when I first enter them. I knew by the end of the night  I would have her purring for my cock.
I moved my cock in and out of her in quick swift motions.

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   She wasn’t going to get any pleasure from this fuck so I mine as well get mine.
I was rough with her, thrusting deep into her. It didn’t take me long to cum, and I shot my hot load deep inside of her pussy. It feels so good when I do that. Exhausted I left my cock in her as I laid myself on her and closed my eyes. I woke up at least an hour later. My cock had shrunk and had come out of her. She was laying still under me. I got up off of her and saw the mess she had made on the bed. My cum mixed with her blood left a pink puddle under her ass.
I hate when a girl is messy like this. I started to holler at her, not too loud, but loud enough to get it through to her how angry I was with her. I turned off the music and turned out the light in her room. It was after midnight and I didn’t want the neighbors – should they look, be suspicious.
I dragged her off the bed and into the adjourning bathroom.

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   I put her in the tub and ran the hot water until she began to shriek. I then added some cold. She needed it to be hot to wash away her filth.
I told her to stay there and I’d be back to clean her. I then went back to her room and pulled off the comforter. I found the laundry room quickly, put her comforter in the washer, and started the cycle.
When I got back to the bathroom she was still in the tub crying.
I couldn’t help myself. Why was she crying so much. After I gave her what she had been begging from me for 3 months! I smacked her across her face and told her to shut up. I removed the tape and underwear from her mouth and told her if she said on word that I’d kill her.
I cut the tape of her hands and let her arms loose as well. She just sat there light a frightened doll. I took soap and a washcloth and began to clean her. I started with her neck and her breasts, when I got to her crotch I scrubbed well to get rid of the mess she had made.

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I even inserted two fingers covered with the washcloth into her pussy. She pretended it hurt but she kept quite.
After her bath I wrapped her in a thick towel and told her t o sit on the toilet. She did as she was told. I couldn’t help but smile as I showered. Keeping my eye on her. I knew my girl was going to come to respect me as she should. After we were both clean and dried off we went to her parents room. I rooted around in the closet and drawers as she sat on their bed. I found interesting things.
Her mother had a nice collection of dildos and vibrators and pops had a nice collection of mom with those dildos and vibrators.
It gave me an idea. I laid the two larger dildos one was black the other pink on the bed. I then found the polaroid camera that had taken the mothers pictures. Then I told my girl to use those toys on herself.

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She didn’t want to. I gave her a couple of smacks across her face, one bringing some blood to her lip, she quickly agreed.
She had a tough time getting them in at first and I had found her some lube in her moms night stand. But soon she was spread out on her parents bed and grunting and whimpering as she inserted the large black dong into her pussy. I directed her how to fuck herself with it. I took pictures and my erection grew larger. Seeing her soft pink folds envelope that black dong was too much for me to take. A few more pictures and I was ready for her again. This time I bent her lithe frame over the club chair in her parents bedroom and took her soft pussy from behind. I entered her easily as she was already stretched and lubed from the dildo. I didn’t take it too easy on her this time either, she had shown herself to be the whore that she is and she deserved to be fucked well. I drove myself into her as she whimpered and cried out as loud as she dared. I grabbed her ass and pulled the cheeks opened. I spit on her asshole and as I was about to cum, I popped my thumb into her ass, and she screamed out from the pain, which only made me cum harder.
After I had finished and pulled out of her she was sobbing.

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I sat back on her parent’s bed and had a smoke. I watched her as she sat there cowering next to the chair I had just bent her over.
Her long hair was a tangled mess. Her face was dirty with her tears.
I was repulsed. I got up quite disappointed with her and told her to clean herself again, and to do so as well as I had cleaned her.
She didn’t move at first, so I gave her a nice kick, which landed on her arm. She cried out and asked me not to hit her again. She was pissing me off crying like this. I hadn’t done a damn thing she didn’t want me to. So I grabbed her hair and pulled her back to her bathroom. I pushed her in and she landed on the ground.
I told her again – to clean herself and come to the kitchen when she was through. I listened from outside the door for a few minutes until I was sure she was showering.
I went back to her parent’s room and straightened it up a bit.

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   I also took a quick hot shower in their bathroom to clean myself of her.
I was down in the kitchen a good 18 minutes having a cup of coffee when she came in. She was dressed in pink flannel pajamas.
I held my temper, although I was furious. I never instructed her to dress in anything. She was very disobedient. However, I refrained from scolding her for the time being. I told her to get herself something to eat. She got herself a bowl of cereal but didn’t eat much. We sat at the kitchen table as the sun came up.
I looked at my watch , it was almost 6 am. I hadn’t finished with her but I couldn’t stay too much longer. That old hag from across the street would be checking in on her around 10.
So I got up and motioned for her to follow me.
I took her into the family room and had her sit on the couch.

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I found the family camcorder where I had spied it earlier.
I hooked it up to the television and focused it on the couch.
She watched in complete silence. She was learning.
I sat next to her and put my arm around her drawing her close to me.
Her small frame was shaking. I spoke softly, but clearly.
“Do you remember those pictures from earlier?” she nodded her head “Good, I knew you would. ” I pushed her hair back from her face, and  put a finger under her chin to have her face me. “Well sweets that is my security. I wasn’t in those pictures. They were just of you and your momma’s nasty sex toys. ” I looked into her large doe like eyes as the tears silently fell from them. “What we are now going to do is give me a little memento of our time together. You want to make me happy don’t you?” She nodded again.

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   She was learning very well.
I then sat back on the sofa and instructed her to stand, and take off her clothes. She did. I had her sit on the sofa’s arm as I video taped her soft pink pussy, I Opened her swollen lips, exposing her hot pink insides. She sat still and did not object to my probing. I licked at her sweet box, tasting her fresh cunny. My dick was hard again. I told her to get on her knees before me and use her mouth on it. Again she did so. I videotaped her pretty mouth sliding up and down my shaft. My cock getting harder and harder each time it slid into her mouth. I stopped her. Set the camera on the television so it again had a great shot of the two of us on the couch. I sat and then pulled her backwards to strattle my lap. My hands on her soft hips I guided her down further, till my dick was at the entrance of her pussy.

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   I can see her face as the camera captured it and showed me in the large tv screen. She was crying. I trust into her, pulling her down on me fully.
She yelled out in pain as my cock fully sheathed itself in her already abused hole. I guided her to ride my cock like this, once she got used to the pace I used one hand to reach around and squeeze her soft puffy nipples. The other hand found its way between her folds, rubbing her little clitty.
She was riding my cock nice and hard and enjoying it. When I knew I was going to cum, I pulled her off me and threw her down on her knees. I then jacked my cock off on her face, covering her pretty pouty face with my love goo.
It was 7 30 am. The neighborhood was waking up around me.
I finished my tasks quickly. Making sure, she was washed of any trace of me. I instructed her well in cleaning the house, and herself. I reminded her again of the pictures I had and of the videotape.

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I made sure she believed me when I told her if she told a soul I would kill her. Then I left out of the back of the house. Through a few yards and to my own.
She never called the cops or told a soul. I admit I was nervous the first few days. I waited for them to show up. But they never did.
This only proved to me further that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.
I want to go back to her. I hear her calling again. But her parents are home. I’ve kept to myself this past week so I have no idea when they might be heading out of town again.
I do have a plan though. I could always bring her here. To my.





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