She popped the hood and got out of the car. She had no clue what was going on with the car but thought maybe she could figure something out. Suddenly an Explorer pulled up behind her car. She recognized the two men from the bar. Jake approached her while Steve stayed in the car. He kept an eye on the two from the passenger seat. The dome light clicked on as he appeared to be rummaging for something in the glovebox. She couldn't tell he was checking his hands for any signs of engine grease. Lindsey turned on the charm, as she thought to herself the whole time that she would seduce him into helping her then speed off before he could collect on any promise she made. She had no idea what was instore for her. Jake looked harmless. He was of slight build, the bulk of his jacket hid his well defined arms. He pulled a flashlight out of his pocket. He turned it on, shining it directly in her eyes as he moves closer. "What seems to be the problem here ma'am?" Lindsey leaned further over the hood as she stood across from him. "I have no idea it just died.

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  " He didn't seem to notice her at all to her dismay. The cool night air was beginning to get to her. She bent over to pull her jacket from the car. He saw this as the perfect opportunity. Quickly he moved behind her. A swift whack of the flashlight against the back of her head and she collapsed against the seat. Steve slid over and pulled the vehicle up in front. The two quickly jumped the battery and drove away into the night. Lindsey came to with a horrible headache. Slowly her vision came into focus. She had no idea where she was or what had happened. All she knew for sure is she appeared to be in some sort of garage or barn. It was dimly light and dirty. She tried to move but she couldn't. She had been stood up against the car completely naked with her hands rolled up in the window.

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   She heard a voice. It was Jake. "Hmmm looks like she's awake now. Time for the fun to begin. " He moved to her. She tried to speak but her mouth had been taped shut. He put his rough hand against the smooth skin of his ass. She pulled away in protest. Her eyes widened with fear. Her loud muffled voice tried to plead for her release. He laughed as he watched her struggle. Steve hopped up on the hood of the car. His hand moved quickly to Lindsey's hardened nipple. He pinched and tugged it. She whimpered through the tape.

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   It was like a bad dream. She could feel Jake behind her, his finger traced down her crack. He stabbed it roughly into her cunt. She jerked foward. Steve's hand hit the window hard. He shook his head and laughed. He backhanded her as hard as he could. Jake didn't stop. He drove his finger in hard and deep. She was still dry much to his dismay. "Well Lindsey you better start enjoying it because there is nothing you can do to stop it. " His words rung in her ears. She started to thrash, kicking back and hitting his shin as hard as she could. He growled from the pain. "That does it you get no mercy"He walked over to the antenna.

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   With a single yank he pulled the antenna free. He tapped it against his palm as he walked behind her once again. "This shall do nicely" He drew back and swiftly brought it down against her skin. The antenna sliced through the air with a swoosh, leaving a bright red welt across her back. She winced in pain as a stifled yelp escaped. He laughed as he watched her reaction. His cock swelled in her pants as he continued to beat her with the antenna. Her back covered in blood red slashs. The continuing hail of blows splitting her skin in some areas. Steve pulled his cock out, watching the girl squirm and squeal had his cock rock hard. He stroked it slowly as he delighted in her yelps. He slide off the hood and shoved Jake aside. The head of his cock rubbed against her tight ass. She turned her head to look at him. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her eyes pleading with him, hoping that by some slim chance he would feel pity for her.

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  He stared coldly into her eyes as one arm wrapped around her stomach. The other still holding his cock steady. With a brutal thrust he shoved his thick cock into her ass. She screamed loudly against the tape. He began to fuck her hard and fast. His cock ripping the tight ring of muscles wide open. A trickle of blood streaking his cock as it moved in and out of her tight hole. Both hands now gripped her hips, pulling her hard against his cock. Her body slammed hard against the car, her tits crushed against the window. Jake cheered him on "Yeah pound that bitch. Tear that ass up. "Steve grunted and groaned as his cock tore her ass open. Her whimpers becoming louder as she sobbed. Her body giving little resistance as his strong thrusts tossed like a rag doll against the door. Jake was getting hot watching the action.

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   He disappeared from her sight for a few moments. He returned with two strips of plastic banding. He looked over as Steve continued to fuck her like a wild animal. He yelled to him. "Hold it a moment Steve. I want some of that bitch now. " He dangled the plastic bandings as he approached. Steve yanked his cock out roughly. He opened the car door and sat on the seat. Jake tosses one of the bindings to Steve, the other he puts on the hood, laying it next to the antenna. His strong arm curled around her neck as he held her tightly against him. Steve rolled the window down allowing her to remove her wrists. He quickly looped the banding and pulled it tight. A yelp struggled free from her. He tightened it until it dug into her flesh.

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  Steve got up and slammed the door shut. He cruelly stared into her red, teary eyes. He ripped the duct tape from her mouth. Jake released her. Steve snatched her by the hair. He drug her to the front of the car. His cock still painfully erect. He slid up on the hood. She began to beg them to stop. Her words choked out between sobs. He laughed and yanked her head toward his cock. He forced it into her mouth. His voice was stern as he commanded her "Suck it bitch, and if you bite I'll rip your fucking teeth out with plyers. " He forced her head down all the way. Jake moved behind her and stripped.

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   His hand latched onto her hips as he pushed the head of his cock against her slit. She gagged and slobbered, trying to pull her head up and get his cock out of her throat. Steve yanked her head up and forced it back down. She sucked reluctantly as he forcefed her his cock. Jake impaled her on his steely rod. He watched it sink in with a single forceful stroke. She was trapped between the two. Each time Jake pumped his cock into her cunt he forced her forward making her swallow more of Steve's swollen shaft. She was helpless and she knew it. All the time she spent taunting men was coming back to haunt her in this night of brutal ecstacy. Steve groaned loudly as he felt his balls tighten. The cum boiling in his balls about ready to release. He pulled her head down and shot his load down her throat as she sputtered and choked. He pulled out before the final spurts were released. His hand milked the last bit out as he watched it shoot on her face.

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   He released her hair and watched Jake continue his assault on her cunt. She whimpered as he pounded deep inside her. Her pussy involuntarily becoming slick as he fucks her ruthlessly. It wasn't long before he shot his load deep inside her. She had quit trying to protest or beg, just sobs. Jake pulled his semi erect cock from her messy slit and moved closer to her head. He instructed her "lick it clean you fucking whore" She glared at him with hate filled eyes. He reached over and picked up the antenna again and quickly swatted her abused back. She obeyed for fear of a more brutal beating. Her soft tongue dragged slowly over his skin. She grimaced as she tasted the mixture of their fluids. Steve's cum still flavored her mouth as well. Once he was satisfied with her efforts he ordered her put her ankles together. Steve stared curiously at him for a moment wondering just what he was up to. Jake picked up the other banding and knelt down next to her.

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   He secured it painfully tight around her ankles. She teetered for a moment as she tried to hold her balance. She fell forward, bracing herself against the hood of the car with her hands. Steve hopped off the hood and walked over to Jake. The two discussed something quietly for a moment. She could hear their murmurs but not quite understand their words. Steve grabbed the roll of duct tape that laid on a nearby shelf. He tore off two strips and approached her. The first he secured over her mouth so she could not scream for the time being. Her eyes widened immediately as she watched. The second he placed over her eyes. Her heart raced, knowing now she was truly at their mercy.
    Steve's cock began to twitch at the site of her trembling as she steadied herself against the car. He gave her a hard shove. He pumped his hard cock with his hand, staring down at her perfect ass.


       He brought his hand down hard against it. The sting of the slap making her flinch. He turned her over, her back laying against the hood. Jake was preparing for his final desire. Steve lifted her feet, placing them against his shoulder as he guided the head of his cock toward her cunt. With her legs bound like that it made her even tighter as he forced inside her. He let out a growl as his cock spread her cunt around him. He grabbed her breasts. They were about a c cup. His hands roughly groped and massaged them. Her nipples become hard from his grasp. He notices her pussy becoming even wetter with his thrusts. "You must like it you fucking slut. God you are wet. " He cock barreled into her fast and hard.

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       She jolted forward on the hood slightly. His hands against her breast pinned her in place. He grunted and growled as he pumped her. He began to pinch her nipples brutally hard, twisting them as she whimpered loudly through the tape gag. He became crueler in his thrusts. He pulled her nipples as far as he could, watching her breast painfully contorted. He could feel the throbbing between his fingers. He was close to cumming. His cock ached almost painfully as he tried to hold back. The soft warm cunt feeling too good for him to want to stop. Unable to bear it he lets loose. His cum flooded her cunt. She jerked and writhed against the hood. He pulled out, dropping her feet to the ground as he leaves her there. His spunk dripping out of her snatch.

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       The two men finish their handiwork. She feels one of them scoop her up in his arms, not sure what she is to endure next. The other quickly hooked the binding around her ankles to a hook suspended from a rope around one of the rafters. She was then hoisted in the air. Her body swung from side to side. Her head began to swim, suddenly she was painfully brought to clearity as the antenna connected with her flesh, only this time it was her fleshy breasts that felt the onslaught pain. The two laughed as she swung. Her arms dangled over her head as they continued to mercilessly abuse her body. Jake laughed "Give her a spin". Steve oblidged quickly and spun Lindsey. The blows continued, hitting her sides, back and breasts. Jake's cock was again stiff. He handed the antenna to Steve. "Give the bitch's ass a nice beating while i fuck her mouth" He ripped the tape from her mouth. She shrieked in pain as the antenna slashs one of the previous wounds open again.

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       Jake shoved his cock into her open mouth. She gagged as he forced her to take all of it in. She was growing groggy. The blood rushing to her head dulling the pain slightly as he fucks her mouth. "Suck it" he growls. Her body soon goes limp. The two continue to torture her, attaching alligator clamps to her nipples and clit, using a length of alternator belt that was lying around to beat her further and leaving bruises all over her, even taking one of the full beer bottles from Jake's vehicle and stuffing it inside her as deep as it would go. Finally after the two had felt they had done enough they slowly lowered her bloody abused body. They dressed her and loaded her in the car and fixed the belt Steve had loosened at the bar. Jake drove the explorer and Steve took her car. She still had not awakened when they pulled onto the road she broke down on. Steve drug her from the car and laid her on the cold ground. Jake kicked her side swiftly only to get a groan from her. He kicked her again this time she awoke. Groggily sitting up she looked up at him.

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       Terror struck her deeply. She stumbled to her feet. "Oh don't worry Lindsey we are done with you. For tonight that is. " He pulled something from his jacket pocket and held it up. "I'm keeping this. . . " She recognized her licence "Don't worry we will be back to see you again. And if you tell anyone about what happened. I assure you. . . the consequences will be much worse. " The two laughed and walked back to the Explorer.

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       She stood there sobbing in disbelief. She got in the car and drove home. The entire time hoping and praying that the two would never return. .