Chloe's Accident


It was not until one Saturday morning that Chad woke up late as usual and found his truck had been damaged that he got very upset. He inspected the large indentation carefully, finding the same shade of red paint that covered his mother's new fuck buddy's car. Immediately his blood began to boil. He stormed into the house to find his mother in the kitchen. "Where is he? Where is that worthless fuck?" he bellowed. His mother cowered when she heard his tone, dropping the mug of hot coffee she was preparing onto the floor. He stomped toward her in a rage. His large hand reached for her throat. She flinched, moving just enough for him to grab her robe instead. His eyes were cold as he stared at her. "I said where is he, bitch?” "Troy left for work" she sobbed, "It wasn't" Her words were cut off by a sharp backhand across the face that left her reeling. He studied her face for a moment. Her fear overwhelmed him until it suddenly made sense to him. He dragged her behind him toward the front door. Her pleas for him to release her fell on deaf ears. She struggled to keep her thin robe closed but it was not an easy task as her son pulled her out onto the front lawn.

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   He threw her against the truck with a brutal shove. "So you are the one who did that huh? It was not that worthless fucker at all. . . It was you. ""I. . . I. . . " she exclaimed trying to explain what happened. He would not let her even finish. He snatched her up and dragged her back in the house. The door slammed shut behind her as he tossed her onto the stairs.

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   She tried to scramble to her feet before he turned around but he was too quick for her. He wrapped her stringy blonde hair around his hand and pushed her up the steps in front of him. She had no idea what he was going to do to her, and at that point, he was not positive either. He shoved her into her bedroom door face first. She landed with a thud and a loud whimper. Her struggles ceased, knowing that her son would hurt her much worse if she resisted. Chloe lay slumped at his feet as he stared down at her. His anger flashed in his eyes as they moved over her body. As she started to rise to her knees to stand up he grabbed her by the hair. "You are going to pay for what you fucking did to my truck bitch" he glared at her coldly. He looked around her room for a moment. Knowing she really does not have any way to pay for it right away, he stares at her for a moment. His mind raced with sinister plans. She felt his eyes upon her body and it made her cringe. She did not know what her son had in mind nor did she want to.

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   He began to chuckle as he pulled her up by the hair. "Well I guess until you get the money to repay me for what needs to be fixed you can make it up to me like you do all the other guys in your life. " Chad answered as one hand moved to his zipper. His mother was shocked. She struggled to pull free of his grasp but it was useless. He pulled her hair harder to hold her in place while he slid his zipper down. Tears streamed down her face as she started to beg him. "This is insane Chad. Please let me go. You will get your money. I will get it from Troy when he gets home. I swear to you. . . just please don't do this to me.

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  " she pleaded with her son. He yanked her up and tossed her on the bed. "Listen here bitch. You will do it or you will fucking regret it. ” he said as he removed his pants. "You should know by now that I'm not fucking joking here. "His semi erect cock swung free as he stared at her with a salacious gleam in his eyes. She quickly tried to scurry off the bed. It was no use. He leapt onto the bed and pinned her down. His large hands pawed at the thin material of her robe, successfully ripping it off her. Her soft breasts heaved as she began to sob. His lips attacked one of her large pink nipples as his fingers tugged on the other. Using his knee, he pried her thighs further apart. He then began to slip his hand down her nearly naked body to the panties she wore.

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  She looked up at him through tear-filled eyes. Pleadingly she stared at him, hoping he would realize what he was doing to her and stop. He was unaffected by his mother's pitiful gaze. He pried her panties back and slid his fingers inside. He felt the soft tuft of trimmed pubes as his fingers worked their way down to her cunt. He could feel the warmth it emitted. He knew what he was doing was wrong but he no longer cared. She did not care when she hit his car. She had to pay. His fingers fumbled with her clit for a moment, pinching it painfully between them. She squeaked out a soft cry, which prompted him to squeeze harder. His fingers then moved down to her wet little fuckhole. Two of them slid in without much resistance. His cock was swelling as he thought about ramming it into the dripping opening. He began to stab into her cunt as hard as he could with the two thick fingers.

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   Chloe's eyes were clenched shut. She could not believe her own son had done this to her. She lay motionless except for her heaving breasts that bounced with each sob. He bit down hard on her nipple causing her to jerk. He spit out the distended nub and stared coldly at her face as he sat back on his heels, both hands now clutching the tattered panties. With a swift rip, they tore free. She felt completely vulnerable now, laid out naked before her son on her own bed.
    She turned her head to the side. He did not care what she did as long as she did not struggle. He reached down and wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft. A trickle of precum dribbled out as he milked it for a moment before he leaned over her. The tip, now positioned between her swollen pink lips, slipped inside with ease. He let go of his cock and placed both hands above her shoulders. With a quick lunge, he was buried deep within her cunt. Her sobs became louder as he began to brutally pound away at her pussy.

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       His face was nearly emotionless as he grunted. The hatred for her that burned within him all those years came bubbling to the surface as his engorged shaft burrowed deep between his mother's legs. She was nothing more than a slut to him. It was no longer a speculation. There she lay without as much as a bit of a struggle, with her own son fucking her like a $2 whore. Her body reacted to the stimulus without her minds consent. Her juices lubricated his cock as he pounded her mercilessly. His grunts got louder and more frequent as he picked up the pace. He pistoned in and out of her, completely oblivious to the sobbing, trembling human wreckage beneath him. It did not matter to him how she felt. She was going to pay for what she did to his car, even if it means he fucked her for the rest of her useful life. He lowered himself to rest on his elbows as he continued to violate her. His hot breath obscenely rushed over her neck. Her wailing had softened slightly. It was not because she was starting to enjoy this. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

       Something deep within her triggered it. She knew that he resented her for all those years. She knew that he did not respect her. Now she knew how much he truly did not care. Her pussy ached as he repeatedly plowed into it. Her deep sobs shook her body slightly. "Oh fuck yesss," he hissed as she felt the familiar feeling of hot cum injected into her. He gave a final deeply penetrating shove, emptying the last of his load into her. He lay on top of her panting for a moment or to while he rested. His t-shirt clung to his sweat-covered chest as he leaned up and looked at her face for a moment. He chuckled cruelly as he pulled his cock free from her abused pussy. "God you are even a lousy fuck. Now I see why dad left," He snarled as he stood up. "Don't think about telling Troy or anyone else. They will not fucking help you.

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       Besides if the bastard says anything to me about it I'll put a fucking bullet in his skull. " Chad slipped his pants back on, leaving her laying there. "You are going to be my whore until you pay for what you did to my truck. . . maybe longer if I decide. Now go clean your nasty ass up. I'm going to Mark's. ".



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