Cheerleaders abduction Chapter 2


I couldn't believe how rested I felt in the morning. I found my cheek pressed into June's breast. I was a little surprised to find her sleeping, breathing softly, seemingly contented.
I eased out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. I could already feel the aching in my loins; I knew I needed to fuck her again, bad. When I got out of the shower and headed back into the bedroom I could see June's eyes flutter open. It was 10am, I couldn't' believe I'd slept so long, but it had been a late night. I unlocked my phone from the end table. I dialled the garage and asked for Jim. It took a few minutes, but soon my lifelong buddy was on the phone.
"Hey, Jim, what's up? I watched June staring at me. I'm sure she had no idea what I was doing. "Yeah, I stayed at the garage late and did some paperwork. You wouldn't believe what happened, I can't tell you about it now, but I want you to come over tonight, I'm sure you'll love the reason why. " I winked at June. "No, I can't explain now, but you'll like it.

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  " I sat on the edge of the bed and cupped my new pet's breast. "You can't come tonight, well, you'll have to come over tomorrow. You've got to, believe me, you want to. By the way, there is a car in the back lot, out by the trees. Don't let anybody out there, keep it quiet, we'll have to crush the thing, some night if you know what I mean. " I pinched June's nipple till she let out a yelp. "Don't plan anything for the weekend, you'll have to stay here. " I crawled in the bed next to June; I pushed my body up against her, wrapping my arm around her as I talked to Jim on the phone.
"Yeah buddy, you'll love it. Take care of the garage for me. I won't be in for a couple days. Later. " I hung up the phone and clamped my mouth down on June's. She tried to jerk away, but she couldn't. I slid my finger up between her legs; spreading her labia I forced my finger into her pussy.

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"Please, I'm sore, please, stop. " She tried to push me away with her bound hands, but she didn't have the strength.
"June" I scowled down at her, then pushed my finger deeper in her pussy. "Do you want me to make you cum again slut?" I used my thumb to massage her clit. She whimpered softly as I drove my finger to the knuckle. "That was my buddy Jim on the phone, he's going to come over one of these nights, don't worry though, I won't let him fuck you, you're mine alone. "
My dick was aching. I knew I couldn't last much longer, so I got to my knees and untied the rope between her ankles.
"Spread those legs like a good girl June. " She started whimpering as she spread her legs.
"I'm sore, please…" I grabbed for her bound hands and lifted them over her head.
"Don't worry babe, you'll get used to it. " I got between her legs and ran my hands over the insides of her thighs. She cried out as I let my weight down on her pelvis, I used my hand to guide my prick into her pussy, it was a tight fit.
 "Come on slut.

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  " I inched the head of my cock into her body. I grabbed for her tits and started squeezing, driving my hips forward, sinking my prick to the hilt. "Oh God that feels good!" I let out a guttural roar, I've had my share of women, but I'd never buried my prick in a girl where it felt so good, I couldn't believe that little pussy could feel so amazing. I started moving slowly, I didn't have the urgency to batter her sex like the night before. My hands were clamped on her breasts, God it felt so good. "That's awesome babe, such a tight little pussy. Wrap those legs around me baby. " I could see the tears forming at the corner of her eyes. She whimpered, but lifted her legs over my back. "Good girl. " I clamped my mouth down on hers, letting my tongue explore.
 I grabbed for June's wrists and held them over her head as I continued to move my body over hers, driving my prick home in her pussy. I loved the feel of her hard nipples against my chest as I slow fucked her, I could hear her grunt every time I buried my dick in her. I knew fucking her wouldn't make her cum, at least not yet. She tried to turn her head away from me whenever she could, but whether it was her mouth, or her ear, I let my tongue run over her skin while I whispered to her.

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   I kept going for a good five minutes, I'm sure it was agonizing for her. She locked her legs over my back like I told her; I loved the way her calves felt on my ass.
"I'm cumming, I'm going to cum in your cunt slut. " I quickened my pace; I could feel my balls slamming against her ass. "Squeeze me tight bitch, clamp that pussy down on me. " I tried to hold off as long as I could, but I felt my balls contract and I shot my load in her belly. I heard myself growl out as I rammed home a few more times, pumping all the cum I could into her tight snatch. I forced my mouth on hers and made her kiss me till I collapsed my weight on hers, exhausted and spent.
"I love your pussy, you're so fucking tight I can't believe it!" I stared down into June's eyes; the tears ran down cheeks as she looked up at me.
I don't know how long I lay there. June kept her legs wrapped around me until I started to get up, then she let them fall when I told her too. After I climbed off her she left her legs splayed open, flat on the bed, I stood to her side, I could see the cum seeping out of her snatch.
"If you're a good girl June I'll treat you well. I like you, but if you don't obey my every command, well…" I could see her breasts quivering in the cool room. I walked toward the bathroom and thought about all I had to do.

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   I needed to go check on the other girls. I'd decided that I'd keep June in the spare bedroom till I made better arrangements, I could lock her in there, there was nothing she could do to get in trouble, and their was a bathroom. I had to play with my other toys some, and then I'd be back to fuck June later.
I still couldn't believe my luck, who would have known 5 cute girls would enter my life and become my slaves…sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. I washed up; it was like my dick was in a constant state of arousal now. I wasn't sure what girl I'd take next, or what I'd do to her, but I hoped her pussy would be as inviting as June's.
I let June shower while I made up breakfast. The dogs were going crazy, so I had to feed them. I was glad I had the doggy door so I didn't have to worry about letting them out. I couldn't keep my mind off the girls.
I found an old collar in the garage, it wasn't perfect, but it would do the job until I got something more proper for June. I made a few quick modifications so she couldn't take it off. I found a couple old brass travel locks and a length of chain. I carried the food up to my bedroom; June was still in the shower. I didn't want her to feel it was a place of refuge, so I walked in without knocking.

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   I think she wanted to cry out, but already she was learning better. I had her get out of the shower and I dried her off. I liked running my hands over her body, I could feel her muscles tense as I pressed the towel against her, moving it up between her legs and rubbing her raw. I knew she was sore, but I continued to push the soft fabric into her battered cunt. When she was dry I took her back into the bedroom, the food was laid out on the bed and I made her sit on the edge of the mattress.
"It's time for you to start acting like my slave. Feed me cunt. " I lay back on the bed, she was right next to me and I ran my hands over her belly, and then grasped her tits. "Come on, I'm hungry. " June's hands shook as she picked up the fork and started to scoop a bit of eggs.
"I like ketchup mixed in with my eggs slut, but not too much. " I loved the way June whimpered; it was such a soft delicate sound. She grabbed for the bottle of ketchup and squirted on a few drops. Her eyes looked to me for approval. "Good, now mix it in.

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  " I could still tell she was terrified of me, and I wanted to keep it that way. "Give me a bite. " The fork trembled in June's hand as she lifted it to my mouth. I let her drop the eggs in as I pinched her nipples hard. "Good girl, now give me some eggs and a piece of bacon together, that's the way I like it. " I knew it would take a while to teach her all my likes and dislikes, but I was sure as hell going to have a good time doing it.
I let her feed me till I was full, never taking my hands off her tits. I decided to softly caress her breasts when I was pleased, and, like the time she poked me with the fork, twist her nipples when I was pissed so she'd feel it and remember. There was still a pile of eggs and bacon on the plate.
    I debated putting it on the floor and making her eat it like a dog initially, but I decided to be nice and just let her eat it with the fork.
    "Go ahead, the rest is yours. " I watched her eat as I let my hand slip down between her legs. I forced my finger into her pussy just as she was taking a bite. God she was one hot girl. I couldn't resist humiliating her a little after she'd eaten the remainder of the food.

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       "Lick it clean. " June started to lift up the plate. "No, leave it on the bed, but I want you to lick it clean. " There was something erotic in watching her tongue dart over the place, sopping up every last drop of food.
    "Good girl. " I twisted June toward me and clamped my mouth on hers. I forced her lips wide and started frenching her. I could feel her body tense, but I made her return my kisses. I had one finger deep in her pussy, making her squirm. I pushed her away from me.
    "I've got to go deal with your friends. Get on your knees. " I pointed to the floor in front of me. I think she thought I was going to make her blow me again, she could see my dick was hard, and her breasts jiggled as she got into position. "Here, put this on.

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       It's your collar, it's only temporary, till I get something nicer. " I handed her the old dog collar. I'd modified it so I could lock it in place and she couldn't remove it. She stared at the smooth black leather in her hands. "Well, what are you waiting for, put it on!" I saw her breasts quiver as she started to sob, but she put the collar around her neck. "Here, let me help. I grabbed the collar and aligned the buckle. I pulled it snug so she wouldn't be able to get her fingers up under the leather. When I had it fitted right, then I snapped the little lock in place, making sure she couldn't get it off. "God that's beautiful. " I held up a little mirror for her to see. I could tell she wasn't as pleased as I was, but it didn't matter what she thought.
     "Here. " I handed her an oversized sweatshirt of mine. "You can put this on, but remember, if at anytime I want to see you naked, you're to take it off immediately.

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       If I tell you to do something, your reaction is to be immediate. I don't care whether it's for you to get to your knees so you can blow me, or if I tell you to bend over the side of the bed so I can fuck you, you are to obey, do you understand?" June nodded, her big hazel eyes locked on my face. I grabbed the length of chain and locked it in place to her collar. It wasn't really heavy gauge steel, but it would hold her.
    "Come with me. " I walked in front of June and tugged her along with the chain. I could hear her sobbing. I led her off into one of my guest bedrooms. "I'm going to leave you here today. There is a bathroom over there, there is a TV you can watch. I'll be back for you later. " I had a handheld drill with me. There was an exposed beam in the wall, and I drilled through it. I'd picked up an eyebolt from my garage shop when I made breakfast. It wasn't a permanent solution, but it would work for now.


       I ratcheted the bolt in place with locking nuts, then took the other end of the chain attached to June's collar and locked it in place. There was no place she could go now.
    "Wait here. " I left the room, taking my tools with me. I came back a few minutes later with a camcorder and a dildo one of my girlfriends had left at my place years ago. I set the camera up on the dresser so it had a perfect shot of the bed. "You're my cum slut slave now June, every two hours I want you to turn on the camera, and I want you to masturbate for me. I tossed the dildo and some lube on the bed. "You can use this, or whatever way you like, but I want you to cum for me. Then later, we'll sit down and watch the video. If you don't, well, orgasm, I'm going to have to punish you. Understand?" I don't think the girl knew how to react.
    "There's a glass for water in the bathroom. There is some fruit in there too. Be a good girl, I'll check on you later.

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      " I slammed the door shut behind me. I tied rope on the doorknob so she couldn't open the door, even though I knew the chain attached to her collar wouldn't let her. It was now time to play with my other toys. I put on a pair of sweats and a shirt and started down to the basement.
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