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 Husband decides to sell his wife to like minded men.   This is my first attempt at a story so be kind.   I neither condone nor encourage any events or actions in below story which a work of pure fiction


All the usual disclaimers. You must be over 18 to read this.


You have been warned. This is for adults only!!!



Simon was in his mid thirties standing a small 5’9 tall with short jet black hair and equally dark ferret like eyes and had a little paunch belly that hung over the top of his black denim jeans, that were held up with and almost decaying brown leather (or at least could once have been called brown leather) belt.   As he followed his companion up the stairs in the grotty little house where he lived with his wife, Judith, he smiled smuttily as he thought to himself that one of his many, and probably dirtiest fantasies, was about to come true.   His companion was known to his friends, who were mostly more like acquaintances, as ‘Vinnie’, which not surprisingly was short for Vincent.   He was about the same height and age as Simon and had a similar paunch belly.   The two of them had met just over three months ago in an internet chatroom where men posted pictures of their wives and girlfriends to titillate other men and, in some cases, to humiliate their significant others.      


Neither of them had posted pictures, Vinnie not surprising as he was bit of a weasel was single even though he had had several short term flings where had managed to charm his way into the life of some woman or other.   None of these lasted long as, despite his claims to contrary, most of the women soon found out what a slimy person he was and soon ditched him.    Anyway the two of them got chatting about some picture that had been posted of someone’s wife dressed, and posing seductively like, a whore.    Eventually they got discussing their own fantasies and that’s how this started.  


The stairs were old and ill maintained, and as such they creaked under the two men’s weight as they slowly made their way to the first floor.   “It’s the one at the far end to your left,” Simon slithered to Vinnie just before he reached the top step.

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“Ta,” Vinnie replied turning the direction indicated and making his way to the end door, his cock getting a little stiffer with each step.  


When they reached the end of the corridor, Simon squeezed past Vinnie to open the door and slipped inside ahead of his companion.   Vinnie, without hesitation, followed his host through the door and looked around the room.   It was just as tatty and ill maintained as what Vinnie had seen of the rest of the house.   He wasn’t surprised, or all that bothered, to see the at least 18 year old filthy curtains pulled closed and white walls were dirty looking and had obviously not been painted, or cleaned, in a fair number of years.   Half way along the far wall there a jumbo sized single bed, that equally badly kept covers, and sitting on the bed was the object of his visit; Simon’s 35 year old wife Judith.


She was sitting about half way along the near long side of the bed with her hands resting on her lap and a nervous, but resigned, look on her face.   She was wearing nothing but her underwear, a cheap looking white bra and panties set that just about matched.   Her hair was shoulder length, but not especially well kept dark hair and had 36c cup breasts.    The sight immediately, turned Vinnie on even more than he was already and he slipped past Simon to stand in front of Judith, who barely raised her eyes to his.


“Well?” Simon asked a little impatiently now that his fantasy was close, “What do you think?”


Vinnie looked Judith over like someone buying a cow at a market, taking in all her features and considering his response.   “Yeah, looks well worth it,” Vinnie said with almost a sneering smuttiness in his voice.   He then proceeded to take a tatty brown, fake, leather wallet out of his jeans pocket and pulled out a twenty pound note which he then handed to Simon, who took it, relishing the feeling of what was happening, and then sat in the chair in the far corner of the room.  


Vinnie then undid the button of his jeans and pulled down the zipper casually as if this was something that he did every day.   He then pulled down his jeans, and under pants, and stepped out of both simultaneously, leaving him naked from the waist down and threw them just as casually in to the nearest corner of the room.

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  .    As before  he was standing directly in front of Judith, but this time he reached down and, taking his almost completely hard 7” cock in his hand, started to wank himself in front of Judith.   As he grew harder, Vinnie pulled his foreskin back and forth revealing the purple head of his cock that glistened with precum.


“C’mon bitch, this is your job,” he said pulling her head up to face his cock and when she didn’t act comply quickly enough he slapped her face with his now completely hard member.    This took Judith by surprise and filled her with even more of a sense of shame that she already felt, and after the fourth swat of his heavy cock she gingerly reached up with her right hand and started to stroke Vinnie’s cock, sliding her hand back and forth over the hard shaft, as his breathing became quicker.  


Judith tried hard not to look at Vinnie directly, or his cock, as she rhythmically stroked he hard slimy shaft back and forth at an ever increasing rate.   “Aaahhhh” Vinnie moaned as she do so, getting nearer and nearer the point of orgasm.   At which point Vinnie snatched her hand away from his cock and pulled back from her slightly as if he was somehow denying her the pleasure of wanking him off.  


“Uh-uh, not so fast bitch,” Vinnie spat as he put his left hand on the back of Judith’s head and gripped a hand full of her hair and pulled her face closer to his crotch as he thrust it into her face.   “I want to enjoy all of you whore,” he said with a horridly wicked grin on his face, “not to mention getting my full monies worth”.


He all but forced his cock into her mouth, using the handful of hair to pull himself deeper into her throat.   Judith gagged as he did and raised her hands to his crotch in order to push him away from her or even to just prevent him from chocking her with is cock.   “Uh-uh,” he said slapping her face with his hand making Judith,”hands down whore”.   He said raising his hand to hit her again, but before he did she instinctively pulled her hands away.   He hit her across the face anyway, bringing tears to her eyes and making her cheek shine red.

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This turned Vinnie on even more and he began to thrust his cock even deeper into her unwilling mouth, using the handful of hair as extra leverage and gagging her sobs with engorged member.   Vinnie’s breathing turned more to panting and his thrusts became less deep into the whore’s throat, but his increased with each and thrust  as he reached every nearer the moment of his climax. And he would cum right down the whore’s throat, and made her swallow ever last drop too, if he hadn’t that it would be letting her off the hook, and besides he wanted to get his monies worth out of this whore.  


Just before he came, Vinnie, pulled out of Judith’s mouth and once he let go of her hair she fell back backwards on to the bed; her sobs were now audible as she was no longer gagged by his cock.   Vinnie then walked around the end of the bed and as he looked over to Simon, Vinnie could see the other man had his jeans around his ankles and had his cock in his hand.   By the gleeful look on his face Simon was enjoying the show enormously.


“Oi whore,” Vinnie grunted at the sobbing woman, “get your bra off. ”


“N-n-no, no” Judith sobbed, “please don’t, no more, I don’t want too. ”  She begged knowing exactly what Vinnie was going to do next and deciding that this wasn’t what she had expected to happen.


“Shut up bitch, do it or get a slap, “Vinnie said menacingly, and remembering how sex he thought women were when they were bruised and crying.   


““N-n-no, no” Judith sobbed again as the tears ran down her reddening cheeks and she reached behind herself to unclasp her bra.   As did so, Judith, remembered how Simon had said before he left that he had found a nice man to join them in a threesome and that, as it the idea had done so for a few weeks now, had exited Judith.    She had been looking forward to it, and had even agreed to wait in their spare room in her underwear.    Bit that initial excitement had vanished when it turned out that Simon had effectively pimped her out to some greasy creep and as she laid waiting for him to continue, she felt cheap and dirty.  


Vinnie then climbed onto the bed and straddled himself across Judith’s abdomen; he took in her tear stained face and grinned evilly.

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    He then picked up her discarded bra and tossed it aside and then looked at her again.   Judith just wanted this to be over and wished he would just get on with it instead of staring at her in such a disgusting manger.   Then she all but got her wish as he raised his right hand and struck her left cheek, then raised his left hand and struck her left cheek.   Both hits made her flinch and yelp with the pain and shock if the blows.


“P-p-p-p-please n-n-no”, she yelped as he raised his right hand again, “I-I-I-I’ll do anything” she pleaded, and implying that the condition was that he didn’t hit her again.   


“I know you will you cock sucking whore,” he said. “Don’t worry Si I’ll pay you extra for this” he then added before Simon could raise any kind of objection.  


Simon stopped wanking, almost in mid stroke, and to Judith’s astonishment and disgust said “Ok, no problem Vinnie, have the time of your life. ”


Even afterwards, Judith was sure if it was her husband’s callous words or her attackers blows that hurt her more, all she really could remember was that time after after time Vinnie hit her alternating between the right and left side of her face.  


After about 5 or 6 minutes of striking his victim and occasionally pausing to see the effect of his blows, Vinnie shifted himself down Judith’s body and legs.   He then gripped her kickers on his either and pulled them down her legs, and then off her completely.   These he discarded in the same dismissive manner as bra.   He then placed one hand one each of her thighs and pulled them apart, and then positioned himself in between her legs.   He knelt there looking at her and wanking himself off over the sex sight of the bruised and battered whore before him.   Vinnie positioned himself so that his cock was just a small teasing distance away from Judith’s hairy pussy, and, making sure he was able to see her reaction, he thrust his rock hard cock into her.

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Judith screamed and renewed her protests as Vinnie’s cock violated her, and she twisted her body trying to shake him off her.   This just had the effect of making Vinnie even more determined to fuck her and turned him on even more than before.   When he had enough of her squirming, Vinnie bent over the whore and gripped her wrists with his strong hands and pressed her down against the bed, using his weight to hold her there.   Judith still struggled under his grip, but now Vinnie was able to control her more.  


When he was sure he had her pinned down, Vinnie began to thrust into her eliciting a yelp of pain from Judith.   Delighted with her reaction, Vinnie then pulled himself almost all the way out of her, paused at the top of his stroke and, like a piston in some steam engine, thrust himself into her again, equally as roughly as before.    This latest violation made Judith cry out in pain again and weep as she beg, in a barely audible whisper, for him to stop.   Grinning wickedly, Vinnie then repeated his slow thrust in and take back a few times, each time penetrating her a little bit more.   After about the 5th or 6th time that he had repeated this, he then began to pick up the pace of his thrusts into her each time until he had worked himself up into a good rhythm.   As his breathing increases in rate, Vinnie then really let himself go and thrust his cock into his helpless victim over and over again, fucking her at an ever increasing rate.   And with each thrust he could feel the semen build up in him creating pressure that just had to be released.   


“Oh yes whore, that’s it bitch, take it you worthless cunt,” he cried over and over as he fucked her over and over, hurting her more and more with each thrust.    As he do so, Judith laid there looking up at him and pleaded with her eyes for him to stop, but Vinnie was lost in the ecstasy of orgasm as he manically stared her tear stained face. . .

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“Yes, yes oh yes whore, take it you fucking bitch” he shouted as he almost lost control of himself.   “Aaaahhhhhh” he grunted as he finally shot his load into her, reducing the speed, but not force or depth of his thrusts, with each squirt of seed into her.  


“Oh yes, that is you fucking whore, good whore,” he Vinnie moaned all but collapsing on top of her as his orgasm subsided.    After a few minutes he roughly pulled out of her and manoeuvred himself so that he was now kneeling right next her head and, lifting it up and turning her to face him, he said “Clean me bitch, clean my cock with your whore mouth. ”


Not wanting to get hit again, Judith opened her mouth and took his cock into it and used her tongue to lick off the mixture of his cum and her juices from his deflating shaft.   Once she had down this, Vinnie pulled his cock out of her mouth and got off the bed.   He then walked over to where his jeans were, took out his wallet and, for one last humiliation, pulled out another £20 note.    “This should cover it mate” he said passing the note to Simon who had long since cum.