Careful What You Wish For


Marshall was in his mid-twenties and a good looking man. He kept himself in good shape and was attentive to his appearance. He was also very shy and retiring and had never had much luck with the opposite sex. It seemed that every time he got up the nerve to approach a woman, his courage would evaporate before he could follow through. He also had co-workers and acquaintances ask him out from time to time but he was simply too nervous and awkward to accept. He wasn’t a virgin but there had been very few sexual encounters in his life.
Finally, in an act of desperation Marshall purchased a book he saw on the Internet entitled “How To Pick Up Women”. He read and re-read it from cover-to-cover and was fascinated to learn all the techniques on conversation skills, reading body language and especially pick-up lines. After committing key passages to memory Marshall resolved to test out his new found knowledge.
Donning his trendiest outfit one Friday night, Marshall plucked up the courage to visit the hot singles bar he had been reading about in the papers. After paying the outrageous cover charge he was immediately assaulted by the bright lights, pulsating music and the somehow intoxicating scent of intermixed cologne and perfume emanating from the masses of sweaty bodies writhing on the dance floor. Marshall nearly turned on his heel to retreat from the cacophony but then remembered his resolution. “Tonight I am getting laid” he repeated to himself over and over. It was to become his mantra for the evening.
Marshall couldn’t face the dance floor so he went to the quieter bar and managed to find a seat. He ordered a drink and turned around to survey the place.

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   It was wild. He had never seen so many low-cut dresses, short skirts and bare midriffs. After a while Marshall turned his attention back to the bar. Seated two stools down was a cute woman. Not a fashion model knockout by any stretch of the imagination, but very pretty. She was about 5’4” tall and well proportioned, with brown hair and blue eyes. Sneaking several glances her way Marshall also decided she had very nice tits beneath her v-neck sweater. Plucking up his courage, Marshall walked over and said: “did it hurt?”
“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” (page 46)
The woman laughed, which made Marshall blush. Now what do I say he thought. Luckily the woman broke the ice.
“That was very cute. My name’s Brandi. ”
“I’ve never said such a thing before. I’m MMMarshall. ” (Oh my god, did I just stutter?!)
“I bet not” said Brandi with a wink. 

   “That’s what made it cute. Usually I just shoot down the guys who try that old crap. ”
“Well, I’m kind of new at this but I really wanted to check this place out tonight. ” Wow, thought Marshall , this woman is easy to talk to. The book was right.
Brandi and Marshall chatted for about an hour. It turned out that Brandi was in town for a reunion with old classmates. They hadn’t wanted to go out that night so she was by herself. Brandi leaned into Marshall and said “I can tell this isn’t really your scene. Would you like to walk me back to my hotel?”
Marshall remembered his mantra from earlier and thought things were going just like the book said they would. “Sure, let’s go”.
Once at Brandi’s door she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Marshall on the mouth. “Would you like to come in?” she said in a husky voice.
Once inside things moved at a rapid pace. In fact, Marshall was a bit shocked at how quickly Brandi was coming on to him.

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   But he wasn’t about to complain! The room was a suite and Brandi led him through the living area into the bedroom. She quickly started taking off Marshall ’s belt and unbuttoning his designer jeans. He was rapidly getting excited. Brandi was pleasantly surprised as she removed Marshall ’s shirt, then boxer shorts. “My, my, my I can see I’ve made a good choice” she said. “You’ve got to be at least 9” long and I can’t even get my hand around the shaft. And your balls are enormous!” Marshall blushed at such compliments about his manhood. He knew he was bigger than average but had never really thought of that as an advantage. Brandi knelt and quickly took him in her mouth. Marshall was in ecstasy! In almost no time he felt his balls contract and cock twitch as he shot his load into Brandi’s more than willing mouth.
“Sssorry” Marshall mumbled at his lack of control.
“Don’t worry sweetie” Brandi purred after swallowing every drop. “You just need a little more practice, that’s all. How would you like to try something a bit kinky?”
A little embarrassed by his performance so far, Marshall agreed. Laying him down on the bed Brandi grabbed a couple of fur-lined straps from the nightstand.

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“Whoa, you weren’t kidding were you?” said Marshall with a little trepidation. This was completely unexpected, and he didn’t remember seeing a chapter on bondage in his book.
Slowly tracing her tongue around Marshall ’s nipples Brandi said: “I can tell you are up for something new. What do you say?”
“Welllll, okay. But not too tight. ”
Once tying his hands securely she leaned over and whispered in his ear “have I got a surprise for you stud. ” Marshall was curious as Brandi put a blindfold over his eyes and wordlessly left the room. In the silence that followed Marshall began to get a little nervous. Then he heard several voices in the other room. What was going on and how had he gotten himself in this predicament he wondered to himself. Stupid book! The voices were all female, and they were coming into the bedroom! How embarrassing to be seen like this.
“What’s going on?” Marshall cried out.
Brandi sat down on the bed next to Marshall ’s naked form and started to gently stroke his cock. Despite his fear, Marshall could feel himself getting hard. “Well Marshall , it’s like this.

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   I am in town for a reunion of sorts, but it is not exactly a university-sponsored event. Each year my friends and I get together for some sport sex. One of us finds a willing candidate - and it sure looks to me like you are ‘up’ for the meeting (due to Brandi’s attentions, Marshall now had a major erection). This year, you are the lucky guy. ” And with that, Brandi let go and stood up. Marshall ’s cock was at full attention, throbbing helplessly into the air.
“Ladies” said Brandi, “here is the newest initiate to our “fucked” club. What do you think?” There were murmurs of approval around the room. “Ooohh” said one. “He’s much bigger than the last few. Looks like fun. ” “Yeah, but do you think he can keep up with us?” said a second. Brandi cupped Marshall ’s balls in both hands and said she had brought some supplements to help out in that department.
Marshall was shocked to say the least. He thought about screaming for help but a sharp point against his neck convinced him otherwise.

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   Though Marshall couldn’t see through the blindfold, he heard the sounds of several sets of clothing falling to the floor.
Tying his legs and forcing him to swallow a handful of vitamins (and probably Viagra); the women were on Marshall like a pack of horny animals. He had never felt so many sensations at once. One mounted his cock and one straddled his face and two began rubbing themselves on Marshall ’s hands. Some would demand he lick and suck on their tits while others would make him use his tongue to caress their wet pussies and swollen clits. Some of these were shaved, others weren’t and Marshall guessed there were probably six women participating. They were fairly gentle at first but later on they became a little more aggressive. One woman in particular would wait until Marshall ’s cock went soft then proceed to slap it back and forth between her hands like so much meat. Even though this was painful at first, Marshall eventually would respond with a hard-on, which the woman would then mount with reckless abandon. Another two untied his legs at one point and forced Marshall to roll over. Then they each spanked his ass with their bare hands until it was red and sore.
Others of the group were into exquisite torment. Three times during the night, they would tease Marshall ’s prick to its full 9” length and then barely tickle the head and shaft with their lips, tongue, fingers etc. until he thought his cock would explode. Despite himself, Marshall ended up moaning and begging for release each time.

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   Then they would whisper taunts in his ear: “I can measure your heartbeat just by looking at your pulsing cock Marshall ” or “That’s the deepest purple cock head I’ve ever seen Marshall . ” After what seemed an eternity of this torture, one of the women would end up impaled on his colossal hard-on, barely moving back and forth until they both would finish with a shuddering orgasm.
His balls had to be empty after so many ejaculations but still he managed to spurt load after load. This went on for hours, with only a few catnaps to recuperate. And each time, Marshall would be awakened by one of the women licking his balls or sucking his member to attention. At one point during the next day they shaved his cock and balls and rubbed in some strange smelling lotion. This caused his tired dick to once again rise to the occasion – and this time it stayed up long enough for three of the women to get off!
Sometime the next afternoon, Marshall could no longer get it up – despite the expert attentions of the “club members”. “Well ladies, I’ve think we’ve finally worn this one out. You’ve been the best we’ve ever chosen” said Brandi. The others had to agree.
One by one his captors left, each cradling his spent balls and kissing his sore, limp cock as she departed. Brandi was the last to go. She removed his blindfold and roughly twisted Marshall ’s nipples, causing him to yelp in surprise and pain.
“Hope you enjoyed yourself Marshall. You’ve got a great tool and it sure seems like you know how to use it now!” She gave him a drink of water then put a piece of tape over his mouth.

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   Then she let out a wicked little laugh and walked out of the room. As she reached the door she said over her shoulder, “housekeeping will be here in the morning. Have a good rest. ” And with that she was gone, leaving Marshall to ponder all that had happened in the past 18 hours. One thing for certain, that horrible book was going in the trash first thing when he got home! Woman of his dreams, hah! More like a nightmare Marshall thought.
Once Brandi left, Marshall took stock of himself. Other than a few bruises and some fingernail marks in sensitive areas, his only injuries were to his pride. For that at least he was thankful. Even after his ordeal, or perhaps because of it Marshall was able to fall asleep while still tied to the bed. In the morning he was awakened by the sounds of a key in the lock and the familiar cry - “housekeeping”.
“Come in” Marshall croaked in a dry voice after managing to push the tape off his lips. “Get me out of here!”
The two cute young maids let out a gasp as they walked into the bedroom. Their nametags said they were Michele and Lupe. They took in the sight of Marshall ’s naked body strapped to the bed and rushed to his side. “You poor thing” Lupe said, you look like you could use some help.

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  ” She reached over to untie his hands and as she did so her long hair brushed across Marshall ’s chest, inexplicably causing his cock to jump. Michele noticed this and told Lupe to look. Both housekeepers couldn’t help but admire Marshall ’s imposing size, and as his cock once again began its impressive march upward they glanced at each other. Marshall could only groan as his rescuers paused. Michele picked up the phone next to the bed and whispered into it: “Maria, Vicki, get over to room 243 right away!”
Then, with a gleam in their eyes and another look at Marshall ’s mammoth rod, Michele began to disrobe while Lupe put the tape back over Marshall ’s mouth and started to trace her tongue down his chest and belly towards his once again stiffening cock . . .



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