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   Another one would fuck my face. I was filled and covered with cum after all had their way with me. They cut me loose and drag me back to the shower letting me fall to the floor saying clean up faggot. As I clean up cum is going down my leg from my sore and open asshole. As I lather up and think about what just happened my dick gets hard not taking long I jack off and cum in the shower. Another fantasy is follow one of the young troops 19 yrs old into the shower and start kissing him and fondling his balls. As he tries to break away I hold on to him tighter forcing my tongue down his throat. As he relaxes and his cock gets harder I put his hand on my already hard dick. I whisper in his ear that he will like this and to relax. As he does I start kissing his neck and sucking on his nipples he moans as I feel his precum on my hand. His smooth young body is heaven to my touch and I get on my knees taking his member into my mouth. I look up at him as I slowly take his young six inch dick into my mouth. He moans as I speed up tasting his precum as he starts to unload a massive amount of cum. As he relaxes I turn him around and start licking his virgin asshole. My dick is waiting for relief so I ate his ass good lubing it up.

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