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Riley James had always prided herself on knowing every single scrap of gossip about not only every member of the sorority house, but on campus as well. While she could never stop herself from the indulgence of letting some rumor laden chatterbox from unloading their steamy tales, she never passed on the information that she gathered. What she enjoyed most of all were the speculations about her. While nearly everyone on campus knew she was having an illicit little fling with a member of faculty, not a single one of them had figured out who the lucky person was. It was not simply a matter of hiding the truth from the administration to protect the job of the professor she was involved with. It was to ensure that the spouse and family of that particular person never caught wind of the indiscretion. So normally, she was extremely cautious about where and when they met up. Unfortunately for the two of them, things were about to change.

She had been dreading the party for weeks. It was no secret that Riley hated the costume she had to wear. Despite her best efforts to get them to pick any theme other than the ridiculous “Spring fever” one, she was stuck wearing the skin tight latex nurses uniform that barely covered anything and very high platform heels . The entire time she was there she was constantly tugging at the fabric in an attempt to cover herself a little more. The hordes of drunken frat boys who simply could not resist making lame jokes had gotten her completely fed up. After finally ridding herself of several of them with a threat of rectal penetration with the rather large Pyrex toy designed to resemble a thermometer, she decided to text Professor Burke. She knew that Alex would be busy reading the papers that were due earlier that week and probably was in desperate need of a break.

Her timing was impeccable.


   Alex had just returned to the office after a late dinner with the family and was in need of some distraction. Riley did her best to play it cool and avoid anyone seeing her flee the party. She knew if any of the girls caught her sneaking out she would never hear the end of it. She bribed one of the wait staff to let her sneak out of one of the side doors, by giving him what he thought was her cell phone number. He would later find out, much to his dismay that the number in fact belonged to the Financial Aid office at the college. Once she was safely outside, she rummaged through the little white doctor's bag that went with the costume and pulled out her phone.

She paced nervously back and forth in the small parking lot as she waited for the taxi's arrival, nearly twisting her ankle in a small pothole in the pavement. She cursed the idiot who had designed the ultra high white platform sandals with the little red crosses on them. When she saw the pair of headlights scan past her she looked up to see the taxi turning into the lot. The cabbie was an odd looking fellow who insisted on making several off color remarks about house calls and problems with certain appendages swelling. She tried to smile politely and pay little attention to the ignorant comments. All she wanted to do was to get back to the college as quickly as she could.

After all of the little annoyances with the costume, and the idiotic males she encountered, she looked forward to some time alone with Alex to take her mind off all of it. The taxi finally lurched to a stop in front of the building she had instructed him to. She quickly tossed a wad of crumpled bills into the front seat, leaving him to grumble about the minimal tip she left.

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   Riley raced up to the door and headed down to Professor Burke's office. When she arrived there, there was a yellow note stuck on the door to go to the classroom instead. Not thinking that it was important, she left it hanging there and headed quickly through the halls.

At last, she reached the correct room. Riley very quietly opened the door, peeking in to find the Professor sitting at the large desk at the front of the room, nose buried in a paper. She smiled and slipped inside.

The click of her heels on the floor gave her away, causing Alex to look up and smile. “It's about time you got here. I was beginning to think you were going to stand me up. ”

“You should know by now Alexandra that I will always come running when you want to see me. ” Riley grinned, setting her bag down on the desk on top of the pile of ungraded papers.

She took the paper from Alex's hand and laid it on the desk. Alex stood up, moving even closer to Riley before placing her lips to hers. The two embraced for the passionate kiss that Riley had been thinking about all night. She slid her arms around the professor's waist and pulled her body hard against her own.

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   Her hand then crept up Alex's back as she continued to kiss her deeply. All Riley could think about was finally getting another taste of the woman who drove her so completely wild.

She broke the kiss, only to flash a devilish grin at Alex. Her hands landed on her lover's hips, as she turned and guided her toward the desk. She pushed aside several papers, letting them fall to the floor before moving Alex onto the desk. The two engaged in another kiss as Riley's hands made their way under Alex's skirt. She peeled down her panties, letting go of them once she had them over her knees. They fell to the floor at Riley's feet. She pulled away, licking her lips as she looked at Alex's body once again.

Riley fell to her knees in front of her instructor and pushed her skirt up as far as she could. Alex parted her thighs invitingly for the girl. It was all the encouragement she needed to bury her face between her creamy legs and attack her pussy. Riley forced herself to take her time and start slow. She kissed along Alex's inner thigh as she made her way toward her puffy pink lips. Her kisses barely brushed her flesh, sending chills through her.

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   She used the tip of her tongue to barely part the lips, tracing up and down them very slowly. She let her tongue push in only slightly deeper after several laps.

Alex whimpered softly, letting her know how much she was enjoying the sweet torture. It was more than she could bear. She let her tongue slip half way in, wiggling it inside to get a better taste of her sweet honey. She could hear the whimpers turning quickly to moans as she worked her tongue in and out, up and down and all around her tasty little pussy. A trickle of her juices coated Riley's tongue as she started to drive it in deeper. It seemed to do the trick to make the usually quite reserved professor moan even louder.

The two were so tangled up in their own pleasures at that moment that neither of them noticed that they were no longer alone. Alex reached down, grasping the back of Riley's head and pushing her face harder into her crotch. Riley's tongue wildly darted in and out, trying to collect more of the sweet ambrosia that was leaking from her honey pot. Alex tossed her head back, eyes closed, lips parted, squeaking out moan after moan. Her legs were trembling and chest heaving. Riley knew that at any moment she would make her lose control for the first time of hopefully many that night.

Short panting exhales escaped from between her parted lips as she squirmed.

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   Riley knew every single trick to make Alex cum flow like a river from her. She withdrew her tongue, dragging the tip of it upwards until it reached her clit. Two fingers now explored Alex's juicy pussy, slipping in with ease thanks to her natural juices. She worked them in and out quickly as her tongue began to flick against Alex's clit. She inhaled sharply as she tried to calm herself. She did not want to give in so quickly and so completely to the girl's oral talents but she knew she was fighting a losing battle.

The intruder who had happened upon the erotic display had managed to make his way from the door to the opposite side of the desk without being detected. It was a task that most would not have even thought to attempt but at this point, he felt he had nothing to lose. From his new vantage point he could see the lovely young student crouched down between the professor's legs. The view was incredible. Riley so attentively licked and fingered the pussy before her that she seemed not to even notice she was being watched so closely now. It was not until he cleared his voice and made his presence known that she even paused.

“My, my, my. . .

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  . look what we have here. My wife and one of her students hard at work. ” He smirked.

Riley pulled away quickly, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Oh no need to stop. ” He said.

“Bill, listen. I can explain. ” Alex cried, standing up, tears welling up in her eyes.

“There is nothing to explain. You were sitting there on the desk with your legs spread like some common whore while this little nymph was eating your old cunt. I must say, I never thought you would have it in you. You have always been such a dead fuck. ” He looked at Riley who had clamored to her feet and was standing next to his wife.

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   “Then again, your little pussy eater here is incredibly fucking hot. I have to say I wouldn't mind getting a piece of her myself. ”

“Go fuck yourself” Riley sneered.

“Ah a fiery little slut. ” He grinned as he looked from one to the other. “You do not seem to realize that I hold all of the cards here. All I have to do is call security. Then I go to the office on Monday morning and play the destroyed husband who caught his wife having an affair with a student, on campus no less. We all know what will happen next. ”

The two women looked mortified. They knew that they were screwed. If they did not comply with whatever his twisted demands would be that both of them would suffer the consequences. Alex knew what a bastard he could truly be, and deeply regretted getting Riley dragged into the situation. She was about to plead with him when he spoke up.

“The two of you have 20 minutes.

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   The girl goes in and rents a room at the Motel 6, get the big bed. Text me the room number. I will be there with the video camera. If the two of you do exactly what I say tonight, I will keep my mouth shut. If not, well you know the rest. ”

They knew they had no choice and did as they were told. She got a room on the second floor with the queen sized bed and the two waited for his arrival. Alex apologized profusely to her lover for what was happening but Riley didn't want to hear any of it. She had heard time after time how he treated her, and knew that it was worth it to help Alex keep her life in order.

Bill arrived promptly 18 minutes after the text was sent with the video equipment. He set up the tripod and made sure it was a perfect position to get the best angle on the bed. He held the small hand held video camera, staring at the display screen as he barked orders.

Alex did not even look up as she removed her clothing, letting each piece fall to the floor. Riley stared defiantly at the camera as she stripped. He then had them unfasten his pants and push them down to reveal his throbbing cock.

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   Riley stared at it with disgust as Alex gave it several slow licks. Riley did the same. He caught every second of it on video as the two of them started to take turns sucking the head while the other would lick the shaft. Alex looked into Riley's eyes, apologetically as they both worked their tongues over the tip of his cock in unison. The look on Riley's face said it all. Alex began to relax, and the two seemed to convince themselves to forget he was there forcing them to perform. Once he was ready to let them quit, he ordered Alex onto the bed. Riley immediately crawled onto the bed. She kissed her deeply before she began to kiss her way down.

Once her lips reached Alex's chest, she trailed kisses to her left nipple. She sucked the engorged little nub into her mouth and began to tease it with the tip of her tongue. She suckled lightly as her hand slipped down between Alex's legs. Two fingers, once again, found their mark and slipped inside her pussy and began to work in and out. Her juices began to flow again and coat Riley's fingers in her slick wetness. She let out a loud moan as her back arched slightly.

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   Bill watched, licking his lips as he held the camera steady.
    His eyes were not on the action itself, but on the body of his wife's lover. His cock was aching to slip inside her tight little pussy.

    Riley spit out the distended nipple and kissed her way across Alex's chest to the other nipple, lavishing plenty of attention on it before she continued the trip down her naked body. Her fingers continued to work in and out of her as she got closer to Alex's mound. Her mouth was watering as she thought about tasting her once again.

    Her lips encircled Alex's little pearl and she immediately began to suck gently. Alex squirmed on the bed. Bill zoomed in as Riley looked up at him, giving him a great shot of her tonguing Alex's clit. He found it hard to control himself. He wanted to so badly to join in at that moment that he almost forgot just what else he wanted to catch on cam.

    “Pull your fingers out of her snatch and lick them slowly for me. Show me how good she tastes. ” He commanded. “Yeah that's it.


      ” He watched her do as she was ordered to. “Now get them wet in her cunt again and force those two fingers into her ass while you eat her cunt. ” He crudely said. He noticed his wife stiffen up at the sound of the words. He thought it would be the perfect painful lesson for her. He did not know that the two had experimented with anal play quite often.

    “Wait. ” Riley spoke up. “In my bag over there. ” She pointed. “There is something that will open her up more than my fingers will. ” She paused. “I can fuck her ass hard with it. ”

    Alex felt relief wash over her as her husband turned and grabbed the bag. He rummaged through it for a moment and pulled out the thermometer dildo.


       He tossed it on the bed in front of Riley. The girl immediately wrapped her fingers around it and guided the tip to Alex's pussy lips. She gave it a sharp push inside, forcing a groan from Alex. After several strokes she withdrew the toy, now slick with her honey and placed it against her puckered little entrance. It pushed in slowly, sinking a little over half way in. Riley gripped the opposite end and began to fuck her ass with a slow, steady pace.

    “Faster” he commanded.

    Riley obeyed. She knew the quicker he was satisfied the quicker the two could be rid of him, at least for a while.

    “I want you to fist her cunt with that jammed up her ass. ” He said, his hand on his swollen cock.

    Riley looked up at Alex who simply gave a short nod. Riley simply sighed and gave the glass cock a push, until the bulbous end was barely showing. He cleared his throat and gave her a dirty look. She pushed gently until Alex's rectum swallowed the toy in its entirety.

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       Her fingers then moved to Alex's dribbling cunt. Two fingers invaded her hole, working rapidly in and out, in an attempt to get her even wetter. Riley added a third, working in slowly, spreading them until she finally got her ready to accept the rest. It seemed like forever before she was able to slip in the forth. Alex's chest was heaving as she drew in frantic breathes. The mixture of pain and pleasure was proving too much for her to keep her composure.

    Alex's hands gripped the ugly bedspread that covered the bed as she gritted her teeth. She felt so incredibly full already. She did not know how she would handle the rest of Riley's hand pushing into her already stretched pussy. Riley finally managed to get her entire hand inside. Alex could hardly catch her breath as she gently moved it around inside her. A rush of hot juices washed over Riley's fist and soaked the bed as it sloshed out. He insisted she try to force deeper into his wife's cunt. She tried, making Alex whimper and whine. She came so hard she nearly blacked out before he finally let Riley withdraw her hand, leaving the toy in Alex's ass, at least for the time being.

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       Alex was spent. She just wanted the whole ordeal to be over. She knew her husband was not going to let it end until he got what he ultimately wanted, and that was Riley.

    “Why don't you just get it over with and fuck her. ” She sighed.

    He laughed and put the camera on the tripod. He had her move so her head was now at the opposite end of the bed, having Riley kneel straddling her head. Bill stripped and positioned himself behind her. Riley dreaded him touching her. The thought actually turned her stomach. It wasn't that he was unattractive. He was quite good looking. It was just her disliking for how he treated people. He wrapped his hand around his cock and rubbed the tip up and down her pussy lips slowly.

    He slowly pushed the head into her before giving a sharp thrust and hilting himself inside her.

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       His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her back to meet each and every thrust. He didn't seem to care if it hurt or if she even enjoyed it. He just kept slamming his cock into her tight little pussy. She grunted each time he fully entered her, praying that each stroke would be the last.

    Bill growled with each pump of his hips. Alex closed her eyes as she laid there. It was bad enough that she was going to have to live with him finding out about her indiscretion. Actually having to see him humiliate her lover like that, made it so much worse.

    Riley did her best to pretend that being touched by him did not turn her stomach. She moaned and gasped for the camera, putting on quite a performance. He pumped faster and harder as he began to breathe heavier. It was obvious that at any moment he would fill her with his cum. She knew he would never pull out. It would give him too much satisfaction to force her to accept his load.

    He could feel his balls tighten as his strokes became more and more frantic.

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       His fingers dug harder into her flesh as he held on to her hips. Bill threw his head back and let out a triumphant groan as he gave a final thrust. He pumped shot after thick repulsive shot of cum deep into her womb. He kept his cock buried inside her until he finished draining every drop of his cum into her.

    “When I pull out, lower your cunt to her mouth and let her eat my cum out of your tight little snatch. ” He commanded.

    Riley simply nodded. The moment Bill withdrew from her pussy, she immediately lowered her hips. Several drops of his cum leaked from between her swollen lips and splattered on Alex's face. Riley let out a genuine moan as she felt that warm, soft tongue enter her. Alex dutifully burrowed her tongue in deep as she could manage. With each lick, she dug out as much of his vile tasting cum as she could.

    He had grabbed the camera from the tripod and held it in his hands again. This time he zoomed in on Alex's face as her tongue probed the tight little pussy he had just finished fucking. She kept her eyes shut tight as she eagerly ate Riley.

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       Riley was writing, sighing and whining as she started to grind her hips. An incredible orgasm was building quickly inside her, as her lover so tenderly tongued her freshly filled hole. She panted loudly as her climax grew closer. She mewled and wiggled, concentrating only on the sweet release that she was about to experience. Her hands moved to her own breasts as she fondled them, tugging on her puffy pink nipples as she squirmed.

    Finally, she let out an extremely loud passion filled moan. A flood of her juices mixed with Bill's seed filled Alex's mouth so quickly she nearly choked on it. She kept working her tongue in and out as she drank down every drop. Once the orgasm had subsided, Bill turned the camera off and sat it down on the dresser across from the bed.

    I hope the two of you know that this will not be the last time the three of us get together for a little fun. ” He laughed. “Well maybe next time it will be just the two of us. ” He said looking directly at Riley who had sat down on the bed next to Alex. “Now I am going to get a shower then you two sluts can get yourselves cleaned up and get out of here. ”

    He turned and walked into the bathroom.

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       They whispered very quietly as they waited. The moment that they heard the water run, they quickly dressed and started for the door. Riley grabbed the camera and stuffed it into her bag. She knew it would come in handy for carrying out the plan she had made while he was fucking her. He would soon be sorry he ever decided to interfere with their night of fun.



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