Buttfucking Britney


Buttfucking Britney by Marq Satyr

Britney wondered what she had gotten herself into this time. Here she was, a 22 year old law student strapped hands and feet to the top of a narrow table, stripped completely nude, her compact body on its knees with butt up doggy style about to be anally raped by over a dozen men. Her boss who had hired her as a law intern had called her into his office one day and had taken her across his desk pushing her dress up and pulling her black bikini panties down and fucking her. She had seen it coming, and had secretly wanted this young lawyer to fuck her nearly virgin cunt. But when he asked her if she would like to make a thousand dollars to entertain a couple of his friends on the weekend, she had no idea what she was asking for. She needed the money, sure, but had she known that this group of men who jokingly called themselves the Lawyers Legal Buttfucking Club would all be raping her tight anal opening one after the other she would never have agreed. Yet her she was naked before about 20 lawyers all stripped naked holding their various sized cocks in their hands and ready to buttfuck her into oblivion. Her boss now approached her and said,
"This is going to hurt a bit, Britney. I suggest you push back like you're taking a shit and it will go in easier. "
He put some vaseline on a six inch hard rubber ribbed dildo and gently shoved it up her ass. She did as he suggested, and although it was somewhat painful she was surprised at how easy the rod went in her brown puckered entrance. She felt full and wondered why they had done that.
"It's to stretch your anal passage a bit to get it ready for the fucking," he explained.
In a little while he inserted a second larger ribbed steel dildo that was a good 8 inches long and somewhat larger in circumference that stretched her tender opening even more.

This time it hurt a little more, but still within acceptable limits. She noticed several of the men stroking their penises now as if to make ready for the anal fucking they were about to administer to her formerly virgin anus.

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"You think the young cunt can take two big cocks up her ass," a rather fat middle aged member of the group asked her boss.
"We'll see," her boss said.
When she objected, he told her to shut up and slapped her fine round young ass bringing a squeal from her.
"You are our anal fuck slut for the night, honey," he said.
Before they started her anal fucking, her boss pulled her shaved pussy lips apart with clamps attached to elastic cords and tied each side to her thighs, In this way her ripe young pussy was fully disclosed to the lusty men.
"What a perfect little pink hole," one of the men remarked inserting two fingers in her dry twat, "now we'll be able to tell if her cunt gets moist and if she's enjoying her ass fucking. "
When her boss removed the butt plug, he proudly displayed her distended ass hole and commanded,
"Take her however hard and deep you want. She's getting good money from us, so we want to get our money's worth. "

The first man, a muscular black man was the first to take her. He mounted the table and stood above her young ass and petite white body.
"Ram her good, Elroy," a friend called to him.
Elroy had at least 9 inches of steel hard cock that was only slightly less in circumference than the dildo that had just been removed. Her anal passage was already greased and he drove his cock through her tight sphincter and deep into her with the first hard thrust. The men cheered as he impaled her deeper with the second thrust, sinking his full nine inches into her virgin hole. He fucked her quickly with deep hard thrusts nailing her to the table, pushing her down down and crushing her small cone shaped tits against the hard surface of the table top.

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   She screamed as the man brutally fucked her brown eyed hole. He came spurting his wad deep into her bowels, and then he climbed off the table.
"Damn that was good. Her ass is pretty fine for a white chick. It's nice and tight. "
He was followed by the fat middle aged man whose cock was much smaller, and she felt the full weigh of his body on her sweet round ass cheeks. He grabbed her tits and pulled them up as he reamed her ass vigorously. He was very rough on her breasts, squeezing them and pulling them as he rode her ass.

    Before the third lawyer mounted her, one of the men attached nipple clamps to her small cone shaped tits and tied them to the front chair legs so that she was in further pain as the small breasts were stretched taut by the tightly fixed clamps.
    The third man's cock was twice as thick and slightly longer than the fat man's and he clearly took pleasure from the pain he inflicted on the young beauty's body as he stood on the floor behind her and fucked with an upward stab. He was fairly tall and his rod hurt her as it plowed into her anal passage with such violence that it left her almost breathless. He fucked her for over 20 minutes never slacking the deep hard thrusts until he too came in her. By this time her ass hole was well stretched and dripping with cum. One of the men stepped forward and stretched her anal passage with both hands displaying it for photos that were now being taken by the men.
    Each of the 20 men took turns fucking her raw tortured hole.

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       Their cock size varied from 6 inches to 18 inches in length, and some of them were very large in circumference. When each man had fucked her at least once and cum either deep in her or spurted their cum on her ass cheeks or back, her boss and another man prepared to double penetrate her raw passage. Her boss pushed himself under her and pushed her up stretching her tits to the limit and pushed his rock hard cock in her, and the black man with the enormous cock mounted the tableand got on his knees. He pushed his long hard cock in over her boss's cock and she felt herself being stretched far beyond her wildest dream. The black man had to push harder to penetrate her already tightly filled entrance, but he finally managed to get about six inches of his big cock in her. He had vaselined his cock carefully before he went in her, and soon he and her boss were both fucking her in unison. Never had she expected the ecstasy that she began to feel as the two men slowly fucked her together pushing their cocks ever deep into her ass. They got even more aroused as she began to respond and moan and soon they were crying out as they fucked the young petite Britney's ass deeper and deeper.
    "OHmygod this is fantastic" cried her boss.
    "Fuck me, fuck my ass deeper," cried Britney.
    "Godalmighty what a fuckin' bitch," cried the black lawyer.
    When they came in her the others joined in double fucking her fine young ass until she fainted from her several climaxes and lay unconscious on the table.
    The next Monday she was still sore from the ass fuck. She entered the office and her boss smiled at her.
    "Have a profitable weekend?" he asked.

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    "Not bad. HOw about you?" he asked.
    "Great. I got myself in and out of a tight hole. "
    He winked and they both laughed.
    Britney worked there for a year, and one weekend a month she entertained the LBFL club.