Busted By the Cops


I was driving home late after visiting my friends,the road was quite no other traffic was passing by.

I cranked up the volume on the car stereo.

That's when I heard the police sirens, when I looked in my mirror I could see there lights right on my tail.

I slowed down thinking they would pass me by.

I thought maybe they were on there way to a incident some place.

they didn't pass me, they flashed there lights.

They must have wanted me to stop.

I know there couldn't be anything up with the car as it was my Dads car for his work.

I drove on until I saw a sign for a parking bay, It was way of the road and surrounded by trees, over grown hedges and bushes.

It was the kind of place you wouldn't stop at on your own,but as the police where behind me I felt safe.

I pulled in and they followed behind,I turned of the engine and cut the stereo.

I was real worried,Id never been stopped by the police before and I knew my Dad would kill me if Id done anything to his car.

To officers got out of the cop car and headed over to my window,the older one asked me If I knew why they had stopped me. I said I didn't, He then told me to getout of the car, I did as I was told.

he didn't seem like I could win him over with my plan to play the girlie dumb act.

I stepped out of the car and both officers looked me up and down,I felt guilty and I hadn't even done anything.

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The older one asked me a lot of questions

where had I been? Id told him Id been to see some friends,

Who's Car was It?Its my Dads Car

Had I been drinking? No officer, am I in trouble?

That depends, he said If I was willing to coop-orate with the law. I said I was.

He then told me to unbutton my blouse.

At first I thought he was joking, I told him I didn't understand.

He said I could make it easy for myself or hard.

If I chose the hard way,he would call my parent and tell them I had been pulled over for speeding and being under the influence.

I would then be taken down to the station for the night, charged and lose my license.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

He then told me if I play nice they would let me go after they had some fun with me.


I started to unbutton my blouse, the older officer seemed very pleased with himself.

He turned to the younger one and said. . . .

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  . what did I tell you kid,your a cop now what we say goes,you stick with me, we are gonna have as some fun.

I looked around the blackness there was no sign of anyone,just silence all around.

I had to go with this,I didn't want to hurt my family plus who would believe me against to police officers.

All my buttons were undone,I stood there and waited for what was next.

The older one took his baton and flicked my blouse open. They were both leering at me, I felt like a fool. I could see there gold badges shining in the moonlight. What a joke!

Take of your bra, again it was the old guy that gave the command.

I reached round and unhooked my bar. The old guy told the young cop to take my top and bra off,he came forward and did as he was told,his hands were cold, he threw my stuff to the ground.

Look at them big titties kid,you ever seen such big firm tits like that before?

and look at them stiff nipples of hers,we got lucky with this one kid.

Go on have a suck on them bad boys.

I felt totally exposed and ashamed, the younger cop took my tits in his hands, he had a good feel while the old fucker looked on.

Then the young guy was sucking hard at my nipples.

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You are being very cooperative young lady,lets hope it stays that way the old guy said he then told his partner to step aside it was his turn to have a feel.

his hands were cold as well,bigger that the younger ones and he cupped at my tits harder. his hands were all over me, then they went where I didn't want them to go.

He ran his hand up the back of my leg up under my panties so his hand was rubbingmy ass,then he ran his hand back down over my thigh.

Lets see whats going on up here he said,and he rubbed his finger between my legs.

We got us some wet panties here kid. This pussy is begging for some action.

I could see the other young cop unzipping his trousers and taking his big cock in his hands.

let me see her wet pussy boss.

the old guy lifted my skirt up until it was around my waist,then he ripped my panties off and told me to turn around.

I did as I was told, he took my hands and cuffed them behind my back then led me to the front of the car and told me to sit on the hood,It was cold on my ass.

He pulled my legs apart so my pussy was visible for the young cop to have a good look. I felt sick, I just wanted to go home.

The old guy stuck a finger me while the young guy jerked of beside me, he shot his cum all over the hood of the car.

The old guy made me stand up, he bent me over the hood and told me to lick up the cum, the two of them watched while I licked the cum up.

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   Then I felt something at my ass.

The old guy had his baton and he was teasing my ass with the end,he told me to stand with my legs apart,he rubbed the baton between my legs, my pussy juice was all over it I wish my body wasn't betraying me like this.

I felt his big hand on my back as he pushed me down on to the cold metal of the car my tits were pressed against it,he then told the young guy to eat my ass hole.

I felt his tongue at my ass,I could feel my legs being spread more,he didn't eat my ass for long, the old guy pushed him aside, took his big hard cock and shoved it in my butt,the pain was so bad,I cried out. No ones gonna hear you whimper Honey, the old guy said as he went deeper in to my ass.

We got us some tight ass here kid.

This virgin ass? he was asking.

Am I popping your anal cherry. . . I couldn't answer,the pain was to much.

he pulled my hair back so my face and neck was twisted round near his face and he asked me again,you ever been fucked in the ass? NO! I cried out. . . .

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He pushed in to me so hard, in and out he pumped me, then I felt his hot cum fill up my ass hole, it was oozing out of me.

The old guy flipped me over so that I was now on my back.

then I felt more hot cum all over my tits, the young cop was jerking of again and shot his load all over me.

The older one then took me again this time in the pussy, He told the young cop to lick his cum of my tits. While he fucked me hard.

I felt his cum dripping out of my wet pussy and running in to my ass.

When he was done fucking me he made me lick his cock clean.

Then it was the young guys turn, his cock wasn't as big as the older ones but my pussy was dripping wet with cum so his cock slipped right in.

He took my legs up over his shoulders so he could go in deep, I could feel his balls slapping my ass.
    It felt good.

    the old guy was feeling my tits, the young guy didn't last long fucking me before he was filling me up with his cum.

    The hood of the car was covered in smears of cum, the old guy made me lick it all up again,while I was licking the cum up he was slapping my ass, hard.

    I thought it would be over, they had both fucked me.

    Then the old guy told me to get on the ground and suck his hard cock,I took his cock in my mouth he pushed it deep down my throat, I felt like I was being choked,I sucked and licked him,I took his balls in my mouth too, I sucked him for ages, my jaw was hurting. The young guy was fingering my ass and then slipping his finger in my pussy,rubbing me,spreading my cum all over my ass and pussy.

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    I could feel my cum dripping down the inside of my leg It felt so good,all the while I was still taking the old guy in my mouth until I felt his warm salty cum fill my mouth and drip down my throat.

    I sucked that old guy dry.

    Then I took the young Guys cock in my mouth it was his turn for a good sucking. My jaw was so sore.

    I didn't think I could give him head, I didn't have to worry though as it wasn't long before I had his cum filling my mouth.

    The young guy had to help me up from my knees, Id been on them for so long my legs went dead. I thought sure that would be it now.

    they would let me go

    But the old guy told me to get back on the hood of the car facing the front.

    No more I said, please no more, I just want to go.

    We ain't done with you yet sweet cheeks,Junior here never got to stick it in that tight ass of yours yet


    I bent over and pushed my ass up in the air, I felt his hands on my hipsI spread for him, his cock pushed deep inside me, the pain was so bad. I took the fucking he was giving me,he was moaning above me


    Boss you wereright, her ass is so tight,this is fucking awesome.

    He pumped my ass for what felt like ages,Then I felt the hot cum again running from my ass to my pussy.

    when he was done I just lay there on the car.

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    I was spent, My pussy and ass were pulsing from the fucking they had given me.

    The young guy asked me if I was OK?

    The Old fucker told me to get up,and face him.

    I got another treat for you girl.

    I couldn't move. He dragged me up and spun me round until I was facing him.

    He pushed me down on the car and parted my legs again, he took his baton and thrust it deep inside me.

    I couldn't believe this was happening to me, why wasn't It over yet?

    I begged them to let me go. . .

    the old cop pulled the younger one over and told him to have a taste of my snatch. He crouched down and put his face in my pussy,he licked me out good. I'm ashamed to say I enjoyed this part.

    His tongue was warm and so wet licking at my slick cum drenched pussy lips, I pushed my pussy down on to his face,I felt his tongue go deep. I lay back a let my pussy juice cover him.

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      . . . . . shes loving it kid. . . . and I was.

    When his was done eating me out they said I could go.

    They removed the cuffs from my wrists,they were cut and bruised.

    How was I going to explain that?

    The old Guy warned me not to mention this to anyone,he said he would track me down. I staggered back to my car.

    My Pussy was red raw from all the fucking, and my ass hurt like mad.

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       I got in my car and pulled away. I was scared they wold follow me home. Butafter I drove off I never saw them again. .